Chapter 431 - Divine Object (3)

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Dan Jucheon and Baekhyun were both speechless.

The two of them nervously anticipated who Chun Yeowun would hand the staff to.

However, they couldn’t help but be flustered when he said something completely out of the ordinary.

The reaction of the elders was the same.

‘Wh-what the hell is that man talking about?’

‘Does he mean that he’ll hold onto the Divine Object?’

Some thought so, but the faces of the Six Swords didn’t change.

They knew Chun Yeowun wouldn’t talk in vain, so they knew exactly what he was going to do.

‘We’re going to take over the North Sea Ice Palace!’

The original plan was to form an alliance with the Ice Palace.

However, after getting the Divine Object, Chun Yeowun’s plans changed.

‘Will there be backlash?’

6th Elder Mong Mu was deeply concerned.

Of course, if the North Sea Ice Palace, the hegemon of the North, came under the Demonic Cult, it would be a great achievement.

However, if he tried to absorb them, there could be severe backlash.

“Lord Chun… I think your words just now were out of context. This isn’t something like the Dragon Turtle’s blood. This is the Divine Object of the palace.”

Dan Jucheon, the deputy king of the palace, spoke in a very cautious tone.

Baekhyun was the same.

“Lord Chun. Thank you for all your help, but who would stay still when an outsider covets the Divine Object of the palace?”


Even the warriors of the Ice Palace were on edge.

If anyone other than Chun Yeowun had made such a remark, all the warriors of the Ice Palace would’ve been enraged and attacked.

However, they didn’t do that because he held the Divine Object and his monster-like strength, which surpassed the limits of human capabilities.

Everyone was hoping that what Chun Yeowun said would be deemed as a joke.


“But didn’t you say it with your own mouth? The one who holds the Divine Object is the true king of the Ice Palace?”

Unfortunately, Chun Yeowun wasn’t joking at all.

He seemed like he really wanted to claim himself the king of the Ice Palace.

‘Ugh, this man!’

Calming his heart, Dan Jucheon opened his mouth.

“Lord Chun. That is not what it means. It isn’t a royal decree. It’s a decree which applies to the family of Dan. It’s not something that applies to everybody in the world.”

“… this mans’ words are right.”

Dan Baekhyun helped him.

It was hard to believe that they were the same people who wanted the other dead a couple minutes back.

If they didn’t, they’d lose their power.

“This is interesting. I don’t remember a passage ever saying that I am an outsider.”



Chun Yeowun put the golden staff he was holding in his left hand on the ground.

And then, a piece of paper that was engraved with energy appeared.

All the royals who saw the writing on the paper couldn’t hide their surprise.


Dan Jucheon and Baekhyun, too, looked at it with bewildered eyes.

“Those who have obtained the Ice Cold Staff are the ones qualified to be the true palace kings! Wasn’t this it?”

The prince and deputy king couldn’t deny anything.

It was the royal order engraved right in front of the statue of Dan Young, in front of the main palace.

They didn’t know that Chun Yeowun, who only stopped for a second near the main palace, would accurately remember it.

“Do you think that I easily got my hands on the Divine Object? Why haven’t the other lords who served the palace and the successive ones been able to find it until now?”


The reaction of the warriors changed with Chun Yeowun’s words.

It was obviously a nonsensical point, but Chun Yeowun was the one who killed the Dragon Turtle and saved the palace’s people.

In addition, he also ended up finding the Divine Object, which was buried underground, which would have sunk into the lake if not found by him.

In that way, regardless of him being an outsider, his heroic actions dominated their minds.

‘Prince does have the legitimacy, but his skills are insufficient to the point where he can’t even properly use the Divine Palm of the Ice God.’

If he ends up being the king of the North Sea Ice Palace, he is supposed to have cold qi and be a Supreme Master.

He’s supposed to have silver hair, not black hair.

‘The deputy king is strong in the North Sea… but he is still a traitor who brought in outsiders to awaken the dragon and kill the former king.’

When one starts making comparisons, it ends.

The wave, which only started with keeping the Dan family on the throne, began to think that someone like Chun Yeowun would be a nice king.

As opinions changed, both Dan Jucheon and Baekhyun began to sense a crisis.

‘No way… are the royal officials thinking?’

‘Baekhyun… Baekhyun… you made the worst move.’

Dan Jucheon shook his head.

All this wouldn’t have happened if Baekhyun hadn’t brought Chun Yeowun.

The hearts of the royals who were dissatisfied with the succession of the royal prince were leaning towards Dan Jucheon.

However, when they learned about the truth of him bringing in outsiders to kill the former king, the gazes of the young officials changed.

‘It shouldn’t have turned out like this. Once they start thinking, everything gets out of control. I can’t let Chun Yeowun sweep them away!’

The Ice Palace couldn’t be handed down to anyone outside the Dan family.

When a situation like this came, Dan Jucheon sent a telepathic message to Baekhyun, who was also struggling to solve the problem.

[Do you realize what you have done?]

[You are the last person I want to hear those words from.]

[… Well, this isn’t good. If we don’t overcome the situation, the palace will fall into the hands of that evil demon. It is an entirely separate issue from an alliance. You wouldn’t want that either.]

With a darkened expression, Baekhyun nodded his head.

At that, Dan Jucheon made a suggestion.

[You’re a part of the lineage of the king. You know that very well. The secret hidden inside the order.]


Baekhyun’s eyes widened at the words of Dan Jucheon.

He was a little confused, but then he understood.

[Ice Cold staff, the Divine Object, chooses its owner. It can only be taken by qualified people. Do you remember what the qualification was?]

[… blood of the Dan family!]

[Yes. No matter how strong the Demon God is, he cannot be chosen. Aim for that.]

An oral tradition passed down to the people of the Dan family in the Ice Palace.

As Dan Jucheon said, the Divine Object chooses its owner as if the staff was alive.

Only the Dan family, the royal family, knew about it, and they had to use that to reverse the mood of the officials.

“Lord Chun! Did you know about this by any chance?”

Dan Jucheon spoke loud enough that everyone could hear.

“Ice Cold Staff, the Divine Object of the palace, can choose its owner!”


“A spirit resides in it!”

At those words, the officials turned to him.

Although they weren’t of royal blood, they had heard the rumors which passed through the palace.

The truth is that Divine Objects weren’t simple items.

“What do you mean?”

It was Baekhyun who reacted to Chun Yeowun’s dull question.

“Lord Chun. If you aren’t chosen by the Divine Object, you cannot be called the true king.”

“King… is there any way to prove that?”

‘Caught him!’

At that question, both of them grinned inwardly.

However, they didn’t express it. They proceeded with what they intended to do.

“The Divine Object was made by the person who founded the North Sea Ice Palace. Of course, we can prove that!”

With a smile, Chun Yeowun spoke.


With those words, he boldly picked up the golden staff and stuck it in the ground.

They thought that there should be a little more persuasion, but Chun Yeowun casually gave them a chance.

‘… he must be convinced that there is no such thing since he held onto the staff.’

Dan Jucheon guessed it by looking at Chun Yeowun.

Having found the Divine Object and touching it, he thought Chun Yeowun would know more about it.

However, ownership couldn’t be proven by just touching it.

‘You will regret giving me a chance. Young Lord of the Demonic Cult.’

Dan Jucheon looked at Baekhyun and calmly pointed at the golden staff with his hand.

As if to give him the first chance.

At that, the council and the guards of the Ice Palace looked at Baekhyun with eyes full of anticipation.

If he proves himself, no one would deny his power.

‘He thinks I’m not qualified and is giving me a chance on purpose.’


Looking at Dan Jucheon’s confident expression, Baekhyun grunted.

‘I will break that confidence of yours.’

Baekhyun slowly approached the golden staff.

Looking at it intently, he took a deep breath.

‘Father… and the previous kings of the palace, please help me so that the Divine Object does not fall into the hands of that traitor!’

Hoping, Baekhyun reached out his hand.


It was that moment.


“Ugh! Han-hand… kuaaak!”

Everyone was shocked.

Baekhyun’s hand, which held onto the staff, turned into ice because of the unimaginable coldness.

As if the staff was really alive.

‘The cold qi is gushing out!’

‘Is the prince really being chosen!’

Everyone’s attention was focused.

At that time, Sol Am-baek, the elder from the council, who judged that Baekhyun was in trouble, yelled.

“Prince! Use the Divine Palm of the Ice God! You need to endure it to be chosen!”

‘Divine Palm of the Ice God!’

Amid the pain, Baekhyun heard him and quickly tried to unfold it.

He only reached the fifth level, but there didn’t seem to be another way to endure the cold.


When he used that, Baekhyun’s hair turned to silver.

It was that moment when he, who was unfolding the technique, tried to endure the cold.



Baekhyun’s body bounced back as if it had been hit.


Shocked, the elders and guards who supported him ran towards him.

However, Baekhyun’s right arm was completely frozen.

“Ho-how can this…”

“Did that mean the prince wasn’t chosen?”

They couldn’t hide the miserable feeling.

With his legitimacy and their loyalty to the previous king, they supported the prince, despite knowing that he lacked the qualities of a king.

However, they didn’t know that the Divine Object wouldn’t choose him.


“Prince, I will help with driving away the cold qi.”

Sitting next to him, elder Sol Am-baek decided to disperse the cold qi which had frozen his hand.

Meanwhile, Dan Jucheon smiled and slowly walked towards the golden staff.

A sound entered Baekhyun’s ears.

[You were thoughtless. Baekhyun. There was one thing you didn’t know.]

Baekhyun, who was concentrating on driving away the cold qi, had to listen to what was said.

Dan Jucheon stood in front of the staff and continued to speak.

[Of course, the bloodline of the Dan family is a qualification, but there is something more important. As you know, by experiencing it yourself, you need to have the strength to conquer the staff and claim it.]


[It’s not something that a kid who only reached the fifth level can claim.]


Baekhyun, who couldn’t move, felt resentful.

Regardless of that, Dan Jucheon spoke to Chun Yeowun in a polite voice.

“Lord Chun. Can I prove myself?”

“Go on.”

Dan Jucheon looked back at all the people and then smiled.

The moment he's chosen by the Divine Object, he will be accepted as king.

Even the elders who opposed him will accept him if he gets chosen by the staff.

‘Here goes!’


An intense cold emanated from Dan Jucheon’s body, who was ready to unfold the Divine Palm of the Ice God.

It had the momentum to freeze everything it touched.

‘Such strength!’

‘They won’t have any choice but to admit my skills.’

Even though they didn’t support him, the council admired his power.

Satisfied with the reaction, Dan Jucheon grabbed the golden staff and tried to lift it.


He grabbed the staff and tried to lift it with eyes full of joy.


“Wh-what’s this!”

Dan Jucheon couldn’t hide his shock.

Even though he unfolded his strongest technique, the cold qi which entered his hand pained him.

As a Supreme Master, he barely managed to stop the cold qi from freezing him, but he couldn’t subdue the cold qi no matter how hard he tried.



In addition, not only the cold qi, but strong energy rose from the staff.

It was as if the staff refused to be held by him.

“Th-this can’t be. Why… why is it rejecting me!”

It couldn’t be, but the Divine Object didn’t choose him, and the cold qi continued to rebel.

Since he was a Supreme Master, he just kept on forcing himself onto the staff.


Even the elders couldn’t hide their wonder at the sight.

According to what Baekhyun and Dan Jucheon said, it was natural for the royal family members to get chosen by the staff.

It was then.

Chun Yeowun reached out towards the staff.




The staff, which was in Dan Jucheon’s hand, got pulled into Chun Yeowun’s hand.

Shockingly, the Ice Cold staff, which had refused to be held by the two, went towards Chun Yeowun and began to shine.


“No, that’s absurd! How can this happen?”

Dan Jucheon couldn’t understand what he was seeing.

“Ignorant. You should have realized it the moment you caught the Divine Object.”


Unlike Dan Jucheon, who was stunned, Mun Ku and the Six Swords gleamed.

They remembered what Chun Yeowun said earlier.

‘This was why he didn’t want to give them the staff.’

It was because Chun Yeowun was already chosen by the Divine Object.

Of course, the staff had already chosen its owner, that was why it was refusing to be held by others.


The air around them changed.


‘Isn’t the royal family the only one who can hold the Divine Object?’

The elders all looked at Chun Yeowun, who was holding onto the staff.

Chun Yeowun sent a message to Dan Jucheon, who looked helpless.

[Thank you. You gave me a good situation.]


The moment he heard those words, Dan Jucheon’s eyes shook.

At first, he thought that Chun Yeowun had fallen into the plan.

But it was all just an illusion.

Chun Yeowun quietly listened to them and gave them a chance knowing that they would fail.

‘H-he used us to convince all the warriors!’

As they failed, Chun Yeowun played a more prominent role.

Now there was no way to reverse what they did.

“Is that the Divine Object of the North?”

“Why is it shining in the hands of Lord Chun?”

Moyong Kang and Jegal Sohi, who came to see what the Demonic Cult and Ice Palace were doing gathered together, were shocked at what they saw.

“Nice. We have enough witnesses.”

Chun Yeowun saw them, looked at Dan Jucheon, who seemed lost, and raised the Ice Cold Staff.

It wasn’t like he was forcing the staff.

“Ohh! Lord of the Divine Object!”

One of the elders naturally fell to his knees and bowed his head to Chun Yeowun.


The atmosphere was strange.

As one man knelt down, the others began to bow their heads slowly.

As if they were empowered by unspoken words, all the palace officials and guards bowed in front of Chun Yeowun, as if swearing allegiance, except for a few.

‘How can such a worst-case scenario exist?’

Moyong Kang was at a loss for words.

As if the core going into his hands wasn’t enough, the Divine Object of the North Sea Ice Palace fell into the hands of Chun Yeowun.

It was unbelievable.

Chun Yeowun looked at Jegal Sohi, Dan Jucheon and Baekhyun, as he spoke calmly.

“Everyone has witnessed it. As of this announcement, the North Sea Ice Palace is mine.”

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