Chapter 457 - You Aren't Him (1)

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The Blade Lord’s eyes fluttered.

No matter how much time passed, he would never forget him.

The monster who brought in the first defeat of the Blade Lord, who was proud of his existence.

As a result, their plan was delayed.

‘God of the East!’

Twenty years had passed, but he was still the same.

Except for one thing.

‘Did he hurt his arm?’

His right arm had been injured, so he twisted it back into place, yet it still looked hurt.

Even so, seeing him take down the huge black tiger with just his left hand was still unimaginable.

‘Not just the Demon God, but even the God of the East?’

Hwang-heol, who was watching this from the other side, couldn’t hide his shock.

Twenty years ago, when they were aiming for Changbai Mountain, this man appeared.

At that time, the God of the East showed tremendous power enough to defeat the clan’s warriors with simple attacks.

It was clear then,

‘Huh? But the Demon God arrived first to defeat the monster?’

Something seemed strange.

They had been the ones who waited for Chun Yeowun to lead his clan to the entrance of the mountain, and then the Blade God Six Martial Clan made their way up.

It was so both the Demon God and the God of the East would fight and become exhausted.

This meant that the God of the East had collided with Chun Yeowun.


They looked at the God of the East’s right arm.

They were so concerned with the black tiger that they didn’t look at it, but it looked like Ark Wui was injured.

‘Does that mean he was defeated by the Demon God?’

Otherwise, he shouldn’t have been hurt like that.

Who else could even injure that monster?

But there were doubts.

‘The Demon God never shows mercy to his enemies. But not long after they collided, they arrived… stopping their battle in the middle.’

Hwang-heol thought that the battle between the two was incomplete.

The cause was the tiger.

They must have felt that vicious energy forming on the mountain, and there was no way that Chun Yeowun would ignore it and continue the battle.

As soon as the Demon God appeared, he aimed for the core.

‘Then, this is good. We can let those two people fight.’

There was no need for the Blade Lord to work.

He should let the other two fight it out, and then once the winner is decided, he could overpower them.

Thinking so, Hwang-heol shouted towards the God of the East, who was on the black tiger.

“God of the East! The core of the White Tiger lies in his hands!”


At those words, the God of the East turned his gaze towards Chun Yeowun, who was holding the core.

His eyes darkened.

He did make the request with a bitter heart, but he didn’t know that Chun Yeowun had already taken the core.

‘Then why didn’t he fall?’

Ark Wui wondered.

The heart was pierced, and the core was lost.

Any spirit beast would have succumbed to this, but this one was still raring to go.

‘What spirit beast can be this strong?’

He was puzzled when Hwang-heol shouted again.

“That man there is aiming for the core of the White Tiger! God of the East!”

It was his intention to make him and Chun Yeowun battle it out.

Thinking that he was provoking them, he continued to shout, but no fight broke out.

“Maybe it’s because he lost the battle…”

It was then,

Ark Wui extended his fist in the direction of Hwang-heol.

And space distorted.


At the same time, great wind pressure rose in front of Hwang-heol.

It was aimed at him and not the Demon God.

“Ugh, wh-why?”


Flustered former Lord Woo, the man with the golden eyepatch and the other former Lord, who had one arm injured by the black tiger, blocked it.

“Stand back! Hwang-heol!”

“Former Lord Woo! Block it!”



To protect him, the two men drew out their own swords, creating a huge wave of energy, and swung their swords towards the wind which was coming for them.

All they wanted to do was prevent the wind from hitting them forcefully.



“Ah! What power!”


They taught the Six Martial Masters, and they were also Blade Lord candidates.

Even if their opponent was a Divine Master, they thought that if they worked together, they would be able to block the attack, but it was all a mistake.


The energy wave, which was made from two different swords, couldn’t overcome the wind pressure, and on the contrary, they were thrown backwards.


Both the former Lords got pushed away almost instantly.

If it wasn’t for Hwang-heol, the man in bandages behind them, they would have just avoided the attack.

The cost they were paying was very high.



The former Lord, with an injured arm, knelt on the ground, coughing up blood.

Even the man in the golden eyepatch wasn’t in good condition.

His stomach felt twisted by the attack, which seemed to penetrate his flesh.

“Fo-former Lords!”

Hwang-heol, who was saved thanks to the former Lords blocking the wind, was worried as he looked at them.


Energy rose from their bodies.

The two of them were skilled. They weren’t at the stage of the Blade Lord, but they were on the same level as the five strongest warriors, yet with just one hit, they suffered internal injuries.

‘Is-isn’t he a complete monster?’

Still, they thought that the situation would be different from what happened twenty years ago.

Not just the Blade Lord, but even the other clan members became a whole lot stronger.

However, they still couldn’t withstand a single attack from that person.

“You’re doing useless things.”

The Blade Lord’s eyebrows rose when he saw the two people injured by Ark Wui.

While trying to help Hwang-heol caused a lot of trouble.

‘I can’t take my eyes off this guy yet.’

His desire to repay Ark Wui for the past was burning bright, but he couldn’t overlook the enemy in front of him.

Besides, the core was in Chun Yeowun’s hand, and he had to take it.

There was only one way for that to happen.

First, he defeats the Demon God and then fights the God of the East.


The man was startled at the sudden message he was sent and looked at the Blade Lord.

[B-Blade Lord?]

The Blade Lord looked and smiled at him, then gave him an order.

[While I’m dealing with the Demon God, do everything you can to prevent the God of the East from interfering.]


He responded right away.

The fact that he had given the order meant that he was confident that he could take Chun Yeowun down.

In that case, he had to make sure that the order was fulfilled.

Hwang-heol exclaimed.

“Listen to me, the warriors of Blade God Six Martial Clan. Our opponent is the God of the East. Even if you have to sacrifice yourselves, stop…”

Before he could even finish the order.


The ground trembled, and something huge seemed to move.

The black tiger was big enough to make the land vibrate just by moving.

“Ah, is it still not dead?”

They all thought that the tiger died when it was hit by the God of the East.

But he was up again!


The huge black tiger, with its four limbs spreading wide, roared and roared.

Anger clearly visible in its red eyes.


Hwang-heol, who was about to give the order, closed his mouth.

Even the Great Bird didn’t act like this.

He was puzzled by the God of the East, who was on the neck of the large black tiger.

The fist which struck the tiger was his best.

‘You lost your core. Even then, you’re trying to survive with everything you’ve got?’

He didn’t know what was holding him up.

But it was dangerous that the tiger was overcoming physical pain and death with pure hatred and anger.


Suddenly, the hole in its chest began to regenerate. If the core was lost, the ability to regenerate would be lost too, but seeing the flesh heal, this wasn’t the work of the core.

This monster was still very much alive.


A change occurred in the dark sky, which was covered with dark clouds at its howl.

The rain stopped for a second and then became heavier.


Thunder clouds began to form, and lightning struck.


The wind moved around Changbai Mountain.

Everything around got escalated.

“What the hell?”

“Thunder and lightning?”

Everyone who saw that couldn’t hide their shocked expressions.

As if the tiger was the eye of the typhoon, the strong winds went in all directions around it.

Tornado gusts spread all over the mountain.



Starting with the gravel and grass around the lake, even the trees began to get uprooted.

Fragments of ice floated in the air.




Even the warriors of the Blade God Six Martial Clan got picked up by the wind.

Holding on wasn’t an option for the low-skilled warriors.


There were no exceptions.

The only thing they could do was try and withstand the typhoon, which seemed no different from a natural disaster.


“D-damn it!”

The warriors of the Blade God Six Martial Clan began to concentrate their energy from their dantian to their feet to increase their weight, but when trees were being uprooted, how could humans stand?


Ark Wui, who was barely holding onto the fur of the black tiger, felt stiff.

‘… just like that time.’

What he feared happened.

This was why he wanted to kill the black tiger before he went back into its original state.

100 years ago, this man devastated the land around Changbai Mountain, and for a while, the land was dead, and no trees grew.


Ark Wui stared at the black tiger.

‘Is death only possible if its head is cut off?’

To not die despite its core being pulled out meant that it had to be beheaded.

He bit his lip as he made up his mind.

Grrr! Bang! Bang! Flash!

On the other hand, two humans were steadily balancing despite the thunder and lightning.

They were Chun Yeowun and the Blade Lord.

Despite the situation turning into a disaster, the two of them were still facing each other.

However, they were able to endure it because of their internal energy.

‘This is good. While the God of the East deals with that white tiger, this one will be dealt with.’

The Blade Lord saw this as an opportunity.

This crazy situation would bring in the reversal they needed.


As the Blade Lord held out his hand, a huge invisible sword imbued with ice qi was created.



Despite the noises around them, the sound of the sword was the only thing that could be heard.

“Demon God! I will kill you right here and change the future.”


At the words of the Blade Lord, Chun Yeowun’s eyes narrowed.



With eyes full of determination, the Blade Lord rushed towards Chun Yeowun.

The sword imbued with ice qi seemed like it would freeze everything.

It was the first created technique of the Blade God Six Martial Clan. The technique that the clan depended on, the Extreme Art of the Blade God.


The power of the technique, which unfolded in the form of an invisible sword with ice qi, created a tremendous momentum that couldn’t be compared to existing techniques.

Everything felt strange.


It had the power to destroy and freeze everything.

Chun Yeowun, who looked at the sword, unfolded his own technique.

‘Sword Force of the Sky Demon!’

The Blade Lord smiled at it.

Even if he was the Demon God, he would never be able to defeat the present Blade Lord because he knew about it from the records.

And he had already figured out how to destroy the Sword Force of the Sky Demon long ago.

“Demon God! Even with sword technique created by Chun Ma, you can no longer defeat the Extreme Art of the Blade God.”

It was then.


An invisible black flame qi sword emerged from Chun Yeowun’s right hand.

The Blade Lord’s eyes narrowed at the bizarre sword, which contained both the Sky Demon Energy and the Qilin’s flame.

‘Can an invisible sword have different attributes?’

But that wasn’t the end.



There seemed to be something different about Chun Yeowun’s sword technique, which stretched forward and drew trails of black flames.

It wasn’t the Sword Force of the Sky Demon that he knew.

‘What is this sword?’

Across the wind and rain, the traces of the black flames created numerous lines that seemed to create a form of the Extreme Art of the Blade God.



When the two techniques collided, the wind and rain got pushed away instantly, the place cleared up.

And the newly cleared-up place had white snow and black flames.

Constant clashes which didn’t stop.

It seemed like neither one of them wanted to get pushed back. After around seven clashes, something weird happened.

As the sword technique wasn't the one he knew, the Blade Lord’s face changed.

‘This isn’t the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.’

It looked similar, but it was different.

It even had their own technique added to it.

Holding a thrilling power that seemed closer to perfection than the originals of both techniques.

‘Th-this is different from the one in the records?’

This sword technique couldn’t be destroyed.

As twelve clashes passed, the eyes of the Blade Lord, who was getting pushed back, realized that he was losing.

Chow chow chow!

In the end, the Blade Lord, who lost his composure because of witnessing a new sword technique, shouted.

“Ugh! Yah! How? What is that sword?”

Chun Yeowun’s lips turned into a smile as he watched his opponent get pushed back.

“Sword Art of the Demon God.”

‘Sword Art of the Demon God?’


The sound of something breaking.

It was something that happened as the invisible sword made of ice qi was still unfolding the Extreme Art of the Blade God.

Chun Yeowun continued to speak.

“3rd formation, Extreme Art of the Sky Sword⁽¹⁾.”


As soon as he said those words, the Blade Lord’s invisible sword shattered, and then traces of the black flames were drawn by the Sword Art of the Demon God.

Wheeing! Rumble!


Editor’s Note

⁽¹⁾ We’re assuming that this is one of the formations within the Sword Art of the Demon God. It’s not specified by the author though.

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