Chapter 424 - Nano Machine Advent (2)

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Are people aware that when a mouse gets cornered by a cat, the mouse bites the cat?

It was the same with Dan Jucheon, the deputy king of the palace, who was flustered.

In reality, the only person he was afraid of was the Lord of the Demonic Cult, Chun Yeowun.

Even though the Demonic Cult was one of the top three forces in the Jianghu region, the North Sea Ice Palace was the hegemon of the North, and he was one of the strongest men in the North.

‘They have looked down on me!’

Dan Jucheon’s gaze was fixed on one person.

Among every warrior, there was only one person who could be his opponent. It was the Dark King, Marakim.

[Leader Moyong. I will deal with the Dark King. Can you deal with one of those three over there?]

At the telepathic message, Moyong Kang looked at one of the three Dan Jucheon was referring to.

A muscular man with a huge beard, it was Ko Wanghur, one of the Six Swords.

‘To reach the level of Superior Master at such a young age.’

It wasn’t just that.

It was the same with the hooded young man next to Ko Wanghur.

Just looking at them, it was clear that both of them were in their mid-twenties, but they were both Superior Masters.

‘Those two are fine, but that person is the problem.’

The person Moyong Kang felt uneasy about was the strong middle-aged man in blue armor.

The one he heard of.

The swordsman with a high reputation, the man who showed his skills in the battle between the Demonic Cult and the Forces of Evil.

‘Those two are at the beginning of their bloom, but that man, Mong Mu will be really difficult to deal with.’

If he had to deal with someone, he’d rather deal with someone stronger.

The two Superior Masters could be handled by the elders of the North Sea Ice Palace.

However, if they fought, the Demonic Cult would consider them as their enemy.

Carefully looking at Jegal Sohi, he noticed how she too nodded at the plan.

To that, Moyong Kang responded to Dan Jucheon’s request.

[Understood. Let’s try and solve this problem by working together.]


There was only one answer.

They all had to end their battles before the Lord of the Demonic Cult dealt with the Blade God Six Martial clan members.


“Do not be afraid! I’ll take the lead!”


As Dan Jucheon drew his sword, an intense chill spread all around.

He was relatively exhausted as he had to deal with the Dragon Turtle. However, he was a Supreme Master who could use cold qi.

When being compared to the five strongest warriors, he wouldn’t be pushed too far.


Marakim and Dan Jucheon, the best on both sides, took the lead.

As the two men took the lead, the warriors of both sides advanced in unison.


The cave the dragon had built turned into a battlefield. A fierce fight began to unfold.

‘This can’t be compared to the crown prince.’

Dan Jucheon’s sword had such an intense chill that ice formed whenever his sword passed through the air.

Just as Marakim was shocked, Dan Jucheon couldn’t hide his shock.


First, in order to subdue the opponent right away, Dan Jucheon used the Ice White God Sword. However, Marakim dodged the attack despite being very close to getting hit.

And suddenly moved behind him to attack.

‘He is called the Wind God. What amazing speed!’

Before the sword could even touch his back, an ice shield formed around him.

He would temporarily achieve a defense better than a shield if he managed to produce more than six layers of shield with the Ice White God Sword.


The Twenty Four Demon Swords unfolded by Marakim kept breaking down the ice.

In the meantime, Dan Jucheon unfolded a light foot technique as he twisted his body and aimed for the heart by shifting his sword to his left hand.


Marakim did a backwards roll to avoid getting hit.

Dan Jucheon frowned.

‘He avoided this? He’s an annoying one.’

He always thought he hadn’t met a proper opponent ever since he reached the Supreme Master level.

However, when he finally met a talented person of the same level as him, it felt like he was nowhere close to being strong.

‘We need to subdue them quickly.’

As if it was a life-and-death battle, they were all desperate, all because of Chun Yeowun.

In the end, Dan Jucheon decided to avoid useless battles.

‘Eighth level of New Body!’

Anyone who reached the eighth level was known to be a supreme being in the North.


White steam formed around Dan Jucheon’s body, then frost began to form all over his body.

It seemed like anything he touched would turn into ice.

“Dark King! Let’s end this!”

Dan Jucheon’s sword created a thick white frost and tried to corner Marakim, who moved around freely.


Marakim judged that it would be hard to keep dodging the attacks when the opponent was going all out, so he raised his internal energy tenfold and unfolded the Twenty Four Demon Sword again.


The two people’s swords collided in the air, causing sparks.

Like their fierce confrontation, Moyong Kang, too, was engaged in a battle with Mong Mu.

Although they were experienced leaders in the clan and cult, it was their first time fighting each other.

Mong Mu, who had dealt with the masters of the Forces of Evil head-on, had the upper hand in this confrontation.

“Hahah! Very good!”


He was so excited that he laughed as he fought.

‘I’m excited!’

Unlike him, who was full of courage, Moyong Kang was impatient.

It was the same with Dan Jucheon.

If they couldn’t hurry up and end their battles, they knew how the situation would be overturned, and that scared them.

‘We have the numbers!’

In terms of warriors, since the Yulin and Ice Sea combined their forces, their warriors exceeded six hundred.

‘The problem is execution.’

The Demonic cult, including the Six Swords and the other warriors, were of the Super Master level and above and in good condition.

The only way to win would be to take down their leaders.

As predicted, the North Sea Ice Palace elders worked together to subdue Ko Wanghur and Hu Bong.

‘If we can’t control them, we will be at a disadvantage.’

On the battlefield, one should always subdue the higher-level ones.

As the higher-level ones are the first to attack the enemy and move back, they must be taken down.

‘Ugh, if my arm was still intact, I wouldn’t have struggled this much against a kid.’

Elder Seol Young-gwi was facing Ko Wanghur.

He lost one arm, and because of that, he lost a great deal of balance.

Originally, he could have overpowered the kid, but the balance in his movements was broken, leading to an equal level confrontation.

‘If this person wasn’t hurt, I would’ve been pushed back.’

Ko Wanghur could feel that.

Seol Young-gwi’s martial arts skills were very detailed despite having to use only one arm.

If his other arm wasn’t cut, Ko Wanghur would have been in danger.


‘I blocked it with my energy, but the cold qi penetrated my body.’

It was his first time competing with a master who used cold qi, which made it even more difficult for him to fight.

He had to subdue his opponent while maintaining a minimum distance with the opponent.

‘We need to show them that we can subdue them with our own strength even if the Lord doesn’t intervene.’

Just as the Ice Palace and Yulin thought about escaping, the warriors of the Demonic Cult were fighting with a sense of duty to show their Lord how strong they have become.

No one was fighting without reason.

From the beginning, the battlefield inside the cave became more and more intense,


‘W-what kind of monster is he?’

The middle-aged man who got his arm cut off wasn’t able to hide his embarrassment.

He couldn’t tell if he was really seeing a monster or imagining it.


When Chun Yeowun’s hand in the Nano Suit touched their head, the warrior with the iron mask died.

Five of the iron mask warriors had already died from getting their heads snapped.

He had never met such an opponent.

The same thing kept happening over and over again, and Chun Yeowun didn’t seem like he was exerting any power.


“Not you.”

Kwa! Kwaaak!


After checking the sword skills of each man in the mask, Chun Yeowun would kill them without hesitation.

It was as if he was doing a verification process.

Of course, not everyone in the iron mask were weak.


The internal energy which stretched out from the fist of a master in an iron mask struck the back of Chun Yeowun, who was dealing with three people at the same time.


Along with the sound of something getting blasted, the fist didn’t even touch his back before the energy scattered.

“No, how can energy scatter? What the hell is that armor?”

The middle-aged man was shocked as he saw the Nano Suit block the energy.

Even if the attack got dispersed, the fact that Chun Yeowun didn’t even budge made it even more shocking.

[Dispersed the impact of the concentrated energy attack.]


Chun Yeowun responded to Nano.

The Gatelinium metal could absorb and withstand a tremendous amount of energy, even the lightning qi of the Dragon Turtle.

If the suit could handle that much, a simple attack wouldn’t even scratch him.


Perhaps resentful that his attack was blocked, the master in the iron mask tried to use the same attack again.

There was no way Chun Yeowun would leave it alone.

When Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand towards the iron masked master, a black flame sword appeared in the air and clashed with him.

Chaa! Tatatk!

As a master who seemed to be above Master level, the one in the iron mask bounced backwards.


As he flew quite a distance back, the master in the iron mask ended up getting between the Yulin and the Demonic Cult’s battles.


Moyong Kang was shocked when he saw that someone had suddenly interrupted their fight and backed away.

The ones in the iron mask were all Superior Masters, and there was no way Moyong Kang could charge them recklessly.

Chow! Crack!

The iron mask split in half and fell to the floor.

He flew backwards because of the impact, but he was unable to avoid the attack from the black flame sword.

But when his face was revealed, Moyong Kang was shocked.

“Th, this can’t be…”

Blood was dripping from his messy white hair and his face full of wrinkles, but when he saw the six seals on his forehead, Moyong Kang knew who he was.

“Saint Gu-jung!”

The old man’s identity hidden behind the iron mask was Saint Gu-jung, the former head of the Shaolin temple.

He was a famous saint who disappeared eighteen years ago.

Moyong Kang, who had been in Yulin for a long time, recognized the man's face because he had a close relationship with Saint Gu-jung.

“Saint! How could you side with the Blade God Six Martial… huh?”


He approached the man and tried to talk with him, but Moyong Kang suddenly increased the distance as the man unfolded the Shaolin Dragon Tide with his hands.

‘Why is he attacking me?’

Saint Gu-jung was a good-natured person.

He was a man who devoted himself to justice and stayed humble despite having outstanding martial arts skills equivalent to the five strongest warriors, and he learned half of the seventy-two rites of Shaolin.

It was shocking to see such a man attack him.

“Saint! What is this! Do you not remember me? Moyong…”


He kept announcing himself, thinking that the man would recognize him, but the saint kept looking at Moyong Kang with blank eyes as if he knew nothing.


There was no light in his eyes.

It was strange as if the man had no emotions or thoughts running through his mind.

Moyong Kang didn’t like what he was seeing, as he saw the saint gather energy into his fists once again, and then Saint Gu-jung flew to the place where the Lord of the Demonic Cult was.

“Uh? Saint!”

It seemed like the man only had thoughts about Chun Yeowun.

‘What the hell happened to Saint Gu-jung to act like this and follow the Blade God Six Martial clan?’

However, apart from Moyong Kang, who was shocked, there were many people equally shocked.

“No way! That is the Fourteenth Plum Blossom Sword!”

“No! That one! That master in the iron mask is using the fortune sword!”

“He-he is using the Wudang clan’s sword?”

Shockingly, among the masters in the iron masks, some belonged to the 9 great clans.

Moreover, their movement was so refined that it was definite that they all were the top seat in their factions.

“The Sword of Four Kings!”

Even in the Forces of Evil, there weren’t many who used the Sword of Four Kings.

The problem was that very few people practiced such martial arts, and only the direct descendants of the clan were taught it.

There was no way any of the great clans would teach or let outsiders steal their martial arts.

“Wh-what the hell does this mean?”

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