Chapter 412 - North Sea Ice Palace (2)

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Above the southwest pier’s watchtower, Dan Jucheon looked across the lake in shock.

He only looked at the scene with a stiff expression until a moment ago, but seeing how his eyes were now trembling, 1st elder Seol Young-gwi asked in wonder.

“King! Did something happen?”

To that question, Dan Jucheon answered with a trembling voice.

“… The Demonic Cult has such monsters in it?”


“I’m doubting my eyes. To run across half the lake at that…”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“Someone broke away from the Demonic Cult’s group, and ran across half the lake at a high speed.”


Lake Baikal is as vast as a sea or river, so running halfway across it in such a short period of time is ridiculous.

Although the flow of the water was indeed calm. It was impossible for even Dan Jucheon, one of the strongest warriors in the North, to traverse the lake at such a high speed.

“How can that happen!”

“No way… did Chun Yujong, one of the five strongest warriors, come here directly?”

Dan Jucheon, the deputy king of the palace, mumbled while narrowing his eyes.

He didn’t know the current news in Jianghu, so he had no way of guessing who it was.

On the other hand, at this moment on the furthest most ship.

Dan Juseong, an envoy from the North Sea Ice Palace, who was next to Moyong Kang, looked at Chun Yeowun in surprise.

No matter how much he looked at him, it seemed like he was a member of the cult.

However, as soon as Moyong Kang called the man Lord Chun.

“Lord? Leader Moyong?”

At the cautious question of Dan Juseong, Moyong Kang answered in a hushed voice.

“… you might not know, but that person is the Lord of the Demonic Cult.”

“Th-the Demonic Cult!”

Dan Juseong wondered if it was true, but the man really was the Lord of the Demonic Cult.

He knew that the new Lord was young, but for it to turn out to be true.

The significance of the Lord of the Demonic Cult’s appearance in the North Sea Ice Palace became clear.

‘Did Baekhyun really persuade them? How… with what means?’

It was amazing.

He thought that Baekhyun was bound to fail.

The elders also expected him to get expelled from the cult, and in the worst case, they thought that the Demonic Cult would deal with him.

However, it was shocking that one of the three major forces that divided Jianghu in recent times appeared.


‘The Lord of the Demonic Cult?’

‘Is he really the Demon God?’

The people were all in thought.

When they learned the person who came onto their ship’s real identity, their faces turned fearful.

In particular, Moyong Kang, who was the only one who had seen what happened in the Jin Castle, was already breaking out in cold sweat, despite the cold weather.

‘This is bad!’

Moyong Kang looked at Jegal Sohi.

She, too, nodded her head with a puzzled expression.

Rather than suddenly appearing on their ship, the problem was that Chun Yeowun was looking for someone.

‘He must have bumped into the Great Hung Clan.’

Moyong Kang had heard from Jegal Sohi that Kang Soah, the commander of their current troops, devised a scheme with the War Chief.

They were worried about the scheme from the start.

They even thought that it would be better to dissuade Kang Soah, or maybe they felt like they should let him deal with the possible consequences.

However, as a result of various thoughts, they ended up thinking that even if the Demonic Cult did send troops, it was unlikely for Chun Yeowun, their Lord, to come.

‘We should act calm.’

Although it was an alliance, the relationship between the Yulin and the Demon Cult had been in disarray recently.

If it weren’t for the Blade God Six Martial clan, they would have been aiming for each other’s throat.

The situation in Jin Castle, the harm done to Yeon Buso, the massacre of people belonging to the Forces of Great Heaven, and the change of State Religion because of those reasons, all the factions of Yulin became outraged at the mention of the Demonic Cult.

‘For Lord Chun to appear here.’

Jegal Sohi was at a loss on how to solve this situation.

At first, she wanted to dissuade Kang Soah, but thinking of what Chun Yeowun did to her fiancée Yeon Buso, she decided to stay back.

She was literally on the lookout.

[Miss Jegal! If we don’t take any measures right away, Kang Soah will be in danger!]


[You might not know since it has been a long time since you’ve seen him, but any person who threatens Chun Yeowun never leaves alive.]

Chun Yeowun killed Nam Gung-kyong, the head of the Nam Gung clan, without even blinking an eye while in front of the Yulin leaders.

Even the Great Leader Yi Mok was unable to stop him.

It wouldn’t be strange if he killed Kang Soah.

Jegal Sohi sent a message.

[For now, I’ll get Lord Chun’s attention.]

No matter how much she disliked Kang Soah, he was still the commander of their troops and the child of Yi Mok.

She couldn’t let him get hurt.


“It must be you.”

However, Chun Yeowun found Kang Soah.


Jegal Sohi touched her forehead.

When he asked who Kang Soah was, everyone on the ship looked towards Kang Soah, allowing him to be found.

Diverting his attention was a failure from the beginning.

Jegal Sohi moved in front of Chun Yeowun, who hurriedly tried to approach Kang Soah.


She politely greeted him.

“Lord Chun. It has been a long time. I am Jegal Sohi, warrior of Yulin and the Forces of Justice.”

There was only one thing she knew.

They had a small relationship that was created when she went to the Demonic Cult.

At that time, Chun Yeowun was the prince who saved the Yulin envoy, who fell into a trap because of the Blade God Six Martial clan, that was probably why she didn’t think of Chun Yeowun as arrogant and self-righteous as the rumors said.

At least, that was what she thought.

But Chun Yeowun didn’t even act like he knew her and spoke in a cold voice.



It was disappointing.

Even Moyong Kang, who was watching it, couldn’t hide his embarrassment.

He knew how great Jegal Sohi’s beauty was and thought that he would certainly talk to her out of consideration.

When the envoy went to the Demonic cult, he thought Chun Yeowun helped them because he saw the beauty of Jegal Sohi.

‘Is he a person who has no sympathy?’

Men tend to be weak in front of beautiful women, but not every man would wait for a beautiful one.

Even so, they would still show interest in beauty.

“Lord Chun. Why did you suddenly come onto our ship?”

She had to divert his attention.

She had to keep a conversation going.

But unfortunately, nothing worked.

“Are you deliberately pretending to not know?”


At those words, Sohi’s eyes trembled.

She didn’t say anything for a long time, but she knew what Chun Yeowun meant.

‘We are in a crisis because we neglected that moment.’

She bit her lip.

Her face was hot.

Because it was the same as Chun Yeowun pointing out that they are protecting Kang Soah.

It seems that he came onto an enemy ship in the vast lake because he had to do something.

Kang Soah’s voice came from behind, while Sohi was in a pinch.

“He is my guest. Step aside.”

“B-but Leader Kang.”

“Don’t disturb us and leave.”

Jegal Sohi frowned at the stubborn voice.

‘Haha… this isn’t a place where your pride should be saved.’

There was nothing she could do.

She was disappointed at Kang Soah’s cold words towards her, but she stepped aside.

In the current situation, there was no other way than for Kang Soah to overcome the problem he created alone.

She just hoped that he wouldn’t do anything stupid.

‘… Leader Kang.’

His opponent was one of the best warriors in the world.

If he put his mind to it, not a single person on the ship would survive.

Apologizing seemed like the best method to reduce damage to the warriors.

‘This man is the Lord of the Demonic Cult, Chun Yeowun!’

Kang Soah’s eyes narrowed.

He was a monster who turned his brother, Yeon Buso, who was a genius, into a cripple.

And if he could deal with the Lord of the Demonic Cult, it would be the shortest way to elevate his position in his clan, and he could even get a position in the Forces of Justice.

‘However, I was not supposed to make any mistakes.’

But of course, there were mistakes.

He never thought that the Lord of the Demonic Cult would personally lead their contingent.

‘He is not an opponent to easily take.’

Kang Soah looked into Chun Yeowun’s eyes.

It wasn’t normal to feel such pressure from a warrior by just looking into their eyes.

No frivolous tricks would work on such a person.

‘To destroy evil and reach heaven, I am prepared to make sacrifices!’


Kang Soah put his hands together and greeted.

“It is an honor to meet the Lord of the Demonic Cult. I am Kang Soah, the one in charge of this contingent and the Black Shadow force.”

Strong voice.

A face with courage without a hint of fear.


Jegal Sohi and Moyong Kang were both concerned.

But something unexpected happened.


Kang Soah knelt on one knee.

And once again clasped his hands and said.

“If the Lord who came to our ship like this is angry because of the barbarians, I have no excuse. I asked them to stop anyone who pursued us.”


Everyone was shocked by Kang Soah’s attitude, despite seeing Chun Yeowun.

They thought that he would speak subtly but never imagined that he would be so direct.

Moyong Kang praised him.

‘Right. This might be the best way to deal with this.’

It could be humiliating, but this was a lot better than provoking the Lord of the Demonic Cult.

Now it was a matter of how Chun Yeowun responded.

Chun Yeowun, who had an expressionless face, opened his mouth.

“Then pay the price for it.”


With those words, Chun Yeowun drew the White Dragon Blade, which was on his waist.

He was relentless even though he could have chosen another option.

Jegal Sohi, flustered and scared, shouted.

“Lord Chun! We are allies. Are you trying to harm the leader of the contingent sent from the alliance without even considering the circumstances?”

At that, Chun Yeowun spoke in a tone that said that nothing mattered to him.

“With what reason did you all plot that?”


“Stop wasting my time and pay up.”

With those words, Chun Yeowun’s blade went for Kang Soah’s right shoulder.

It was then.


Someone stopped Chun Yeowun’s White Dragon Blade.

It was none other than Hwang Bo-neung, the head of the Hwang Bo family.



A gasp escaped from Hwang Bo-neung’s mouth.

He was prepared to act if anything happened, so he managed to block it at the right moment, but the two palms holding the blade tore and oozed out blood.

‘It looked like he swung it lightly, what is this formidable power?’

If one looks closely, one can see that the floor around Hwang Bo-neung was dented.

If it hadn’t been for him, Kang Soah would have lost his right arm.

“Are you blocking me?”

At the question of Chun Yeowun, who was releasing energy strong enough to burn his opponent’s insides, Hwang Bo-neung exclaimed.

“Commander Kang is in charge of this contingent which is moving to help North Sea Ice Palace! How could I let you harm him!”

Despite suffering internal injuries, Hwang Bo-neung didn’t back out.

Considering the fame of Chun Yeowun, it was terrifying to be there, but seeing Kang Soah like that, he didn’t want to back out from the situation.

“Even if everyone calls you Demon God. I will not be afraid of you! Haa!”

Hwang Bo-neung raised his internal energy and straightened his bent knee.

After all, once he pushed Chun Yeowun, everyone would come up to help Kang Soah.

However, there would be those who would end up losing their lives in the process.



His legs, which he was trying to straighten, dug further into the floor of the ship.

Of course, Hwang Bo-neung knew that the Demon God wouldn’t let himself get pushed, but the difference in power was too great.


Blaze! Blaze!

It was so strong that his veins stood up all over his body. Even when he tried to use all his internal energy, it didn’t make any difference.

As Chun Yeowun raised his energy further, Hwang Bo-neung fell to the floor.



Everyone’s faces on the ship hardened.

Hwang Bo-neung, the head of the great Hwang Bo clan, a renowned martial artist, and a leader in the Forces of Justice, was one-sidedly taken down.

With the title Demon God, Chun Yeowun was truly undefeated.

“If you disturb me once more, I will really kill you.”

One last warning was given by Chun Yeowun, who approached Kang Soah, but the members of the Black Shadow forces drew their weapons and tried to stop him.


“If you want to kill our leader, you’ll have to kill us first!”

No matter how terrified they were, they couldn’t let Chun Yeowun have his way.

As Chun Yeowun’s face turned colder, Kang Soah shouted.

“Everyone stop!”


The warriors of the Black Shadow force couldn’t hide their embarrassment at the unexpected order.

If they stepped down, the Lord of the Demonic Cult, Chun Yeowun, would cut off his arm, so why would Kang Soah order that?

It was then.

Clash! Tear!



Something unexpected happened.

Kang Soah pulled his sword from his waist and cut off his left hand from the wrist down.

Jegal Sohi, Moyong Kang, and Dan Juseong were too startled at what they witnessed.


“Kuaaak! Haaa… haaa…”

Drip! Drip! Drip!

Kang Soah screamed in pain as he slowly kept pressuring the blood points to stop the bleeding.

He did it with his own hand, but even so, it was so painful that he couldn’t speak. While enduring, his lips opened.

“Haa… Haaa… ugh, I know that this doesn’t quench your anger. But this time, we are being sent to the North Sea Ice Palace.”


“Kuk, pl… please give me time to finish this job. If you ask me later, I will pay the full price!”

At Kang Soah’s words, Jegal Sohi admired him.

It was the ‘to solve one’s problem at the cost of their own body’ strategy.

Sacrificing the body before the opponent could puts pressure on the opponent, and the man would be able to avoid further pain.

‘Haa… haaa… if I can get rid of this situation by giving up my left hand, it isn’t a huge price to pay.’

If he did that, even the Lord of the Demonic Cult would feel troubled.

After all, seeing that he aimed for the shoulder, it looked like Chun Yeowun only wanted his arm.

It meant that he had no intention of killing Kang Soah.

‘The rumors that those who can’t kill aim for arms are true. Then, doing this to myself will reduce the damage.’

Kang Soah boldly cut off his hand.

The perfectly calculated outcome, as he was a right-handed person, and at the same time, it would give the impression that he paid for his sins with his left hand.

‘He will stop if he considers his prestige.’

The Lord of the Demonic Cult, one of the three major forces, if he pushed further, people would laugh at him.

Kang Soah looked at Chun Yeowun with a pale face.

Chun Yeowun looked at this and opened his mouth.

“… this is the first time something like this happened. phew.”

As he said those words, Kang Soah cried in joy inside.

It meant that his gamble paid off.

Rather, it was better this way than making some excuse to Chun Yeowun.

‘I just need to hope that the Dragon Turtle’s blood and core will work properly.’

Kang Soah wanted the blood of the Dragon Turtle.

According to ancient documents, it was said that if one took the blood or core of one of the five spirit beasts, severed body parts could be restored.

Taking that into account, he cut off his hand.

‘I need to get that blood.’

Kang Soah’s true purpose for volunteering for this mission was because of the Dragon Turtle.

He believed that if he took the core of the four-headed dragon, he would be able to explore its power which would make him rise closer to becoming one of the five great warriors.

Chun yeowun looked at Kang Soah and shook his head.

“I was thinking of taking your arm, I didn’t know you would make the first move. This is quite nice.”

At those words, everyone sighed in relief.

It looked like they were able to avoid the battle with the Demon God.

‘It was foolish, but the method worked.’

Jegal Sohi smiled bitterly.

Kang Soah expressed his gratitude to Chun Yeowun by enduring the pain in his wrist.

“Thank you for your generous mercy.”

‘I will repay you for this disgrace in the same way someday.’

His outside actions and inside thoughts were different, but he didn’t show his true intentions.

As the saying goes, a gentleman’s revenge is never too late. He was enduring this disgrace in order to destroy the Demonic Cult later.

‘He is scarier than Yeon Buso.’

Even Moyong Kang, head of the Moyong family, couldn’t help but admire Kang Soah.

Maybe in the future, when Kang Soah has the power and wits, he would be able to deal with the Lord of the Demonic Cult.

At that time, Chun Yeowun approached Kang Soah, who was relieved and asked.

“What do you usually do if someone who is likely to turn into a pain tries to get out of your sight?”


“Seeing what kind of person you are, I only wanted to end this matter with one arm, but I changed my mind after seeing what’s rolling in your head.”

Kang Soah’s face turned pale at Chun Yeowun words.

He realized that the plan wasn’t going in the way he wanted them to.

‘N-no way!’

Confused, he tried to step back.


Chun Yeowun, who grabbed Kang Soah’s collar, calmly told him.

“Die here.”

“W-wait! What are you doing now…”


At that moment, Chun Yeowun’s White Dragon Blade passed through Kang Soah’s neck leaving behind a white trajectory.

Kang Soah blinked his eyes at what happened so quickly.

“Da… damn… it… it…”


Before he could finish speaking, his severed head fell to the ship’s floor.


Looking down at Kang Soah’s head, which had its eyes wide open, Chun Yeowun muttered in a cold voice.

“Your head is indeed rolling.”

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