Chapter 421 - The Battle for the Core (3)

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The entire wall was filled with items he had never seen before.

It was the first time he saw a wall made of cold iron and not of stone or wood.

In addition, there was a transparent and thin wall that showed the other side, and Yeowun instinctively thought that the place might not be the current Jianghu.

There was no movement in the video.

When he realized that what he was seeing was a 3D stereoscopic image, he thought that the image would be jumbled, but it felt like the video was fixed in one place.

‘Is this a record which has been locked?’

There were a few instances when the system was locked when he asked Nano for something.

However, due to an error, the lock was released, and it was clear that what he was seeing was a video that shouldn’t have been shown to him.

‘Can I move in this state?’

He tried to concentrate. However, his vision seemed fixed.

‘Nano! Nano!’

He called for Nano several times, but there was no answer.

It seemed like he was seeing this video because of an error, but what use is it if he can only see one area?

It was boring.



The door on the left wall split down the middle and opened up automatically.

And a young man in his early thirties and a middle-aged man in white came in wearing strange outfits.

But the bizarre outfits seemed familiar.

It was a long time ago, and his memory was hazy, but Yeowun was sure that he saw them.

And the middle-aged man in a white coat opened his mouth.

“Director Chun, you are a stubborn man. If the Nano Machine has been implanted into the eye, can’t you just give out prescribed glasses to avoid vision problems? Tch. Tch.”

“Eh, how can a doctor say that? The ID chips are dangerous and I know that if one gets implanted with a Nano Machine, tracking by the TP will be faster.”

At those words, the middle-aged man who was called a doctor stuck out his tongue.

Chun Yeowun, who watched this, was bewildered.

He could understand what they were talking about, but the content of their conversation was somewhat difficult.

‘Are they talking about Nano from Nano Machine? What the hell is a TP?’

Regardless of his questions, their conversation continued.

“Doctor Baek. Is there any way to remove the ID chip from the body?”

“How many times have I explained it to you? If the chip stops, it will be recorded as dead. And to get rid of the chip flowing through the blood, we would have to dialyze all of the blood, which would mean losing all of one’s martial skills. Does that sound nice?”


At those words, the young man in a bizarre outfit frowned.

He seemed concerned about losing his martial arts.

“Even if it isn’t hemodialysis, shouldn’t there be a way to stop it with an electric shock or an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse)?”

“You do know that the ID chip has been equipped with an EMP canceller, right? And as Chun knows, it would have to exceed over 10 million volts to induce the chip into failure because of electric shock… afterwards, I don’t have any intention to stop you if you want to die, and your younger sibling who is training in the Demonic Academy would like the results.”

“Huhhhuhu, I see that there is no easy way.”

“I heard that he passed the fifth test, and if a position turns vacant, he can join the board without taking the sixth test.”

“… I can’t let him join the board that easily. I barely managed to beat Mong to enter.”

Knowing that the doctor’s stubbornness would give him no results, the young man called Chun slowly walked around the space and approached the side where Chun Yeowun could see him.


He didn’t notice it until the young man passed by him, but the young man’s face strangely resembled him.

He had a pure white face, sharp eyes, and if someone who knew Chun Yeowun saw him, they would totally think that the two of them were brothers.


The young man suddenly stretched out his hand towards Chun Yeowun’s field of vision.

And Chun Yeowun looked at what was just lifted and placed between the young man’s fingers.

As if his hands were holding onto something, Chun Yeowun sensed the alien liquid for a while as he looked.

‘What is he up to?’

The young man called Chun turned his head to Dr. Baek and said.

“Because of this liquid, the 7th generation Nano Machine… What if the Nobel Prize for Science flies away? Doctor.”

“… don’t know. Had it not been for his lifelong research and contract, I would have taken the sample to Sweden at once.”

“Hahahaha, don’t joke. After all, the metal extraction would be considered illegal by the Gate, and you know that what you stole will never be deemed as legal.”

“Are you trying to get revenge on me or something?”

At the words of Chun, Dr. Baek shook his head with a dissatisfied expression.

“Doctor. Just in case, is there enough metal left in the Gate to mass produce the 7th generation?”

“If there was so much metal left, those Gatekeepers would have already come in with warrants in hand. Or maybe the guys from the other side of the Gate would come in.”

“Well… that’s a pity. There is only enough for one person.”

No matter how much he listened, Yeowun couldn’t understand their conversation.

Even when he understood the English words mixed in the conversation, it was difficult to interpret as they seemed to be referring to something.

“It would be great if we can mass produce an untraceable Nano Machine.”

“If that happens, the Sky Corporation will become a law-breaking company from that day forward. Phew, to be honest, I don’t understand what you mean.”

Dr. Baek approached Chun and continued speaking.

“Although most of the systems of the 7th generation Nano machines have been locked, don’t you know how dangerous it is to hand over an untraceable device which can withstand magnetic fields and the time portal to someone from the distant past?”

“Wasn’t it said that when the time axis changes it creates a different dimension? Then why are you so concerned while knowing that the present world won’t be affected by it?”

The young man called Chun waved his hand while saying that.

But Dr. Baek spoke in a serious voice as if he couldn’t shake off his concern.

“Do you believe that the Blade Six group will disappear if we stop the founding of the Blade God Six Martial clan during the time of the South Lord, and the Slashing Demon Emperor? Don’t you know that they can’t do anything as long as they are a start-up company that partnered with the government?”

These were the only words he could understand.

‘South Lord?’

South Lord was the title of the former lord, Chun Yujong. Who the hell is the Slashing Demon Emperor?

‘Slashing Demon Emperor? The one who went after the arms?’

It was his first time hearing about it, but it oddly felt familiar.

And listening to what they were saying, it felt as if this wasn’t the present either.

At the words of Dr. Baek, who was dissuaded, the one called Director Chun, who had a smile on his face, opened his mouth with a cold face.

“Doctor, you always said that the time axis is different, so stopping them wouldn’t be possible. But how would you explain the historian's extremism?”

“… What’s that supposed to mean?”


Director Chun took out a small device from the pouch hanging around the left side of his waist.

And when he lightly pressed that small device, a hologram was formed by a bright light.


The hologram showed the face of a middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and strong features.

Next to him, white particles were drawing just like the augmented reality for Chun Yeowun.

[Blade God

Born: AD 1967.XX.XX~

Education: Doctor of Martial Arts, Beijing Martial Arts University

Award: President of People’s Republic of China Award: AD.2018>XX>XX

United Nations Peace Service Citation: AD.2352.XX.XX

Asia Gatekeeper Achievement Award: AD.2380.XX.XX


Experience: AD 2013.

Professor of Law, Beijing Martial Arts University.

AD 2025. President of Beijing Martial Arts University

AD 2134. 1st level commander of the Blade Six Group.

AD 2225. Honorary Chairman of the Blade Six Group.]

In addition, a lot of other information came out.

Seeing that, Chun Yeowun couldn’t understand.

Speaking of the Blade God, isn’t he the forefather of Blade God Six Martial Clan, who disappeared while fighting the Sword Demon in the past?

But seeing what was written in front of him, it was as if the man had lived for over a thousand years.

‘What the hell does this mean?’

Everything became confusing.

It could have been the record of someone who shared the same name, but Yeowun couldn’t calm his heart.

Aside from the anxiety, the young one called Chun spoke while looking at the hologram.

“A hero who broke the Six Dimension Gates alone, which was a catastrophe to mankind, a history chart that states that he has lived for over a thousand years and on top of that he’s the strongest living being on earth. Do you really think that this man, who did all of that, and lived all of those years, managed to find success with martial arts alone?”

There was a reason for saying that.

“It’s impossible to live that long without the aid of medicine or technology especially with today’s degenerated martial arts.”

“But, don’t many keepers and those of their family’s lineage not admit that he is a legend who reached the level of natural wonder?”

“Not a single person knows what it is, so would they have any means to prove their words?”

At the words of Dr. Baek, Chun asked back.

The martial arts of this era seemed to have deteriorated considerably compared to the past.

In an era when martial arts degenerated, the Blade God, who reached the state of natural wonder, was a living legend and divine existence.

“Hmm, if you put it that way, then the president at the headquarters who reached the Super Master level acknowledged it, you should know that, right?”


“You must know that if one has a Nano Machine or an ID chip inside their body, they are being tracked by the Time Patrol? Trying to make this excessive guess about him time travelling after asking for the development of the 7th generation Nano Machine...”

“Not a speculation.”

The young one, called Director Chun, pressed the other side of the device.

The hologram on which the information of the Blade God was written had disappeared, and numerous photos appeared.

There were scans of very old photos uploaded to the web.

[Blade God, was he really born in 1967?]

There were a few photos that had questions on them.

What was more shocking was that, 1870.XX.XX had been developed on the bottom of some photos, and the Blade God seen in the hologram looked similar to the one in the pictures.

“How do you plan on explaining this? Are you going to tell me that this is just a rumor floating around the web? And…”


Once again, the hologram changed.

However, the data which appeared this time.

‘Sky Demon Order’s Historical Records?’

It was a book that recorded the history of the Sky Demon Order.

The holographic book opened with a complicated process, starting with a retina scan and then entering the password as if it was a forbidden item.

“W-wait a minute. Director Chun. Historical data can only be viewed by the direct descendants of Chun, right?”

Dr. Baek turned away in embarrassment.

At that, the young man, Chun, said that it was okay.

“It doesn’t matter. I will only show you what you need to see.”

‘Is he a direct descendant of the Chun family? What are they talking about? And why is the Cult in a 3D image?’

What was incomprehensible was that this man seemed to be keeping a 3D image of the Sky Demon Order’s Historical Records, which should have been stored in a safe made of old cold iron in the mountains.

Besides, it looked much older than what Chun Yeowun saw.

At that moment, Chun Yeowun’s eyes caught a familiar name.

-the 24th Lord. Chun Yeowun, the Slashing Demon Emperor.

‘Chun Yeowun, the Slashing Demon Emperor?’

He was dumbfounded.

His name was attached, along with a title that sounded familiar.

Chun Yeowun tried to look closer, but the young man moved the hologram with his hand, and the page turned over.

‘Damn it!’

It was something he was very curious about, but he didn’t get to see it.

But there was one thing he knew for sure.

Although it was very confusing, this video could happen in the future.

‘Future…? Is that really possible?’

When that thought came to his mind, the existence of Nano became increasingly suspicious.

He didn’t know how it came to him, but Yeowun knew that Nano wasn’t a thing of the present.

Starting with the amount of information it held, Yeowun had doubts about its abilities, such as its body-healing, and its secrets were gradually revealed.

-The 7th generation Lord. Demon Sword, Chun Muhui.


Chun Yeowun gasped.

It was the time when the Blade God had made his first appearance.

At first, he only heard of the story from Lee Hameng, but after taking over the title of Lord, he learned more about it through the Historical Records.

“How is this…”

Dr. Baek, who was examining the contents of the hologram historical records shown by Chun, couldn’t hide his shock.

“Did the 7th lord get killed by Blade God? How could that…”

It was his first time seeing this as no one except for the Chun family could see the records.

Director Chun spoke to Dr. Baek, who couldn’t keep his mouth shut in shock.

“… what if the present time axis and reality were manipulated by the Blade Six in the past? Is that why the martial arts degenerated in the current era but just not in the Blade Six?... Dr. Baek, isn’t this quite suspicious?”

At his serious question, Dr. Baek was dazed for a while before opening his mouth.

“If that is true… it can’t just be a theory. Why didn’t you disclose this information?”

“Because of what the Doctor said.”

“No way… The time axis?”

“Yes. If the time axis changes, then reality changes… moreover, if the past and time axis change, then reality will disappear or change.”

Something called the butterfly effect.

Even a small intervention can cause a significant impact on the future.

Although the direct descendants of the Chun family had their doubts, they didn’t want to change the past.

It was because they weren’t sure how their existence would change.

“Wait. If so, then you are going to use the Time Portal even after considering all of this, is this really your goal?”


“Then why do you have five time portal packs in your suitcase?”

Dr. Baek was pointing to the pouch on his waist.

He seemed to have peeked through the pouch when Chun opened it.

“You only need two to make the trip, why get five? Your goal isn’t just to inject Nano…”

It was at that moment.


The video in the augmented reality stopped.

And everything turned dark.


At the moment when something important was going to be said, everything turned black around Chun Yeowun.

He couldn’t comprehend what happened, but they seemed to be talking about the past.

He thought he should know that, but then it got cut off, making him irritated.

At that moment, he heard Nano’s voice.

[Lock on… video… records… have… been… placed… again… quickly recover from errors…]



The pulsation of his mind ran through his entire body.

At the same time, Nano’s voice got cut off again.

Grrrr! Pick!


A blue flash flashed in front of him, and then the paused augmented reality was activated again.

However, the white particles were all floating in the dark space, and there was nothing to see.

Instead he heard a sound.


The sound of something bumping.

A familiar voice could be heard.

“It must have been like this.”

The voice of the one called Chun.

He didn’t know why he only heard Chun’s voice, but the young man seemed like he was looking for something.

And then a scream rang through the air.

Push! Flash!


Another scream was heard.

About six people seemed to be dead.

He heard the rustle and movement of Chun, who soon spoke.

“Uhm, you have your identity engraved. Let’s see… escort? Ah… what! Did I get something wrong? Were these people trying to protect the Slashing Demon Emperor? Damn it!”

Chun seemed like he was blaming himself for something.

And then the sound of a machine close by was heard.

Visor! Visor!

“Found it.”

Once again, rustling sounds could be heard in the dark. This time, there was no scream as if everyone had been killed properly.



The scream of someone running away, and then the sound stopped.

It seemed like he had been killed.

At that moment, Chun Yeowun, who was scared, heard something.


A voice he had heard for a while.

Chun Yeowun was turning more and more frustrated at it.

He wanted to look past the darkness.

At that moment, Chun’s voice was heard.

“Yah, my ancestor must be in a good mood to die here.”

At that moment, Chun Yeowun felt his wandering mind go still.

It was no mistake that Chun’s face and voice felt familiar.

‘No… no way?’

Beep Beep!

With a beep, the Director's perplexed voice could be heard.

“Did they find me already? Damn it! Nothing more can be done. I was going to teach you how to use this.”


With those words, his dark vision brightened.

Finally, not only the sound but also the sight was seen.

He covered his eyes at the sudden influx of light, but what shocked him was the sight he saw through his fingers.

‘No… this is ridiculous!’

It was his childhood self, dying from blood loss.

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