Chapter 427 - Thunder Qi (2)

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Slaughter Blade Master, Sang Dal.

He was the only one of the Six Martial Masters who had been recognized for his loyalty towards the Blade Lord.

Along with fulfilling his respective duties, he had been carrying out the most important tasks from the Blade Lord.

The thirty-six Superior Masters and even the Six Martial Masters all envied him and called him the loyalist.

However, there was another side of the loyalist which they didn’t know.

Ingratitude, he was hiding his ambition to surpass the Blade Lord.

He had been thoroughly hiding the feeling for decades, so people didn’t even know that such a side existed to him.

‘Is this the dragon?’

The underground of the Ice Palace.

He found the dragon, which desperately moved through the frozen underground.

The dragon was on the verge of dying.

‘Neither that person nor the Demon God are humans.’

Power beyond humans.

The reactions of people who encountered the two beings were divided into several categories.

For example, feelings of fear or awe.

However, for Sang Dal, the Blade Master, his ambition and greed aroused jealousy.

‘If I had such power…’

The moment he saw the Dragon Turtle, his ambitions took over his mind, and the greed he tried to hide had surfaced.

With just a few attacks he was able to end the life of the already dying Dragon Turtle.

[Huh? Blade Master? Didn’t you put it in the core holder?]

[Well, as long as the North Sea Ice Palace, Yulin and the Demonic Cult… along with that Demon God are here, taking it out won’t be easy.]

[Blade Master, I might know about the reaction the dragon blood will have, but the core…]

[Rather than letting them take away the core, wouldn’t the risk of me absorbing it be better?]

Their leader, the Slaughter Blade Master, repeatedly came up with excuses to forcefully absorb the core. Could the lower-ranked warriors really stop him?

However, there was only one concern.

Compared to the other forms of qi, the core of the creature who was a Spirit Beast was different.

Absorption was only possible by the skilled.

The qi inside the core itself is so strong that it would burst out lightning without letting anyone get close to it. There was no way one could absorb it.

However, Sang Dal, one of the Six Martial Masters, was a Supreme Master who had risen to the end of the level, which meant he had the qualification to absorb the core.

Crackle! Crackle!


His internal energy had increased to the extent that it was incomparable to before.

And the internal energy, with the properties of thunder qi, had the ability to destroy everything.

‘My choice was right!’

Strictly speaking, Sang Dal couldn’t absorb all of the core.

Although he was in a stage where he could handle the qi, his whole body would burn out if he greedily accepted more thunder qi that was inside the core.

He only accepted half of it, but that alone gave him huge growth.

After fully embodying it, he decided to take the rest of the qi to reach the strongest level.

‘If I can use the lightning qi along with the Extreme Art of the Blade God, I will be able to deal with both the Blade Lord and the Demon God…’


Sang Dal, who just absorbed the core of the dragon, looked at the intense chill which spread around.

Looking to the source, he saw a young man with long black hair in black armor, which he had never seen before.

‘Pure white face and sharp eyes… Demon God?’

According to the things he heard, it had to be Chun Yeowun.

An unimaginable energy radiated from him, who seemed very annoyed.

Despite absorbing the core, he could feel immense energy from Chun Yeowun.


The corners of Sang Dal’s mouth rose slowly.

“I was hoping to release this overflowing energy, you did good coming here. Demon God.”

Sang Dal wanted to test how far his power had reached.

At that moment, he found the right person to confirm his growth.

But then, he felt something else.




His gaze turned towards the ice wall at the end of the cave.

His sense, which had been extremely developed because of the core, could clearly let him feel the water pressure that was gradually rising on the outside.

Soon the walls will collapse, and the entire cave will get buried.

No matter how strong he was after absorbing the core, he could never avoid natural disasters.

‘I just gained new power. There is no way I’ll get myself killed in this place.’

Making a rational decision, he suggested to Chun Yeowun.

“Oh Demon God. If we stay here, both of us will die. How about we go above ground and fight each other?”

His proposal had to be accepted.

There was no way that Chun Yeowun would want to stay and fight.

However, Chun Yeowun’s decision was different.

“Who do you think you are to covet someone else’s thing and ask to relocate the battle?”

“Covet? Huhuhu, think what you want. If we delay the decision, you will also lose your life, don’t do things like getting swept away by needless emotions…”


‘Black flame?’

Before he could even finish his words, a black flame sword formed in Chun Yeowun’s hand and came aiming for his neck.


Shocked, Sang Dal instinctively raised his hand.

Then, to his surprise, sparks flashed from his hand, creating a thunder sword.



His eyes, which knew that he managed to block the black flame sword with a thunder sword, were filled with joy.

He unconsciously thought that he was holding onto a sword and somehow managed to succeed in creating a thunder sword.

“My invisible sword!”


He never guessed that the core’s power would be so amazing.

Chun Yeowun was also impressed looking at the thunder sword.

He tried to deal with the enemy at once but didn’t expect that he would create an invisible sword.

‘Is this his level, despite not absorbing the entire core?’

Inside the shell, the thunder qi core was still radiating.

Compared to that, the man only absorbed a part of it, yet his growth was amazing.

‘Since the beast just died, the energy inside the core hasn’t scattered, which means that it’s more effective than the core of the Flame Qilin.’


Drunk on power, Sang Dal laughed in joy.

He didn’t just regain his youth by absorbing the core. His entire body was reconstructed.

In a triumphant voice, Sang Dal spoke.

“Demon God. The worst will happen to you. Do you know what’s the difference between victory and defeat in a battle between people of the same level?”


‘New form?’

Sang Dal moved quickly like lightning.

As if he was the lightning, he reached Chun Yeowun’s back in an instant and unfolded the Extreme Art of the Blade God with a thunder sword.


It was the supreme technique.

Originally, it was a simple sword technique, but with the power of thunder qi in it, it seemed to reach a whole new level.


In an instant, everything changed. Sang Dal was desperate to turn Chun Yeowun’s body into meat.

However, it was impossible for Chun Yeowun, who was experienced in battles, to get caught by such moves.

Sang Dal was fast, so fast that his image couldn’t be seen, but in that moment, Chun Yeowun took two steps back.


He created a black ice sword and responded with the same technique.


Sang Dal’s eyes widened at the familiar sword technique.

In the place where the swords clashed, thunder and chill harmonized, creating an intense pounding sound.

And the two of them were pushed back a couple steps.

‘How… how is he using our clans?’

It was even more shocking that Chun Yeowun was using it perfectly.

There was no way that Chun Yeowun could have learned it by watching Sang Dal use it.

The Extreme Art of the Blade God was a martial art that was impossible to use without proper training as it exceeded physical limitations.

“Demon God. How do you know our martial arts?”

“You don’t need to know.”


Of course, he wouldn’t tell him.

He had a very small amount of time.

It was a situation where they were fighting each other, so they had to defeat the other person and escape the cave before the water flowed in.

‘Extreme Art of the Blade God doesn’t work on him.’

It was helpful when he used it against others, but it seemed impossible to contain Chun Yeowun with that.

The best martial arts of their clan was the right answer.


Chun Yeowun moved as he approached Sang Dal.

A black flame sword and a black ice sword formed in both his hands, and the sword techniques of both swords blended in.

Both the Sword Force of the Sky Demon Sword and the Extreme Art of the Blade God unfolded perfectively.

One of the sword techniques was good when dealing with a large number of people, it couldn’t be used everywhere since the power the technique exudes is very strong.

Chow chow chow chow!

‘Different technique with both hands?’

Sang Dal was shocked at two different techniques being unfolded at the same time.

He had no idea that different techniques could be used in such a clever way.

However, there was an unexpected drawback.

‘I see you.’

Sang Dal’s eyes twinkled.

As soon as the sword approached him, Sang Dal, widened the distance like lightning, just like Chun Yeowun did a couple moments back, and used the Extreme Art of the Blade God .

Shhh! Shhh! Shhh! Shh! Shh!

What amazing speed.

At the moment he used his sword, the two interlinked sword techniques were destroyed at once.


Using the momentum to counterattack, Chun Yeowun quickly moved back.

‘He destroyed the right sword?’

As if he was shocked, Chun Yeowun frowned.

Seeing that, Sang Dal shrugged and spoke.

“Was it surprising? I was quite shocked seeing two different sword techniques unfolding, but if I know the techniques, it can be stopped.”

Before the two swords could intertwine, Sang Dal had broken the formation.

This man seemed considerably more capable than the previous Six Martial Masters Chun Yeowun had dealt with before.

However, Chun Yeowun’s interests lie elsewhere.

“Are you familiar with both of them?”

Even if he knew the Extreme Art of The Blade God , how did this man know about the Sky Demon Sword?

Shrugging his shoulders, Sang Dal counter-questioned Chun Yeowun in a gloating voice.

“Demon God. Let me ask you something. Do you think that no one has completed their analysis of the Sky Demon Sword? The law to destroy that sword technique has long been perfected.”

‘… former lord.’

At those words, Chun Yeowun could make a rough guess.

If they succeeded in taking over the mind of the former lord, it was natural for them to analyze the sword technique.

However, just like the Extreme Art of the Blade God , the Sky Demon Sword couldn’t be learned through words or watching, so they learned how to destroy the sword technique rather than learning it.

“Hahahaha! Did you really think that you can win over me, a Blade Master, with sword techniques I am already aware of!”

Sang Dal felt that he was in the best situation.

Among Chun Yeowun’s martial arts, he knew that the Sky Demon Sword was his best move.

‘You won’t be able to use the Sky Flash in a cave that will collapse. Huhu!’

Normally, the Sky Flash would have been a problem for Sang Dal.

However, the fact that their surroundings didn’t allow him to unleash it made it seem like heaven wanted the Demon God to die.

“Demon God! This will be your grave!”


Sang Dal, who knew he had the advantage, tried to unleash the Extreme Art of the Blade God with thunder qi.

At that very moment, Chun Yeowun got rid of the black ice sword and performed a strange technique with the black flame sword.

It was very similar to the Sky Demon Sword, but it felt different.

“You said that you found the law to destroy the technique… that is a serious misunderstanding.”



At that very moment, Chun Yeowun’s body turned into 24 afterimages.

Like clones, all 24 of Chun Yeowun’s images used the same technique.

“What! Demon God! I already know this attack… what!?”


At the same time, the clones of Chun Yeowun, who had divided, turned into one being and all their swords united at one specific point.


Something ominous was felt from the overwhelming sword technique.

Blade Master knew that this sword couldn’t be stopped.

‘I need to avoid it!’


Sang Dal activated the thunder qi in his body and accelerated his movements.

At that very moment, the new form of Chun Yeowun, who merged into one, passed by him.

Chow chow chow chow!

‘How, I just avoided him?’

It didn’t seem like Sang Dal had avoided it.

A sharp pain was felt in his left shoulder.



A tremendous amount of swords kept coming for his body one after another, and the body of Sang Dal, which only wanted to avoid the attacks, couldn't do anything but get hit.


Thanks to the qi in his body, he managed to stay alive.

Sang Dal’s shoulder had a hole the size of a fist.

“Pant… pant… pant…”

Sang Dal groaned as the hole healed.

If he disregarded its power and went head-on with the sword, his chest would have been pierced.

Perplexed, Sang Dal asked.

“… this, just what technique is this?”

“Sky Demon Sword.”

“What? As if that could be… there is no ridiculous sword like that, and calling that the Sky Demon Sword!”

“You only learned about destroying the half completed sword, so there is no way you would know.”


Sang Dal was shocked.

‘Did that old man deceive us? No way. He has been telling us everything over the past ten years.’

It was natural to not know.

Among the Sky Demon Order successors, the only ones who mastered the perfect Sky Demon Sword were Chun Ma, who created the sword and the second generation Chun Ma, Chun Yeowun.

“Then the Sky Demon Sword has other variations?”


Chun Yeowun said half, but Sang Dal misunderstood.

But Chun Yeowun didn’t say anything because he wasn’t obligated to answer.

Realizing that he misunderstood the technique, Sang Dal bit his lip as he lifted the thunder sword.

“You are looking down on this Blade Master! The technique you just showed me is undoubtedly the secret Sky Demon Sword!”

No matter how much he thought, the technique was just a little better than the previous one.

There was no way that another variation could exist.

‘There is no way, right?’

There was no way that a high ranking man like himself would get deceived.

Instead, something else affected him.

Perhaps, because of the injury, he was becoming impatient, or maybe it was the pain in his shoulder.


‘I don’t know how he knows the Sky Demon Sword, but it will be different this time.’

The Six Martial Masters have their own new sword techniques.

What he intended to unfold was the new sword technique which gave him the name Slaughter Blade Master.


Chun Yeowun moved.

‘Sky Demon Sword or Extreme Art of the Blade God ?’

He knew about the Sky Demon Sword technique.

The new one couldn’t be tackled, but he knew the other techniques.

Most of them could be destroyed if he used the Extreme Art of the Blade God .


At that time, the black flame sword in Chun Yeowun’s hand began to unfold the Sky Demon Sword.

The corners of Sang Dal’s lips went up.

He just informed Chun Yeowun that he knew how to destroy the Sky Demon sword, yet, not caring, he unfolded the same thing again.

‘You’re stupid.’

His lips formed into a smile that reached his ears.

When the 3rd formation of the Sky Demon sword changes to the 6th formation, the loophole gets revealed.

Crackle! Whoops!

‘This is the fifth, now the 6th formation!’

The moment Chun Yeowun will deploy the 6th formation, his thunder sword will cut off Chun Yeowun’s right arm.

But then, that didn’t happen.

He believed that the 5th formation would naturally move up, but then the movement changed, and the Extreme Art of the Blade God began to unfold.


“Wh-what is this?”

As an unexpected sword unfolded, Sang Dal was bewildered.

The Extreme Art of the Blade God was capable of transcending the limits of the physical body; despite knowing that, he was shocked.



At that moment, Chun yeowun’s sword cut in an unexpected direction.

The Extreme Art of the Blade God could move in a direction that a normal sword couldn’t reach.

Where Chun Yeowun aimed,

“Let’s take the arm.”

“No! Ahhhhh!”


The sword swiftly cut off the right arm, which was holding the thunder sword, and the smell of the burning flesh pierced their noses.


A scream erupted from Sang Dal’s mouth at the pain of his arm being severed.


Throwing out thunderbolts like crazy, he moved back.

Chun Yeowun didn’t pursue him.

Rather, he stood still, with sparks of lightning on his black armor, as if he was just shocked.


Sang Dal grabbed his blood-drenched shoulder and looked at Chun Yeowun in disbelief.

‘That man, I am not mistaken! He… he made… the Extreme Art of the Blade God and Sky Demon Sword into one martial art!’

A shocking thing happened that even ‘that person’ didn’t expect.

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As the readers might have noticed in this chapter, lightning qi changed to thunder qi as the author suddenly changed it. We assume that lightning qi turns into thunder qi once the core gets absorbed.

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