Chapter 455 - The Fallen Spirit Beast (2)

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Feng Bo.

One of the five spirit beasts.

Among the five, the Feng Bo (White tiger) was the only beast whose habitat was known.

To the east, in Changbai Mountain.

It was written in one of the Three Great Books.

Many details of the five spirit beasts were described in the book called the Book of Spirits.

However, it was said that the five of them, the spirit beasts, live for many years, and when their spiritual power reaches a certain point, they rise to a higher level.

It was meant to denote that they reach a level of supremacy when they reach enlightenment and ascend to the realm of the gods.

There was a passage in it that says that a normal person or even a master who cultivates internal energy can obtain enlightenment and turn into a deity.

An example would be Elder Jang Sambong of the Wudang clan.


Near the entrance of the mountain.

Two humans were traversing the forest with great speed.

“Is what I’m thinking right?”

At Chun Yeowun’s question, Ark Wui nodded his head.

The shadow of the giant tiger seen from afar was under the clouds.

As the name Feng Bo, which means White Tiger, implies, the existence which should have been white with black stripes was engulfed in darkness.

“Pitch black darkness.”

“As he couldn’t ascend, his power eroded with anger and hatred. It turned into that.”

Ark Wui still hadn’t forgotten about that time.

The transformation of the White Tiger, who was crying in anger.

It was a process in which the sacred spirit inside Changbai Mountain, which he knew, turned into a monster that could destroy everything.

Chun Yeowun frowned at the words of Ark Wui.

‘I feel like I saw it somewhere.’

Chun Yeowun looked at the black wrist guard on his right arm.

Sky Demon Sword.

When he first got it, he saw a man cutting down the horns of the Imoogi, which was about to ascend to heaven as a dragon.

At that time, the white body of the Imoogi had turned dark.

The mysterious figure in white disappeared, and in its place came a ferocious monster that was killed by Chun Ma.

‘Was the Imoogi corrupted too?’

It looked that way.

The spirit beasts who were supposed to gain spiritual power and ascend to heaven lost their lives.

‘It has to be like that.’

He felt that Imoogi was different as all he saw were images of it.

However, the Imoogi, which had turned into a monster, was something that could split the earth and heaven too.

‘… the more I know, the more I feel like Chun Ma had reached the level of a God.’

It was also the case with the word ‘Sword’, which was engraved on the old tablet.

With a single character, he managed to subdue all the swordsmen.

At what level was that possible?

Chun Yeowun, who remembered something, asked.

“Was it possible that the White Tiger was forcibly obstructed from ascending?”

At that question, Ark Wui’s expression hardened.

It seemed like several things had happened.

Chun Yeowun, who thought it must be something personal, decided not to ask further questions when Ark Wui opened his mouth with a bitter expression.

“He lost his precious friend over a hundred years ago.”


“… yes. He was a friend of mine too.”

A hundred years had passed, but he still remembered him.

He was a relative and friend with whom life and death could be shared with.

“He was such a fun person that even the guardian of Changbai Mountain, which everyone was afraid of, turned towards him. If he hadn’t died in vain, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Ark Wui felt regret.

His death had many repercussions.

To the extent where even a spirit beast gave up on his ascension and got corrupted.


A great roar from the tiger could be heard again.

As he looked at the sky covered in dark clouds, Ark Wui bit his lip as he watched the beast rage in anger.

The guy who hadn’t broken his oath for 100 years reverted to his original body.

‘Why on earth did he break the oath he made himself? What provoked him… was it?’

He looked at the peak of the mountain.

He raised his energy to get a clear view as he moved faster.

Meanwhile, on the peak of the mountain.

Swoosh! Wheeing!

The vast lake, which was reflecting the sky, was covered in dark clouds which swayed the waves violently.



“My ears!”

Numerous warriors of the Blade God Six Martial Clan were near the lake, covering their ears.

Just the roar made their stomachs drop.

Even those who were supposed to be strong were on the ground coughing up blood, while others’ ears were bleeding.

Thud! Thud!

The man in bandages glanced at the warriors who had fallen.

He was baffled to see how the situation turned out.

“That monster is the White Tiger?”

The monster in front of him was thirty meters tall.

This monster, with its red eyes and ferocious energy, had the shape of a tiger, but it was completely different from the White Tiger they had heard about.


“Haa… haa… damn it! I have no idea what the hell that thing is.”

A bald old man sat next to the man in bandages.

The old man was covered in cold sweat as he held onto his left shoulder.

His left arm, stained with blood, was torn off by the huge claws, and it looked like his arm would fall off at any moment.

“Former Lord, are you alright?”

“Ah… would anyone be alright? I just lost an arm. How could a normal-looking human even turn into a monster?”

The old man called the former Lord, who tried to stop the man’s mutation, was hit.

He tried to subdue it, thinking that it was some kind of Blood Reversion Art, but it ripped off his arm.

“Hwang-heol. What the hell is that monster?”

It was supposed to be huge but it’s too huge.

They heard that the tiger is supposed to be three times the size of a regular tiger.

Of course, they knew that as the spiritual energy increased, the spirit beast would grow, but this was close to being a monster.


At the time, someone approached Hwang-heol.

An old man wearing a golden eyepatch, he was Woo, a former Lord of the clan.

He too was shocked at the roaring beast.

“I don’t know what that is. But does this mean that the man we saw before is the monster?”

“Are you blind just because you only have one eye?”

The bald man asked, annoyed.

Former Lord Woo kept his mouth shut, realizing that it must be hard for the other man as he just lost his arm.

Hwang-heol was at a loss for words.

‘That black monster is really the Feng Bo? The White Tiger?’

Arriving near the mountain, they knew that a battle was taking place in the north and took the opportunity to climb up the mountain.

In the process of searching for the spirit beast, they met an unknown person.

It was a person who seemed to be annoyed, and the moment he saw them, he attacked them.

[Dirty worms keep invading my Mt. Baekdu! I’m going to kill you all!]

He didn’t speak Chinese.

At first, they thought that this man was protecting the mountain.

However, they were shocked to see him unfold techniques that didn’t belong to Jianghu.

That man’s techniques were as dangerous as their clan’s.

They never expected such a person to be hiding in the mountain along with the God of the East.

[No more. I’ll take you all down.]

Although he was injured, the man had the ability to annihilate half of the troops and the left arm of their former lord.

He was unscathed despite fighting against two former lords.

However, the man who was attacking suddenly turned into a beast.






When the black tiger roared, dozens of people lost their lives.

It wasn’t something that martial arts could overcome.

It was safe to say that the monster is a natural disaster.

About a thousand people were attacked, and most of them died pointlessly.


“Wh-what’s happening now?”

Another strange thing happened in the sky where rain and dark clouds had formed.

The dark clouds gathered around the giant black tiger, and mist began to form, which soon took the shape of a tornado.



It wasn’t just one.

Four tornados appeared as if dragons were moving around trying to protect the black tiger.

Hundreds of people got swept away in an instant by the tornados.


“Help me!”

Even those who were excellent warriors were no exception.

The tornados were different from a natural disaster.

Every time the tornados spun, it was as if swords were attacking.



“Ugh! H-how is the wind this sharp?”

“Everyone! Move away from the tornados!”

The masters and the warriors spread out in all directions.

Even a simple gust of wind was killing them. This was not something they could deal with.

Hwang-heol mumbled.

“How can… this is so different.”

They were all there during the battle with the Great Bird.

But even the Great Bird didn’t seem this strong.

In comparison, it was the difference between an adult and a child.



It roared again.

It was when the two former Lords and Hwang-heol were trying to figure out how to attack it.

“Oho. Is this the fallen spirit that I’ve only heard of?”

“B-Blade Lord!”

The three people were shocked to see their Lord appear with a bamboo hat.

He said that it would take longer to join them as he would take care of the Yulin troops, but they didn’t expect him to come this quick.

This meant that this man had tremendous power, which took down the Yulin.

“You came? Blade Lord!”

Everyone bowed to the man at the same time.

Ignoring that, the man called Blade Lord looked at the tiger surrounded by tornados.

“Wh-what are we…”

“I will go.”



Before they could even question him, the man flew into the air.

The Blade Lord, who was floating in the air, reached the vicinity of the tornados which were blocking the huge tiger.

The Blade Lord pretended to cut down the tornados with his hand.


Huge invisible energy rose as his hand slashed down the tornados in an instant.


The warriors who watched it began to cheer.

“Blade Lord!! Woah!”

“He cut down the tornados!”

“N-no! They haven’t been taken down yet!”


The tornados didn’t die down.

The parts which got cut soon began to reconnect.

That was what he was aiming for.


He aimed to pass through the brief gap which formed in the tornado.

With the sword he pulled out from his waist, he leaped, aiming it at the chest of the huge black tiger.


The tiger roared at the appearance of the man and raised its front paws to strike him.



Just by extending its sharp claws, huge wind pressure was created.

The right front paw moved, wanting to kill everything in front of it.

He shifted his approach, cleared his breath, and wielded his sword.


At that moment, space shook in the direction where he was wielding his sword which contained an enormous concentrated power .


Part of the black tiger’s right front paw hit the sword and bounced up.

The black tiger roared in pain as one of its paws got cut off.


The Blade Lord’s lips formed into a smile.

‘This is payback for what you did 20 years ago.’

It was his growth after what he faced in the past.

After 20 years, the Blade Lord was able to take down the opponent.


“I’ll cut off that head of yours just like this!”

Phat! Phat!

Not missing the opportunity, the Blade Lord aimed for the neck of the black tiger.

Across pouring rain, his figure moved.

It was then.



Huge wind erupted from the mouth of the black tiger and attacked the Blade Lord.

It was wind that could cut down a mountain. The Blade Lord immediately created a huge invisible sword.

But the pressure was too strong, he got pushed down to the bottom of the lake.


“Blade Lord!!!”

The ones who were watching it shouted in surprise.

But that wasn’t the end of the surprise.


The tiger raised its intact front paw and stomped it into the lake.

Thud! Splash! Thud!

Its heavy paw created a new image of the lake.

It was aiming to kill the Blade Lord.

The two eyes of the black tiger gleamed in red as it looked down at the lake.

“How dare you!”

Former Lord Woo, wearing the golden patch, was so angry that he tried to attack it.

It was then,


The water in the lake, which was raging, began to freeze.

From the place where the black tiger had stepped.

It froze so quickly that the tiger couldn’t react.


As the cold began to seep up to the paw, it lifted its paw.

The ice shattered as the paw was lifted from the lake, and at that moment the Blade Lord jumped out.


Then, two invisible swords appeared with ice qi in the air and stabbed the black tiger in the chest.

“The core!”

As the ice qi swords touched the center of the tiger’s chest, the tiger roared and released its energy to deflect the swords, but the ice qi which had penetrated into its body, spread.



The tiger howled in pain as it tried twisting its body and swinging its paws.

The body of the Blade Lord, who was concentrating on the ice qi in the tiger’s body, bounced back.



In an instant, the body of the Blade Lord bounced back 30 meters or so.

He was quite shocked at it, seeing how blood flowed from the corner of his lips.

However, since he absorbed a core, he managed to recover from his injuries, and his complexion brightened.

“You are quite rebellious.”

If it used a little more energy, he would have gotten crushed.

It was the moment when he was about to move again and strike it down.


From the north, immense energy was felt as it merged with the tornado and pierced the chest of the huge black tiger, which was suffering from the ice qi.



All eyes turned to what pierced into the chest.


A ray of black lightning passed through the tiger’s chest and then disappeared.

The black tiger, which got hit again, twisted its body.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As it wriggled in pain, the fragments of the frozen lake went everywhere.

“Wh-what’s going on?”

“What was that just now?”

It was that moment when everyone was equally confused.

The eyes of the warriors of the Blade God Six Martial Clan focused on one place.

The place where the huge chest of the tiger was open wide, and something was shining in it.



The core was shining brightly.

But it wasn’t just the core.

Eyes gleamed from the pierced chest to someone in black armor who stood there.

The armor that seemed soaked in the blood, moved away from the black tiger, which was crying out in pain.


As if he could walk on air, the one in the black armor moved a couple more steps away.

The helmet of the armor disappeared, revealing the face behind it.

Long hair fluttered in the wind and rain.

“De-Demon God!”

Hwang-heol shouted at the man he recognized.


“The Demon God?”

The two former Lords were shocked at the man being called the Demon God.

Amid everyone’s attention, Chun Yeowun smiled and shouted to everyone who had gone silent.

“You all did good!”

The face of the Blade Lord, who was on the mountain, distorted terribly.

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