Chapter 449 - The One Trapped in Changbai Mountain (2)

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With the North Sea Ice Palace warriors and the Six Swords and their men, around six hundred people were heading South.

Chun Yeowun, who was riding a horse in the forefront, had his usual calm expression.

However, Chun Inji had a rather dark expression.

It was because of what he heard from a member of the Shaolin Temple’s disciple before they left for Changbai.

The only remnant of the Eun Jarim left in the Shaolin Temple was Monk Wu Chun.

Returning the favor for allowing the monks of the Shaolin to live and out of consideration for Chun Inji, he informed them about the man in the bamboo hat and the murderous intent they felt from the mountain.

[He didn’t even use a technique, yet he defeated the leaders?]

It was hard to believe what they were hearing.

Even Chun Inji, a Supreme Master and one of the past five strongest warriors, would have to unfold two or three techniques.

However, he couldn’t help but be shocked when he heard that Superior Masters were beaten with simple punches and kicks.

‘If he is that strong, he can’t be called one of the five strongest warriors anymore.’

It was no exaggeration to call him the best.

The ultimate goal of any martial artist is to exert great power with the least movement.

If the God of the East managed to achieve that, then he was above all martial artists.

Chun Inji looked at his grandson, Chun Yeowun, who was riding the horse beside him.

‘… he is my grandson and has incredible skills. But what will happen?’

In this war, he managed to see Chun Yeowun’s skills with his own eyes.

With more than two hundred ice swords that he wielded for himself, he seemed like a demon.

Still, he couldn’t figure out why his heart felt concerned.

Maybe it was because the opponent seemed to have reached the apex.

[Amitabha. Be careful. Lord Chun. The reason why we aimed to send you to the God of the East wasn’t because we took the Demon God lightly.]

Monk Wu Chun warned.

[… as a member of the Forces of Justice, it would be good for a monster like Lord Chun to fight the God of the East and get defeated, but as comrades, I hope that your grandson never fights him.]

He, too, had seen Chun Yeowun fight.

Nevertheless, he had warned them about the malice in the mountains.

‘Even after hearing all that, he isn’t bothered.’

Despite the warning, Chun Yeowun seemed calm.

Chun Inji didn’t know if it was because Chun Yeowun believed in himself or because of his overwhelming control.

Before heading back, Monk Wu Chun said one more thing.

[That isn’t all… but it looked like the God of the East was trying to protect us.]


They were defeated, right? What was this new information?

[It might sound absurd, but rather than preventing us from entering the mountain, it felt like he was warning us about something inside. It was as if he was preventing us from entering a place filled with wild beasts.]

In fact, a lot of people from Yulin had felt something from the mountain.

Most of them remembered that murderous intent, and Monk Wu Chun was convinced that the God of the East was helping them.

‘In any case, according to Monk Wu Chun, the God of the East will try to prevent us from entering the mountain.’

About 5000 Yulin people were blocked by him.

Naturally, he wouldn’t have to put much effort to block the Demonic Cult, which had only one-tenth of that number.

Their only choice was to collide with him.

To obtain the core.


“I see the mountains!”

As they moved, those in the lead shouted.

In the distance, huge mountain peaks could be seen.

The tallest of them all was Changbai Mountain, tall enough that it seemed like it touched the sky.

Finally, they were getting close to Changbai Mountain.

“… from here, I don’t know much.”

Moyong Yuu, the one who was guiding them, spoke with a worried face.

It was his first time ever getting that close to the mountain.

Changbai Mountain, whose peak was covered in fog, created a mystical atmosphere as was rumored.

‘Damn it! My grandfather told me to never get this close.’

He had no idea that he would come this close.

He just wanted to get out of there safely.


Chun Yeowun let out a small moan as he admired the vast mountain.

The mountain seemed like it was full of energy, mysterious enough to be called magical.

It seemed like the best place to train one’s internal energy.

‘I don’t feel any special energy yet.’

He opened his senses and tried to feel any energy, but he couldn’t feel the energy of the one called the God of the East.

Only small energies of the wild beasts moving around.

Their original purpose was to obtain the core, but ever since he heard about the God of the East, he had other plans.

‘When I get close, I’ll get to find out more.’

If the God of the East was indeed blocking the entry of Changbai Mountain, then he was bound to run into him.

When Chun Yeowun raised his hand, 6th elder Mon Mu gave an order.

“Go ahead!”


The cultists who stopped began to advance in a straight narrow line.

Unlike Chun Inji, who was worried, most cultists and the Six Swords moved without any concern.

They had been watching Chun Yeowun for a long time, so they were sure that no one could defeat their Lord, the second generation Chun Ma.

Hu Bong, who was riding a horse, asked Ko Wanghur, who was next to him.

“The Dragon Turtle had a dragon-like head and turtle shell, so will the Feng Bo be a tiger with white fur?”

“Maybe so.”

As the name suggests, it had to be a tiger.

And tigers were known to have orange fur with dark stripes.

“Hehe, since it has Feng in its name, it needs to be something related to wind. Maybe it has wings…”



Hu Bong turned alert and turned his head before even speaking.

Ko Wanghur was also startled at the creepy energy he felt.

It wasn’t just the two of them.


The horses began to wail.

Making the leaders ahead stop abruptly, and the rows following them stop with a slight collision.


At once, all the birds sitting on the trees close by flew away.

The entire area trembled, creating an eerie feeling of the forest being an untouchable place.

Not a single person couldn’t feel the energy.

‘What kind of murderous intent is this?’


An intent that seemed like it wanted to encroach anyone who got close to it.

For those with low skill, this intent would suffocate and terrify them.

‘Well, he is here.’

He truly deserved to be called the guardian of Changbai Mountain.

‘Where is he?’

Chun Inji looked around with a stiff face.

It was impossible to pinpoint the person who was releasing this energy’s location.


Chun Inji couldn’t comprehend this strong hostility.

Especially trying to scare people off without even meeting them face-to-face.

This man was surely one of the five strongest warriors, but his hostility towards the unknown was too strong.


Chun Inji looked at his grandson.

But it was strange.

Chun Yeowun, who had been riding his horse until a moment ago, now was stiff-faced.

His eyes narrowed as if he was concentrating on something.

‘Is he nervous?’

He was correct.

Chun Yeowun felt a thrill that he never felt before.

Even when dealing with top masters, he never felt this emotion before.

However, the owner of the murderous intent was different.

It wasn’t a human’s energy, it was like energy from a wild beast, but he couldn’t make a perfect guess.



They all looked in shock.

From the place where Chun Yeowun’s gaze was directed, the sound of someone flying came across.


Something moved at a tremendous speed and looked like it was flying close,

‘Like me’

Just like Chun Yeowun.

When Chun Yeowun raised his hand, the White Dragon Blade got pulled out from his waist.

Something got hit.

Visor! Clang!

The sound of weapons crashing, an intense energy storm occurred, and those around them backed up.


“Wh-what power!”

Chun Inji, Marakim, and even Dan Jucheon, who were all Supreme Masters, endured it, but even then, they got pushed back by ten steps.


Chun Yeowun looked at the man who collided with his White Dragon Blade.

A man in his early thirties wearing a black dress with sharp eyes and a unique weapon.

‘Is that a sword?’

It was different from a regular sword used by people in Wulin.

It was as if it was too thin compared to a regular sword and seeing that blade.

‘The strength is unusual.’

It had been a long time since Chun Yeowun felt like that.

Chun Yeowun, who had reached the Divine Master level, could not find a suitable opponent for so long.

Shockingly, the unknown man possessed physical abilities, which Chun Yeowun slightly lacked.


Chun Yeowun wasn’t the only one shocked.

The man in the black muttered something as if he was excited about it, but his language was different.

“You seem to be lucky. Right. You looked like a cheeky bastard but moved quickly.”

Chun Yeowun frowned.

He couldn’t understand what was being said.

It didn’t seem like the language of Jianghu.


Nano’s voice echoed at Chun Yeowun’s call.

[Although there are many dialects mixed in, it is Korean.]


[It is the language of a country located on the eastern part of the central plains.]

This made Chun Yeowun quickly transfer that language called Korean into his head.

In an instant, with a tingling sensation in his head, the foreign language of Korean got sent to his mind.

The ability to get information right away is the best.

“I need to kill all of them before that bastard arrives…”

“Are you the God of the East?”

The man in black looked at the words which came out of Chun Yeowun’s mouth.


The man in black pushed the sword and spread the distance.

And spoke to Chun Yeowun.

“Are you from Goryeo?”

‘Goryeo?’ (Ancient Korea)

It seemed like he was referring to the country in the east.

Chun Yeowun shook his head.

Then the man in black grumbled in disappointment.

“I knew it. There is no way a man from Goryeo would come north like this. Right.”

He kept talking to himself without answering Chun Yeowun’s question.

With those actions, it wasn’t sure if the man in black was malicious or not.

Chun Yeowun asked once more.

“Are you really the God of the East? If that is the case, we are not trying to fight you, but here in Changbai Moun…”

It was then.

Before Chun Yeowun could finish his words, the man aimed for his throat only to get blocked again.


“It is the first time that the same man blocked me twice, except for that bastard. What about Changbai?”



The man in the black released a tremendous amount of energy from his sword, and Chun Yeowun’s White Dragon Blade bounced.

It seemed to be the energy called wind.

A very sharp sword-like wind.


Chun Yeowun’s eyes fluttered.

At that, the man in black pointed to his sword and said in annoyed words.

“You men keep making the same fucking mistake. This is not Changbai Mountain. This is Mt. Baekdu. Call this Changbai mountain one more time… shit. This isn’t Changbai mountain. Well, I will kill you all here anyway. I ended up correcting you for nothing. Tch.”

Chun Yeowun’s eye narrowed at the warning of the crazed man who spoke with a smile.

He wondered about the true identity of the man in black, who showed such confidence while clashing with him, and the malicious energy he was releasing.

This person seemed very different from what Monk Wu Chun had talked about.

It was then,

“First of all, you’re a very annoying man. Shall we try to solve this first?”



As soon as he said that, the man soared into the air.

The man in black, who jumped several feet high, flipped his body as if it was a natural thing to do.


A tornado seemed to form from his body, which turned into a huge gust of wind.

What was even more shocking was that the gust of wind was carrying energy, and each touch of the wind made it feel like a sword was cutting into the flesh.


“How is this possible?”

This single human looked like a natural disaster.

The faces of the Demonic Cult’s warriors darkened at the sight of the crisis they were about to face.

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