Chapter 440 - Guardian of Changbai Mountain (2)

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Hong Palwoo of the beggars association asked with a frown.

“Hold on. Unless this old man has heard something wrong, you are actually referring to the immortality that was supposedly coveted by some emperor?”




‘This has to be some kind of joke! Does the Blade God Six Martial clan really believe in such bizarre legends?’

‘Did they really analyze our enemies?’

The room became noisier.

It was a natural reaction when the Military Commander of the Forces of Justice decided to base his findings on a mysterious book which the scholars didn’t even acknowledge.

At that, the Great Leader spoke in a loud voice.

“Of course, not many people believe it. That is also the case with this Great Leader. However, the important thing isn’t the concept of immortality. According to the information gathered by the Military Commander and Commander Mak, we know we can corner those bastards. Military Commander!”

At those words, Yoo Beok-ryeo pulled out two knights with the letters of ‘Conquest’ written on them.

He placed one knight on Mount Huang, the base of the Blade God Six Martial clan, and the other on the Changbai mountains southeast of Liaoning province.

As everyone looked there, Yoo Beom-ryeo opened his mouth.

“The Great Leader has decided to wage an all-out war for the future of Yulin.”


The words of an all-out war made all the leaders in the room become serious.

There have been many minor wars between the three major factions for the past decades, but there has never been an all-out war.

However, now they were planning for such a war.

‘Was this why the commander of the west was called? But, if we decide to move, wouldn’t the Forces of Evil in the west put us in a dangerous situation?’

Hyun Jin-ja, an elder of the Wudang clan, was concerned about it.

As if reading his thoughts, Yoo Beom-ryeo explained.

“Currently, the Forces of Evil is in a very chaotic state as a civil war is going on. And this is the perfect time for us to wage war.”

“What about the Demonic Cult? Since we are allies with them and we have decided to go all out, wouldn’t having them with us reduce the amount of damage that we take from the Blade God Six Martial clan?”

Jegal Young of the Jegal clan asked.

At those words, all the leaders nodded their heads.

When going to the war against the Blade God Six Martial clan, if the Demonic Cult participates, then the Yulin would get to conserve their power.

In addition, there were concerns that the Demonic Cult would stab them in the back.

At that moment, a strong objection was raised by a man.

“There is no need to get help from the Demonic Cult in this all-out war! And as the Military Commander has mentioned, this is for the sake of the future of Yulin and the Forces of Justice!”

Anger rose in the man’s eyes as he spoke.

“Great Leader… what does this mean?”

“According to the reports from Commander Mak, the Demonic Cult and their Lord are in the North Sea.”

“The Demonic Cult is in the North Sea?”

Everyone seemed puzzled at the unexpected information.

Not long ago, they knew that the Demonic Cult was busy with the establishment of their new academy.

So why did the Lord of the Demonic Cult head to the North Sea all of a sudden?

Mak Wijong resolved the doubts of the leaders.

“The core of the Dragon Turtle has gone into the hands of the Demonic Cult’s Lord, Chun Yeowun. He is also aiming for the other cores just like the Blade God Six Martial clan.”

“The Lord of Demonic Cult is aiming for the cores of the spirit beasts?”

Everyone’s complexion darkened.

That monster, which was difficult for them to handle without any cores, was aiming for the cores?

Which meant, if the core did fall into his hands, then Chun Yeowun must have gotten stronger than before.

Peng-gyu spoke.

“No. I don’t know about this concept of immortality, but isn’t it too dangerous to let that core enter into the hands of that monster?”

Yoo Beom-ryeo answered.

“The war is to prevent that from happening.”

“Huh? What do you mean? The core has already gone to him, how do you plan on preventing that?”

“It isn’t over yet.”

Yoo Beom-ryeo pointed his finger at Changbai mountain.

“I don’t know about the spirit beasts and stuff. However, according to the rumors, there is a legend about the Feng bo in Changbai Mountain.”

“No… are you talking about the white tiger?”

The leaders close to the mountains, who heard of the rumors, immediately mumbled the words ‘white tiger’.

They heard about some magical beast walking around in Changbai Mountain.

But they never expected it to be a spirit beast.

“This book here talks about one of the five spirit beasts, the Feng bo. If you look at the description in here, it resembles the white tiger, a spirit beast in Changbai Mountain.”


If the white tiger was indeed a spirit beast, then it’s bound to have a core.

Then, as Yoo Beom-ryeo mentioned before, the spirit beast would surely be targeted by either the Blade God Six Martial clan or the Demonic Cult or both.

If either of those two clans gets the core, then the Yulin is bound to disappear in an instant.

“Ha, shouldn’t we stop them?”

“Right. The all-out war is for our sake!”

Yoo Beom-ryeo pointed to the knight on the map, indicating the power of the faction.

“From now on, the Great Leader will divide the forces into two groups which will head for Mount Huang and the Changbai mountains.”

All the leaders listened to the entire plan without raising any doubts.

Perhaps, it was because this all-out war would determine the future of the Yulin.


The corners of Mak Wijong’s lips went up while looking at the leaders and commanders of the Forces of Justice.

‘Commander Kang… your death has turned into a spark which gives rise to a huge flame.’

At the same time, the Great Plains.

The procession of the Demonic Cult’s warriors continued in the southeast direction.

In five days, they crossed half of the Great Plains.

Unlike when they first entered the place for the first time, despite coming across barbarians, they never attacked them.

The news that Asara, the War Chief who had hegemony over the Great Plains, got both his arms cut off spread all throughout the land.

Unknowingly, Chun Yeowun, who was known as the ‘Demon God’, turned into an object of fear among the barbarians.


The warriors of the Demonic Cult lit bonfires here and there. As the day darkened, the procession stopped, and the people were busy setting up fires.

Unlike when they were in a hurry because of the dragon, they headed south this time and had sufficient rest.

“Uh? Are those Ger?”

Hu Bong looked amazed at the barracks and other things they brought from the Ice Palace.

The barracks they brought were from the Ice Palace, which were portable ones that could be used in the Great Plains.

They had a cylindrical wall and a dome top.

“Can we use that?”

“Lieutenant Hu, didn’t you say that you wanted to try it?”

Dan Jucheon asked.

Throughout the journey, Hu Bong followed Dan Jucheon’s horse, saying that their tents were weird, and he insisted that he should be given one.

“Oh oh! The inside is so cool!”

“… I’m glad you like it.”

Hu Bong was elated when he entered the Ger.

This man, Hu Bong, didn’t seem to be that skilled, but his energy seemed like he was at the level of an elder.

Dan Jucheon asked Mong Mu, the 6th elder who was looking at the Ger from close by.

“Do you want one too?”

“I’m fine. Rather. I hope you could give one to our Lord.”


Mong Mu thought that Dan Jucheon didn’t want to give one to Chun Yeowun.

But the truth was when he looked around, he couldn’t find Chun Yeowun.

“The Lord is?”

“Probably with the former lord.”

“Ah, are they training?”

“Huhuh, I guess so.”

They all knew that Chun Yeowun and Chun Inji would separate themselves from the troops to train.

A bonfire was lit in a place on a meadow a few miles away from the troops, and an old man was wielding a sword.

The old man with little hairs growing out like a beard was the former Lord, Chun Inji.

Chow! Chow! Chow!

His sword, which was unfolding in front of the fire, was the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.

The splendid trajectory of the sword unfolded.

Chun Inji’s sword, which unfolded until the fourth form, filled him with satisfaction.

“That was wonderful, grandfather.”

“Huh, thank you. You know this by following the basics.”

Chun Inji realized how simple the technique Chun Ma made was.

Chun Ma who made the Sword Force of the Sky Demon was a genius.

Chun Inji didn’t know that by subsequently using each form, the technique only became stronger.


Chun Inji felt lost.

It would have been better if he had built up more internal energy before using the technique, but it was impossible for him to change from Reverse Health Preservation back to the Demonic Cult’s way that easily.

“Oh, would you like to practice the fifth one too?”

“The fifth form is a lot harder than you think.”

The theory was clear.

However, it wasn’t easy to unify 24 swords into one.

Still, Chun Inji was proud as he could properly learn the technique.

“Yeowun-ah, I’m sorry for what you had to go through.”

Chin Inji apologized to Yeowun.

In a way, he should be the one who taught his grandson, but now, his grandson was the one teaching him.

“No. Since you are the former Lord, learning this sword isn’t so weird.”

“However, the fact that this old man, who resigned from the position of the Lord, is trying to learn the martial arts of the cult, the best technique…”

“… not the best.”


At Chun Yeowun’s words, Chun Inji was puzzled.

The Sword Force of the Sky Demon was the best martial art created by their ancestor.

However, the second generation Chun Ma denied that it was the best.

“What do you mean? The Sky Demon Sword isn’t the best?”

Chun Yeowun pondered for a while before opening his mouth to explain.

He didn’t want to tell him, but then Chun Inji had devoted his life for the sake of the Demonic Cult, which meant that he deserved to know it.


“… on the valley cliff, the sword left behind by Chun Ma was unfinished.”


Chun Inji titled his head at the words he was hearing for the first time.

At that, Chun Yeowun lifted his sword and spoke.

“You’ll understand it better if you see it for yourself.”

With those words, Chun Yeowun moved, drawing a delicate trail with his sword under the moonlit night, and unfolded the sword.

Chow! Chow! Chow! Chow!

Chun Inji’s eyes trembled as he looked at Chun Yeowun’s sword.

He thought that he couldn’t be shocked anymore, but he was wrong.

He couldn’t help but be astonished when he saw the true sword, the swordplay of Chun Yeowun was thrilling.

“Uh-how did you get that sword?”

If his eyes weren’t seeing things wrong, the new sword was mixed with the Sword Force of the Sky Demon and the Extreme Art of the Blade God.

The sword was turning into something which would be difficult for the human body to unfold.

‘Is this really a sword that humans can use?’

When he finished the sword, Chun Yeowun spoke in a calm voice to Chun Inji, who was shocked.

“This is it.”

“Th-that is the unfinished sword that the ancestor made?”

Strictly speaking, it was a sword technique that no one tried to complete.

When Chun Inji was in thought, Chun Yeowun spoke.

“… I named it Sword Art of the Demon God.”

Sword Art of the Demon God.

This legendary sword technique was something that no one except for Chun Yeowun could learn.

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