Chapter 419 - The Battle for the Core (1)

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A scream rumbled the sky.

It was the cry of the Dragon Turtle, which was suffering from the rays of black flames and lightning that rained on it.


All the people on the site of the North Sea Ice Palace tried to hold their balance as the land shook violently and the ground below their feet cracked.


“Run as far as you can!”

“You need to get away from that!”

At first, they were shocked by the amazing technique which unfolded in front of their eyes, and then they ran as they watched the dragon change.

Chun Yeowun’s power was beyond everyone's imagination.

Kwaarrrrr! Crackle!

“Ugh! Split up!”

“But where are we supposed to escape to?”

The problem was that the technique was so painful for the dragon that it seemed like the Dragon Turtle was moving wildly underground.

Even the officials of the Ice Palace, who were cheering, ran away, fearing for their lives.

“It… it’s breaking everything.”

“Seven hundred years since the palace… damn it!”

If it was just the palace, they could build it once again.

However, as the ground began to break in random places, rebuilding the palace seemed impossible.

[Lightning Qi… remaining… 339… percent.]

[Lightning Qi… remaining… 335... percent.]


Nano’s voice echoed in Chun Yeowun’s mind.

Looking at how the words of Nano kept cracking, it seemed like Nano wasn’t in good condition.

‘I have already consumed most of the energy?’

Although Nano was helping him out, the Sky Flash consumed a lot more internal energy than other techniques.

Besides that, the energy drained so fast that it was making Yeowun dizzy.

Even with such an attack, it would be dangerous if the Dragon Turtle endured it.

[Lightning Qi… remaining… 203… percent.]

[Lightning Qi… remaining… 197… percent.]

It was around that time when the number displayed in augmented reality fell.

The land, which was shaking, then trembled and finally turned calm.

Finally, the dragon seemed to have stopped moving.

‘I avoided a huge disaster.’

It was fortunate that he went right to attacking before exhausting his energy.


The black flames which covered Chun Yeowun’s body slowly subsided.

When the energy fell, all the rubble and weapons which were still floating in the air scattered.

They weren’t proper swords made out of qi, yet they stayed strong till the end.


‘Nano. Good Work.’

Without Nano, this adventure wouldn’t have been possible.

However, something felt strange.

[Ove… overloaded… energy… rate… error… self… recovery… and… system… update… needs to… be done… in standby… more… for… duration…]


Nano’s voice ended as if someone had halted it.

The augmented reality which was drawn by the white particles in his eyes also disappeared.

‘Nano? Nano! Nanooo!’


Shocked, Chun Yeowun called for Nano, but there was no answer.

It was like it didn’t exist anymore.

When he judged that there was a problem with Nano, with whom Chun Yeowun lived with for more than four years, Chun Yeowun’s complexion darkened.

Sting! Sting!

At that moment, intense pain engulfed all of his body.

It wasn't muscle pain but rather pain in the meridian veins which his energy flowed through.

‘Ugh! Is this a side effect of using a technique which exceeded my original strength?’

Yeowun grunted, trying to hold back the pain, but.



The pain made it impossible for qi to flow freely in his body, so he couldn’t fly anymore.



As he staggered, Chun Yeowun finally moved to the ground.

As he was having trouble standing still, the cultists who were watching him ran towards him at once.


“Are you okay?”

He couldn’t answer Marakim, who was concerned for him.

There was no way he could be okay. The meridians in his body were about to burst out in pain; it felt like his vessels which were flowing with qi, were empty.

“First, clothes!”

Hu Bong took off his long robe, which he was wearing, and tried to cover Chun Yeowun, who was naked.




Sparks spread around Chun Yeowun, which turned into lightning sparks.

“Fi,firstly what should we do about the lightning sparks around the Lord’s body?”

6th elder Mong Mu also nodded his head as he agreed with Ko Wanghur’s words.

“I will try to drive out the qi from his body. Everyone stays back.”

“No. Elder Mong. This way…”

As the Great Guardian was about to say something, Chun Yeowun, who had his eyes closed, groaned.

“Haa… Haaa… I’ll take care of that thing, just take care of me.”




With those words, Chun Yeowun soon sat down in the lotus position.

Qi was still emanating from his body, but at the same time, steam was escaping from his body.

“A-are you really fine with it?”

Hu Bong responded to Mun Ku, who asked the question with teary eyes.

“… for now, we must obey his orders.”

When he asked for them to take care of him, he meant that he would try to recover on his own.

What they had to do as subordinates was to ensure that no one would harm Chun Yeowun.

There were way too many people who could take advantage of Chun Yeowun’s current situation.

Marakim slowly gave the orders.

“Six Sword’s men, take positions!”


All the warriors responded in a low tone and moved in unison, forming a circle around Chun Yeowun; they took up defensive stances.

Elder Mong Mu spoke to Marakim with a concerned expression.

“It will be dangerous if we get attacked by the Yulin or the North Sea Ice Palace. Wouldn’t it be better to take the Lord and go to a far away place instead of staying here?”

Mong Mu had a lot of experience on the front lines, so he didn’t trust the other forces.

The only reason they didn’t fight among themselves was that they had a common enemy called the Dragon Turtle, but now it was removed. It wouldn’t be unusual for them to attack the Demonic Cult.

Besides, didn’t Chun Yeowun kill the second son of the Yulin and the Forces of Justice’s Great Leader, Yi Mok, Kang Soah?

At those words, Marakim shook his head.

“The Lord’s words are absolute. And if the Lord was in a situation where he can’t handle himself, he would give us a different order.”


“I know what your concerns are. But you don’t have to worry about that.”


“There is the core and the blood of the Spirit Beast, which can boost one's internal energy, so what will their first choice be?”


All the people around were martial artists.

Beyond revenge, what martial artists wanted most was to elevate their skills.

And the prediction of Marakim was turning into a reality.

“Leader Moyong! Now is our chance! An opportunity like this will never come again.”

The opinions of the people from the Yulin were divided.

The people of Black Shadow forces, who lost their leader Kang Soah, insisted that they take revenge on Chun Yeowun.

In front of their eyes, Chun Yeowun had fallen down after losing his strength.

When else would they have such a great opportunity?

However, Moyong Kang shook his head at their requests.


“Wh-why? If we can take him down, we get to take our revenge for our leader and it’s a needed outcome for the future of Wulin too…”

“You don’t know, but this has happened before.”


Even in Jin Castle, Chun Yeowun used the Sky Flash technique.

At that time, everyone thought that Chun Yeowun ended up using all his internal energy.

“At that moment, the Masters of the Blade God Six Martial clan tried to take advantage of the weakened Chun Yeowun, do you know what the results were? Everyone died, not a single person lived.”


“Lord Chun. That person will never be beaten by others. Even then, he will cleverly come up with something to deceive his enemies. And now, with our current force, can you break into their defence formation?”

Compared to the Yulin’s men, the Demonic Cult’s warriors didn’t suffer extensive damage, while the Yulin lost four hundred men.

In addition to having over five hundred people, the Demonic Cult had the Six Swords and the Great Guardian standing unharmed.

If they moved to fight, Yulin would be the one to suffer.

“But it is clear that there is something wrong, seeing how he landed and staggered…”

The warriors weren’t convinced.

Opportunities to kill a monster were rare.

It would be advantageous to Yulin if just one of them could stick their sword in the Demon Lord’s throat.

“What do you think about this, lieutenant?”

When Moyong Kang didn’t speak, the members looked back at lieutenant Mak Wijong, who had been temporarily placed as the division leader.

As Hwang Bo-neung was killed, there was no one else left to back Moyong Kang.

Mak Wijong, too, stared at Chun Yeowun.

“Ah! Right! How about we join forces with the North Sea Ice Palace warriors, won’t we have enough people to fight them? A temporary truce.”

Even the warriors of the Ice Palace were heavily damaged.

However, since it was their stronghold, they still had power.

The warriors like Dan Jucheon and the elders who were skilled could join them.

‘There is a definite chance to win. Even if I have to face the Great Guardian, I can try to make a sweeping blow…’

Like Moyong Kang said, this could be a trap.

What if this time, too, it was a trap laid out by Lord Chun Yeowun?

Rather, the warriors didn’t look like they’d get convinced.


“I agree, but there is no guarantee that they will help us.”

“Huh? What is that… ah!”

When they looked at the direction Mak Wijong pointed at, the surviving warriors of the Ice Palace were gathering somewhere.

They headed for the headless dragon’s body with a clear purpose in their minds.

“They have something more urgent to do than deal with the Lord of Demonic Cult.”

Mak Wijong pointed to the dragon near them and spoke to Moyong Kang.

“Leader Moyong. In the current situation, it would be better for us to find a way to get the dragon’s blood. It is a dangerous force which we shouldn’t pass on.”

Spirit Beasts blood and core.

There was a legend that they would increase one's internal and external energies.

From that, the Yulin side also thought that they should get the blood once the dragon died.

‘If the legend is indeed true…’

The Dragon Turtle’s core can reverse the Yulin forces’ situation, which ended up taking too much damage from the Demonic Cult and the Blade God Six Martial clan.

‘Now might be the right chance. If the Lord of Demonic Cult is really recovering, it would be right for us to take away the core of the Dragon Turtle.’

If he woke up, Chun Yeowun would make the first move.

And if that happened, there is a high probability that both the blood and core will fall into the hands of the Demonic Cult.

Moyong Kang, who had been pondering, made a decision.

“The core is our priority!”

Meanwhile, Sama Chak, who was standing near Chun Yeowun, was restlessly watching the movements of Yulin and the Ice Palace warriors.

He looked to see if anyone was moving in to target their Lord, but he got angry when he saw the two forces head for the fallen dragon’s body.

“Great Guardian! Is it alright if we just leave it?”

Strictly speaking, the ownership of the blood and core belonged to Chun Yeowun, who killed it.

He spoke the words of the people in the cult who held the same opinion.

They all wanted to go stop those people.

“The Lord is our priority. Let’s stay here and do our role.”

Marakim answered him rather stiffly.

For him, the safety of the Lord was the priority.

Shockingly, Hu Bong, who would usually become furious at the other clan’s actions, was rather calm, making Che Takim ask.

“Hu Bong. Don’t you have anything to say? The blood and core of the Dragon Turtle will be stolen by them.”

“Hehehe, those people? When one swallows a fish with thorns, one will get hurt or stung inside.”


It was something everyone should have understood.

And soon, they all came to understand what Hu Bong meant.

A shattering scream came from the Ice Palace warrior’s side, which were clustered around the dragon’s body.



The palace warriors of the Ice Palace were surrounding the dragon body, which was on their side.

They looked at the dead body and the black soot all around them with shocked expressions.

“Ho-how could this happen?”


Lightning sparks and streaks flew across the dragon’s body.

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