Chapter 406 - To the North (1)

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Gonga Mountains located on the border of Sichuan.

In the Gonga mountains, known for its steepness, there was a famous place on its cliffs.

It was called Death Valley, it was named as such because of the rapid currents which kept coming from upstream. Once swept away by them, no one could survive.


With the heavy rain, the valley was more ferocious than ever.

A fierce battle was taking place on the steep cliff of Death Valley, that no one would choose to climb.

Clang! Clang!

The sound of weapons and sharp clashes cut through the air. In the aftermath of the fierce confrontation, the surrounding cliffs were all devastated.


Even though it was hard to open the eyes during the heavy downpour, dozens of people with bamboo hats were looking at the confrontation which was happening before their eyes.

Among them, there were those who stood out.

Two old men and one middle-aged man with a scar on his face, they were so different from the others that the water didn’t even touch their body.

Among them, an old man with white beard and gold eyepatch on his left eye, watched the battle in amazement.

“He sure is a great kid. How can he be that confident when facing the Blade Lord.”

“Right, I now know, why the Forces of Evil and Hang Yen had a hard time and ended up in a civil war.”

The bald old man next to him agreed.

The young man they were talking about was battling against the Blade Lord, head of the Blade God Six Martial clan.

He was doing a fairly great job against the man who was known to be invincible.

“Even so, it isn’t much of a fight.”

The middle-aged man with a scar spoke to the old men.

He pointed to someone and said.

“Our Blade Lord is fighting without moving one step from there . No matter how good the opponent is, it is like throwing an egg at a rock.”

As the middle-aged man said, the Blade Lord didn’t move a single step since the battle started.

The only thing which was moving was his right arm which was wielding his sword, he even blocked some of the attacks with just one hand.

“Maybe because we are getting old, we might not know much. But to be able to move like that at that age, is great in its own way.”

As the old man said, the opponent was a young man in his early thirties.

He was skilled enough to possess a title within Wulin.

Even in the middle of the battle, after realizing that he had no chance, he was still giving it his all.

The middle-aged man’s eyes narrowed at something.

‘Wulin is wide. However, he is certainly competent for someone of his age.’

It was understandable that the Forces of Evil suffered a setback because of him.

It was said that the young man was a good strategist who split the Forces of Evil into two, which had never happened before, and if he stuck around, he would have gained a nice title in the Forces of Evil.

‘Ah, he is out of luck. To meet Blade Lord before even experiencing power.’

The young man was flustered at the sudden appearance of Blade Lord.

Due to him, the young man missed his chance to kill Gongyun, Hang Yen’s right-hand man.

And this man was a monster.

He was full of confidence as he managed to kill numerous people with his martial arts, but this monster in front of him, didn’t even budge.

‘Is he really human?’

Even Hang Yen, one of the five strongest warriors, wasn’t like this.

Hang Yen too had to fight to stay alive.

But this monster seemed different.

‘I need to decide.’

He thought of giving up and trying to run away, but it would be impossible with all the cliffs and the water below.

At that time, Blade Lord, who had been silent till then, spoke.

“Is this all you got?”


The young man’s face distorted at the provocation.

He couldn’t even come up with an excuse.

All he managed to do was cut the bamboo hat on his opponent by a little.

“I watched as you seemed interesting, you used a total of 38 martial arts.”


It was shocking how accurately he spoke out the number of martials arts which were used.

To confuse the opponent, the young man had purposely used multiple martial arts one after another, but for it to get noticed.

“Are there no other styles you know?”

The young man didn’t say anything.

That was an answer.

Now that all his cards were exposed, he couldn’t even respond to Blade Lord.

“Then there is nothing more to see.”


That was when something amazing happened.


The man put away his sword.

It seemed like he was willing to let his young opponent go, when he suddenly began to gather tremendous energy, sword qi, which took the shape of a sword.

A sword of sword qi.

“T-that is?”

The young man was bewildered at what he saw, but then the sword qi turned into an Air Sword aiming for his chest.



The eyes of the young man screamed in agony.

He was shocked looking at the sword qi, but to see it come flying at his chest was even more shocking.

“I-invisible sword?”

Just the invisible sword was shocking enough, but then he used it as an Air Sword.

Which could only mean one thing, the monster he had been fighting was a Divine Master.

His intuition about not having a chance to win, turned out to be true.



Having his chest pierced, he staggered a couple steps as he fell into the river below.


Seeing that, people who were watching the battle came to the edge of the cliff to see what happened.

Looking down, they saw that he fell off the cliff and drowned in the water currents.


Among them, a middle-aged man in a red coat, couldn’t help but shudder.

As if piercing the heart wasn’t enough, the man had fallen into the Death Valley and his body couldn’t be recovered.

The man in the red coat approached the young man’s opponent and spoke in a pleased way.

“Indeed, the Blade Lord has reached the level of god! You treated that monster like a child…”

At that, the middle-aged man with a scar came in between the two.

Like a spokesman for Blade Lord, he said.

“Nothing is impossible for our Lord.”

The true identity of the man in the red coat was Gongyun, Hang Yen’s right-hand, and an official of the Forces of Evil.

“Did you say you were Slaughter Blade Master? If our Master hears this news, he won’t be able to contain his joy.”

“I am glad to hear that. We did what you requested, I hope you hold up your end of the deal.”

From their conversation, it looked like the Blade God Six Martial clan and Forces of Evil had come to a deal.

And the contents of Gongyun’s words revealed it.

“Of course we will. Now that we have eliminated that damn bastard, if the other remnants can be taken down, this alliance will proceed as promised.”

An agreement between the Blade God Six Martial clan and the Forces of Evil.

From Gongyun’s point of view, Blade Lord was someone with extreme power, someone he wanted as an ally, seeing his strength, he was glad he came ahead.

Gongyun was delighted with it; he even tried to invite them into the stronghold of Forces of Evil, but they refused.


Blade Lord, who had the bamboo hat, looked down at the valley water in the heavy rain.

He looked through the hat.

Since the invisible sword was made from his internal energy, he felt the man’s heart stop.

But something felt wrong.

‘What is this feeling? What is this?’

It was worrying.

For that very reason he did not talk with Gongyun and used Slaughter Blade Master as his proxy.

“Blade Lord!”

A man with a bandaged face approached him.

Blade Lord looked at him with a puzzled expression, as he hurriedly knelt on the rain drenched ground.

“What is it?”

“There was a problem in the North Sea Ice palace. Most of them were destroyed. It seems like only two masters and one from the spirit unit are alive…”



As soon as he heard those words, intense energy surged from his body.

He knew that the North Sea Ice palace news was supposed to come, but he didn’t expect it to be that horrible on his ears.

This time, even that Demon God hadn’t interfered.

Swoosh! Clench!


When he reached out, the bandaged man’s body was forcibly dragged into his hand.

He was angry because the mission was easy to get done.

Judging from how he was grabbing the bandaged man’s neck, one wrong word and his neck would be snapped.

“Why did they fail?”

There had to be a good reason.

Fortunately, there was a reasonable excuse this time.

“Kuak, the Dragon Turtle… kuak… wasn’t… dead… contrary… it… kua… has four heads…”

The news about four heads made Blade Lord’s eyes light up.

This was unexpected.

According to their gathered information, it was supposed to be a two headed dragon which had been trapped in the ice for years.

However, as if being alive wasn’t enough, it even grew in power.



As Blade Lord released his neck, the man in bandages coughed and gasped for air.

“A dragon with four heads…”

Even a three headed dragon was called a walking disaster.

Thinking, Blade Lord opened his mouth.

“Slaughter Blade Master.”


Sangdal, who was close by, came on order.

And the Lord gave him an order.

“You and 20 more men, bring me that Dragon Turtle’s spirit core and blood.”

The man in bandages coughed at the number of people.

“Tw-twenty people, that is half of the spirit squad.”

“Well, those people are used for this kind of thing, it won’t be a problem.”

Although much stronger than others, they were trained to be used for such situations.

Even so, it was better to send in experienced ones than send in others who will end up turning into a worthless sacrifice.

“Will that be enough?”

“Would a little more be fine? I heard that ‘it’ was sealed in the Pobalap palace and is still alive.”

There was a reason why the Blade God Six Martial clan came to Sichuan.

Their real goal was the Podalap Palace.

A cold vice came out of Blade Leader’s mouth.

“Since when did you start voicing your opinion to me?”

Realizing what he had done, Sangdal got on his knees.

“Ah, not at all. I obey the orders of the Lord.”

Looking down, the Blade Lord spoke.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of the Podalap Palace.”

Headquarters of Forces of Justice in Yulin.

More than 400 people were gathered in five rows at the north gate.

Divided into three groups.

A hundred or so warriors were in light brown robes, they were elite warriors of the Hwang Bo clan.

Another group of hundred men, wearing thick white robes, were warriors of the Moyong clan, led by Moyong Kang.

Finally, the group of two hundred men, who were covered in thin armor with the word shadow on their back, were the Blade Shadow Forces, one of the four major armed groups of Yulin.

“Thank you for the support.”

Kang Soah, the leader of the Black Shadow Forces, was moving ahead with his horse, he took the lead thanks to Moyong Kang, who was a couple steps behind.

Moyong Kang, who opposed the decision, joined in on their plan.

“I would like to thank my father.”

Moyong Kang didn’t want to go over there because of the Dragon Turtle being alive, but being from the north, he couldn’t refuse the request of Yi Mok, who asked him to accompany the troops.

“Ahhh! I am forever grateful to the ones coming to our help. I sincerely thank the warriors of Yulin for accepting this request of ours.”

At that time, Dan Juseong, an envoy from North Sea Ice Palace, who was on a horse beside them spoke to them.

His face was full of pride.

He was afraid that they wouldn’t accept his request, but in the end the Yulin didn’t just dispatch warriors, but also the elite among them.

[Defeating the Dragon Turtle is important, but the fact that the Blade God Six Martial clan is aiming for it, means they are planning something.]

At Kang Soah’s words, the leaders unified their opinion.

They decided to help the North Sea Ice Palace in defeating the Dragon Turtle without suffering any major damage.

“If your older brother comes out of the building, he might praise Kang Soah’s spirit.”

A pretty woman’s voice came from the right side of Kang Soah.

The woman was Jegal Sohi, one of the three beauties in Jianghu and the strategist of Yulin.

In addition to the three armed groups, twenty men of the Jegal clan had come.

They were experts in seals, and were brought along to see if it was possible to re-seal the spirit beast one again.

“There is no need for such things.”

Kang Soah responded coldly at Jegal Sohi’s words.

At that, she smiled bitterly.

‘Still like that.’

It was because she knew very well that Yeon Buso and Kang Soah, or the children of Yi Mok, were never on good terms with each other, they were like water and oil.

She wondered if they would get close if Yeon Buso wasn’t so perfect, but Kang still seemed to hate his brother.

He didn’t even like his fiancée, Jegal Sohi, and shouted to the warriors who were behind without even sparing a glance at her.

“Each hour is important. I’d like to make sure that everyone is prepared beforehand, for the journey to the North Sea, you won’t get very much rest. So be mindful of your bodies and condition!”


Four hundred warriors of Yulin shouted vigorously as they passed through the North Gate and began to march for the North Sea.

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