Chapter 450 - The One Trapped in Changbai Mountain (3)

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Above the highest peak of Changbai Mountain.

There was a man who was practicing.

The place where the man in the bamboo hat was located was a place where one could see the entire western mountain range of Changbai Mountain.

Behind him was a large lake, clear and transparent, reflecting the blue sky.

He was feeling the calmness of the lake with his eyes closed.


A small wave appeared on the calm lake behind him.

The waves, which spread out like ripples, began to become stronger and stronger.


Cold wind brushed the cheeks of the man as bushes swayed.

The man in the bamboo hat opened his eyes and looked in the direction the wind was coming from.

To the north.

An intense vibration flowed through the land, which seemed to move the mountain.


The man let out a deep sigh.

‘I warned them to not come that far.’

He was deliberately guarding the west, thinking that people would come again.

But on the contrary, they seemed to have come north.

‘I barely managed to prevent them from coming further. I don’t understand why this is happening again.’

Shaking his head, he got up from his seat.

Looking to the north, he narrowed his eyes.

An unusual thing was happening north of the mountain.

As the white clouds gathered in one place, the wind gradually grew stronger, taking on a dark grey color.

‘He must have been confident since he met them first.’

He knew that he’d find out, but he didn’t expect the intruders to get spotted so quickly.

Maybe the ten-year pact he created could be dangerous.

If he didn’t hurry and stop that ‘one’, the mountain’s entrance would be stained in blood once again.


The thick clouds gradually turned into gusts of wind.

‘Strange. Even when he slaughtered the invaders earlier, he didn’t have to use the power of wind.’

If so, then.

Maybe a large amount of people like before must have come or,

‘Is there someone strong enough for him to use the power?’

He looked to the north, where the gusts of wind were about to hit.

Whatever was happening, he had to hurry and prevent the spill of blood.


Before long, his form disappeared.

The ripples in the lake, which stopped, became larger.

At the same time, the black clouds in the north began to gather.


The gusts of wind by the man in black merged with the mist which was coming down from the clouds, creating a powerful tornado, just like a disaster.

It seemed dangerous enough to cut down anything which got close to it.


The ground was already cracked, displaying its destructive power.

If they decided to stay there, horrible things could happen.

“Everyone move!”

“Avoid the wind!”


At the cry from Ko Wanghur and Baekgi, the people at the frontline rode their horses away to avoid it.

However, those horses which were already close to the wind couldn’t move.


“Wh-why are the horses stuck! What’s happening?”



The horses were getting dragged into the tornado, which kept becoming stronger.

They all tried their very best to survive by moving the horses, which seemed stuck, but to no avail.

Eventually, they had to abandon their horses.

“Jump off!”

The cultists who were close to the wind abandoned their horses and moved away.

The moment they left their horses, the wind engulfed their horses as if sucking them in.




“Th-the horses?”

The cult members who watched that couldn’t hide their shock and disbelief.

Before the wind sucked in the horses, a sharp whip-like wind slashed the animals, splattering blood everywhere.

It was as if the wind had life, like strong sword qi.

“Huh! It was supposed to be a simple blast!”

Hu Bong, who got hit by the horses’ splashed blood, looked bewildered.

It was ridiculous for a natural disaster to unfold, and even if it did, there was no way humans could prevent the damage caused by a disaster.

“Don’t let go!”


Ko Wanghur raised his fist.

Blue-colored qi, which was raised to the maximum, began to glow.


Maybe the other Six Swords knew his intentions. They too began to imbue their weapons with qi.

When the major leaders and members gathered qi, Ko Wanghur shouted.



The strong winds, which were moving around, moved away.

When they faced the Dragon’s head, they had managed to work well together, so when they released their qi this time, it aimed right for the center of the tornado.

‘Only the person who created it can stop it!’

At the center was the man in black.

Hitting the man should be enough for this tornado to die down.

No matter how vicious the gusts of wind were, it was nothing but wind, which meant that sword qi could break through it.




“Qi in the wind?”

Something unexpected.

The qi, which they believed would pass through the wind, was swept away by the wind, and the tornado turned blue.

“You guys are really stupid. Yeah. Kikiki!”

The man amid the tornado reached out his hand.

The blue qi, which was swept away by the tornado, came back out at once and flew back to the Demonic Cult.




The members of the cult who couldn’t avoid it got cut.

There was no way they could suddenly avoid the attack.


On the other hand, the Six Swords couldn’t hide their fluster.

They hurriedly decided to block the attack as stopping it wouldn’t be possible.


“Wh-what is this!”

The sword qi, which was swept away by the tornado, seemed to have become stronger.

Thanks to that, they were being pushed back.


Mun Ku had raised her energy to catch the sword qi with her palms when Chun Yeowun came in and caught it.



Calming down her blush, she looked at him when Chun Yeowun spoke in a serious voice.

“It isn’t serious. Keep your distance from the gusts, Mun Ku, and the others too.”

“Yes, understood!”

If the wind was strong enough to deflect the sword qi, then the ordinary members of the cult wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Only those above the Superior Master Level could survive, barely.

“Can humans create wind? Hu?”

They were all terrified by this natural disaster.

Chun Inji pulled out the sword which was on his waist.


“If the rotation force is strong enough to return the sword qi!”

Chun Inji gathered and condensed a strong energy on his sword and moved right for the tornado.

Chun Inji, whose sword was in his right hand, swung it in the air.

The sword, which moved on its own, flew for the tornado as if it was alive.

“Air Sword!”

“Great Guardian! We can only stop this by stopping the party causing the gusts!”


Marakim, who understood Chun Inji’s words, also raised his sword.

However, as he was at the beginning of the Supreme Master Level, he couldn’t generate enough energy to control the sword properly, so he had to concentrate way too hard on controlling it.

“I will help too!”

Visor! Swoosh!

Dan Jucheon, the new addition to the party, raised his sword too, generating a strong cold qi, and unfolded the Air Sword.

The three swords spread out at the same time, rushing for the tornado.

The sword qi was hard to control once it left the hand, but with the Air Sword, the control was different.


Chun Inji, who clenched his teeth, concentrated on breaking through the tornado.

The sword of Chun Inji, loaded with qi, went to break through the tornado.

‘It has to be pierced!’

Breaking through wouldn’t be easy.

The tornado looked like it turned into a wall, resisting the swords.

The swords looked like they would break any moment if they continued.

‘What kind of power can block an Air Sword?’

Chun Inji felt lost.

Despite pouring out all his energy into a single sword for the best results, he couldn’t even pierce the tornado.



Marakim’s Air Sword finally broke.

As the sword was connected with the energy of the user, when the sword broke, the energy would flow back into the user at once, making Marakim cough up blood, leaking out through the gaps in the mask.

“Arrogant bastards. You think you can pierce through my wind?”


As the wind became stronger, the swords used to cut it broke.



Chun Inji, who unfolded the sword, coughed up blood and staggered as he fell to one knee.

But that wasn’t the problem.


The fragments of the broken blades flew towards the cultists.

Scared, Chun Inji tried to create an energy barrier to stop the sword fragments from hitting the cultists.

“Ugh! No!”

It was then.


Energy rose from behind the cultists in the frontline, and all the fragments got blocked.

Chun Yeowun was the one who stopped the attack.

If he was even a little late, all the cultists ahead of him would have been injured.

‘Air Swords are also being stopped?’

Chun Yeowun had thought of the same method, but he was troubled when he saw that it didn’t work.

That was when something caught his eye.



He thought that all three swords had been blocked by the tornado.

However, one sword managed to pierce through the tornado.

It was the Air Sword of Dan Jucheon.

“It worked… ah!”

Dan Jucheon, who was elated for a second while looking at the Air Sword which pierced, soon turned dark.

The sword, which went inside, lost its energy and bounced back.



Dan Jucheon blocked the sword, which returned.

Chun Yeowun appeared next to him.

“How did you do it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Did you put sword qi into the sword?”

Dan Jucheon was puzzled at Chun Yeowun’s question.

“I put sword qi and cold qi in it.”

“Cold qi?”

Chun Yeowun’s eyes widened.

The sword with cold qi was the one that managed to pierce the tornado.

Chun Yeowun, who was worried about using a flame qi sword and creating a fire tornado, realized something.

‘The tornado seems to have wind properties. Even if I break through the gusts of wind, my energy will certainly be reduced.’

This enemy was really a tough one.

He knew that if he didn’t hurry, the members of the cult would get swept away by the wind.

The force of attraction being created by the tornado grew stronger and more dangerous.

‘Nano, how the hell did this storm come?’

It was incomprehensible for a human to create a natural disaster.

Nano’s answer echoed in his mind.

[It isn’t possible to explain how the wind is created, but, it looks like a typical tornado, it is a phenomenon caused by the combination of hot updrafts from the surface and cold high-speed downdrafts from the clouds. Additionally…]

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Augmented reality opened up, and white particles began to appear around the tornado to analyze it.

The upward rotation was marked with red, and the descending rotation was marked with blue particles.

And the white particles showed the entire tornado,

[The gusts of wind are surrounded by an energy called Sword Qi. Approaching it is very dangerous.]

Chun Yeowun frowned at Nano’s explanation.

Although he didn’t fully understand it, it was similar to a tornado, but it seemed more complex.

‘A hot updraft means heat?’

[You can think of it as a high-temperature energy phenomenon.]

‘Is there any way to get rid of it?’

[If either the hot or cold updraft can be controlled, it can be stopped.]


At those words, Chun Yeowun realized something.

Maybe it could work, and it was definitely worth a try.

Meanwhile, the wind was moving towards the retreating members.

“Keep watching. I will kill you all.”

The man in black sneered as he looked at Chun Yeowun.

It was then,



Chun Yeowun blocked the gust of wind that was moving towards the members.

The huge gust of wind with terrifying speed could sweep them away at any moment, but Chun Yeowun decided not to move.

“You stupid man. My wind cannot be stopped head-on. If you’re hoping to get crushed by it, I will give you what you desire! Kekek!”

He was convinced that Chun Yeowun had a death wish.

At that time, Chun Yeowun raised both hands.

“What are you doing… huh?”

The man in black looked.


Cold qi erupted from all sides.

At the same time, innumerable ice swords began to form in the air where the strong winds blew.

The number was so great that even the tornado couldn’t be seen.

“How is such cold energy being handled by a human’s body?”

The man in black was stunned.

If the cold qi that this man was using was indeed this intense, then there was no way his opponent was human.

“This feels strange… you bastard. You’ve found the core of a spirit beast!”

He was sure that Chun Yeowun had obtained the core of a spirit beast.

The man in black didn’t know how, but he was enraged at it.

“Arrogant bastard! I’ll kill you!”



As the man in black began to increase the energy and speed of the wind, sharp energy rose around him.


The ice swords which came were either broken or stuck.

“I don’t know what you are planning to do, but this is useless.”

He broke the ice swords before Chun Yeowun could come up with any new tricks.

It was then,


The ice swords, which were unbroken, began to rotate in the opposite direction of the wind.

The ice swords, which were close to a thousand, rotated, and at first, they staggered with the wind, then picked up speed.

“No. What are you doing?”

The eyes of the man in black widened.

He never imagined that a human could control so many ice swords at once.

It was something that even he couldn’t do.

But the surprise didn’t stop there.

“Let’s bring you out of the wind.”



When Chun Yeowun began to release his energy and increased the speed of the ice swords. Shockingly, the man in the tornado became bewildered.

“You bastard! What are you doing? How can you have such power…”

It was getting difficult for him to control the wind.

The swords were blocking the rotational force.

As the cold qi seeped in, the heat in the tornado weakened, and the range of the gusts gradually decreased.


Cold sweat ran down Chun Yeowun’s face.

He was also strained while facing the man in black. He ended up consuming a lot of energy.

Creating ice swords despite them breaking was a terrifyingly straining task.

However, the effect was evident.

“It-it can’t be!”

“The winds are stopping!”

The cultists who were retreating couldn’t hide their surprise at the sight.

The gusts, which were weakened by the ice swords, slowly disappeared as if it never existed.


And the figure of the man in black appeared.

It was outrageous that his winds had disappeared, and his eyes were red with anger.

“Yo-you cheeky bastard!”

It was then.

“Now it’s my turn.”


Chun Yeowun flew into the air and appeared in front of him, with his White Dragon Blade in his left hand and the Sky Demon Sword in the other. He unfolded techniques at the same time towards the man in black.

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