Chapter 417 - The Dragon Turtle (2)

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At first, dozens of people died by a single lightning bolt emitted by the Dragon Turtle.

As a result, they couldn’t help but keep a certain distance between them and the dragon to avoid getting hit.

‘Thousand White Ice Sound!’

Thousand White Ice Sound and the Divine Palm of Ice God.

It rained white frost as the deputy king, Dan Jucheon unfolded technique after technique.

It wasn’t possible because he was alone, but because the elders of the North Sea Ice Palace used the same techniques simultaneously.



The Dragon Turtle roared as the cold frost rained on his head.

It wasn’t because of the pain, but instead, it was the anger that rose as the frost reminded him of the cold ice that had imprisoned him for hundreds of years.

Shhh! Shhhh!

Lightning erupted from the dragon’s mouth.

Dan Jucheon and the elders, who were using the cold qi, immediately moved to make ice shields.

As they rotated their hands clockwise, transparent ice appeared in the form of a body shield.


“Kuk! Everyone! Hold on!”


When the lightning hit the ice shields, it glided in a different direction.

Their bodies bounced because of the power of lightning, but not a single person died.



The elders and Dan Jucheon, who fell to the ground, looked at the dragon yelling out in rage.

As the fight continued, they managed to discover one thing.

Although they couldn’t pierce the dragon scales or give direct blows, the lightning didn’t hit them if they defended with ice.

For some unknown reason, it happened, and thankfully because of it, they managed to hold onto their lives.

‘But this can’t keep going on.’

The dragon showed no signs of being tired.

On the other hand, they were all tired.

As was the case with Dan Jucheon, most of the warriors had exhausted more than half their strength.

‘The remaining power…’

Looking around, there were more than six hundred warriors with tired expressions.

At first glance, that number was huge, but the number of corpses on the floor exceeded three hundred.

‘We need to find a way to kill it, not a way to stop its attacks.’

Otherwise, the humans will be the first to fall.

That was when someone’s voice was heard.

[Deputy King!]

When he turned his head in the direction the sound was coming from, he saw a woman.

[Miss Jegal?]

She was none other than Jegal Sohi, the strategist of Yulin. He was puzzled as she suddenly sent a telepathic message, but it was encouraging.

“The scales are vulnerable to fire?”

Dan Jucheon frowned while looking at the dragon, which was snorting smoke.

On the other hand, the dragon head on Yulin’s side was,

Pak! Pak! Pak!

“Shoot! Keep Shooting!”

The warriors kept on shooting fire arrows.

He didn’t believe it at first as the fire arrows didn’t seem to penetrate it, but then something changed.

As they continued to use fire arrows, the lightning produced by the dragon became weaker.

‘Oh my! That worked!’

Of course, for that to happen, half of their troops had to be sacrificed.

Nearly two hundred people died from the waves of lightning alone.

Although the Yulin men were keeping their distance while fighting, only half of the troops had survived.

At that time, Hwang Bo-neung, who was shooting fire arrows like everyone else, shouted to Moyong Kang.

“Leader Moyong! An arrow is stuck!”

An arrow had never pierced the dragon’s scale before. It was the first time in the battle.

When he looked at the place where Hwang Bo-neung pointed his finger at, an arrow was indeed stuck.

“Oh oh oh!”

Just as his ancestor’s records said, the fire arrows really did work.

But the problem was, there weren’t any arrows left.

It was a situation in which they were picking up anything that would work and shooting it.

‘We need to win at all costs.’

Moyong Kang gulped.

They kept shooting fire arrows while continuing to widen the distance so that they could avoid lightning.

Although it had weakened, it was still difficult for them to get close to it.

‘Someone has to sacrifice themselves at this point.’

Moyong Kang looked at the dragon’s head with determined eyes.

Even if it meant getting struck by the lightning, he had to die while taking down one head.

[Leader Hwang!]

Moyong Kang informed Hwang Bo-neung of his plan.

Hwang Bo-nueng, who paused for a moment at the mention of sacrificing himself, nodded his head.

If they didn’t kill the dragon, everyone would die.

“Give me a bottle of oil!”


At Moyong Kang’s cry, one of the warriors of the Moyong family, who was shooting arrows, threw half a bottle of oil.


Moyong Kang, who caught the bottle, poured it on his sword.

And as he put it close to a fire, it caught fire.


Hwang Bo-neung also poured oil on his great sword and made it catch fire.

It wouldn’t last long.

They had to make sure the task was done before the fire went out.

“Let’s go!”


At the exhilarating cry of Hwang Bo-neung, Moyong Kang followed him.

It was impossible for the dragon to remain still when he saw two people rush towards it with their swords lit on fire.


The dragon roared, and lightning erupted from its body.

Although weakened, the lightning was still too dangerous for people to get close to it, and it kept shooting the lightning in front of them as if it didn’t want them to get closer.


‘Endure this!’

Moyong Kang bit his lip as he kept moving forward.

It was then.




In front of the two men, middle-aged men in white fur blocked the waves of lightning with ice shields.

The lightning which hit the ice shields glided away.

The people who blocked the lightning were officials from the North Sea Ice Palace.

“Go ahead!”


After blocking the lightning, they shouted to the two men behind them.

Thanks to them, Moyong Kang and Hwang Bo-neung didn’t die because of the lightning. They sent their thanks to the men and ran ahead with their swords still on fire and struck the dragon’s neck.


The swords pierced through the scales, which were supposed to be impenetrable.


The dragon screamed as it twisted its long neck.

The life-threatening adventure looked like it ended in success.

Hwang Bo-neung exclaimed as he put more force into the sword.

“You monster! Dieeee!”


The swords of the two simultaneously pierced the thick neck of the dragon and cut it.

The swords entered the neck through one side and then came out from the opposite side.

Slash! Kwang!

The dragon’s severed head fell to the ground.

The warriors of the Yulin all looked at the fallen head of the dragon, and once it lost the light in its yellow eyes, they screamed.


“We killed a dragon!!!”

Two heroes valiantly beheaded the dragon, which wrecked the place.

The moments where they battled with fear and doubted whether they could kill that monster were finally rewarded.

Hwang Bo-neung slumped to the ground, tried, and waved his hand to Moyong Kang, who was near him and smiled.

It was then.



A gooey liquid dripped all over the place as they rejoiced.

Moyong Kang, puzzled, raised his head to look at what was happening.


White flashes were visible in Moyong Kang’s eyes which were looking up.

At that moment, a ray of intense lightning swept past Hwang Bo-neung, who was seated on the ground close to the warriors.


When the lightning passed, nothing but black soot remained.

Moyong Kang yelled.

“Hwang Bo-neungggggggg!!!”

The northwest side of the Ice Palace.

The invisible sword made of huge black flames in Chun Yeowun’s hand, cut down the dragon’s neck.

Slash! Bang!

As they looked at the huge head falling to the ground, the warriors of the Demonic Cult shouted.


“Sky Demon Order! Lord Chun! Lord Chun!”

They shouted at the sight of Chun Yeowun, who cut off the dragon’s head in one stroke.

The tornado of black flames which surrounded him slowly disappeared.



The white particles in the augmented reality, which were only visible to Chun Yeowun, who was panting, rapidly fell.

[The remaining amount of lightning qi 324%]

[The remaining amount of lightning qi 323%]

The energy, which soared to four times the normal amount, was rapidly consumed.

Perhaps, because it had exceeded the normal limit, the speed at which it decreased was fast.

‘A temporary phenomenon?’

The lightning absorbed by Nano to protect Chun Yeowun was a temporary amplifier.

His body turned weary as he exhausted his stamina.

[Exact cause is unknown. Analysis required.]

‘Okay. Well, once the flame is down…’


At that moment, an unidentified liquid fell all over Chun Yeowun.


Chun Yeowun, who raised his head at the unknown phenomenon, was shocked by the words that erupted from everywhere.

“Th-the dragon is still alive!”

“That is absurd! Despite it’s head being severed?”

It was shocking to everyone.

The dragon’s severed head reformed.

Perhaps it regenerated from the neck up, or a dragon head with scales lighter than the original was created.

The liquid seemed to ooze out of the regenerated body.

“W-what kind of regenerative power is this?”

6th elder Mong Mu mumbled in shock.

He heard of Spirit Beasts with excellent regenerative power, but what he just witnessed is supposed to be impossible.



A white flash of condensed lightning came from the mouth of the resurrected dragon.

Marakim was the first to shout.

“Lightning!! Everyone get away!”

“Run away!”


Everyone spread out as the light formed.

Contrary to their thoughts, the dragon had a clear goal in its mind.

It was to take down Chun Yeowun, who cut its head off.


From the dragon's mouth, sparks burst along with intense lightning flashes.


Chun Yeowun’s face hardened.

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