Chapter 438 - To Changbai Mountains (4)

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The fifth day after the former Lord Chun Inji woke up,

After finishing their journey to the North Sea Ice Palace, Chun Yeowun and the people of the Demonic Cult began to head back to Jianghu, despite wanting to head back right after he woke up.

It was because they had come across two problems.

The first was Chun Inji’s body was severely damaged and needed time to recover.

[Then, Grandfather. I will show you the Sword Force of the Sky Demon and then imbue energy into you.]

But the man refused, saying that his way was better than the cult’s way.

As said, Chun Inji managed to efficiently use the Reverse Health Preservation and started to move within three days.

The second problem was the demand for food.

Although the cult did suffer casualties during the battle with the dragon and the Yulin, the remaining people still needed food, and more than five hundred men were still alive.

In the process of going to the North Sea Ice Palace, the Demonic Cult had used up all their food, so they had to fill up before they could head back.

If the North Sea Ice Palace hadn’t collapsed, it would have been a lot easier to replenish their food.

“Master. Won’t you stay a little longer?”

Baekhyun, the new king of the palace, suggested that Chun Yeowun stay longer, but Yeowun, who had already done everything he could inside the palace, had no time to spare.

Chun Yeowun said it was because they had to head to Liaoning Castle right away.

Moreover, if the Demonic Cult’s men continued to stay on the island, it wouldn’t do any good for Baekhyun, who had to unite the palace officials.

“You’re talking nonsense.”

“Ah, no. Why would I talk nonsense? There is still a lot to learn…”

“I taught you everything that I could teach. I have also passed down the method for the Ice Cold of Heaven. Later, I’ll check and see if you’ve learned it properly.”


At Chun Yeowun’s words, Baekhyun couldn’t hide his emotions.

He liked the feeling of finally being able to enjoy his freedom after Yeowun left, but Yeowun's last words felt like a stab in his back.

“To check?”

“You’re my first disciple. I won’t ignore you that easily.”

Although he only taught the Ice Cold of Heaven to Baekhyun, Baekhyun was still his disciple.

It was Chun Yeowun’s smooth ploy to take the North Sea Ice Palace under his wing, and as long as Baekhyun was his disciple, there was no way he could rebel.

“Five members of the Six Swordsmen (The unit under the Six Swords) will reside here, and I will periodically check if you’re neglecting your training or not through them.”

“… I will not disappoint you.”

Baekhyun answered with a pale face.


Chun Yeowun clicked his tongue internally.

While teaching Baekhyun, Chun Yeowun understood one thing about him.

Although Baekhyun lacked basic talent, he didn’t have any interest in learning the family technique despite being from the royal family.

Dan Jucheon, who was now in the Demonic Cult, was also disappointed about that.

Although Baekhyun had the legitimacy and the support, if the future of the Ice Palace was considered, then Dan Jucheon was much more qualified to be the king.

‘Well, maybe luck does play a major role?’

Baekhyun was someone who had luck on his side.

If he hadn’t met Chun Inji, the former Lord of the Demonic Cult, then nothing good would have happened to him.

“Lord. All the preparations are done.”

“Good work.”

Marakim announced that they were all ready.

Chun Yeowun, who told Baekhyun to not neglect his training, got on the boat.

Hu Bong, the lieutenant, spoke to Chun Yeowun, who got on the ship and walked towards the boat’s head.

“Lord, since we took the palace under our wing, wouldn’t it be better to change the name of the North Sea? For example, Sky Demon North Branch. Kya~ wouldn’t that be a kill…”



Hu Bong, who was hit on the back of his head, turned to see Hou Sanghwa, one of the Six Swords, looking at him with a sneer on her face.

“Yah! Do you think my head is a drum?”

It was a wail along with a warning.

“Be careful about what you say. Lieutenant. Hu. Bong!”

“… Eh.”

Hu Bong, who listened to Hou Sanghwa’s words, decided to keep his mouth shut.

On the ship, which crossed the lake, there were new members of the Demonic Cult.

Dan Jucheon, who turned into the 3rd Great Elder, and the royals who followed him.

From the elders of the North Sea Ice Palace, Elder Seol Young-gwi and two others joined Dan Jucheon. However, Chun Yeowun didn’t care about it.

[Even if three elders decided to come with me, what would happen to the North Sea Ice Palace?]

[… Understood. We will consider this as the final order from the former deputy king.]

Of course, Chun Yeowun had no intention of letting Dan Jucheon gather supporters.

Until he could trust him.

Still, in order to save Dan Jucheon’s face, around a hundred of his supporters were allowed to follow him.

However, there were two other people besides the ones from the Ice Palace.

[Miss. What are we supposed to do?]

It was Moyong Yuu, son of Moyong Kang, who sent the telepathic message in an anxious tone.

The person he sent it to was Jegal Sohi, the second head of the Yulin contingent, who was standing next to him.

Why were they staying in the palace instead of returning back with the Yulin troops, which left the Ice Palace three days ago?

[Don’t worry too much. Lord Moyong. As long as we are being considered hostages, no one will harm us too easily.]

[… that cold-blooded person?]

Moyong Yuu shuddered.

They were being held as hostages of the Yulin while letting the rest of the contingent leave.

At first, Chun Yeowun tried to deal with those who tried to take the core of the dragon, but then he decided that clashing with the Yulin wouldn’t do any good and decided to take hostages from them.

‘Because the Blade God Six Martial clan still has to be dealt with.’

Moyong Kang was humiliated, yet he accepted it.

To save his troops.

Fortunately, Chun Yeowun said that he would decide whether to release the hostages or not after discussing it with the Great Leader of the Forces of Justice.

[Miss Jegal. I think that we should escape when the chance comes. We don’t know when that cold-blooded monster will change his mind and decide to cut our arms off or kill us!]

With all that happened, Moyong Yuu was extremely scared of Chun Yeowun.

Even in their first meeting, he knew that Chun Yeowun was stronger than him, but now he was plain terrified.

[… do you think you can escape?]

Jegal Sohi responded with a question.

She understood Moyong Yuu’s feelings, but how could they escape from the monster’s hand?

[Do not give up! Miss Jegal! It’s said that even when the sky falls, there will be an opening for us to rise, but when an opportunity arises, should we at least try…]

“Lord Moyong,”


Even before he could complete it, someone had called for Moyong Yuu.

The one who approached him was Bakgi, one of the Six Swords, who stood with a calm face.

Moyong Yuu, who was trying to come up with plans to escape, stuttered.

“Wh-what is it?”

“The Lord is calling for you.”

“Lo-Lord Chun? Wh… why? I didn’t do anything and stayed quiet.”

Moyong Yuu looked terrified as Jegal Sohi shook her head.

‘Ugh, how do you plan on escaping? Lord Moyong.’

There was nothing he could do against the Lord of the Demonic Cult, Chun Yeowun, but to at least plan an escape, he should be less frightened.

“You’ll find out when you come.”

Moyong Yuu, who was called over, turned white in front of Chun Yeowun.

To him, Chun Yeowun asked.

“I heard that the Moyong clan is from the Liaoning province?”

It wasn’t a question he thought he would be asked.

He was worried that Chun Yeowun was planning to become the hegemon of the Moyong clan.

Contrary to his concerns.

“When we arrive in Liaoning, guide me to Changbai Mountain.”

“Huh? Chang… bai mountain?”

The purpose of Chun Yeowun’s summon was for him to guide them.

That evening, the Demonic Castle in the Ten Thousand mountains.

Chun Yujong, who had recovered a lot, was able to move freely.

His recent routine was to receive treatment in the morning and restore his internal energy in the afternoon.

He was recovering to his original state with steady efforts.

A guest had come to visit him while he was training in the room.

It was the Right Guardian, Submeng.

Submeng, who seemed different from usual, visited him to deliver good news.

“Di—did they find my father?”

Chun Yujong couldn’t hide his surprise at the news which was delivered to him.

The man had gone missing twenty years ago, and he assumed that he was dead.

But that didn’t seem to be the case.

“Don’t be so shocked. Lord didn’t just find the former lord, but he also managed to make the North Sea Ice Palace affiliated with the cult!”


He asked Chun Yujong to not be surprised, but it would be weird if he wasn’t.

Although Chun Yujong went through numerous wars since he gained power, he never got such results.

“The North Sea Ice Palace? Ha!”

And Chun Yeowun was really amazing.

He changed the State Religion shortly after becoming the Lord and then turned the capital into a realm of the Demonic Cult.

And he even managed to get North Sea Ice Palace into his own hands.

“Isn’t this because his conviction was recognized that they decided to turn into disciples of our Lord? Such great news for our cult! Chuckle!”

Right Guardian, Submeng was excited as he talked about it.

Seeing him like that, Chun Yujong thought of his dead wife.

‘Hwayeon… your child is much better than me.’

He never dreamed that the new Lord would be so talented.

He would have liked it if she was alive to see this day.

Still, it was supposed to be a happy day. He even thought of having a drink after a long time.

“I feel nice. Right Guardian. Since you brought me good news, get some alcohol…!”


Before he finished what he was saying, Chun Yujong threw sword qi to the window.

He was so rushed that the sword qi hadn’t taken the shape of a sword and stayed near the half-opened window.

“For-former Lord?”

Tat! Crack!

Right Guardian, Submeng, who was puzzled as he saw Chun Yujong leave through the window, followed him.

Chun Yujong’s eyes narrowed as he looked around the garden in front of the residence, which was lit by torches.

“What are you doing?”

Chun Yujong tilted his head to answer Submeng’s question.

“I thought someone was eavesdropping on our conversation. Maybe I was mistaken.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Despite the Six Swords not being present, this residence was supposed to be heavily guarded.

Moreover, even though he wasn’t fully recovered, Chun Yujong was still a former member of the five strongest warriors.

“Maybe it is because your internal energy is damaged. Phew. Come on in.”

“Hmm… I guess so.”

Chun Yujong shook his head and went back into the residence with Submeng.

On top of the Ten Thousand Mountains, not far from the castle.


At the top of the peak, the land shook with blue light.


The space seemed to crackle.

In the empty space, what seemed to be a fabric made of some unique material disappeared and reappeared repeatedly.


“Damn it.”

A person with unique colored clothes appeared where no one was present.

There was something there from the beginning, but it just looked like no one was there.


His clothes were cut below the waist, and blood was dripping.

“I should have been completely invisible to the naked eye, but to notice me, he is a monster.”

Despite approaching them carefully, he got caught.

The man with unique colored clothes looked at his cut and saw smoke rising from a square bag he had.


The man took it out of the bag.

And threw it with all his might.

Bang! Woo!

The circular smoking object flew through the air and was soon sucked into space with a roaring sound.

The man who looked at it mumbled.

“Damn it, one is gone.”


The man, who sat on the floor, looked at the other two circular objects in the bag, both identical to the one thrown before.

He shook his head, knowing his original plan had gone awry.

The man who sighed mumbled.

“…Ah, the original plan has gone to waste. I can’t walk from here. I might get caught…”

Beep! Beep! Beep!

At that time, a strange mechanical beeping sound came from the bracelet on the man’s hand.


“Tch… did they already detect me just because I used two? They’re fast!”

The man hurriedly took out another circular object from the bag and did something, then space shook with blue light, and his figure disappeared.


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