Chapter 436 - To Changbai Mountains (2)

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“Eun Jarim!”

Chun Yeowun and the Great Guardian Marakim were both shocked.

Eun Jarim.

It was supposed to be a legendary group, only heard about.

Eun Jarim literally meant hidden martial artist.

Eun is taken from the word which means a group of martial artists, a hidden group of warriors.

According to the legends, Eun Jarim is comprised of warriors from all the great clans of Wulin.

However, since not much is known about it after five hundred years, the people of Wulin regarded it as a false rumor.


“Eun Jarim is an organization which actually exists. Saint Gu-jung belonged to it.”

Such a group existing was shocking.

And their purpose wasn’t to relay their own techniques but to find and block the descendants of the Blade God who would appear in the future.

“Among the factions of the past, there were many who were concerned about the Blade God who suddenly appeared.”

That was a natural reaction.

Most of the five strongest warriors of that time were killed by that one man.

It was nowhere like the usual battles of the Wulin, where clans fought each other for victory or defeat.

The unprecedented murders were enough to raise doubts.

“They prepared differently from our cult.”

Unlike the Sword Demon, who was focused on cultivating warriors who could defeat the Blade God, Eun Jarim focused on tracking his existence.

But there was a huge problem.

The Blade God left no traces. It was as if he never existed.

“Giving up would have been better, but the Eun Jarim was sure that he would show up again. It was like they were able to foresee the distant future.”

And that prediction came true.

It was said that the people in Eun Jarim, who searched day and night, found traces of the Blade God’s descendant for the first time.

It was more than two hundred years before the Blade God disappeared.

“Then, that means that the Extreme Art of the Blade God was found two hundred years back?”

“… it was just a trace.”

Eun Jarim found some marks which were believed to be from the Blade God’s descendant on Mt. Baekyang.

They were all elated about finding some traces, but there was something odd about it.

The sword marks they found seemed far less complete than the marks left on the bodies of the Shaolin monks who were recently killed.

“As if they weren’t inheriting the martial arts of the Blade God, the senior of Eun Jarim said the newly found marks were imitating the previous ones.”

‘Eun Jarim senior?’

Chun Yeowun had some doubts about that senior who was mentioned, but he didn’t ask about it.

Chun Inji continued to speak.

“And after the traces were found, his whereabouts were unknown, but five years later, traces were once again found to the north.”

And the traces were discovered after a very long time.

However, the traces found this time were far more advanced than the ones at Mt. Baekyang.

Of course, even if it was better, the traces still seemed lacking compared to the Blade God, but there was considerable progress.

“Did Eun Jarim find them?”

“No. It was as if they completely hid themselves, leaving nothing but a few traces behind. Even the Eun Jarim who pursued them were beginning to have doubts.”

Even though time kept passing, the fact that there were traces meant that the descendant of the Blade God would appear once again.

Therefore, Eun Jarim decided to not give up and continued to search.

“Since the first day Eun Jarim was first formed, they have found numerous traces of the Blade God’s sword technique. And we were able to discover a fact through those traces.”


“The traces left behind by that descendant were turning more and more similar to the Blade God’s.”


The traces were becoming closer and closer to perfection.

In the end, it was safe to say that he would completely display the perfect technique of the Blade God.

“Eun Jarim came up with that hypothesis. There are descendants of the Blade God, but they weren’t taught by the Blade God in person.”

Chun Yeowun nodded, agreeing to it.

‘A reasonable hypothesis.’

Although the Blade God’s martial arts are more difficult to learn, the fact that the Blade God could use them meant that some kind of training existed.

However, just because he wasn’t seen anywhere didn’t mean that the training methods weren’t taught or that the descendants were all self-taught.

“The one thing which matters is that what the Eun Jarim and the past Lords of the Cult were worried about was gradually turning into reality.”

The Sword Demon and Eun Jarim were concerned that the Blade God would appear again.

It was because they knew that even if the three major factions joined forces, they would still be unable to handle the Blade God if he appeared with skilled warriors.

“At that time, the thing they were worried about finally happened.”

They were beginning to appear.

No matter how secretly they moved, anyone was bound to get caught.

They realized that people of the Blade God Six Martial clan hid within the Wulin, and people tried to find them.

“We noticed it because the masters inside the Eun Jarim were starting to disappear one after the other.”

As a hidden organization, Eun Jarim consisted of a small number of masters.

As a result, when three or more masters went missing, people noticed that the Blade God’s descendants became braver.

The Blade God Six Martial clan was researching a method to teach their martial arts.

“Ahhh… then the Shaolin Master, Master Ju-am?”

At Chun Yeowun’s question, the former lord nodded his head.

Master Ju-am also belonged to Eun Jarim, and he decided to be bait.

Traces of the Extreme Art of the Blade God appeared in Anhui, Zheijiang, Jiangsu, and Master Ju-am tried to lure them out.

“As you said, Master Ju-am did a great job. It was his sacrifice which brought the first contact with those monsters.”

Saint Gu-jung was the one who told Chun Inji all that.

Chun Inji, who learned all about Eun Jarim from Gu-jung, remembered it.

He thought that perhaps helping them uncover the descendants of the Blade God might change the future of the Demonic Cult.

“Actually, I had no choice. When Gu-jung revealed it to me, he said it with the intention that I would join him.”

Saint Gu-jung, who said that he was going to the base of Eun Jarim along with the captured men, asked Chun Inji to cooperate with him.

“… I thought that it would be good for the cult.”

Too many problems in a short amount of time.

There was a saying, to scare snakes by stomping on the grass, but no one could do that, as no one knew where the descendants were even hiding.

“And that was how I turned into a member of the Eun Jarim and worked with them.”

That was twenty years ago.

More than half of the hidden secrets about the former lord Chun Inji have been revealed.

Marakim turned bitter as the story ended.

‘Lord, no, former lord, has such a sense of duty and carried that heavy burden all alone.’

It was by no means an easy task for the Lord of the Cult to give up everything and sacrifice himself.

It was something that had to be respected.

“… but how did grandfather get into the hands of the Blade God Six Martial clan?”

Chun Inji asked with a puzzled expression at Chun Yeowun’s question.

“Aren’t you curious about the captured descendants of the Blade God?”

“There is a worm in their heads. And when you try to extract it, it blows up.”

Chun Yeowun had been able to obtain a lot of information by capturing the people of the Blade God Six Martial clan.

Based on his experience, he thought that Eun Jarim would have come up with a way to get information.

With a smile, Chun Inji spoke.

“Ha! Yeowun-ah, you are making a strong impression on this old man. Right. You are right. Before we could get anything, their heads would explode, and they died.”

He praised him, but Chun Inji’s voice seemed bitter.

It was because the sacrifice of Master Ju-am had turned insignificant.

As Chun Inji joined, many more descendants were captured by the Eun Jarim, but they failed to find information every time.

“The masters in Eun Jarim and this old man thought that it wouldn’t work this way.”

Twenty years ago, they encountered unexpected enemies.

Enemies who seemed invincible.

“The man who seemed invincible didn’t fall even when the five strongest warriors came together to kill him.”

He appeared with four men in iron masks. Thankfully Chun Inji and the others were able to respond thanks to the Eun Jarim masters who were hiding and gathered close by.

[Old Colleagues. Enjoy this. Kukul!]

At first, no one understood what the man said.

The man who seemed invincible lost and the others were caught.

Managing to subdue them, they took off the iron masks.

“… they were the dead masters of Eun Jarim who died in the hands of the Blade God sixteen years ago.”

They couldn’t find any reason for what happened.

They tried to find numerous answers to solve their questions, and while trying, the masters in iron masks’ heads would explode, and they would die.

Among the four, only one faced a different death.

He was Master Ju-am, who sacrificed himself in the past.

“Shockingly, we managed to get information before Master Ju-am died.”

Although not all the information could be remembered, Master Ju-am told them important facts about how he was abducted.

“He said that those people held a huge force and that they reached a level where they could deal with the entire Wulin.”

Master Ju-am, who gave the information, died pretty soon after.

In fact, he was severely wounded during the battle, there was no way they could have saved him.

But unlike the other three, he died normally.

“With the permission of Gu-jung, the brain was dissected to look for the reason, and that was when we learned about it.”

The brain of Master Ju-am had contracted.

As if the brain had gone into hibernation.

“While examining, one thing was noticed, it seemed like something was affecting the functioning and will of the body’s owner.”

While listening to the story, Chun Yeowun looked at Chun Inji with trembling eyes.

It was because one question he had was solved.

“Grandfather!... Don’t tell me that you joined because of it?”

“… Right. You’re right. It was to infiltrate their base directly.”

He didn’t deny what was running through Chun Yeowun’s brain.

The Reverse Health Preservation was created by Bodhi Dharma, something which needed extreme mental strength.

Unlike other methods, this method had a great effect in stabilizing the mind and body.

“Did the former Lord disappear to learn more about them?”

Marakim thought that Chun Inji had left to restore the Demonic Cult to its former glory.

To that, Chun Inji answered.

“That is the reason, but it was also to learn the Sky Demon Sword.”

Chun Inji believed that only the Sky Demon Sword could oppose the Blade God Six Martial clan.

However, learning it took a lot of time, and it seemed impossible to complete it.

“I was going to stay in the Cult until I mastered it. But…”

The more he began to depend on the spirit of Buddhism, the lesser the Sky Demon Sword unfolded.

As the secondary energy began to grow in his body, Chun Inji decided that it would be better to hand the cult over to Chun Yujong and the six clans before they noticed the changes in his body, and left the cult earlier than planned.


Marakim knelt down and spoke in a trembling voice.

“Ho-how could you go through all that on your own? If only you let me know…”


At that, Chun Inji gently placed his hand on Marakim’s shoulder.

“Great Guardian. Your mission is to protect the Chun Ma and the next Chun Ma of the cult. How could this old man overlook your role?”



Chun Yeowun was speechless at the sacrifices Chun Inji had made.

It wasn’t that he was kidnapped by them. Rather, he let himself get kidnapped so he could find out information about the real enemies.

To win a war, several tricks will have to be used.

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