Chapter 418 - The Dragon Turtle (3)

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Chun Yeowun hurriedly raised his hand and tried to pull his energy up.

Black flames once again radiated and whirled around him, creating a huge body shield.


As the lightning hit the shield of the black flames, the electric charge dispersed in the heat and disappeared.

However, Chun Yeowun’s body was pushed back by the intense power the lightning held.

“Kuak! What amazing power!”


After he got pushed back around thirty feet or so, the lightning from the Dragon Turtle extinguished.

The newborn head of the dragon had an intense yellow glow in its yellow eyes and was glaring at just one person.


The one which made its existence feel threatened.

From the viewpoint of the cultists, who felt elated at its death, they ended up in frustration and fear as the head regenerated even after it was decapitated.

In other words, they were dealing with an immortal monster.

‘Why isn’t it dead?’

Chun Yeowun stared at the dragon as that question ran through his mind.

Perhaps it weakened after its head was resurrected. Unlike the immediate attacks done before, the dragon seemed to gather energy before attacking.

The dragon did suffer damage, but the one at a disadvantage was still the cult.

Chun Yeowun turned his head in the direction of the other Dragon Turtle’s head.


Looking elsewhere, he saw that dragon’s heads on the other side had relatively pale scales as if its heads were cut once.

Which meant that the Yulin and the North Sea Ice Palace had cut down the other heads of the Dragon Turtle once.

‘So the head regenerates just like the normal body does? If all four heads are present, and then we die… wait, I don’t see one head.’

Chun Yeowun realized something.

If the other dragon head appears, then the Dragon Turtle would end up killing everyone.

From the information he was given, it was clear that the Dragon Turtle had four heads and a shell like a turtle.

However, like a mole, only three of its heads stuck out.



Chun Yeowun put his palms on the ground.

Looking at that, the concerned cultists hurriedly yelled out.

“Lord! It is about to shoot once again! Avoid it!”

Despite the shouts, Chun Yeowun focused on the sensation that his hands would pick up from the ground.

Da-Dum! Da-Dum!

An intense beating under the ground.

It seemed like what was underneath was excited and started to gradually beat faster.

‘I knew it!’

As if he realized something, Chun Yeowun got up from the ground and shouted at Hu Bong.

“Hu Bong!”


“Its lightning can be weakened by fire or extreme heat. Be at the center and protect the members of the cult!”

“Ugh! Me, Me? Ahh… I understand!”

Flustered at the heavy-duty he had been given, Hu Bong hesitated as he responded.

Among the cult, Hu Bong was the only one who possessed flame qi from the Flame Qilin. He was someone who could manipulate flames like Chun Yeowun.


Chun Yeowun, who gave the order, quickly moved away and headed somewhere else.

He went to the middle point of the triangle from where the three heads popped out from, namely, right above the ruins of the Ice Palace.

Da-Dum! Da-Dum! Da-Dum!

‘Here it is!’

The place where the heartbeat felt strongest.

The body of the dragon was right below it.

‘If the heads keep regenerating, it’s a waste of time and effort to cut it.’

It was a gamble, but Chun Yeowun decided that he should aim for the dragon’s body.

[Lightning qi remaining 189%]

He still had double the amount of energy he typically possessed.

Except for the original amount he possessed, he had to release all the extra energy.


Chun Yeowun quickly flew into the air.

Rising into the air, he stood over the collapsed palace ruins and raised his hands.

The wreckage and rubble began to rustle and tremble.

Drrr! Drrrrr!

Amid the rubble, the fallen warriors and officials began to float into the sky.

The sight of hundreds of dead people rising into the air was a spectacular and, at the same time, scary sight to witness.


There was no way that the warriors and skilled masters around wouldn’t notice the intense energy, which was strong enough to cover and shake the entire island of the Ice Palace.

Even Dan Jucheon, the deputy king of the Ice Palace, who was dealing with the resurrected head of the dragon, was in shock.

‘That can’t be possible.’

Weapons responded to the energy.

The weapons dropped by the dead warriors and officials shook as they floated up to the sky.

Dan Jucheon and the other elders looked at the strange phenomenon.

“Lord of the Demonic Cult?”

“H-how did this happen?”

It was Chun Yeowun, who was in the middle of the ruined Ice Palace, causing such unbelievable things.

They weren’t the only ones seeing that.

Moyong Kang, who was madly attacking the dragon to avenge Hwang Bo-nueung, looked at the sky as the warriors mumbled something.

“Th… that… that light is!”

Something which was seen in the Jin Castle of the Tongho region, which earned Chun Yeowun the title of Demon God.

The technique which had engulfed the entire Jin Castle with blood and death was about to manifest.

“Is that something a human can really do?”

Moyong Yuu, who was guarding the wounded Jegal Sohi and Jegal clan’s warriors, looked at the air with a pale face.

When they first met, he thought that Chun Yeowun was a great man, but now, he looked like a monster.

He must have been trying to release the absolute technique of Sky Flash, the rumored technique which brought annihilation in the Jin Castle.

“Is that the one I heard about?”

“Ah, No!”

“Miss Jegal. What do you mean by that?”

“Look at those dragon heads!”


At Jegal Sohi’s words, Moyong Yuu looked at the dragon heads.

It was impossible that the dragon heads, which belonged to a Spirit Beast, didn’t feel the energy that Chun Yeowun just released.

Suddenly, the heads of the dragon all turned towards Chun Yeowun and opened their mouths.

Their goal, after sensing the crisis, was to end the source of their fear.


White flashes with condensed energy and sparks.

At that, all the people from the Demonic Cult, North Sea Ice Palace, and the Yulin, who were fighting the dragon, shouted.

“Lo-Lord, protect the Lord!”

“Stop the attack from the Dragon Turtle right away!”

“We need to make room for Lord Chun to attack!”

Everyone tried to cut the dragon’s heads to help Chun Yeowun.

But, something unexpected happened.


“L-land is?”

“An earthquake!”

The ground they were standing on began to shake violently.

With the land shaking so much, it was difficult for them to stand.

The dragon, which only used its three heads until now, sensed a crisis and finally moved.



“Avoid it! Stay away from the cracks!”

Ominous sparks spouted from the cracked ground.

It was a sign that lightning was about to come up from the ground.

Despite flying away from the cracked ground, many people got caught by the lightning, which soared up from the ground.




Screams from those who were near the palace.

Instead of stopping the dragon, people were busy running away and trying to protect themselves.

In the meantime, the dragon’s three heads, which had gathered condensed energy in their mouths, simultaneously shot lightning towards Chun Yeowun.


The cultists shouted in shock.

However, Chun Yeowun didn’t even move, as if he had no intention of avoiding it.

The Six Swords screamed, but it was too late.


Streaks of lightning flashed from three different directions, all aiming for Chun Yeowun, who was surrounded in black flames.

Kwang! Crackle!


When the beams of lightning, which were strong enough to turn everything into soot, came in from multiple directions, people began to lose hope.

“H-How could this…”

“Why… why didn’t he avoid it?”

“M-my Lord…”

Everyone stared at one place in the sky with bewildered eyes.

This time, despite being called the Demon God, they thought that their Lord wouldn’t make it out alive.

It was suicide.


The heads of the dragon, who gathered all their strength to eliminate their common enemy, constantly snorted as if they were showing their satisfaction.

The dragon turned its heads and focused on the people who were still standing on the ground until their yellow eyes widened at what they saw.


Likewise, even the people who looked at that shouted.


“Lord Chun is safe!!!”

They were people from different factions, but for that moment, they were allies.

Surprisingly, Chun Yeowun, who was supposed to be dead, was still standing in the air.

“No way… to survive even after being… hit by the three… Lord of the Demonic Cult… you really aren’t… a human.”

Moyong Kang shook his head.

He thought Chun Yeowun had died for sure, but this man was alive even after being hit.



Chun Yeowun’s entire body, which was already covered in black flames, now had lightning crackling around it.

It was as if he had turned into a God of Thunder and Black Flames.

Everyone shouted and cheered for Lord Chun.

[Lightning qi 1200%... at… limit… it is… dangerous… for the user… to use.]


Nano’s voice cracked and then got cut off from Chun Yeowun’s head.

The gamble of risking his life made him collect stronger energy.

However, it looked like Nano was overloaded or overheated in the process of absorbing such tremendous energy.



“Phew… ugh… just hold on… Nano.”

It was the same with Chun Yeowun, whose veins were popping out.

If he didn’t quickly release the energy, it seemed like he would end up suffering massive damage to his body.

“I always give back what I receive.”

Chun Yeowun reached out towards the shaking ground.



The weapons he gathered in the air, which had turned black because of the lightning, were now burning in black flames.

It seemed like he had to discard them and use sword qi, as was the case with the invisible sword, which would be used as an Air Sword.

Typically, such a thing should be impossible.


“Is, is this Sky Flash!?”

Moyong Kang, the only one who witnessed Sky Flash, stared at the sight with trembling eyes.

“No. This is different. That is… that isn’t what we saw.”


Everyone’s attention focused on Chun Yeowun as he stretched out his hand and ordered Nano.

‘Nano, Target lock.’

[Multi… lock… on system…]


Nano’s cracking voice resonated in his head. Numerous red targets in the form of trajectories worked around Chun Yeowun, whose augmented reality was opened.

Some of them aimed for the three heads of the dragon, which shot lightning towards him.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!


At that moment, the black flame lightning, and the gathered swords bombarded and slammed into the ground where the Dragon Turtle was hiding its body.

Kwakwakwakwang! Bang!

Crack! Break!

A black ray of light with lightning in it split off in three directions and passed through the dragon’s heads at once.

The Dragon Turtle heads didn’t even have time to gather condensed energy.

In an instant, the parts where the necks got cut turned black as if they got burned.

Crackle! Crackle!

The heads of the dragon soon fell to the ground, just like they did in the past.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

There was no sign of regenerating.

Seeing the thick and long body of the Dragon Turtle lying on the ground, the deputy king of the palace, Dan Jucheon, was shocked.

“Su-such absurd power!”

Decapitating dragon heads seemed like a futile thing after the sacrifices everyone had to make.

But that wasn’t the end.


The floor shook violently as the rays of black flame and lightning poured down, and the scream, which was different from the existing dragon heads, came out.


The sound was coming from the body of the dragon below the ground.

Everyone who watched that cheered for Chun Yeowun, who was still alive.

“Th-the dragon is…”

“In pain!”

The power of the Demon God’s Sky Flash, which they only heard of, was a thrill for the eyes.

Even then, Moyong Kang, who saw that, mumbled in a trembling voice.

“Who the hell can stop that monster.”

It didn’t need an explanation to know whom he was referring to as a monster.

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