Chapter 416 - The Dragon Turtle (1)

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Chun Yeowun had heard from prince Baekhyun that the dragon was using powers related to qi, so he had, in advance, taken measures with the help of Nano.

At the very least, he managed to prevent everyone from getting shocked to death.

The measures prepared were a remarkable success.


Was it because of what happened?

The yellow eyes of the Dragon Turtle, which didn’t achieve its purpose, looked down with an unpleasant gaze.

It used lightning, yet not a single person had died.

‘Is this the first time I’ll see a live Spirit Beast?’

Chun Yeowun thought as he looked at the long and broad dragon.

He obtained the core of Imoogi and then the core of the Flame of QIlin, which was sealed in the Royal Shrine of the Imperial Palace.

However, it was always the core and energy of beasts that had been captured ages ago.

‘Those people were indeed great. To kill such monsters.’

He knew that the energy he felt from the dragon was completely different from other warriors.

As it was called Spirit Beast, it was safe to say that it is an entity different from humans.

‘But the entire time I was here, we were strategizing.’

He wasn’t just concerned with rushing to the north.

Chun Yeowun sent a message to someone.

And 6th elder, Mong Mu, who was in charge of the troops, came ahead and shouted.

“Now is the time, counterattack! All swordsmen draw your swords!”


When the order fell, the six hundred warriors under the Six Swords yelled and drew their swords which were engulfed in energy.


The scene of six hundred warriors raising their weapons was spectacular.

Moyong Yuu, who came to inform the Demonic Cult about the dragon, was in awe.

“Wow, they brought their elites with them.”

The warriors under the Six Swords were made up of talented individuals within the Demonic Cult.

Raising sword and defense units was a natural thing.

Sword and defense units are known for having the highest amount of military and discipline training. It was shocking to see the formation of the sword and defense units perfectly harmonious.

‘Let’s start.’

When Chun Yeowun raised his hand, 6th Elder Mong Mu shouted.

“All the 1st class warriors aim your swords for the neck of the dragon!”


The cultists at the 1st class were close to Master level and could use sword qi.

Of the six hundred men, sixty Master level warriors surrounded the dragon and kept blasting the dragon’s thick neck with sword qi, internal energy, and other attacks.


The energy they were producing hit the neck of the dragon with a sharp sound.

The sword attacks weren’t giving out huge wounds, but if they kept hitting the same place multiple times, the scales of the Dragon Turtle would tremble at the blows.

Pa! Tha! Cha!

The Dragon Turtle wasn’t expecting such harmonious attacks, so it twisted and tried to counterattack to prevent qi attacks from being used on its body.

At that time, Great Guardian Marakim shouted.

“Six Swords and Lieutenant Hu, next step!”


As Marakim moved to the sky, Hu Bong and the Six Swords simultaneously flew to the air and created a strong release of internal energy.


Their target was the head.

If the six hundred men attacked and the dragon moved to avoid getting hit, they decided to target the head.

The seven of them, at the same time, made their effort to hit the head.

The first things used were Hu Bong’s Illusion Sword technique and Marakim’s Twenty Four Demon Sword.



The slashing sword attacks spread across the dragon’s head.

The head was also covered in hard scales that no attack pierced, but the dragon roared as if the attacks were reaching its body.


“Keep attacking!”

The Six Swords, including Ko Wanghur, all aimed for the dragon’s head at the same time.

Surrounded by strong attacks, they once again created distance and struck the demon.



The Dragon Turtle couldn’t move and kept howling at the rain of attacks that came onto it.

The lower body was being attacked by the warriors, the neck was being attacked by the 1st class Master level warriors.

‘Th-that is! The Demonic Cult might be able to take down that dragon head…’

Moyong Yuu, who was watching, couldn’t help but admire it.

No matter how hard the dragon’s scales were, it seemed like the dragon despised getting attacked.

It seemed like Jegal Sohi, and his father’s concerns were for nothing.

‘We’re the ones in trouble.’

Moyong Yuu, who thought there was no need to worry about the Demonic Cult, tried to move back to where the Yulin troops were.

It was then.


“Th-this energy is?”

Moyong Yuu turned his head, startled at the tremendous energy he felt from behind.

The dragon’s head, which was covered in black scales, was rapidly radiating intense white light.

It was scary and ominous for some reason.


Marakim, who continued to hit the dragon head, exclaimed urgently.

Similarly, Six Swords, who were startled by the ominous energy, withdrew at once.

It spread in all directions, but what the dragon seemed to aim for was the direction where Hu Bong was present.

A ray of blue light flickered through the mouth of the Dragon Turtle, who was barring its sharp teeth. It seemed to be emitting something different from lightning.



“Avoid at all costs!”

Shocked, they all tried to release shields knowing that the other warriors wouldn’t be able to hold their defense with their internal energy.

“Damn… it!”

Hu Bong looked at the dragon’s mouth, which was wailing.

Both its eyes seemed to be dyed white.



And then it paused, and a beam of pale blue lightning flashed from the dragon’s mouth and split the air.

It was different from the waves of lightning it used before. This one was stronger.


Everything the lightning touched was destroyed, even clouds.

Mun Ku and Ko Wonghur were trembling at the tremendous power and shouted.

“Hu Bong!!!”

“Che Takim!!!”

It wasn’t an attack that could be stopped.

Anywhere the lightning passed had black smoke spreading around. It held a power that no martial artist could defend.

Hu Bong and Che Takim, whom the dragon aimed at, wouldn’t survive.

Mun Ku reached for the ground with red eyes.

“H-how could… this… happen… Hu…”

She didn’t even know that the dragon was aiming for Hu Bong and Che Takim. It was such a tragic end.

She was on the verge of bursting into tears when she heard a familiar cry from afar.

“I’m not dead yet!”


Mun Ku’s eyes widened as she looked in the direction where the voice came from. Both Hu Bong and Che Takim were in the air.

And they were holding onto Chun Yeowun’s hand, who was in front of them.

When it was about to attack, Chun Yeowun quickly pulled them down from the air.

If he was even a little late, both of them would have turned into a crisp.

“Hiing! I thought you were dead!”

“… we are not dead yet.”


Mun Ku smiled broadly, wiping away her tears.

Che Takim, who was too shocked, mumbled with a pale face.

“Lo-Lord, I almost died. Thank you.”

At those words, Chun Yeowun looked at the dragon with serious eyes, not responding.

It was because the dragon was once again condensing energy and was ready to shoot another beam of lightning.



Everyone looked at the dragon’s head with scared expressions.



Two people fell to the ground on their butts.

“Everyone get down!”

At Chun Yeowun’s cry, every member fell flat on the floor, no matter where they were.


Strong white light condensed from the dragon’s mouth, and Chun Yeowun extended his hand towards it.


Cold qi rose in the air, and hundreds of ice swords appeared around the dragon’s head.

The dragon’s eyes widened, looking puzzled, but Chun Yeowun didn’t care as he clenched his hands, and the ice sword rushed towards the dragon at once.



Hundreds of ice swords hit the dragon’s head and chin simultaneously, the dragon’s mouth, which was about to release lightning, shut, and the attack disappeared.

Chun Yeowun frowned.

‘… it’s unpenetrated!’


As the ice swords hit the dragon’s head, each sword shattered due to the scales.

Even then, the cultists who fell to the ground watched and shouted in excitement when the lightning beam was blocked.


When everyone’s morale rose, Chun Yeowun and Marakim shouted at the same time.


“No one gets up!”

The dragon roared.


Along with the roar, a wave of lightning rose from the dragon’s body.


The startled warriors quickly lowered their heads and bodies, lower than the lightning rods.

The wave of lightning emitted by the dragon got sucked into the rods, just like it did before.

But that wasn’t the end.

Unlike the previous waves of lightning, which would end, the Dragon Turtle kept releasing more and more waves.


Crackle! Crackle!

Everyone was stuck to the ground, not moving, because of the constant waves of lightning.


“H-how long does it plan to release waves of lightning?”

The faces of the cultists who leaned to the ground looked at the lightning rods, which were turning darker and darker.

The lightning rods, which were absorbing the lightning, were turning redder and curved.

It should have been exhausted, but the Dragon Turtle kept spewing lightning as if it had infinite power, driving the lightning rods to their limit.



And the lightning rods began to bend one after another.

There were around sixty rods, and more than ten had already turned red and bent. Now the Demonic Cult was in a dangerous situation.

[The lightning exceeds the limit the rods can withstand.]

Chun Yeowun’s face went stiff at Nano’s voice which echoed in his head.

‘This can’t be.’

He tried to eliminate the Dragon Turtle by using strategy, but it looked like he misunderstood its power.

If things continued like this, everyone would die.

It had to be stopped, but the power emitted by the dragon was something that Chun Yeowun couldn’t even understand.

In addition, the range of the emitted lightning was so wide that he wouldn’t be able to cover it.

‘Nano, is there any other way to withstand lightning?’

[The higher the thermal energy, the higher the wavelength of the atom impeding the movement of electrons.]

‘… can you break it down into a simple way?’

[As the heat increases, the flow of the current decreases. However, the current emitted by the Dragon Turtle is too strong. It may be dangerous.]

‘Ugh, it has to be dangerous.’

Otherwise, it would have been killed by now.

When Chun Yeowun slowly tried to stand up, Che Takim and the other cultists around him tried to stop him.

“Lo-lord! It’s dangerous!”

“Get away from me.”




When Chun Yeowun slightly waved his hand, the warriors who were around him got pushed away.

Everyone was shocked, but then they felt the ferocious energy that was engulfing them.


“Th-this is?”

At that moment, a change occurred in Chun Yeowun’s body.


Black flames rose all over his body.

It radiated a different level of heat from what Hu Bong showed his members.

Just being close enough would burn them down.

“B-black flame?”

As his whole body was covered in black flames, the yellow eyes of the dragon, which continued to release lightning, suddenly turned towards Chun Yeowun.

It seemed like the dragon had sensed the energy of another Spirit Beast from him.


The Dragon Turtle emitted stronger lightning and tried to push Chun Yeowun down.


Crack! Crack!

Nearly half the lightning rods broke in an instant burning up in blue flames.

As a result, the remaining lightning rods couldn’t completely absorb the attack, and the members close to the attack screamed in pain.



Chun Yeowun moved to the air, his eyes filled with anger at the shouts and screams of his members.


Chun Yeowun’s blinked a couple times.

Sparks were bouncing in all directions, but he seemed less affected with the black flames around him.

It was a tingling sensation.

‘Cut it at once.’

An invisible sword made of the black flame was created in Chun Yeowun’s hand.

Only by beheading the Dragon Turtle at once will he be able to prevent the worst from happening.


Chun Yeowun broke through the lightning waves and reached for the dragon’s neck.

At that moment, something unexpected happened.


The Dragon Turtle stopped the waves of lightning, and a white flash appeared in its mouth.

Cunningly, it waited for Chun Yeowun to approach it.


Phat! Phat!

Shocked, Chun Yeowun immediately tried to change sides and move away.



Once again, the intense lightning erupted as the Dragon Turtle opened its mouth.

As the dragon turned its neck to the side and kept on following where Chun Yeowun was moving.

Crackle! Crackle!

In an instant, Chun Yeowun’s figure disappeared in the light.


All the members of the cult, including Mun Ku, shouted in shock.

However, there was no time for such things. They all had to try their best to avoid the lightning.

The ray of lightning didn’t end after engulfing Chun Yeowun.



The cult members who escaped waves of lightning spread all over the area to avoid the damage.

However, it wasn’t an easy task to outrun the lightning, which was moving at the speed of light.

Crack! Shock!



About 20 members of the team who couldn’t escape got hit and instantly turned black.

Fortunately, the Dragon Turtle’s target was Chun Yeowun, so it stopped.

As the members looked at the corpses turning into soot and the smoke rising from the dead, they became bewildered.


Che Takim was the most shocked.

He blamed himself for letting Chun Yeowun get close to the dragon.

It was then.

“There, look over there!”

At the cry of one member, everyone turned their scared eyes.


“B-black flame?”

In thick smoke, black flames flickered.

And the form seemed much larger than before.

“Wahhhh… how can this be!”

“The Lord is safe!”


All the members of the cult who thought that their Lord was dead began to scream and cheer.


Chun Yeowun gasped for air in the black flames.

He too, thought that he was done for when he saw the lightning get close to him.

But he survived.


[Lightning qi charge 400%]


As Nano announced, the white light particles in the augmented reality unfolded.

His energy, which he thought would be rapidly consumed to block the lightning, actually increased by four times.

It turned into a situation where he was overflowing with power.

[In the process of absorbing the lightning weakened by thermal energy, it was converted into the user’s internal energy. Cause unknown. Analysis required.]


Nano’s emergency measure was to protect Chun Yeowun from the lightning. However, something unintended happened.

Chun Yeowun’s mouth rose into a smile.

It was a strange phenomenon that even Nano couldn’t explain, but it was great news that the lightning emitted by the Dragon Turtle no longer worked on him.

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