Chapter 445 - The End of the Alliance (2)

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Mak Wijong was unable to determine what was happening to him.

His plan hadn’t worked on Chun Yeowun, so he wondered if he should release all his thunder qi.

But there was nothing that could be done to the man who absorbed the entire core.

‘I need to stop! I might die like this!’

Fortunately, there was one good thing.

Although it was painful, it was because of the thunder qi in his body that Mak Wijong didn’t get electrocuted.

‘There is nothing I can do about this monster right now. I should run away.’

He might end up getting killed if this continues, then he won’t be able to create a world of justice.


“You’re holding up better than I thought.”



There was no end to the thunder qi, which kept coming in through the blade he was holding.

Even If he wasn’t dying from being electrocuted, the shock, which gradually continued for a long time, was making him lose consciousness.

At that time, a few people belonging to the Forces of Great Heaven came to their senses and attacked.

“Stop right now!”


They were afraid that Chun Yeowun would kill him, so they thought that if they could get Yeowun to let go of the blade, Mak Wijong wouldn’t die.

But it wasn’t an easy task.

Without even turning his head, Yeowun pretended to lower his left hand.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


“M-my body!”

The three people went face flat into the ground.

Even Yeon Young-in had trouble standing, and these people were far less skilled than the leaders of the Forces of Justice.

‘Mak Wijong is in danger.’

Gak-yeon, who was pushed away by the energy, couldn’t stand watching it. He unfolded the Seventy-Two Rites of the Shaolin Temple in order to save Mak Wijong.

“Lord Chun! Please forgive my rudeness one more time.”


Golden energy aimed for the right hand of Chun Yeowun, which was holding the blade.

Because it was sword qi, avoiding it was tough, but Chun Yeowun’s reaction was calm.

“I was being so considerate because you’re a monk from the Shaolin Temple.”


When Chun Yeowun slightly lifted his left hand as if he held a sword,


An invisible sword rose and passed through the shoulder of Gak-yeon.


Gak-yeon, who had his shoulder pierced, coughed up blood and bounced back.

He had no idea that such a devastating trick could be performed by a man who seemed like he was flipping his hand of cards.

“Kulak… invisible sword!”

It was an invisible sword, something that only Divine Masters could achieve.

The invisible sword that dug into him wasn’t something anyone could stop. Only the best could defend themselves.

‘He really is a Divine Master.’

‘Saint Gak-yeon of the Shaolin Temple looks like a third-rate warrior!’

Fear stood in the eyes of people who encountered Chun Yeowun for the first time.

The same feeling that they felt when facing the God of the East.

They were all wondering if they would ever feel the same emotions they felt when facing the God of the East, but it was happening again in just four days.

And when that happened, no one thought of stopping Chun Yeowun.

Srrrr! Crackle!

At that moment, lightning flashed from Chun Yeowun’s hands.



During the time of the attack, Mak Wijong fell on his knees.

He was waiting for an instant when the thunder qi would stop, but moving was difficult after being electrocuted for so long.

‘I… I need to run away…’

It was the moment when he was staggering to run away.

“Let’s get this done properly.”


Chun Yeowun pointed to the location of the dantian with the sword.

For a moment, Mak Wijong was startled,

“Wa-wait? Lord… wait!”


The sword in Chun Yeowun’s hand penetrated his dantian.

A great pain which he never experienced before swept over him, and Mak Wijong screamed.


When his intact dantian got destroyed, it seemed like the energy inside him ran rampant and disappeared.

For any warrior, it was a more painful punishment than death.

Chun Yeowun, who looked at the man who was wheezing and rolling on the ground, spoke.

“There are a lot of intruders in here. Hold on.”


With those words, Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand, and cold qi filled the barracks.

“Th-this cold?”

‘How could such yin come out?’

The people in the barracks were startled, but the body of Mak Wijong, who was on the floor, began to freeze.


As his body froze amid the pain, the bewildered expression of his face went still.

While he was speaking.

“Kill me…”


Mak Wijong completely froze up in an instant.

He turned into an ambiguous state that neither lived nor died.

The barracks turned silent.

‘Uh, how can the human body possess such a variety of qi?’

‘Is this person really a monster just like the God of the East?’

All six leaders of the Forces of Justice were astonished seeing Chun Yeowun use cold qi and thunder qi.

But what was more creepy was Chun Yeowun’s attitude.

There were always factions who would restrain their opponents, but they never expected him to break his dantian and lock him in ice.

They couldn’t even mentally prepare themselves.

1st leader eyes went narrow.

‘As expected, this person is the Demon God more dangerous than the gods. He doesn’t even stray a single step from the monster in Changbai Mountain, but if this man is determined to take it…’

The balance of the three factions would be disrupted.

It was enough to tell commander Yoo Beom-ryeo, as well as Yi Mok and the Forces of Evil, to join forces to prevent Chun Yeowun from taking the core of the spirit beast.

Right now, Chun Yeowun was standing alone in the center of 5000 Yulin warriors.

‘But seeing him, if left alone, we will suffer.’

For the sake of the future of the Yulin, it was better to kill him at all cost.

He was trying to make up his mind.

When Hong Palwoo’s message reached him.

[1st leader! You can’t fight that man. We need to let him go to the mountain and confront that monster.]

At those words, Mu Gu-cheon frowned.

That was the best way.

However, Chun Yeowun, Lord of the Demonic Cult, heard them talking about their plan.

[It won’t work. Leader Hong. And he won’t even listen to our words.]


Mu Gu-cheon shook his head.

If talks worked, then such a situation wouldn’t have taken place.

Convincing Chun Yeowun seemed impossible.

It seemed better to act strong than display their weakness.


Mu Gu-cheon raised his sword and pointed it at Chun Yeowun.

“Lord Chun. You’re in the middle of the entire troops of the Yulin. It may be possible to sneak in here, but you won't be able to safely escape from the 5000 elite warriors in here!”

With those words, Mu Gu-cheon raised his hand.

He, too, was in the end-stage of the Superior Master Level.


When he released his energy, the barracks shook, and it opened up in all directions.

As the barrack opened up, a large number of warriors appeared with their weapons ready.

“Lord of the Demonic Cult!”

“Demon God!”

Hearing the noises and screams from the leaders, they surrounded the barracks.

However, when the barracks opened up, they were shocked to see an unexpected person.

“How did the Lord of the Demonic Cult get in here?”

“What the hell were the guards doing?”

It was a place where high mountains surrounded them.

Thanks to that, the security was concentrated on the entrances, but seeing Chun Yeowun inside the barracks, they couldn’t understand.


“Warriors of Yulin! Listen, as you can see, the Lord of the Demonic Cult invaded our troops. Are you planning on watching this happen!”



As soon as the words fell, about 5000 people moved in unison.

The warriors who held swords surrounded the barracks in a circle, and the archers were ready with their bows aiming for just one person.

‘How did he get in there?’

‘He is indeed the head of the Demonic Cult.’

No matter how strong he was, one would be nervous when surrounded like that, but Chun Yeowun looked at the 1st leader.

And opened his mouth.

“This is how you guys operate.”


With short words, energy radiated around Chun Yeowun.

Their opponent was Chun Yeowun, the Demon God who was currently the best in Wulin, especially his way of killing.

At that, the 1st leader spoke.

“We don’t want to fight you and make sacrifices either. To be honest, you heard it when you broke into the barracks. We are concerned that you and your cult will take the core of the spirit beast. I’m sure you can understand our reasons.”


“Still, you and the Great leader have an alliance. If you promise to give up the core, we will take back our swords.”

Even though they pointed their swords, they wanted to talk it out too.

At those words, Hong Palwoo, Peng-gyu, and Sathi hoped that there wouldn’t be a fight.

This was a risky gamble which would cost Mu Gu-cheon his life, and if a fight broke out, he would be the first to die.

“What do you plan on doing? If you go against us, we will risk our lives till the end and fight back! No matter how strong you are, do you think you can escape from 5000 warriors, all alone? Please choose. Either give up the core and choose peace with the alliance or see blood…”




Mu Gu-cheon wasn’t even done with his words when he felt something and moved.

At that moment, a pounding sound came from behind, along with screams.




When he turned his head, thanks to him moving, the people behind him were the only ones who got cut with the invisible sword.

Some had their arms cut off, or worse, their bodies cut in half

At that sight, Mu Gu-cheon shouted.

“Lord Chun! We will break the alliance with you and shed blood…”

That moment, Chun Yeowun, who was far away, came near in an instant.


Mu Gu-cheon tried to widen the distance, but Chun Yeowun lightly wielded his sword while an invisible sword crossed the air behind him.


‘How can this be? My sword is being taken down…’

Without delay, Chun Yeowun grabbed the 1st leader by his neck.



Everything happened too fast, but Mu Gu-cheon tried to stab Chun Yeowun in the left side of his waist with his sword to get released.

But Chun Yeowun’s hands were faster.



When 1st leader Mo Gu-cheon's wrist broke, the sword he was holding dropped to the ground.


But that wasn’t the end.

“The alliance… alliance… alliance…”

Chun Yeowun grabbed his wrist and applied energy in it.

In an instant, Mu Gu-cheon’s right arm was pulled right out of its socket.



He couldn’t scream loudly as his neck was clutched, yet, Mu Gu-cheon screamed at the top of his lungs.

Everyone was shocked by what happened.


His right arm was torn off, and blood began to gush out.

This one action was enough to make everyone fear Chun Yeowun.

“H-he ripped off the arm?”

“Of a master warrior…”

The others were no different.

The gap between them was painfully large.

To those who were worried, Chun Yeowun spoke.

“I’m sick and tired of you people using the alliance whenever you need it.”

“L-Lord Chun. The Blade God Six Martial clan is still there if we keep fighting…”

Hong Palwoo tried to say something, but Chun Yeowun cut it off.

“What do you mean?”

Hong Palwoo's eyes trembled at his resolute words.

“W-what I mean is…”

“The alliance ends now.”


Everyone's faces went stiff at the words from Chun Yeowun about ending the alliance.

Their alliance which was already as thin as a thread because all that happened, got cut off.

Chun Yeowun spoke to those who were bewildered, in a voice brimming with pride.

“For the Blade God Six Martial clan, the Demonic Cult’s strength is enough. Just because there was an alliance between the two factions, did you think that you are on the same level as us? Such ignorant fools!”


When Chun Yeowun released his energy, in an instant, thunder qi flowed around.

Even though the elites could stand tall, those who were on lower levels felt like they were suffocating.

“Th-this absurd qi!”

‘He is a lot stronger than in Jin Castle.’



Throwing Mu Gu-cheon to the ground, he raised both his hands.

And the wrist cuffs on his hand trembled as a response.

“You were aiming for my life, so you must have been pretty well prepared, right?”

Hong Palwoo was flustered as he tried to speak.

“It-is is the Sky Flash! Shatter the weapons you are holding right now! Hurry!”

“Smash the weapons!”

At Hong Palwoo’s orders, people kept relaying the message and broke their weapons.

The sword technique of the Demon God.

If weapons were in their hands, it was nothing but asking for a death wish.

One of the reasons why the leaders were afraid of Chun Yeowun was because of this ability.



Hearing the cries of the leaders, the warriors tried to break down their weapons by over imbuing energy into them.

“Crush them more!”

They were crushing them down into powder. Not even fragments could be found.

‘Did he think we wouldn’t take countermeasures?’

Even if it wasn’t for the Sky Flash, which would use hundreds of weapons, fighting weaponless was an option for the Yulin.

Seeing their actions, Chun Yeowun calmly responded.

“I guess you people do learn.”


With those words, Chun Yeowun raised his hands higher, and the air around them became colder as if they were transported to the North Sea.

The cold was suffocating.

It was as if extreme yin was flowing around.


“Wh… what is that?”

Shockingly, the coldness soon began to take the shape of a sword.


In an instant, more than two hundred brilliant ice swords formed in the air.

At best, they had destroyed their weapons, but with the ice swords forming, the warriors of Yulin couldn’t hide the bewilderment.

Hong Palwoo, shouted trying to prevent their morale from falling.

“Do not be afraid! To unleash sword qi along with the ice swords and move them is impossibl…!?”


Before he could even finish his words, Hong Palwoo was shocked at what he saw.

The ice swords were made of sword qi.

“Th-this can’t be…”

It wasn’t impossible because he had recently learned the Ice Cold of Heaven in the North.

“What can’t be done now?”


With those words from Chun Yeowun, his hand lowered, and the ice swords floating in the air poured down like hail.

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