Chapter 446 - The End of the Alliance (3)

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With rays of blue light, the entire area where the Yulin was camping got surrounded.

The pouring of the swords was like a bombing.

Screams erupting from everywhere.




Those who couldn’t cope with it had no other way to avoid it.

Everyone tried to avoid it. However, it was as if the swords were moving according to their target.

‘Dam-damn it! This is the only thing that isn’t different from Jin Castle.’

Hong Palwoo didn’t know what had to be done now that the Sky Flash was falling down.

In Jin Castle, this attack wasn’t targeted at the Forces of Justice.

However, now that it was diverted to them, the damage was unbearable.

‘It can’t be.’

Mercy didn’t exist for Chun Yeowun, who broke the alliance.

Without blinking an eye, the Sky Flash kept falling.

It didn’t take long. There were already hundreds of casualties.

‘It’s different from back then.’

At that time, there were too many people in Jin Castle.

As several factions like the Yulin, the Forces of Evil, the Demonic Cult, and the Blade God Six Martial Clan were there, it took a lot of time for the Sky Flash to hit their targets.

‘Only if Lord Chun is killed will this genocide stop.’

Anyway, there were only a few people who could block the swords.

In that way, annihilation was coming for them in no time.

Swoosh! Clang!


Hong Palwoo created a shield of qi and shouted.

His voice, which was being carried by energy, spread in all directions.

“If we are meant to suffer like this, then let’s kill the Lord of the Demonic Cult. The enemy is alone. A sword through his heart would bring victory to us!”

His repeated cry influenced the reluctant warriors.

It was because that was the only way they could escape from despair.

If they could handle two hundred or so ice swords at once, it meant that the Lord of the Demonic Cult was defenseless.

But it wouldn’t be an easy task.


The sword qi around Chun Yeowun was protecting him.

If they get caught in close range, they will die right away.

Moreover, as much as they wanted to move, the intimidation and fear given by Chun Yeowun couldn’t be overcome.

‘People lost courage because of fear.’

The leaders thought as such.

As Hong Palwoo said, there was only one opponent.

Of course, he was a monster who exceeded the power of humans, which meant that everyone had to unite to survive.

“Kuu… Warriors of the Forces of Justice!”

“Ah? Leader Mu?”

At that moment, someone screamed in a pained voice. It was Mu Gu-cheon, the commander and 1st leader.

Despite his arm being pulled off, he decided to sacrifice himself to change the situation.

“Must live, die, must die, live.”

If one wants to live, they die, and one wants to die, they live.

Those were the words of a famous general, Ogi, who was never defeated in seventy-six battles.

“Do not run away from the enemy just because you’re afraid of dying. If you kill that evil demon with the determination to die, you will live! I will take the lead!”


Mu Gu-cheon shouted, picked up his weapon, and ran for Chun Yeowun.

To save the people of his faction, he didn’t mind sacrificing himself.

“Oh, ugh!”

“That’s dangerous!”

The people around shouted in shock, but it was already too late.

Mu Gu-cheon had managed to get within 20 steps from Chun Yeowun.


‘I need to endure this!’


He drew on his own fighting spirit and moved, trying to block the swords which were coming for him.

“Kuak! Kuak!”

Although he kept coughing up blood because of the power in each Ice Sword, he didn’t stop moving forward.

The figure he showed was close to a true warrior that people dreamed of becoming.

“Leader Mu!”

The eyes of people who wanted to run away looked at him.

Even though he knew he would die, he kept moving, making everyone cheer for him.

“Leader Mu! Go!”

“Behead that monster!”

Voices joined in from people around, all cheering for him.

All the people of the Yulin kept chanting one name.

“Mu Gu-cheon! Mu Gu-cheon!! Mu Gu-cheon!!!”


As if to repay them for the support they were giving him, Mu Gu-cheon kept moving forward despite coughing up blood.

‘There is still hope for Yulin. This leader will serve to ignite the embers.’

It would be nice if Chun Yeowun could at least be touched, but it didn’t matter.

If he died fiercely, the faction would gain courage and start to fight back.


At that time, the sword he was holding in his hand broke.

Although it wasn't a simple weapon, it was a treasured sword made of cold iron, but even that couldn’t withstand the constant attacks from the ice swords.


Three ice swords came rushing towards him.

‘This is the end!’

It was at that moment.



The people shouted at once with louder voices.

Mu Gu-cheon’s eyes twinkled.

As he sacrificed himself to revive the courage of the faction, he thought no one could interfere, but two leaders and one commander prevented his death.

“We will do this!”

“Did the 1st leader think that he’ll get a cool ending!”

“Live desperately! Let’s live together!”

It was Monk Sathi, Yeon Young-in, and commander Oh Maeng.

Mu Gu-cheon smiled as he looked at them, blocking the swords.

‘Lord of the Demonic Cult. This is the power of the Forces of Justice.’

In times of crisis, they unite.

With such determination, if everyone fought together, the Demon God wouldn’t see another day.

“Sacrifice isn’t done by a single warrior. Whoop! Let’s move!”


Mu Gu-cheon smiled and raised the broken sword in his left hand, and moved.

And to protect him, the three of them kept blocking the incoming swords.

Finally, the distance narrowed to ten steps.

All the others who managed to avoid getting hit kept their eyes on the four of them.

As if concentrating on the Sky Flash and the Air Swords, Chun Yeowun stayed still.

If they closed in three more steps, they could lessen the distance.

A dream they always had.

‘He needs to be stopped. If the Sky Flash can be stopped, I will have a chance to revive the broken courage.’

Mu Gu-cheon had two purposes.

It was to save the faction and prove that Chun Yeowun and his Sky Flash can be taken down if everyone joined forces.

‘Eight steps.’

‘Seven steps.’

‘Six Steps.’

‘Five steps.’

‘Four steps.’

The warriors were all counting it in their heads.

“Behead the Lord of the Demonic Cult!!!”

Even though they knew that it wasn’t a possibility, everyone hoped that it could be done.

Even the leaders were looking at Mu Gu-cheon with tearful eyes.

Finally, 1st leader Mu Gu-cheon took the third step.

Although his face was bleeding with gashes, he felt satisfied that he managed to accomplish this before dying.

[Leader Hong. Be sure to tell my family about how I died.]

The future generation will also fight the Demon God on his behalf.

No more regret.


Mu Gu-cheon sent one last message to Hong Palwoo, and pulled out sword qi from his left hand and tried to stab Chun Yeowun in his neck.

It was then.

“That jerk would have caused a huge strife.”



Chun Yeowun moved.

Naturally, they thought that he would move to avoid getting hit.

However, it was different from what they expected.


“How is this?”

“W-why isn’t the Sky Flash stopping?”

Monk Sathi and Yeon Young-in mumbled.

When Mu Gu-cheon attacked, they thought that the Sky Flash would stop, but it continued.

“This makes no sense! How is he moving while handling so many Air Swords?”

Mu Gu-cheon was also shocked, but Chun Yeowun lightly dodged the sword and grabbed his wrist, breaking it.



And that wasn’t the end.

Chun Yeowun placed his left hand on his chest,


With tremendous cold qi rising, Mu Gu-cheon’s body froze.

It wasn’t entirely frozen like Mak Wijong. The head was left out.

“Wh-what is?”

Mu Gu-cheon, who was ready to sacrifice himself, turned into a strange statue of ice.

All of a sudden, Chun Yeowun moved towards Monk Sathi, who was blocking the Air Swords.

“Chun Yeowun!”

Panicking, she widened the distance, but the gap in their skills was too large.

Chun Yeowun evaded the attacks by moving his body and imbued internal energy into her.



There was no way she was going to be okay. It was as if her dantian was messed up.

Her dantian, which she had been training for decades, was destroyed in an instant.

“I can’t fall yet.”


Chun Yeowun froze her falling body, except for the head, which was coughing up blood.

Yeon Young-in, who was flustered, tried to move away from Chun Yeowun.



“Damn it!”

In front of him, swords slammed down as if making a steel cage.

The moment he was blocked in, Chun Yeowun approached and stabbed him before freezing him.

Four masters who wanted to sacrifice themselves turned into ice statues, leaving only their heads outside.


This was different from the original plan.

If they died, the faction would have abandoned their fears and burned with anger.




In the meantime, the Air Swords still moved.

Mu Gu-cheon, who wasn’t killed, was trapped in ice forced to watch his men die.

“Lord of the Demonic Cult! What is this! Are you insulting us? Is it okay to trample on the pride and the sacrifices of people like this? I’d rather wish for death!”

Even if he feared death, he didn’t want this.

Chun Yeowun’s actions were as if he was insulting the leaders.


At that time, Chun Yeowun looked somewhere and pretended to smile while lowering his hand.



“Th-they stopped?”

The Sky Flash stopped.

The people who were running around screaming stopped.

All their eyes looked at Chun Yeowun and the four people who were frozen in ice.

‘Did he run out of internal energy?’

‘No. It can’t be. Even in Jin Castle, the Sky Flash raged longer than now…’

All the leaders stared at Chun Yeowun with wary eyes.

They didn’t know what to do.

It was then Mu Gu-cheon spoke.

“Lord of the Demonic Cult! I don’t know what you are trying to do, but even if you try to restore the alliance, you have crossed an irreversible line…”

“You talk a lot.”



Before he could finish his words, his jaw distorted and dangled.

As his jaw was broken, Mu Gu-cheon couldn’t even speak.

“1st, 1st leader! You vicious demon!”

Chun Yeowun looked at Monk Sathi, who yelled at him.

“If you were planning on sacrificing yourselves, I shouldn’t ignore your determination.”


“W… what does that mean?”

“I’m giving you a chance.”


Yeon Young-in looked at Chun Yeowun and Monk Sathi with a questioning look.

At that, Chun Yeowun shouted so that all the people there could hear it.

“You warriors of the Yulin. I don’t believe that you move with one heart and one will.”



At Chun Yeowun’s words, all the leaders went stiff.

It was because they could guess that the end wasn’t going to be nice.

‘What is he planning to do?’

Chun Yeowun continued to speak.

“Even though I keep giving the leaders chances, they keep aiming for the life of me, a fellow member of the former alliance. I don’t wear the mask of a mature gentleman like you people. Those who target me and my cult will be killed and removed like weeds.”

At the voice which warned them, everyone gulped.

Chun Yeowun looked at everyone and spoke.

“Let me give you a special opportunity to create great sacrifices. I don’t like to create such a situation, and I have no intention of slaughtering thousands of people, as I am not a blood-loving killer.”


‘He doesn’t want to slaughter?’

‘Is the Lord of the Demonic Cult reaching out?’

Everyone became alert.

Some, who were trying to live until a moment back, had hope.

Seeing that, the leaders wondered why Chun Yeowun was saying such things.

‘No. We can’t be shaken like this!’

Hong Palwoo realized that it was dangerous for the faction, so he spoke.

“Lord Chun! Do you think that we will easily be divided if you shake us like this?”

Chun Yeowun answered with a cold look.

“I don’t need to divide. It’s a simple matter to consider.”


“Let me give you a choice. It’s entirely up to the leaders and the commanders to choose.”

At Chun Yeowun’s words, Hong Palwoo bit his lip.

He realized his intentions.

No division? Was he trying to convince the warriors to give up their leaders in exchange for their lives?

Creating division was a coward’s way of life.

Everyone looked at Chun Yeowun.

‘Lord of the Demonic Cult! It is all your fault. To use such intimidation, this will only unite us.’

Overcoming his fear, Peng-gyu shouted.

“Lord of the Demonic Cult! I think those who see your foolish tricks would rather sacrifice themselves…”

“You have misunderstood.”


“The options are simple. You can exchange the lives of your family members for the warriors who follow you or vice versa. I will make sure to spare whoever you decide.”


The moment they heard Chun Yeowun’s words, no one could hide their bewilderment.

The leaders even more so.

He thought they would choose between the warriors and the leaders, but not the warriors or their families.

When he spoke about sacrificing their families and relatives, Peng-gyu yelled out.

“Sacrificing family! What nonsense… ugh!”

Peng-gyu went silent.

He forgot what he wanted to say.

Chun Yeowun spoke in a cold voice.

“Isn’t this justified? The sacrifice that you people wanted so much has to be this heavy, right?”

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