Chapter 444 - The End of the Alliance (1)

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Seven days ago, the academy branch opened inside the capital.

An unexpected visitor arrived there.

Since the academy inside the capital was critical, 12th elder Gu Chuyong was asked to look after the opening on the orders of Lord Chun Yeowun.

While Chun Yeowun led the Six Swords and their men to the North Sea, he and Wang Jing took charge of the academy’s opening.

Seeing the people waiting in the reception room of the academy, Gu Chuyong couldn’t hide his shock.

“Elder Huan! Ah… elder Yin is here too,”

They were elders of the Demonic Cult, 2nd elder Yin Moha, and 7th elder Huan Yi.

It would only be possible for an elder to come if the Lord returned or gave some orders.

However, Chun Yeowun, the Lord of the Cult, hasn’t returned yet, and somehow the elders have come.

“Are there any orders from the Lord?”

“Fufufu, no. We just came to look.”


Gu Chuyong frowned at the sight of the woman who smiled with her hands covering her lips.

If they came without any orders from the Lord, in a way, it was treason.

With narrowed eyes, Gu Chuyoung spoke.

“Elder Huan, you’re in a position where you shouldn’t leave the base unless told to, but if you move without orders from our Lord…”

Before he could finish, Huan Yi pulled something out of his sleeves.

A paper.

“Order of Chun Ma!”

Everyone in the reception room knelt down on one knee at the sight of the order, which held the seal of Chun Ma.

“The 12th elder must be aware of the Order of Chun Ma?”


Huan Yi spoke again as he held onto the paper.

“Fufufu, I am not dogmatic. For this very day, the Lord of the Sky Demon Order has entrusted me with this.”

Just as Huan Yi explained.

During Chun Yeowun’s long period of absence from the Demonic Cult, the authority to manage the cult was delegated to 3rd elder, Mun Yun.

However, Huan Yi, too, was given an order when Chun Yeowun was away. He had the right to prepare for any emergency situation.

“Is it an emergency, is it because of the movement of the Forces of Justice? But, we sent a letter to the North Sea and the main base too, but there was no response yet.”

One of Huan Yi’s eyebrows rose at Gu Chuyong’s words.

It was the same with elder Yin Moha.

The information to the north of the Yellow River was cut off after Chun Yeowun, and the Six Swords went to the North Sea.

“As expected. It hasn’t been that long, so you might not have noticed yet. 12th elder.”

Gu Chuyong tilted his head as he didn’t understand Yin Moha’s words.

7th elder Huan Yi looked at lieutenant Yuk Shim-myeong.

Wondering, he spoke.

“Lieutenant Yuk Shim-myeong of the Ghost Illusion clan.”

“What? Ghost Illusion?”

The lieutenant of the branch was assigned by none other than the Lord.

Gu Chuyong was unaware of that and was stunned.

Because the Lord hadn’t mentioned it at all.

“I apologize to Elder Gu. This was a direct order from the Lord, so I couldn’t reveal my identity.”

“Huhu, this is a little…”

“I too apologize to Elder Gu. Because this was the main point of the opening, we sent him here to create a base for us. Huhuhu.”

Contrary to the apologetic words, they seemed rather happy.

Gu Chuyong shook his head at their words.

“Then, shall we hear the urgent report first? Were people sent to the main base too?”

“Haven’t heard anything yet about the Yulin, but I was thinking of heading down there and checking for myself.”

Recently, based on the information they gathered, more than half the people of the Ghost Illusion clan inside other clans have lost contact.

It had only been five days, but for the Ghost Illusion clan, which collected information in a short period of time, this was trouble.

“From the Yulin faction's Military Commander, Yoo Beom-ryeo, it must be his doing. Something must be going on for the people who never touched our clan to touch us and get information for their advantage.”

Huan Yi stroked his chin with his right hand and looked concerned.

Yoo Beom-ryeo was the most difficult person to deal with.

After the strategist Jegal Sohi stopped by their cult, they knew about this man's existence and that he was trying to learn about the Blade God Six Martial clan.

“Does the elder not know that the entire force of Yulin is moving?”

“Entire force?”

Yuk Shim-myeong of the Ghost Illusion clan explained it.

It meant that the entire force of Yulin was divided into two forces, one to the northeast and the other to the southeast.

Since so many were moving, they could grasp a few facts, and they tried to get the information back to the cult.

“Ha! For the Yulin to plan something like this!”

Yin Moha became angry at that.

But for Huan Yi, all this information made pieces fall into the big picture.

Like putting up a messed-up puzzle together.

‘The power of the Yulin is maintained only to protect itself from the southern part of the Yellow River. This is to prevent and notice our cult’s movements. However, the fact that our information network is being confused by them…’

“It seems like it is the life and death of Yulin this time.”

“Life and death? Then our cult?”

The alliance was still alive, but they didn’t understand why the Yulin was doing this.

To the puzzled question, Huan Yi spoke.

“The reason why we didn’t touch them is because of our new academy. Maybe that was why they had an easy chance to block off our information.”

“But how long will they block? They should know that we will catch on.”

No matter how much was being blocked, there was a time limit to when people would start noticing.

Of course, if the information was being given in scattered form, but for the Demonic Cult, who was always on guard, it would only seem strange.

“The reason is simple. They are trying to do something with all their might. They could be concerned about what came from the North Sea, but… they are moving too fast.”

Huan Yi had gotten a report from the Six Swords on what happened in the North Sea.

Knowing that the Yulin too coveted the core of the Dragon Turtle, Huan Yi knew that friction would arise sooner or later.

But he didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.

‘It must be because of the death of the Great Leader’s second son.’

Huan Yi had no doubt in the judgment of the Lord, but for the Great Leader of the Forces of Justice, it turned into an opportunity to move.

No matter how rational the Great Leader was, his two sons were destroyed. Anyone would have trouble suppressing their emotions.

“Even if this calls for being scolded by the Lord, coming here did good. Somehow, splitting their forces into two and sending one northeast seems like it has something to do with the Lord.”

“Hold on! If I understood Elder Huan’s words correctly, we didn’t get any letters from our troops which left the North Sea.”

12th elder Gu Chuyong said.

The Yulin must be desperately trying to block information.

To that, Huan Yi replied with a smile.

“That is why Elder Yi and I came here. Don’t worry. Huhuhu.”

With that mumbling, they looked in the direction where the Yulin’s base was located.

“It has been a long time since I wanted to fight with my brains against that Yoo Beom-ryeo. I need to teach him that such stupid tricks don’t work on us. They only look like they work because we play with them. Huhuhu.”

“H-how are you here?”

All the leaders of the Forces of Justice and Yulin were in shock.

This was entirely different from the plan they had to follow.

They made sure to block as much information about them as possible from the cult as their march progressed to Changbai.

‘We even mobilized the best people we had to block the information going to the North Sea, so how?’

Mak Wijong was speechless at the unexpected situation.

Step! Step!

As Chun Yeowun slowly approached him, the leaders of each clan drew their swords and shouted.


“How the hell did you enter here?”

No matter how skilled he was, there’s a limit to how much he could hide his energy.

It was broad daylight, and now the entire unit was on alert. Everyone was out guarding.

‘We couldn’t see him till now, and then he popped out. What kind of trick is he using?’

Shocking, even the leaders of the Forces of Justice were the same.

Even Gak-yeon couldn’t feel Chun Yeowun until he showed himself.

He was so sure that no one was around their barracks.

‘This is a success.’

Chun Yeowun was satisfied as he looked at their expressions.

Among the functions of the Nano Suit, which were opened up as the lock was released, there was one thing that Chun Yeowun wanted to try the most, and it was ‘transparency mode’.

It allowed light to pass through his body as if he didn’t even exist.

Of course, it had a weakness too.

If there was rain or any other environmental changes, the suit function would get affected.

In addition, it was something that could only be used for a short while to hide on the battlefield.

“How can you be this rude even if you are a leader of the alliance?”

Yeon Young-in was the one who came ahead and shouted at Chun Yeowun.

Although he only took one step ahead, he couldn’t hide the tension in his eyes as he met with the Demon God.

‘Leader Yeon!’

Peng-gyu and Monk Sathi looked bewildered at him.

He didn’t know, but provoking the Demon God was the worst thing anyone could do.

“Rude… who is being rude?”


Chun Yeowun reached for Yeon Young-in’s head.

Despite wanting to raise his sword, he wasn’t able to do it.



Great energy suppressed him.

Shocked by the energy which suppressed him, he tried to counter it, but.



Rather, he kept getting crushed into the ground.

‘Wh-what power is this?’

The leaders inside the barracks couldn’t hide their bewilderment as they looked at that.

Yeon Young-in was a leader who was at the beginning of the Superior Master level.

They couldn’t imagine how such a strong person was getting crushed by a simple release of energy.

‘Unbelievable? Did his energy grow from before?’

Hong Palwoo’s eyes widened in shock. That was when he remembered Mak Wijong’s report.

‘He got the core of the Dragon Turtle. I can see the truth right in front of my eyes.’

Otherwise, such power made no sense.

It was the first time that he saw a Superior Master get suppressed by energy alone.

If things kept going like this, then only horrible things would unfold for them.

“Lord Chun!”

Hong Palwoo spoke out in a rush as he didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

He spoke with the utmost caution.

“Please release him. We are still in an alliance. Doing this is too much, especially without talking it through.”

At his words, Chun Yeowun lowered his hand.

And Yeon Young-in was released.

“Gasp… Gasp…”

The man gasped for breath.

Just by looking at the sweat dripping down his face, they could tell just how desperate he was.

But Hong Palwoo was glad.

He thought that there was no room for discussion seeing Chun Yeowun rage like that, but it felt like they had hope when he stopped.

“Thank you, Lord Chun!”


Hong Palwoo thanked him.

However, Chun Yeowun began to walk again and headed for one place, where Mak Wijong was.

“Before that, let me solve personal matters.”

As Chun Yeowun approached, three leaders who were near him stepped back.

Just feeling the energy radiating from his body was enough for them to walk away.

However, they couldn’t let Chun Yeowun kill the person he wanted to.

“S-stop! Lord Chun!”

Chun Yeowun gently waved his hand towards them.

As if a massive wave slammed into them, the three of them were thrown sideways.




Those who tried to stop him were thrown away.

When the people between him and Mak Wijong disappeared, Chun Yeowun opened his mouth.

“When you touch other people’s things, you have to pay the price.”

“… what do you mean by that? How can you say…”

Listening to those words, Chun Yeowun tilted his head.

“This is strange. You were at the Super Master level then and today too, so how are you dealing with the thunder qi which is flowing through your body?”


At those words, Mak Wijong’s face hardened.

‘How did he know? I dispersed the energy in my dantian all throughout my body…’

It was something he learned. It had the effect of lowering the internal energy.

A technique to hide his growth after taking in the qi by scattering his internal energy throughout his body. However, the original martial arts he learned would become impossible to unfold.

And it was banned, as the moment they would need to release the qi would be a huge disadvantage, so it was deemed weak.

‘Is it because of the thunder qi?’

While taking the dragon’s head, he drank its blood, and thunder qi was generated.

At first, he was unable to control it, but in less than a month, he managed to control it and even hide it.

‘Great Leader Yi Mok couldn’t even notice it. Is it because he absorbed the core?’

Without that, he couldn’t have noticed the qi in Mak Wijong’s body.

Mak Wijong was at a loss on how to deal with the situation.

Even if he lifted the ban on the qi, he wasn’t Chun Yeowun’s opponent, but if he tried to run away, maybe he would have a chance.

It was then,

“Amitabha! Lord Chun! You are being too much.”


At that time, Gak-yeon of the Shaolin Temple came and stood between the two.

He wasn’t the only one.

Even Ma Gu-cheon appeared next to him and opened his mouth while his hand was ready to grab the sword.

“Lord Chun. It’s our first time meeting. I am Ma Gu-cheon. I’m here as the commander. Please consider our alliance and talk about this…”

“Woah, I am exhausted with this alliance thing.”



Chun Yeowun stretched out his hands and pretended to make a gap between Gak-yeon and Ma Gu-cheon.

At that moment, as if a wall of energy was created, it pushed the two leaders away.

‘What amazing power!’

The two were shocked, seeing how they got pushed.




The two were pushed three steps away.

Unlike Yeon Young-in, who was pushed away like a straw doll, these two were at the end of the Superior Master Level, so the difference was huge.

“Lo… Lord… Chun… Stop!”

“Amitabha! Let’s talk…”

“You’re pretty good.”



As soon as his words finished, the two leaders trembled.

Energy stronger than before was forced on them.

Saint Gak-yeon and Mu Gu-cheon, who were barely holding on, got pushed away helplessly.

‘Does having this energy even make sense?’

‘How could those two get pushed away like that?’

They couldn’t believe it.

They knew that Chun Yeowun is a Divine Master, but they never imagined that he would be this strong.

Because the gap between them seemed too large, they would all lose if the others didn’t intervene right now.

It was then,


“Thanks to both the leaders!”

A great power emerged from behind. A sword surrounded with lightning flashes went for Chun Yeowun, who was pushing the two leaders away.

The person who unfolded the sudden thunder sword was Mak Wijong.

“Commander Mak?”

Be lifted the ban on the qi, but it wasn’t at all perfect. Drawing out internal energy, he unfolded the lightning sword.

‘This is the gap!’

At first, he tried to escape, but seeing how Chun Yeowun was using both hands to suppress the leaders, he decided that it was the right opportunity to strike and aimed for a surprise attack.

‘Die by someone weaker than you!’





Because he was so close, Mak Wijong thought that the attack would work.

However, the sword with blue lightning suddenly disappeared, and his sword was stopped by the bare hands of Chun Yeowun.

“H-how can you stop the thunder qi?”


The lightning was still raging.

Chun Yeowun wasn’t even using his thunder qi. All he was wearing was that black armor, so getting electrocuted should be easy, but that wasn’t happening.

“I see.”


“This thunder qi.”

At that very moment, the thunder qi of the blade, which was stuck in his two hands, began to flow back.

However, the level of qi flowing back was different.


In an instant, a lightning storm filled the entire barrack, and the body of Mak Wijong, who was holding the sword, was covered in light.



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