Chapter 452 - Demon God vs. God of the East (1)

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The man in the bamboo hat was amazed at the powerful energy he felt from the north.

There was no human who could deal with that thing.

Even if it was one of the best in Wulin, they would still fail.

‘How are they still fighting?’

He thought that the one facing that thing would be dead.

Its power grows stronger as time goes by, but it hasn’t yet reached the apex of its power.

He knew it better than anyone as he competed with it once every ten years.

‘… is there a person who can deal with it?’

Such a person would be close to the ‘apex’ like himself.

Anxiety crept over the man.

He was worried that ‘that person’ might reappear with time.


Finally, he reached the area where the battle was taking place.

If it was ‘that’ then it was definite that the people would be killed on the spot.


The man in the bamboo hat moved high in the air.

He stopped in the air and focused his eyes on the place where two people were fighting.


However, it wasn’t ‘that person’ who was competing.

‘If it isn’t him, how is he being cornered? Ah!’

In the eyes of the man in the bamboo hat, he saw black energy rise from the sword of the man competing with that thing.

The vicious energy wasn’t internal energy.

‘He absorbed a spirit beast.’

Now he understood.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to compete with it.

The purpose of the one with the black energy’s visit was clear.

‘He’s aiming for the spirit beast.’

He couldn’t let him enter.

Other than the man with long hair, the other people didn’t seem that tough to handle.

That was what he thought,


He used Void Punch twice, but the energy didn’t go down.

If the man was indeed hit, then his energy should have at least fluttered, but instead, it rose.


Black energy rose in the dust.

The man in the bamboo hat waved his hand, trying to clear the dust and see his opponent.

One hand was outstretched, and a large invisible sword blocked the attack like a shield.

‘He blocked it both times?’

The man was in shock.

After twenty years, he found a man who stopped his attack twice.

And with an invisible sword too.

“… I see, a Divine Master.”

Since he blocked the punch, the man was indeed experienced.


Chun Yeowun’s eyes narrowed.

Even when he was dealing with the one in black, all he had to do was use his energy, but this time he had to create an invisible sword to defend himself.

“You’re the same as me.”

The man in front of him was a Divine Master too.

He also reached the end of the Divine Master Level.

It was his first time experiencing a warrior who could do such things.

“N-No mistake. He, he is…”

After confirming that his grandson was safe, Chun Inji, who felt relieved, looked at the man in the bamboo hat with a firm expression and said.

“God of the East, Ark Wui!”

He was a man who reigned as one of the five strongest warriors with just his fists.

There were rumors going around for a long time that he was the best in the world, but he never thought that the man would be so strong.

A thrilling master who made everyone feel inferior.

“Does such a person exist?”

Marakim and Dan Jucheon, who were nearby, had the same reaction.

The two looked at the man in the bamboo hat with trembling eyes.

In the mountain, the only person who could deal with their Lord head-on was that person.

‘Two gods have gathered at one place.’

The meeting of two of the five strongest warriors who had the word god in their titles.

The bamboo hat man, who judged that Chun Yeowun wasn’t an easy opponent, increased his energy.



“Wh-what energy?”

At his energy, the lower leveled warriors of the cult staggered as the air became heavy for them.

They felt as if their bodies were trapped.

Even Ko Wanghur and the other Superior Masters felt the same way.

“Th-that monster.”

He was someone who could crush the crowd with just his energy.

It was no exaggeration to say that he blocked the 5000 troops of the Yulin all alone.

If he had such strength, not just blocking, he could annihilate them too.

Everyone looked at those two with tensed faces.

Chun Yeowun opened his mouth.

“The fact that you threw a fist at me twice means that you have no intention of conversing, right?”

If there was no hostility, he would have tried to talk first.

However, he attacked twice without even knowing if the man was an opponent or not.

But, contrary to their expectations, the man opened his mouth to answer.


The man underneath his hand trembled.

Even before being attacked by him, the man in black was undergoing mutation, and now he returned to his original state.

As the man in the bamboo hat took three steps back, the man in black stood up.

“Ugh! Bastard! How dare you crush me!”

He grumbled with a voice full of displeasure as he looked at the man in the bamboo hat, making the latter point his finger at the mountain.

“You’re the one who tried to break the oath first. Go back now!”

At that, he shouted.

“I’ll do what I… cough!”

A handful of blood gushed out of the man in black’s mouth.

He thought that it was an internal injury caused by the man in the bamboo hat crushing him, but it wasn’t that.

The man made a face as if he couldn’t understand something. He thought that his body was restored to its original state.

‘Aren’t the wounds healed?’

The 23 slashes he sustained had completely regenerated.

However, the parts where he was hit were still throbbing.

Looking at Chun Yeowun, he grunted.


“I knew it, you bastard! You absorbed the core of a fallen spirit beast!”

‘Fallen spirit beast?’

Chun Yeowun frowned at the unfamiliar words.

All he did was use the Sky Demon Force of all four qi’s he had.

“What do you mean by fallen?”

“How dare you ask me that!”

At Chun Yeowun’s question, the man took a step towards him with a malicious grin, but the man in the bamboo hat stopped him by grabbing his shoulder.


“… if you don’t take your hand off my shoulder, I’ll cut off your fingers and throw them away.”

It was strange.

The man had the ability to do what he said.

However, despite the threat, the man didn’t let go.

“If you don’t drive out that energy, you won't be able to fulfill the oath. Does that not matter to you?”


The man’s eyebrows rose at the word oath.

It was as if the word oath was a kind of restriction.


The man shook off the hand on his shoulder roughly and mumbled while calming his anger.

“Damn you bastard. Instead, I will definitely kill you.”

After those words, he glanced at Chun Yeowun and moved to Changbai Mountain in anger.

But there was no way Chun Yeowun would leave him alone.

Chun Yeowun’s question wasn’t answered, and his identity was unknown.

When Chun Yeowun tried to move, the man in the bamboo hat stopped him.


At that, Chun Yeowun took a step ahead.

At that moment, as if ripples could exist on the ground, yin soared around, creating frost on the ground.


A huge rock rose from the ground and blocked the man who was heading towards the mountain.

The eyes of the man who barely managed to hold back his anger turned red.

“You arrogant jerk! Did you block me with ice?”

Ice could be broken right away.

He pulled out his sword and attacked it at once.


“What is this?”

The ice which should have broken didn’t break. Rather the long sword bounced off of it.

The man couldn’t even understand what was happening.


He hit the ice with his fists.

‘What’s wrong with the ice?’

The ice swords which were created before weren’t that strong.

However, this ice rock was very hard, as if it was stone.

Not natural.

Unlike the ice swords, this ice rock was made up of the essence of the Ice Cold of Heaven technique, and it had the strength to capture even a spirit beast in it.

‘That bastard! He absorbed a core, but is he really a human? If I don’t transform my body, I won’t be able to wake up.’


In addition, the last attack of Chun Yeowun was interfering with his movements.

He could have moved away from the ice, but he wanted to destroy it and then move. It was then, he felt energy from behind.


When he turned around, Chun Yeowun had his sword stretched out.

“I never said I’ll let you go.”


The large invisible sword that stood like a shield in front of Chun Yeowun a moment back now aimed at him. But,


The man in the bamboo hat blocked the sword as he moved his hand and rotated it before sending it down.

‘He stopped the invisible sword?’

And that wasn’t the end.


When the man pushed the sword to the ground, the ground trembled.

In a short time, he realized that only if the yin was constantly being released would the rigidity of the stone be maintained.



The man in black frowned at the words of the man in the bamboo hat and stepped on the ice, and jumped away.


“Who said you could?”

When Chun Yeowun raised his hand, numerous ice swords appeared in the air.

And as he tried to release them, the man in the bamboo hat moved, extending his fist towards Chun Yeowun.


The sound of air being ripped could be clearly heard.


It looked like a light punch, but it wasn’t.

The fist stretched out a lot, and its effect and power didn’t reduce.

It was as if a raging volcano exploded.

‘As we reach the end of the Divine Master Level, we focus on the capabilities of the effectiveness of one thing rather than useless techniques. You can’t stop me with those clumsy moves.’

Once he was done, no one would be able to stand in front of him properly.

Unlike the previous punch, this one was difficult to respond to.

If the young man was really a Divine Master, then the difference between him and the young man should be felt.


Chun Yeowun, who should have been shocked, was smiling.

And something unique happened.

A ferocious black invisible sword was born in Chun Yeowun’s hand, and all 24 forms of the Sword Art of the Demon God aimed at one point.


The man in the bamboo hat realized it.

The unification that took him several decades was already being unfolded by the young man in front of him.

In an instant, the sword in his hand, which unfolded all aimed for one point.


As if a bomb had exploded, the strength of the two rattled the place around them.

The aftermath of it was the members of the Demonic Cult being pushed away.


“Wh-what kind of aftermath?”


Some bounced off.

The capabilities of the combatants were overwhelming the other warriors.

When the dust fell, a large pit with a five foot radius formed where the two attacks collided.


The cultists checked to see if their Lord was okay.

As the dust moved, the figure standing in the center was Chun Yeowun.

A haze-like smoke rose from Chun Yeowun’s upper body as if it was driving away the opponent’s energy.

He moved three steps back, and there seemed to be several clashes.

“Did our Lord hit him? Ah!”

They found the man ten steps away.

His face was revealed under the torn bamboo hat. He was a middle-aged man with pure white hair and a strong face.

A haze rose from the middle-aged man’s chest too.

Looking at the blood running down his lip, he must have suffered internal injuries.


The man wiped off the blood with his sleeve.

He was unable to move for an instant.

‘I tried to suppress it immediately because the technique seemed poor, but I got pushed back by the counterattack.’

This was what happened in the short time of the exchange.

As Chun Yeowun’s sword came for him, he tried to kick Chun Yeowun’s right shoulder.

Chun Yeowun, who avoided it, hit the man in his upper body.



He thought that Chun Yeowun would be thrown away when his punch reached him, but his fist began to turn cold.

In his moment of hesitation, Chun Yeowun's sword pierced his chest.

As a result, he got pushed back ten steps.

‘His energy is impossible to understand. He’s hard to push.’

He figured it out in the short exchange of blows.


Chun Yeowun, who had driven out the energy of the middle-aged man which was digging into his body, looked at him.

‘He is able to unify all his energy and concentrate on executing it perfectly?’

It was admirable.

Chun Yeowun understood that.

The Sword Art of the Demon God was based on the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.

It was given the right to move freely.

‘Every single blow aims for death.’

This man in front of Chun Yeowun was the toughest opponent he ever met.

It was no exaggeration to call him the strongest.

To become that strong without a core, he is a great person, even if he is an enemy for now.

Chun Yeowun’s energy, which was increased as he obtained four cores, exceeded the man’s.

However, the middle-aged man in front of him, who hadn’t taken a single core and reached this level, was commendable.

‘How long did he practice to achieve that level?’

Maybe he was a person with talent.

To some extent, they managed to understand each other.

The man relaxed and walked.

“It has been a long time. Since I fought properly.”

He clenched his fists and spoke, taking out his energy properly.

“It would be unfair for me to not use my full strength against a warrior like you. It’s the first time in several decades that I’ve had to use the Void Punch.”

Chun Yeowun too acknowledged his opponent.

And the man accepted him, not as an uninvited guest to the mountain, but as a true opponent.


Energy rose in both fists of the man, who warned.

“From now on, lose a little concentration, and you’ll die.”

It has been a long time since he fought properly, so he wanted to use all his skills.

That was what his warning meant.

At that, Chun Yeowun responded.

“Those words. Right back at you.”

As soon as that was done, the space around Chun Yeowun shook, and his energy began to condense.

Three invisible swords were created in an instant.

All three had different attributes.

Crackle! Jjjjk! Flare!

They were the black thunder qi sword, the black ice qi sword, and the black flame qi sword.

Completely different from ordinary sword qi.

As Chun Yeowun slightly moved his hand, the three swords aimed for the opponent.

“A little carelessness, and you’ll die. God of the East.”

The warning held no ounce of a lie.

‘… hiding the power, we both were doing the same.’

Tension stood in the eyes of God of the East, who saw three attributed swords raging with energy.

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