Chapter 453 - Demon God vs. God of the East (2)

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‘Huh… does that mean that what he showed this old man wasn’t his full power?’

Seeing the three invisible swords floating around Chun Yeowun, the former Lord Chun Inji couldn’t help but marvel.

The invisible swords themselves were surprising, but to create invisible swords, all with different attributes, was something else.

The attributes were thunder qi, flame qi, and ice qi.

‘I knew that he absorbed the cores, but is it possible for one body to handle so many different attributes at the same time?’

Under normal circumstances, it was absolutely impossible.

However, it was the Sky Demon energy that made it possible.

The energy taken in from the Imoogi was the Sky Demon energy, and it was pivotal. That energy was what made the three different attributes harmonize.

‘… this confrontation will truly decide who is the best.’

Among the other five strongest warriors, no one could defeat the Demon God.

And if the God of the East was taken down, then Chun Yeowun would truly be the strongest in the world.

But that wouldn’t be an easy task.

Even before the former Lord, Chun Inji became one of the five strongest warriors, the God of the East had maintained his position.

And no one faced him.

‘Be careful. Yeowun-ah.’

As cheering was all he could do, he tried his best in that.

The two were facing each other with their full power, not a single person moved.

There was a saying that true masters fight invisible battles through their vision.

Chun Yeowun and the God of the East’s eyes constantly moved as if they were busy looking at each other’s truth.

‘After taking the attack, his openings are completely gone.’

The God of the East’s form had become perfect.

It was difficult to find one spot which could be attacked.

But even the God of the East was the same.

‘Those swords are dangerous.’

It was his first time seeing invisible swords with attributes. In addition, each attribute seemed to be mixed with that vicious black energy.

Maybe what he did before couldn’t stop them.

‘This is something I haven’t felt in a long time.’

The greatest advantage of the Martial Void Fist was its perfect defense.

And if that defense didn’t work, the battle would be difficult.

In the confrontation of vision, it was the God of the East who moved first.


‘If I handle the three swords properly, it will be like handling three different masters. If that’s the case, the answer is to stay close and not give him any gaps.’

The God of the East, who concluded his thoughts, quickly moved three steps closer to Chun Yeowun.

The space twisted as he raised his fist.


At the same time, as if he controlled the wind, pressure rose, and it struck Chun Yeowun.

‘This is wind. However….’

Chun Yeowun moved his right hand lightly.

The invisible sword with black ice qi rotated and protected Chun Yeowun from the oncoming tornado.

That wasn’t the end.

As Chun Yeowun stretched his left hand forward, the black thunder qi sword penetrated the center of the tornado and moved towards the God of the East.


“That looks like thunder qi.”

The wind was used as a diversion.

If Chun Yeowun had only focused on blocking the tornado with his ice sword, the God of the East would have hit him directly.

‘He noticed?’

As his idea failed, the God of the East moved his left hand in a circle.

With the space twisting, the thunder qi sword which rushed for him collided with it.


A cracking sound echoed.

With that, the black thunder qi sword couldn’t move any further and stopped.

‘It was blocked.’

Unlike any normal invisible sword, it wasn’t canceled out, but rather it only stopped moving forward.

If that was the case, then defending was easy.

When the most fearful thing didn’t happen, the God of the East felt relieved and tried to deliver another punch to Chun Yeowun.

It was then,


The black thunder qi sword, which he had managed to halt, pierced it and attacked him.

Flustered, the God of the East stepped ahead.


Fragments of the ground broke and rose up, blocking the approaching thunder qi sword.

However, he had no choice but to retreat a couple steps back as the rocks destroyed by the sword were sent flying towards him.

‘Is it impossible to stop them?’

The energy from the invisible sword was released, but not the lightning.

He was trying to single out one sword by focusing on it with his capabilities, but if the sword could react as such, then it would be hard to block.



The invisible black flame sword which flew above him came barrelling towards him.

This sword looked more ferocious.


The black flame qi sword moved in a splendid trajectory, and the sword came. It was coming in while unfolding the Sword Art of the Demon God.

‘Can invisible swords be used like this?’

He frowned as he looked at the sword acting on its own.

The trajectory of the black flame qi invisible sword coming in wasn’t something that could be prevented by distorting the space.

‘This is nothing. Martial Void Punch. Void!’


As God of the East widened the distance, he moved his arms around.

An invisible circle was born in the space where his hands touched, reproducing his previous technique

Blaze! Papapang!

The black flame qi sword collided with the distorted space, causing lots of destruction.

It was just two techniques colliding, yet the entire place was being ravaged.



The God of the East got pushed back around six steps.

By unfolding the Void Fist, he had to concentrate all his abilities into one point, and he managed to stop the sword from moving, but his defense ended up losing.

Chun Yeowun too was a victim.

Sting! Sting!

Chun Yeowun frowned at the intense pain that ran through his hands.

‘Is he focusing his capabilities with invisible energy?’

Thanks to that, the black flame qi and the black thunder qi swords collided and were destroyed, and the shock from it flowed back to him.

However, Chun Yeowun’s body, which absorbed four cores, was beyond perfect.

All the internal wounds he received from the energy suddenly returning were quickly healded.

There was no need for Nano to self-heal.


Again, invisible swords made of black thunder qi and black flame qi appeared.

He still had plenty of internal energy.


But that wasn’t the case for the God of the East.

Beads of sweat dripped down from his forehead, and his arms trembled.

As he kept using the Martial Void Fist, his internal energy was running out quickly, and on top of that, he was using up his mental ability by focusing his attacks at one point and going against a man who was in the Divine Master level wasn’t easy.


At the sight of Chun Yeowun, who seemed to be fine, the God of the East clicked his tongue.

‘I’m in trouble.’

He could display the same energy as Chun Yeowun in battle.

However, he didn’t possess the stamina that Chun Yeowun had, which was why he was at a disadvantage.

‘Does that mean that his internal energy isn’t running out?’

It felt like he was dealing with a spirit beast.

Unlike humans, spirit beasts belong to mother nature and never run out of power.

Chun Yeowun, who took in four cores, possessed a tremendous amount of energy that could be close to infinite.

The God of the East shook his head at the thought.

‘I have no other choice but to offer my flesh to take out his bones.’

Some sacrifice was inevitable to win.

Determined, he threw a punch.


The God of the East stretched his arm out towards him.


Seeing him rushing in, Chun Yeowun realized that his opponent wanted to win the battle with a final blow.

Given the disadvantage that the God of the East had, it was a natural choice to make.

‘Smash the three invisible swords simultaneously with the Invisible Fist and then defeat him with the Martial Void Fist.’

It was a simple tactic, but one which could cost him his life.

When the invisible swords with different attributes were all concentrated on him, he had to overcome their force and the aftermath of each clash before Chun Yeowun could react and take him down.

‘I’m coming!’


He was ready to make sacrifices.

His aim was the invisible swords, which suddenly rushed for him.

But it felt strange.

As he got closer to Chun Yeowun, the three swords stopped moving.

He didn’t know what the trick was, but the closer he got, the more advantageous it was for the God of the East.

Without unfolding the Invisible Fist, he could move onto the second step.

That was until Chun Yeowun opened his mouth.

“Thanks to you, I learned something good.”


He wondered what that meant, but the three swords suddenly aimed for him.

‘What is he doing… !?’

The eyes of the God of the East trembled.


Among them, the sword with the black thunder qi had energy concentrated on its tip.

Chun Yeowun, who was learning to unify the 24 forms at one point, was still trying to perfect it.

And now, he intended to unfold it with an invisible sword with an attribute.


Chun Yeowun’s surroundings shook.

When space trembled, tremendous energy that was strong enough to shake the earth was concentrated at one point. The God of the East, who wanted to take down Chun Yeowun, had to abandon his plan to defend himself from the sword.

‘Avoid, I need to avoid getting hit.’

He knew that the sword couldn’t be stopped anymore.

It was the moment when he tried to widen the distance.

Bang! Crackle!

Dazzling light erupted from the black thunder qi sword, which roared like thunder.

It seemed like a ray of lightning that would come out of a dragon’s mouth.

The black thunder qi sword looked like it wanted to destroy everything close to it.


Its speed could be considered a flash, and the God of the East might not be able to avoid it.


With his right fist, he tried out to bring out the Martial Void Fist to not take damage.

When he raised his fist, the space around trembled, causing ripples on the land.


At the same time, Chun Yeowun’s black thunder qi sword entered.



As the two techniques collided, blood gushed out of God of the East’s mouth.

With the amount of energy, which was several times of his own, spreading out from the sword, he ended up taking damage.

If he kept trying to endure the sword and its energy, he would be swept away and die.

‘Th-this is unreasonable.’

With all his energy, he raised his fist, which caused ripples.



The price he had to pay was harsh.

The bones and the muscles of his right hand twisted, making it tough for him to raise it.

But thanks to that, the black thunder qi sword which was aiming for him was deflected upwards.


The thunder qi sword’s lighting hit the mountain peak which was behind him.


Rocks fell down from the mountain peak.

A hole was drilled into it.

The cultists who saw the confrontation couldn’t help but be astonished at the amount of power the mountain peak got hit by.

“Oh my god…”

“No, that is ridiculous!”

“Through a mountain!?”

It was monster-like power.

The God of the East, who barely managed to escape from getting hit, grabbed his right shoulder and twisted it roughly.

“Ugh… pant…”

It wasn’t really something a human could do.

His eyes trembled as they looked at Chun Yeowun, aiming his invisible black flame qi and the black ice qi swords at him.

“Indeed, you’re great. Try stopping this too. I’ll shoot them the same away again.”


At those words, the face of the God of the East turned pale.

If the invisible swords which had such capabilities kept coming at him, that meant that his opponent still had a lot of energy to use.

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