Chapter 460 - You Aren't Him (4)

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The words which came out of the Demon God’s mouth about the Blade God didn’t just shock the Blade Lord.

Even Hwang-heol and the other masters weren’t able to hide their shock.

Blade God.

It was their ancestor.

The problem wasn’t that he knew the name.

Many people in Wulin knew the name Blade God, a man of the past.

In addition, there were factions in the Yulin and the Demonic Cult who were aware of the descendants of the Blade God, and they knew it through the clan’s spies.

But that was all.

No one could know the true secret behind their clan.

“Fake… Blade God?”

But why did Chun Yeowun refer to the Blade Lord as a fake Blade God?

Their secrets couldn’t be known.

Raging, on the back of a master, the Blade Lord yelled out in anger.

“I haven’t inherited the title yet, but you Demon God has no right to know about those things.”


Chun Yeowun’s eyes lit up.

Because of the Blade Lord’s words, he realized that the name Blade God was equivalent to the name Chun Ma in the Demonic Cult.

With a single unintentional stimulus, unexpected information was obtained.

Chun Yeowun remembered the face he saw in the video of Nano.


The strong face of the Blade God with thick eyebrows was completely different from the Blade Lord.

But the Blade Lord’s words meant that he was the Blade God who controlled the future.

This only made him more confused.

‘Then, as the descendant called Chun said, someone from the future altered the past, but as the Blade Lord said, is it possible for someone in the future to inherit the name of Blade God?’

He made some assumptions.

There was a high probability that he was a separate person from the Blade God who appeared in the past and fought the Sword Demon.

It felt more realistic than making complicated connections.

One thing was certain.

“You are not.”

The Blade Lord felt strong displeasure from Chun Yeowun’s determined tone.

“… what are you talking about now, Demon God?”

“You don’t need to know.”

“How dare you!”

Chun Yeowun calmly made him realize his reality.

“Do you think that you have the right to ask me that when you’re escaping at the expense of your subordinates?”


‘Blade Lord…’

The master who was carrying the Blade Lord felt his trembling.

They also felt his intense hatred towards Chun Yeowun and his humiliating words. Were they any different from the Blade Lord?

However, it seemed like the Blade Lord was suppressing his anger.


The Blade Lord was doing everything he could to get rid of the ugly energy which seeped into his body.

If they left, he could regenerate.

But if everyone died, the Blade God Six Martial Clan would receive a wound that cannot be healed.

‘The Demon God will follow us to the base, right?’

They had to delay their departure.

Originally, they wouldn’t bother answering, but the only thing they wanted to do was overcome the crisis.

“… what do you want to know about the main seat?”

Chun Yeowun’s eye lit up at the Blade Lord’s question.

Since he thought that the man wouldn’t give an honest answer, Chun Yeowun was planning on subduing and torturing him.

[The internal energy of the injured person is active.]

Nano’s voice echoed in Chun Yeowun’s head.

‘I know.’

Even if Nano didn’t tell him, he could feel the internal energy of the Blade Lord rising.

Besides, he knew more by looking at his tense eyes.

‘… playing tricks. Are you trying to stall for time to release my energy in your body?’

He immediately understood his intentions.

Chun Yeowun, who was concerned for a moment, decided that it would be better to do something else.

When he tried to get information from one of the past masters of the Blade God Six Martial Clan, who was detained in the Demonic Cult, he lost his reasoning without even giving out a few words.

‘But since he’s the head, the probability of that happening is low, but…’

He couldn’t be sure that a thorough clan like the Blade God Six Martial Clan wouldn’t have placed a ban in the mind of its head.

If that was the case, acting like he was fooled was the best choice.

Chun Yeowun opened his mouth while looking at the Blade Lord.

“You promised to kill me and change the future.”


The Blade Lord’s eye fluttered.

He never expected Chun Yeowun to remember and ask that.

Even when he was trying to keep a calm expression, Chun Yeowun, who could see everything from his facial muscles to the contraction of his pupils, asked.

“… I see that you know the future?”


As a response to that question, not just the Blade Lord but even Hwang-heol was shocked.

It was just out of curiosity, but their actions gave him the answer.

‘So, it’s true?’

Chun Yeowun asked it, going off an assumption.

If you could go back to the past, what would you do to change the present?

Implant your descendants with Nano Machines.

If so, those who claim to be the descendants of the Blade God are likely to have received something from the one in the future.

‘H-How did he even? How did the Demon God kno…’

Those who were aware of that fact were few in the Blade God Six Martial Clan.

The Blade Lord opened his eyes and looked at Hwang-heol.


[I-I too, what is happening?]

[…was the record left behind by him leaked?]

Without that, there was no way that the Demon God could ask such an accurate question.

To that, Hwang-heol replied, bewildered.

[There is no way that could have happened. Blade Lord! No one has invaded the base with the record. Besides, even if it’s leaked, the only people who can read it properly are me and the other two former lords.]

Hwang-heol was right.

Even if it was leaked, only four people could read the record, including the Blade Lord.

As a test, they asked literates to read it, but no one managed to interpret it.

It was because, besides the simplified characters, there were words that didn’t exist in the current Jianghu.

In the end, it meant that they couldn’t read it.


Chun Yeowun’s eyes narrowed.

Thanks to the ability, which helped eavesdrop on others’ telepathic messages, he could hear their conversation.

Suddenly, he remembered what Chun Inji said.

[They are pretty great people. I couldn’t get much information because they used words with simple strokes of Chinese characters.]

At that time, Chun Yeowun assumed that it was simple Chinese words.

If these two people were talking about that, then Chun Inji must have copied what was being referred to as the record.

Not knowing that Chun Yeowun was listening to them, Hwang-heol continued to deny it.

[It’s absolutely impossible for the Demon God to know that!]

[Saying you are ‘definite’… wait!]

The Blade Lord’s eyes trembled.

He knew that the record wasn’t leaked.

But something felt strange.

When thinking about it, according to the record, the Demon God was still supposed to be the crown prince of the Demonic Cult.

And the reason he was involved with Chun Yujong, the former Lord, was to prevent Chun Yeowun from even becoming the crown prince.

‘I didn’t really care, but because he can’t intervene directly in the past, not all records left behind fit perfectly.’

Even if the Demon God was growing faster than mentioned in the records, this speed was too fast.

Now they couldn’t even stop him.

As the Demon God gets called the Second Generation Chun Ma in the future, according to the records, they took it as a warning and tried to obtain all the cores.

But coincidentally, he interrupted them every time.

Thanks to that, the core of the Flame Qilin, Dragon Turtle, Imoogi, and now even the White Tiger got taken away.

‘Initially, we were thinking in the wrong way. Since he is the second generation Chun Ma, it isn’t so unexpected that he moved like that.’

The Blade Lord looked at Chun Yeowun with a stiff face and said.

“You know the future too. Demon God!”

Without that, how could he turn all of their plans into dust?

Hwang-heol looked at Chun Yeowun in a way that said he didn’t want to trust what he heard.

Chun Yeowun’s eyes became gloomy at those words.

‘This is going in a completely different direction.’

He didn’t know the future.

He only knew that someone from the future intervened in the past.

Although his opponents were ignorant, he didn’t consider it necessary to deny that.

‘I can get more information.’

Maybe they didn’t know who the real Blade God was.

Chun Yeowun said casually.

“You’re pretty quick. Then you know that you can’t cheat, right?”

They faltered when he went along with their question.

In particular, the one called Hwnag-heol responded.

[Bl-Blade Lord! It’s impossible. His records clearly state that something in his body couldn’t be removed and that the TP intervenes, so no one but himself can intervene in the past!]


It wasn’t the language of Jianghu, nor was it something from this era.

Chun Yeowun had heard that word somewhere.

The word was definitely mentioned by Chun in Nano’s video.

[Doctor, your words are right. Still, the ID chip is dangerous. You do know that if you get a Nano Machine, tracking by the TP will be faster, right?]

Even his descendant Chun seemed concerned about it.

He didn’t know what this TP exactly was, but it seemed like something which prevented the people from the future from intervening in the past.

This clan’s descendants also seem to have injected themselves with Nano Machines and disappeared because of it.

Chun Yeowun’s eyes widened, thinking about it.

‘Wait up, does that mean that the person they keep talking about didn’t just help them from the future but also stayed in the past?’

He didn’t go back like descendant Chun.

He was in the past.

Wondering, he thought about the traces of Blade God Six Martial Clan’s sword, which first appeared in the days of the past, in sword valley, and even during the time of Chun Ma.

In addition, the Extreme Art of the Blade God had developed over time.

‘I was wrong. Right. That’s it. He went further back in time!’

Chun Yeowun spoke to them.

“The one you keep talking about is the Blade God…”

It was then.


A black haze spurted from the Blade Lord’s body.

The release of the entire Sky Demon Energy in him.

At the same time, the eyes of the Blade Lord, which looked like death, were revived, and he flew towards Chun Yeowun.


“Indeed, you, the Demon God, has to be killed here!”


Space distorted from the hand of the Blade Lord, which condensed energy.

It was the unification of energy.

The Blade Lord, who raised his energy and the ice qi of the Great Bird, tried to kill Chun Yeowun.

Now that he was lost in thought, it was his only chance to kill Chun Yeowun.




An invisible sword made out of black thunder qi formed in front of Chun Yeowun.

It was a mistake to think that the Blade Lord wouldn’t be vigilant because of his injuries.

Yet, Chun Yeowun was in perfect condition.

“Not worth it.”

With those words, Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand.

Crackle woong!

The space distorted as all the energy unified on the tip of the black thunder qi invisible sword.


Blade Lord couldn’t help but be shocked.

He had to spend twenty years learning the supreme secret.

It was a secret move he had been hiding until the very end, even when he was on the verge of losing against Demon God on the peak.

“No way. You, how can yo…”

Crackle! Crackle!

Before he could even finish his words, a beam of black lighting struck him.

The Blade Lord responded by urgently unifying the energy he gathered in his hand.



Blood gushed out of his mouth.

He tried to hold the energy shield with all his might.


It was impossible to stop the sword technique, which was rushing in with black thunder qi and an invisible sword all unified together.

Chun Yeowun spoke in a cold voice.

“Don’t dream of playing around.”

Crackle! Kwakwakng!

“De-Demon God! No! Eukkk!”

The attack of the Blade Lord was destroyed, and his body got swept away by the lightning in an instant.

The screams were strong and terrifying until they slowly became fleeting.

The only traces left behind were the spots that the black lightning burnt.

“Uh… how did this happen!”

“Blade Lorrrddddd!!!”

Hwang-heol and the other masters screamed and tried to find him, but there were no traces of him.

As if he disappeared.

As if he vanished completely, leaving no cells behind.

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