Chapter 410 - Great Hung Clan of the Great Plains (3)

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‘The rumors are really true!’

The prince of North Sea Ice Palace, Baekhyun, was so shocked that he couldn’t shut his mouth.

Chun Yeowun, the Lord of the Demonic Cult, moved alone, and he wondered why no one stopped him, but seeing that, he knew how reliable that monster was.

‘I thought that it was exaggerated…’

When Baekhyun went to the south to meet the Lord of the Demonic Cult, he heard many rumors from the people of Shaanxi.

It was rumored that the Lord of the Demonic Cult flew into the sky and caused lightning to strike in Jin Castle of the Tongho region, and because of that, he was called the Demon God.

Most rumors are inflated, so Baekhyun thought that the Lord was strong but didn’t realize that he was super strong.

‘That man is really the Demon God.’

Other than that, there was no other name to call him.

The fresh corpses of two thousand Yata turning cold was proof of that.


The scent of blood in the cold night stimulated their noses.

The unbelievable sight that unfolded in front of everyone’s eyes brought silence.

As everyone looked at the dead warriors in amazement, they couldn’t even get themselves to understand what had happened.

“Did, did you see that?”

“The arrows came back? What the hell is that?”

It didn’t take long for the two thousand warriors to die.

Maybe if they took 5000 troops, it would’ve taken longer.

The warriors felt outraged, but the chiefs felt different.

“H-how did this happen?”

“H-he is a monster!”

“What kind of skill did he use to do that?”

Seeing the mysterious and overwhelming power of the Lord of the Demonic Cult, Chun Yeowun, right in front of their eyes, not a single person wanted to move.

Chief Sorachu hurriedly spoke to War Chief Asara.

“War Chief! De-demon God, if he is that, we shouldn’t fight that person. Just let them go.”

To that, Asara nodded.

It was fortunate that the warriors they sent were from the Yata tribe and not their own.


‘Kang Soah, that bastard!’

All the resentment was directed at Kang Soah of the Yulin clan.

He was the one who said that the monster, who annihilated two thousand warriors with a single gesture, would never come to the north.

Firstly, they had to avoid a fight with the Demon God.

War Chief Asara hurriedly ordered Buchoi.

“Buchoi! Make this right, and relay that the War Chief doesn’t want any friction.”

The only ones who could speak the language of Jianghu were Buchoi and Masei.

However, Buchoi didn’t respond to the orders.

Masei tried to do something and approached him, but Buchoi was looking somewhere with a white face.

“What is he doin…!?”

War Chief Asara’s expression froze when he looked at where Buchoi was looking.

It wasn’t just him. All the commanders and chiefs were the same.

They all frowned and had hardened expressions.


Chun Yeowun was supposed to be more than half a mile away.

However, he was suddenly standing in the middle of the enemy camp where Asara and his other commanders were gathered.

Buchoi, the escort warrior, couldn’t help but be shocked at this.

He didn’t even sense any movement.

‘I-I missed it even though I was watching him. If this monster puts his mind to it, War Chief and the others will die at any time.’

As an escort warrior, he wasn’t supposed to think like that, but if the monster was really determined, he knew that no one could stop him.

However, that didn’t mean that he was giving up his role as an escort.

“Protect the War Chief!”


Shocked by Buchoi’s shouts, the warriors blocked the front of Asara by holding up their weapons.

Thanks to that, War Chief Asara could barely open his mouth.

“De-demon God! Wait a…”

Chun Yeowun reached out to them.


The chiefs and commanders who remembered the annihilation of the two thousand Yata tribe warriors gasped in fear.



Chun Yeowun raised his palm and lowered it, flipping it over in the process.

At that moment, intense vibrations rose from all directions creating pressure which made sure that both horses and humans couldn’t stand up.

“Wh-what is this?”

“My body!”


The horse they had been holding on to suddenly had their ankles crushed and legs broken.

Thanks to that, everyone who had been mounted on the horses fell to the ground.




Seeing them all fall to the ground and groan in pain, Chun Yeowun nodded in satisfaction.

Chun Yeowun, who wasn’t on his horse, moved closer to them after bringing them down to his height.

It was the way they saw him.

He pulled them down from their horses because he didn’t want them looking down on him.

“Ugh! Wa-war Chief! Protect the War Chief!”

War Chief Asara fell from his horse, and the commanders who were around, went to guard him.

Their loyalty was so great that they were willing to protect their War Chief despite the frightened expression on their faces.

‘I’m sure that he is the Chief.’

Thanks to them, Chun Yeowun got to know who their chief was.

The chief, Sorachu, who stood in the front of the Great Hung Clan, raised both his hands as if he had no intention to fight and attempted to negotiate.

“De-demon God! W-we wish to talk.”

Seeing him break out in cold sweat, Chun Yeowun’s eyes went wide.

‘Demon God?’

It was a new name he had been given after he became one of the five strongest warriors.

If it was Jianghu, he would have reacted normally, but he never thought that the Great Plains would be so well informed about it.

Chun Yeowun, who stopped for a moment, walked forward.

“S-stop! Don’t come close…”

“I have nothing to say to you. Stay away.”

Chun Yeowun lightly waved his hand towards Sorachu.

Swish! Woong!


It was just a light swing, but the body of that man moved away as if he was a piece of paper that got blown away by the wind.

It wasn’t just that.

Every time Chun Yeowun waved his hand, those between him and the War Chief would be blown away.




“W-what power! Ack!”

Buchoi, the martial arts user, was no exception.

The commanders and escorts who were supposed to protect their War Chief were thrown out of the way, and the War Chief Asara faced Chun Yeowun.

‘De-Demon God!’

A young man with a pure white face, who was smaller than himself.

However, the ferocious and subversive force radiating from his body made it impossible for Asara to treat the Lord of the Demonic Cult recklessly.

Facing him alone, Asara was at a loss for words on how to negotiate with the monster.

At that moment, Chun Yeowun opened his mouth first.

“Are you the Chief of the Great Hung Clan?”

“Y-yes. Demon God.”

At the following question of Chun Yeowun, War Chief Asara couldn’t hide his embarrassment.

“… who ordered this?”


Shockingly, Chun Yeowun was thinking that the Demonic Cult was being blocked by someone else’s orders.

‘How did he know that? Is this man really a God?’

Asara couldn’t help but be shocked.

In fact, it could be a pure coincidence.

The Great Hung Clan regularly dispatched people to Jianghu, so they knew about Chun Yeowun. However, they thought that the name was given just because someone made it up and not because of his skills.

‘Does he have a clue?’

It was a gamble, yet it seemed like it was right.

The truth came out when Asara looked shocked, and his fear of Chun Yeowun increased.

“We-we just wanted to scare you people back to your place. We never meant to fight.”

“… give me the full details.”

At Chun Yeowun’s cold voice, War Chief Asara immediately revealed the identity of the person.

After all, he had been deceived by him, so he had no intention of protecting that man’s identity.

“Kang Soah, the second son of the Great Leader of Yulin and the Forces of Justice.”


Seeing how Chun Yeowun looked a little puzzled, War Chief Asara thought that everything went well.

Now that he made a mistake, he decided to shift the blame onto Kang Soah.

He thought that the wrath of Demon God would be directed to Kang Soah.

‘Kang Soah, we are in this situation because of you, you need to suffer!’

“They came before you people arrived.”

Asara told the story of the delegation of the Yulin heading to the North Sea and the proposal Kang Soah had for them.

The proposal to block the Demonic Cult’s contingents for 3000 sheep.

Asara kept on stressing that he had no intention of battling and only wanted to intimidate them.

“We don’t have the power to stop the Demon God. Kang Soah, if he hadn’t lied about your presence, such a thing wouldn’t have even happened!”


Asara gritted his teeth.

In fact, if it wasn’t for Kang Soah, such humiliation wouldn’t have happened.

“We are angry too that such a situation cropped up because of him, that Kang Soah. Without him, two thousand warriors' lives wouldn’t have been lost in vain.”

Asara mentioned the two thousand who died.

He wanted to show that they didn’t want to fight anymore and wanted to end the conflict.

“We will make way for you right away!”

‘Please pass us! Aren’t you people in a hurry!’

Although it was humiliating for the Great Hung Clan, their opponent wasn’t human.

They weren’t in a situation to hold their ground anymore.

Chun Yeowun nodded at War Chief Asara, who seemed desperate.


Joy filled Asara’s face, who thought that negotiation went successful.

‘Nice! Hahahaha!’

He was worried that Chun Yeowun, the Demon God, would end them, but fortunately, the misunderstanding was resolved, and thinking that Kang Soah will face the Demon God’s wrath, made him feel better.

“Thank you! I am grateful that we met with the Demon God of…”



There was a sound of a mace falling to the ground.

His favorite weapon had fallen.

But it wasn’t the only thing that fell.


The nerves in the arm holding the mace moved as if they were alive. An arm fell to the ground. That arm belonged to Asara.

It happened so quickly that Asara couldn’t even feel any pain. At that moment, turning blue, he began to scream.


“Kuaaaak! My Arm!”

The pain of having his arm cut off was unbearable.

“War Chief!”


The warriors of the Great Hung Clan who heard the conversation were shocked.

Everything seemed to be resolved, so why?

Looking down at Asara, who was suffering, Chun Yeowun spoke in a cold voice.

“I’m trying to get things done in moderation, but did you think that I would let the one, who attacked me first, get away?”

“Kuaaa… ku…. That…”

Asara was speechless.

Chun Yeowun grabbed Asara’s hair.



“You would have attacked the contingent if I wasn’t there. And you say it’s all Kang Soah’s fault?”

Asara’s face went pale at the words which flowed out of Chun Yeowun’s mouth.

He was aware of his own mistakes.


Asara was even more scared once Chun Yeowun began to exude energy.

“D-don’t do this! Ka… Kang Soah. We wouldn’t have known of the Demon God without him! Our clan wouldn’t have even stopped yours!”

“Well, you keep saying Kang Soah… Kang Soah, and that does seem true.”


Chun Yeowun spoke as if he wanted the entire Great Hung Clan to listen, almost as if he too was puzzled.

“The reason for you to lose both of your arms is because of Yulin’s Kang Soah. Remember that. Okay?”


The words ‘two arms’ terrified Asara, he stepped back and staggered, trying to avoid it, but he couldn’t.


Looking at that, Chun Yeowun smiled and spoke to Asara, whose hair he was still holding.

“Let all your resentment go to Kang Soah.”

“No, De-demon God! Please!”


Before he could even finish, something passed through the left shoulders of the War Chief Asara.


A horrifying scream filled the silent night.

A scream full of resentment.


Commander Kang Soah, who was leading the unit to the North, suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

He couldn’t even figure out the reason why.

That was when he heard Jegal Sohi’s voice.

“Leader Moyong, did you hear something like a scream?”


Oddly, those words bothered him a lot.

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