Chapter 459 - You Aren't Him (3)

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The Blade Lord got hit by the Sword Art of the Demon God, which came for him with black flames.

As he got swept back by the sword, he felt his entire body get cut and burnt.

It seemed like killing him was more forgiving.


In the aftermath of that technique, his body sank into the frozen lake.


Each time a raindrop fell on his open wounds, it hurt.

He couldn’t even understand what was happening.

He lost.

But from what was written in the records, the Demon God, the current level of the Demon God, shouldn’t even be capable of standing in front of him.

But facing him, he was like a monster.

‘I kept getting pushed back.’

Even after absorbing the core of the Great Bird, he got pushed back, and even when using his clan’s techniques, he lost.

He never imagined that there was anything more than the Sword Force of the Sky Demon in the Demonic Cult.

No, even in the records, it was far into the future when the Demon God even acquired one core.

‘What went wrong?’

Although the appearance of the God of the East was a variable, before Chun Yeowun had appeared in the mountain, the Blade God Six Martial Clan had moved and prepared everything according to the records.

He even prepared his own body.

‘I am the head who is supposed to gain eternal life and immortality. Why is this happening to me?’

He was even more miserable now than after his first defeat.

Rather, the God of the East wasn’t even recorded in the records, so he could be considered a variable in their plan, but the Demon God shouldn’t even be in the region.


He wasn’t the only one who faced the aftermath of defeat.

Even though they were swept away by the typhoon, the impact the warriors faced was too much.

“B… Blade Lord is defeated?”

“Does that mean that the Demon God is stronger?”

“That can’t be.”

To the Blade God Six Martial Clan, the Blade Lord was God.

The person who is as strong as a mountain that would never break collapsed in front of everyone.

The figure, which raged covered in burns and blood, was that of a loser.

‘No. It can’t happen like this!’

Hwang-heol, the one in bandages, couldn't hide his shock as he watched the warriors’ morale drop sharply because of their Lord’s defeat.

If he doesn't do something, everything they did would be for nothing.

It would be possible to save their power by trying to hold back the two monsters, the Demon God and the God of the East, and then flee, but even then, it would only be possible for the elite to escape.


He turned his head to the person who sent the telepathic message.

It was the former lord Woo, with the golden eyepatch, who was trying to calm his breath and mind.

[This old man and the other former lord with the remaining spirit squad will stop those two monsters. Hurry up and retreat with the Blade Lord and the other warriors. However, there is no chance we will win.]

They hated to admit it, but nothing could reverse the situation.

Like Hwang-heol, the former lords chose to save their people and preserve power.

Even if the others were abandoned, their Lord had to be taken away.

[How can you two make such sacrifices? You lead the troop…]

[They aren’t people you can handle. We are prepared to use the Blood Reversion Art if needed.]

Hwang-heol didn’t respond to the voice full of determination to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their Lord.

As former lord Woo said, there was no way that Hwang-heol could handle both the monsters and survive.

[Then, please run away!]

With those words, former lord Woo shouted to the warriors of his clan.

A voice filled with internal energy resounded throughout Changbai Mountain.

“Listen, everyone. Unless we kill those two monsters here, there is no future for us. I remove all restrictions placed on you. Kill them by any means possible!”


Responding to his order, the surviving men shouted at once.

Of the 1,000 warriors, only about 400 survived the typhoon.

Even so, if that many people could use the completed Blood Reversion Art, even if the opponents were monsters, they would be unable to do anything.



Once the order fell, almost everyone began to use the Blood Reversion Art.

The completed Blood Reversion Art showed the body’s maximum ability, and it played a vital role in boosting someone’s energy and regeneration speed.

However, there were side effects of using it.

Still, the side effects were much less dire than the incomplete Blood Reversion Art’s, which was practiced in the past.


Howls of wild beasts could be heard everywhere.

The energy of the warriors, whose muscles and skeletons grew unusually large, looked terrifying.

The first ones to transform were the elite members of the clan who were above Master level.

“These are evil things which need to be destroyed.”


Seeing them like that, Ark Wui turned to the fight with enthusiasm.

He felt terrible after killing his friend, so he had no desire to show mercy to them or himself.

“God of the East!”

“Kuak!! Die!”

The Blade God Six Martial Clan warriors, who were all in close vicinity of Ark Wui, rushed towards him.

Their swords were glowing with sword qi.

It was clear that everyone was rushing towards the Divine Master while putting their lives on the line with higher energy than before.


Ark Wui extended his fist towards them.

The space distorted, and a strong wind swept them away.




Their bodies were torn to shreds by the strong pressure.

How could they withstand the blows from the God of the East, who was the best at what he does?

They all just fell.




Ark Wui noticed something.

Some sacrificed their bodies to protect their heads.

Such people overcame the pain as their bodies began to regenerate rapidly and marched towards him again.

“Trying to become a monster with a human body?”

He knew how to stop their movements, either cut off their heads or crush them to bits.

Like how he killed his friend.

Ark Wui frowned with displeasure and then once again unleashed another fist at them.


Meanwhile, Chun Yeowun, who was moving towards the Blade Lord, who was stuck to the ground, was also surrounded by the warriors who unfolded the Blood Reversion Art.

The first person to attack him was former lord Woo.


Chun Yeowun blocked the incoming attack, which came in with a huge force.


The momentum of the sword technique was amazing.

In terms of executing it, it exceeded even those who were in the Supreme Master Level.

“GRRRR! Die! Demon God!”

From the very beginning, former Lord Woo possessed skills comparable to that of the five strongest warriors.

As he unfolded the Blood Reversion Art, his original limit was exceeded, and the attacks seemed divine.

It was his conviction to do anything and everything to kill the opponent.


‘… he intends to die.’

Even if Chun Yeowun used his invisible sword, he attacked without hesitation, and Chun Yeowun had no choice but to stop the sword technique the man was using.

‘Endure everything. To make time for the Blade Lord to escape.’

From the beginning, the man knew that he wouldn’t win against Chun Yeowun.

As long as they made time for their Lord to escape, it didn’t matter if their lives were lost.



At that time, the other warriors who were around Chun Ywoeun attacked.

Their energy, which unfolded after the Blood Reversion Art, was also unusual.

Their red eyes were dyed with conviction.

‘You are too occupied with former lord Woo’s attacks.’

As much as he struggled to prevent the attacks of former lord Woo, Chun Yeowun couldn’t move as he was already busy dealing with one person.

Maybe they could corner him.

“GRRRR! Haaaa!”

With the growl of an animal, the warriors attacked Chun Yeowun from behind.

Their faces filled with joy when they thought that they could kill the man,



Their sword qi which was radiating, split in two.

Thinking that the armor made of black metal would be strong, they swung their swords with their full strength, but it was even stronger than they imagined.

“What kind of armor is that strong?”

Even former lord Woo, who was ahead, couldn't hide his surprise.

Sword qi is known to cut through rocks.

But it didn’t even work on the armor.

“You didn’t think that I had some useless armor on, did you?”


After a moment, Chun Yeowun’s two fingers stabbed former lord Woo in his eyes.

It was an unexpected attack. Trying to cover his eyes, he screamed.

“KUUUUU! My eyes! My eyesssss!”


Even though his regeneration was fast, it wasn’t fast enough.

Chun Yeowun grabbed the man through his eye socket and cut off his head with an invisible sword.


He rushed in with determination, but in the end, it was futile.

Seeing former lord Woo fall down with his head cut off, the others shouted.

“Former lord Woooo!”

“You don’t have time to worry about others.”

Chun Yeowun cut the throats of the warriors behind him.


Contrary to the God of the East, Chun Yeowun had fought countless times against people who used the Blood Reversion Art.

Cutting their necks is how they are stopped.

However, the number was large.

At least two hundred or more red-eyed monsters were around him.

‘Beheading them one after another is too much work.’

It would take a considerable amount of time.


“Kill him!”

Dozens of warriors jumped at him.

There was nothing he could do, which meant that he had to suppress them with overwhelming power.

At that, Chun Yeowun mumbled with cold eyes.

“I know that this is a plot to stall for time. Do you really think that it will work?”

With those words, Chun Yeowun stretched out his arm towards the dark clouds.


Thunder could be heard from the dark clouds, and bright lightning flashed.

Even the warriors whose rationality was half blown away because of the Blood Reversion Art were confused and looked at the bizarre phenomenon.

“Grrrr! N-No way!”

“As if…”

No matter how much they thought about it, the thunder had to be a coincidence.

It was that moment.

“Take them down.”

Grrr! Bang!

As Chun Yeowun lowered his hand, the dark thunder clouds began to release lightning.

As the huge lightning bolts fell, it was nothing short of a disaster.

“Wh… crazy!”

“Is he not human?”

Lightning couldn’t be summoned in such a short amount of time.

Shoot! Crackle!

Their bodies were soaked, and the land was flooded. More than two hundred warriors were struck by lightning and electrocuted.




Chun Yeowun had taken in thunder qi, so obviously, he could control it.

He was able to create such a phenomenon because of the thunder clouds which were already present.

Grrrr! Bang!

Hwang-heol, the man in bandages, bit his lip as he watched the lightning fall.

At first glance, he knew who was doing it.

‘… he is no longer human.’

He knew that Chun Yeowun absorbed the core of the Dragon Turtle and was capable of using thunder qi, but watching it gave him a different feeling.

It seemed meaningless to call the man human.

The only person who was supposed to be a God was their Blade Lord, who reached the pinnacle of martial arts, but that didn’t seem to be the case any longer.

‘Blade Lord…’

Hwang-heol looked at the Blade Lord, who was on the back of a warrior.


The Blade Lord’s body was regenerating little by little.

But it was completely different from what he thought.

Having absorbed the core, he expected the body to recover faster, but now it was as if something was restricting the healing.

‘That ferocious sword that Demon unleashed is interfering with his regeneration.’

The Blade Lord would have regenerated much faster had it not been for the black energy that seeped into his body.

While being carried away, the Blade Lord focused on getting that energy out.

‘Demon God!!!’


An intense anger, which he felt for the first time after his loss against the God of the East, came over him again.

He felt that he was disgraced and looked miserable.

It was pitiful. They were sacrificing their elite men for only a handful of masters to run away.

The masters who rushed down Changbai Mountain kept silent, knowing how their Lord must’ve been feeling.

Retreating, escaping, either of them was depressing for anyone.

“Bitter defeat is nourishment. Demon God… this head never settles for defeat. Enjoy today’s victory. After all, time is on our side.”

Calming his mind, the Blade Lord spoke to his warriors.

It was to prevent a drop in their morale.

“Even if we are defeated now, the legacy will never stop. Remember the blood and sacrifices we had to make. This head promises to you all…”

It was then,

Blue rays of light fell in front of them as they rushed down the mountain.



All of them had to stop at once.

Hwang-heol mumbled in a trembling voice.

“This, Sky Flash?”

As soon as he finished speaking, someone flew across the air.


It was the Demon God, Chun Yeowun, who stood in their way.

Chun Yeowun landed in front of them and spoke.

“There is no next time for you. Fake Blade God.”


Hearing the last part, the eyes of the Blade Lord shook.

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