Chapter 405 - Guest from the North (5)

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The new branch of the Demonic Academy.

Chun Yeowun looked at the marks which were left on the upper body of Baekhyun, who took his shirt off.

It was something he knew very well.

It was obviously a wound which was caused by the Extreme Art of Blade God.

“Do you know this?”

When everyone else in the room looked unfamiliar, Baekyun asked with a firm face.

Great Guardian, Marakim nodded and answered.

“Extreme Art of Blade God. It is a technique used by the Blade God Six Martial clan.”

“Blade God Six Martial Clan!”

Dan Baekhyun, who heard those words, couldn't hide his surprise.

Even after coming into Jianghu, he couldn’t understand what was the technique which had put him on the verge of death.

‘Isn’t that a clan which only recently emerged?’

As it was a bizarre technique, he thought that the esteemed Lord of the Demonic Cult, and the other clans of Jianghu might know it, only to realize that a dangerous group much worse than he expected was the source of his wound.

‘They touched the North too.’

Chun Yeowun thought to himself.

Dan Baekhyun, who barely proved himself as a person from the North Sea Ice Palace, thanks to Wang Jing’s words, showed them the wound while trying to explain the process of obtaining the former lords jade slate.

“Did you say that they were invited by the three elders?”

“Ha ah… yes, the three elders knew someone from the clan who handled bombs, and wanted things to go smoothly.”

It was said that a sacred object was long lost in the North Sea Ice Palace.

The so-called sacred object was a treasure which symbolized the North Sea Ice Palace and was passed from generation to generation.

However, in the process of subduing the Dragon Turtle which appeared in the North Sea Ice Palace hundreds of years ago, the warriors of the palace sacrificed themselves in the underground of the palace along with Adularia (Ice ) and the spirit.

“And as hundreds of years have passed since then, we thought that the spirit must have frozen to death down there.”

The king, along with the three elders and the group of the Blade God Six Martial clan, who had brought in the bombs, managed to break through some of the ice walls while creating explosions and successfully entered the underground.

“At that time, I was unaware. The fact that they had their own reasons to help us.”

As the elders were concealing their identity, it was assumed that there would be no ill intentions.

And the underground they were always told about, turned out to be very deep inside.

“At some point, we didn’t even know how deep we were going.”

They only hoped to find the Adularia at first, but contrary to their expectations, the first thing they found was the Dragon Turtle which was frozen in the ice.

The appearance of the Dragon Turtle was more majestic than they imagined.

“It was there They revealed their true colors.”

The group of the Blade God Six Martial Clan suddenly attacked them.

The king, the warriors of the North Sea Ice Palace, who were considered as outside forces, calmly responded to the sudden attack on them.

However, there was an unexpected ambush.

“The three elders who were supposed to be our men…”


Baekhyun grinded his teeth as he remembered what happened.

“Those bastards backstabbed our King!”

The King, who was attacked by the trusted subordinates, was later hit by the enemies and died on spot.

The remaining warriors of the Ice Palace fought but they couldn’t last long because of the drop in morale, and the enemy was too strong for them.

“I thought it was over.”

But something unexpected happened there.

No one knew what it was, but a bomb exploded inside.

“The glacial ice shattered… the… the spirit… it was released. Something no one could have imagined happened. Who would have thought that a monster frozen a hundred years back would still be alive?”

It was something that even the Blade God Six Martial clan hadn’t expected.

Released from the ice, which had imprisoned him for hundreds of years, the Dragon Turtle ran rampant, and the Blade God Six Martial clan rushed to kill it.

“The Dragon Turtle… was truly a monster.”

Baekhyun couldn’t forget the roar from the monsters.

The people of the Blade God Six Martial clan connected their internal energy, but the scales of the Dragon Turtle couldn’t even be scratched.

Contrary, they got electrocuted by the lightning which was brought in by the Dragon Turtle and died.

They died right away.

However, among the people of the Blade God Six Martial clan, there were a few who seemed different.

“They had iron masks on their faces. They were different somehow. In them…”

One man’s martial arts were astonishing.

A man of thrilling actions, convinced everyone that he could kill that monster in one-on-one combat.

“But even that monstrous person had no choice but to succumb in front of the real monster.”

The Dragon Turtle was literally a disaster itself.

Every time the Dragon Turtle ran, the entire place shook. Dan Baekhyun knew that he couldn’t handle it, so he escaped with his injured body.

Fortunately, he wasn’t caught.

“I ran like crazy, without looking back.”

On the way up, he heard a huge explosion underground.

The entire cave, which was made of ice, shook as if it was about to collapse, scared Baekyun ran even faster.


Baekhyun nodded at Chun Yeowun’s words.

“Perhaps… those bastards detonated the bomb to kill the Dragon Turtle.”

How far he had run.

The cave, the underground cave which was shaking, went silent.

There was no sound of battle.

When he reached the point halfway through the cave, Baekhyun, who was bleeding heavily from the wounds he had received from the Blade God Six Martial clan, stopped for a couple seconds to recover his exhausted body.

“I thought that I was the only one alive. I even considered that monster to be dead. But that was all an illusion.”

A crack appeared in the ground, and one of the dragon’s heads peeked out.

Whether it was to satisfy the hunger of starving for a long time, the dragon bared his vicious teeth and tried to devour him.

“I thought I was dead.”

Suddenly someone came out, and stabbed the Dragon Turtle in its eye.

The dragon roared in pain, and its long neck and head soon returned back into the hole it appeared from.

Seeing that underground cave shook violently, it seemed like the dragon was angry and wanted to move up.

“Who was the one who saved you?”

Chun Yeowun’s eyes twinkled.

He seemed to know who it was.

“He was a man in an iron mask who did that tremendous action. Seeing that he saved my life, I couldn’t understand what was happening.”

There was no doubt that he was a member of the Blade God Six Martial clan.

But Baekhyun didn’t know why that man saved him.

That was when the man behind the iron mask said to him.

[Run away. And ask for help. Never let the Dragon Turtle fall into their hands.]

He didn’t know why he did that, but he was the man who saved Baekhyun’s life.

Baekhyun decided that he can’t be the enemy, and asked the man to even run away with him.

However, the man in the mask said that the ice cave had to be destroyed to make sure that the Dragon Turtle didn’t escape.

“And then he gave me this.”

Baekhyun pointed to the identity slate of the former Lord, Chun Inji which was on the table.

Great Guardian Marakim’s eyes fluttered through the gap in the mask.

“The man in the iron mask gave it to you?”

“He said this. Take this and go to the Lord, Chun Ma of the Sky Demon Order.”

The man in the iron mask showed his identity slate, and asked to use the slate to enter the Ten Thousand Mountains, to enter the Demonic Cult.

Due to the lack of time in the cave, he couldn’t give Baekhyun the full details.

“Odd as it was, he referred to himself as the owner of the slate, and didn’t reveal who the group of people who targeted the Dragon Turtle belonged to.”

Chun Yeowun’s eyes widened at it.

But Baekhyun, unaware of it, concluded the story.

“He disappeared into the hole from which the Dragon Turtle’s head popped up after handing over the slate…”


Before he could even finish, Marakim grabbed the man by his arms.

“Are there any techniques that you remember, even a little bit of moves that the man in the iron mask performed?”

“I-it was a sword technique which was too hard for me to follow…”

“Anything will do. It is okay even if you mess it up, so if there is something you can remember, just do it one. Lord!”

Marakim’s complete attention went with the words from Baekhyun who said that the martial arts of the iron mask man were thrilling.

If Baekhyun could remember even a little bit of what he witnessed, it could be of great help in knowing the identity.

Chun Yeowun nodded as he looked at Marakim and gave his permission.


Marakim pulled out his sword which was on his waist and handed it over.

It was embarrassing, but Baekhyun took the sword and closed his eyes to recall those moments.

“I can’t remember it in detail, so don’t expect too much.”

With those words, Baekhyun swung the sword.

Recalling everything he could about the movements the man in the iron mask performed against the Dragon Turtle.

‘Remember, remember everything I can.’

The technique the man used was almost impossible to do.

Because it was a sword technique that Baekhyun could never reach.


The sword slashed through the air.

It was more like a sword wielding practice than the performing of a sword technique.

‘Ah, that is so clumsy. Is this the only way to find out?’

In Hu Bong’s eyes, the man was as sloppy as one could be.

However, Chun Yeowun and Marakim, who watched him wield the sword, reacted differently.

After a while, the same words came out from their mouths.

“Sword Force of the Sky Demon!”

Baekhyun’s clumsy movements had too many openings, but it was clearly similar to the Twenty Four Demon Sword and Sword Force of the Sky Demon.

At that, Marakim’s face turned red and tears formed in his eyes as he spoke.

“Ahhh! Lord! He is undoubtedly, the former Lord!”

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