Chapter 426 - Thunder Qi (1)

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Transparent ice swords poured down like rain.

It didn’t take long for the ice to turn red.

As the entire area around was closed and the only exit was blocked by Chun Yeowun, all the members of the Blade God Six Martial clan ended up getting killed.

Chow chow chow!



Screams echoed through the cave.

Although the men were supposed to be the best of the Blade God Six Martial clan, each ice sword moved with efficiency, almost as if a man was wielding it.

Of course, not everyone was helplessly beaten by the swords.

Clang! Clang!

Byeok Liu struggled to block the ice swords with a single arm.

It would have been a disaster if he hadn’t practiced the sword with his left hand.

But it was only a matter of time.



The floor already turned red from the blood of the cold corpses.

More than 30 members died without even being able to fight back.

If it had been the attack he did in the Jin Castle and not ice swords, everyone would have died right away.

‘It’s a good thing, but why isn’t he using the Sky Flash?’

Suddenly, Byeok Liu got lost in his thoughts.

The Sky Flash of the Demon God was a famous story everyone knew.

Against a large number of people, there is no attack more horrifying.

It was strange that Chun Yeowun didn’t use the Sky Flash out of anger that the former lord had been ordered to kill his grandson.


That was when Byeok Liu saw the path that the ice swords were moving in.

The ice swords only targeted the warriors and didn’t even scratch the walls or the cave’s ceiling.

‘What monster-like abilities! Even if he is a Divine Master, there is no way he should be able to handle so many swords, let alone handle them with such precision… wait up! Is he acting like this out of fear that the cave will collapse?’

When the thought passed, Byeok Liu’s eyes turned to where Chun Yeowun was standing.

Holding his unconscious grandfather with his left hand, he controlled the swords with his right hand.

However, the floor where he was standing was full of slashes, but not a single dent was there.

Despite being attacked by so many sword qi’s, the floor seemed fine.

‘He dispersed the sword qi by not letting it pass through the lightning qi.’

Everything became certain.

The reason why Chun Yeowun used ice swords instead of the Sky Flash was to deal with his opponents without damaging the cave.


And his guess was accurate.

From the moment he entered the cave and landed on the floor, the augmented reality marked several locations in the space red as if to declare danger.

A little closer to the ice, and the lake would flow in.

Before long, the worst-case scenario would greet them.

‘This needs to be fixed quickly.’

It was possible to win this battle with sophistication and not destructive power.

More than half of the Blade God Six Martial clan warriors who were avoiding the ice swords were dead.

Around thirty-six people were barely holding on.

It was then.




The entire cave shook with a loud sound.

Chun Yeowun noticed that Byeok Liu was standing at the back wall of the cave.

Blue-colored hue radiating from Byeok Liu’s sword, it looked like he was going to try to break the wall with all his might.



He wasn’t the only one who hit the wall.

Blade Master, Woo Jin-chang, also noticed Chun Yeowun’s intentions as he threw his sword straight into the eastern end of the wall.

Thanks to that, cracks occurred in the ceiling of the cave, and fragments fell.

The dangerous situation began.

“Demon God! If this is going to be our grave, then I will take you to hell with me!”

“Let’s go together! Woah!”

Byeok Liu and Woo Jin-chang once again tried to hit the wall with qi.


[Activating Focused Target Mode.]

Beep beep beep beep beep beep!

At the call of Chun Yeowun, the red particles in the augmented reality began to focus on Byeok Liu and Woo Jin-chang.


The ice swords around them rotated and rushed towards the two.



But the other warriors didn’t stand still.

Two warriors and Won Sangho of the Ice Palace blocked them and tried to break the ice swords.

“We will stop these! Go ahead and break the walls!”

Chow chow chow chow chow chow!

The ice swords which got blocked soon shattered and broke.

That was the only drawback of the Air Swords made of ice.

They weren’t strong enough to withstand the attack of masters higher than the Superior Master level.

“S-stop the Demon God!”

“Risk your life and defend those behind us!”


The three of them, while protecting the two of them, rushed towards Chun Yeowun simultaneously unfolded sword techniques as if they were prepared to die.

‘Nano. You can draw any amount of internal energy. Stop them!’



Energy was generated in the body, and more ice swords were created.

“Huh? Ah, still!”

“That monster!”

Even the men who were rushing towards death were shocked.

They thought that there had to be a limit after handling hundreds of Air Swords, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the meantime, Byeok Liu and Woo Jin-chang frantically attacked the walls with qi to break them and bring in the lake water.



Chun Yeowun, who decided not to, hurriedly put down his grandfather, Chun Inji, and flew.

As the magnetic field was activated under his feet, he moved a lot quicker.


At the sight of Chun Yeowun, who appeared in front of them in an instant, the three warriors couldn’t hide their shock.

‘What is the Lord of the Demonic Cult wearing?’

One might think that it’s heavy, but in reality, the Nano Suit was very light.

The role of the Nano Suit was not to interfere with Chun Yeowun’s movements but rather to help battles run smoothly.

Even more shocking is,

‘Nonsense… how is he moving while controlling the Air Swords?’

As far as they knew, Air Swords consumed a huge amount of internal energy and concentration, moving had to be very difficult.

However, Chun Yeowun moved independently despite controlling the Air Swords.

‘Did the Demon God really come into this world?’

Either way, he had to be stopped.

“Damn it! Do you think we’ll let you interfere?”

“Let’s go!”

“Even if he is the Demon God!”

At the same time, the three warriors performed the sword techniques they were the most confident in.

Even if he was the Demon God, they thought that he would have to stop if three people unfolded sword techniques simultaneously.

However, the disparity was too great.

Moreover, Chun Yeowun was well aware of the weakness of every sword technique of the Blade God Six Martial clan.



In Chun Yeowun’s right hand, a black flame sword appeared, and in his left hand, a black ice sword appeared.

“Dual sword wielder?”

“In-invisible sword!”

It took a while for everyone to regain their concentration.

In an instant, the swords skillfully used the Sword Force of the Sky Demon and the Extreme Art of the Blade God.

The hot trail of black flame, which could burn anything, and the black ice, which was turning even the air into frost, cut and crushed their bodies.

Chow chow chow chow chow!



Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

With a scream, their bodies split into dozens of pieces in an instant.

The parts cut by the black flame sword were burnt and the smell of burned flesh spread around, and the parts cut by the black ice sword turned into ice.

It was at the moment when Chun Yeowun killed them all in an instant and was about to deal with those who tried to destroy the walls.



The cave walls began to crack.

It started with a small stream of water coming from the cracks.

Crack! Push!


As water burst from here and there, the cave began to shake violently.

It was a sign that the wall could no longer withstand it and broke down.


Chun Yeowun frowned and looked at the spots where water was gushing out.

Looking at the cave that was finally about to collapse, Byeok Liu was filled with euphoria as he turned his head towards Chun Yeowun and shouted while laughing.

“Kuaaahahahah! You are too late! Demon God! Let’s die together!”

Even if he was called a monster, it would be impossible to prevent a natural disaster.

If the cave walls collapse with that huge amount of water pressure from the lake, even Chun Yeowun will be swept away by the water and die.

“This is something that no one in the Blade God Six Martial clan will be able to withstand…”

Slash! Thud!

Before he could finish speaking, Byeok Liu’s neck got slashed as his head fell to the ground.

The man didn’t even know that he died. His eyes were wide open.

“Talk all of that bullshit in hell.”

“Byeokkkkkk! Kuak! Demon God, you!”

Chow! Slash! Slash!

Woo Jin-chang, who was surprised at the death of Byeok Liu, ran for Chun Yeowun.

Even if the Six Martial Masters were all present, taking down Chun Yeowun was impossible, there was no way he alone could do it.



Yeowun cut down Woo Jin-chang, who ran towards him in one hit.

The invisible sword, which had a great amount of qi in it, couldn’t be stopped by anyone.

There was no time to waste killing these people.

‘I need to stop this!’


Chun Yeowun placed his palm on the wall which was cracking.

And raised his cold qi.

Even if he couldn’t completely stop the water, he had to buy time for himself and his men to get out of the cave.



White frost appeared all over the wall, and the cracked wall began to freeze.

Thanks to that, the water stream, which kept flowing through the cracks, froze.

If the warriors of the Ice Palace had seen that, they would have died from shock.

However, Chun Yeowun’s expression wasn’t good.

‘There is a lot of outside pressure.’

As his hand was placed against the wall, he could feel the pressure on the other side.

Freezing the cracks was only a temporary measure.

After a while, the wall would definitely collapse.


Chun Yeowun created a thick wall of ice.

‘I need to freeze this as much as possible and get out of this cave with the core.’

Otherwise, everyone would die, just as Byeok Liu mentioned.

At that moment, Chun Yeowun heard a large amount of movement.

When he turned around without taking his hand from the wall, Hu Bong, Bakgi, and Mun Ku, who were leading about 50 men, had come.

“Lord! Ug-this?”

“The dragon!”

“This big?”

They couldn’t hide their shock when they saw the corpse of the dragon.

Fearing that Chun Yeowun would face trouble as he hurried into the enemy’s side, they brought in their troops, but all they saw were corpses.


They only saw Chun Yeowun freezing the wall.

As they approached, Chun Yeowun shouted.

“Don’t come! The cave will collapse soon!”

“Huh. What?”


As Chun Yeowun said, the cave shook.

It didn’t seem like the cave would last much longer.

Chun Yeowun pointed out the former lord, Chun Inji, lying on the floor to the bewildered people.

“The former lord is over there. Take him and get out of the cave immediately!”

“B-but Lord, you!”

Mon Ku cried.

The cave would collapse soon, and there was no way she would leave without Chun Yeowun.

Laughing softly, Chun Yeowun spoke to her.

“Once everyone gets out, I will bring the core up. If you stay here, I won’t be able to concentrate.”


And that was the truth.

Seeing how Chun Yeowun kept on freezing the wall, they knew that waiting there was nothing more than turning into a burden for him.

In the end, they retreated with bitter expressions.

“Lord! We will retreat quickly, so don’t stay long and come out right away!”

Chun Yeowun lightly nodded at Hu Bong’s cry.

As they hurriedly escaped from the cave along with the former lord Chun Inji, Chun Yeowun continued to thicken the layer of ice.


‘Nano. Can you feel the water pressure? How long can this ice hold?’

[15 minutes is the limit. You need to get out of here quickly before being swept away by the rushing water.]

Chun Yeowun smiled bitterly at Nano’s warning.

No matter how strong he was, he knew that avoiding a natural disaster was impossible.

‘I’ll hold on a little longer and get out right away.’

If it lasted for that long, everyone would be able to widen the distance and climb onto high ground.

Chun Yeowun kept applying cold qi to make sure cracks don’t form in a short amount of time.

Eventually, when exactly 15 minutes passed.

‘I can let go now.’

No matter how much cold qi had been injected, preventing cracks turned out to be difficult.

He didn’t have much of a chance.

If he didn’t get out quickly, he would end up getting sucked in by the water current.


Chun Yeowun, who lifted his hand from the wall, climbed onto the dragon’s shell.

It was impossible to absorb the core in this place, so he had no choice but to take it out with him.


There was a hole in the middle of the dragon shell, where sparks flashed.

It seemed like the Blade God Six Martial clan had drilled a hole in order to take the core.


Chun Yeowun tried to jump into the hole.

It was then.


Crackle! Spark!

Suddenly, lightning surged from the pierced shell, creating pillars of lightning.

Chun Yeowun retreated, not wanting to take chances.


From the lightning pillar, a fanatic cry was heard.

“Kuahahaha! Finally, I have absorbed the lightning qi from the dragon!”

Crackle! Spar!

As the pillars of lightning gradually ended, a young man surrounded by flashes of lightning, as if he was the thunder god, descended.

Chun Yeowun, who saw that man, felt nothing but extreme irritation.

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