Chapter 464 - On the Verge of Life and Death (4)

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Before the start of the one-on-one battle with the Blade God, Chun Yeowun decided that he had to be prepared for any possible situation.

Regardless of the opponent’s skills, he didn’t know what the outcome would be if the Blade God was as strong as the Blade Lord.

‘Nano. Can you absorb the spiritual energy of this core into the Nano Suit like you did with the Dragon Turtle’s lightning?’

[It is possible. Gatelinium is a metal with a structure suitable for energy absorption and shock absorption.]

‘Is it possible to analyze it while absorbing?’

[It is.]

It was possible with the computational power of Nano.

Handling numerous Air Swords at once with the panel system, there was simply no way that Nano couldn’t do two tasks at once.

Chun Yeowun's judgment was correct.

[Converting the original energy absorbed by Gatelinium Nano Suit into the user's energy, in progress. Current Progress 3%.]


The Nano suit emitted a brilliant light and radiated strong spiritual energy.

The eyes of the Blade God, who looked at that, became embarrassed.

After gaining power comparable to that of the future Demon God for more than eight hundred years, the Blade God’s interest and commitment to the task had almost faded.

And contrary to the history that he knew, after receiving the report that Chun Yeowun had already obtained the cores of three Spirit Beasts, he decided to stop Chun Yeowun.

‘Immortal life is a right that only I can enjoy in this world.’

He had to build a world where he was the one and only absolute.

If someone was on equal footing with him and tried to interfere with the Blade God’s plan, he had to execute that person.

‘Those in the past couldn’t absorb the core’s spiritual energy, so how can the Nano suit do that? Does that mean the technology he’s using is from a farther future than I know?’

If not that, the Blade God couldn’t think of another answer.

Of course, his guess was partially correct.

But fundamentally, the Nano Suit can absorb the core’s spiritual energy because it was made of Gatelinium, a metal not from earth.

“Haaa… haaa… did you think I’ll let you absorb the core's spiritual energy?”

The air around the Blade God swished as a sword formed in his right hand.

After condensing energy on the blade, he tried to kill Chun Yeowun at once.

Chun Yeowun, who was lying face down, bounced back as he put pressure on his palms and stood up, immediately stretching out a sword.


An invisible sword made of black flames formed before him, blocking the Blade God’s sword like a shield.

“Is your internal energy already restored to this level? But do you think this will work?”

The Blade God tried to cut it down with a condensed invisible sword.

However, the sword made of black flames, which stood tall like a shield, aimed at the tip of the Blade God’s sword and tried to stab him.




The Blade God had to lean to his side and block the invisible sword.

As if the sword broke, the black flame sword split in half and disappeared.

No matter how much Chun Yeowun’s internal energy was restored, the gap between their two internal energies couldn’t be narrowed at once.

‘To destroy the invisible sword instantly.’


“Huh… huh…”

Chun Yeowun staggered.

It was hard to breathe as the blade energy was still in him.

‘I need to discharge it…’

The core’s spiritual energy was constantly rushing through the Nano Suit, but there was no time to use it and drive it out because the Blade God attacked him.

The Blade God instantly came close to Chun Yeowun as if he could control space.


‘My wrist!’


Right then, Chun Yeowun’s arms spread out to avoid getting hit. His heart throbbed, but he didn’t care.

And he wasn’t able to move because of the overwhelming force his opponent gave out.

“Did you think that if you absorb the spiritual energy, you could overwhelm me at once?”


‘What energy is that?’

It was no use even if Chun Yeowun concentrated on the energy in his hand.

It felt like his wrist was about to be crushed by the huge energy coming from the Blade God.

Even though Chun Yeowun was constantly absorbing the spiritual power, it was difficult to fill the gap.



Chun Yeowun, who gave up on putting pressure on his wrist, tried to stab the opponent’s heart with another sword he created in his left hand.

The Blade God raised the invisible energy with his opposite hand and cut off the left one in a second.



A scream erupted from Chun Yeowun with blood gushing out of his hand.

To such a sight of Chun Yeowun, the Blade God smiled and spoke.

“See this? You and I are like flies and humans…”

Throb! Throb!

At that moment, blood gushed out of the Blade God’s mouth.

He didn’t let go of Chun Yeowun’s slashed wrist, but with the opposite hand, he grabbed his chest.


The Heart Fist caused great pain in his heart.

He tried to suppress the pain with a vast amount of internal energy, but the Heart Fist wasn’t something that could be suppressed like that.

Cold sweat ran down his face.

‘Damn that bastard.’

He really didn’t know that the final blow from Ark Wui would torment him this much.

If he didn’t remove the energy invading his body right away, he knew the huge damage it would do.

The Blade God then looked at the Nano Suit emitting dazzling light.

‘Rather, I should use this energy.’

He thought of a good solution.

It was a killing two birds with one stone method where he makes sure that Chun Yeowun would release the energy before the Nano Suit completely absorbs it.



The Blade God broke Chun Yeowun’s wrist.

And then used his sword, trying to damage the Nano Suit.

‘After breaking it, I will absorb the released spiritual energy at once.’


It was at the moment when the sword of the Blade God was about to touch Chun Yeowun’s stomach.

In a brief moment, the Blade God saw Chun Yeowun’s eyes.

Obviously, the man had just cut off his hand, so his eyes were frowning in pain, but they were also hawklike, hunting their next prey.


It was the moment when he saw that, a sense of awareness rushed into the Blade God.

‘Nano! Now!’

[5% of the energy is being emitted as a wave.]



At the same time as Nano’s voice ended, a brilliant light emitted from the Nano Suit, causing waves in the form of a round sphere.

It was similar to a magnetic field, but it was nothing more than a transformation of spiritual energy into physical energy.



In an instant, the energy swelled up to a radius of 5 meters, and the Blade God, who received a great shock, was thrown away.

The Blade God, who was bouncing back and forth in circles, tried to balance himself.

But for a moment, his focus broke, and his heart hurt again.

Throb! Throb!


He gripped his chest, which throbbed in pain.

It was then.





The enormous energy which surrounded him was raging as the Blade God held his chest.

There were invisible swords made of black flames, black thunder, and another of black ice.

‘Three different energies at once? How is that possible!’

While he was spinning around, the eyes of the Blade God looked at Chun Yeowun, who could barely support himself with his right hand, and with the severed left hand, he stood.


Chun Yeowun’s wrist, which was slashed and bent back, quickly returned to its original state.

However, the Blade God’s blade energy was still in his body.



With the agony his heart was in, Chun Yeowun fixed his fingers and thumb, then created an energy sword.

‘I-I can’t miss this!’

He wasn’t sure how the Blade God would act if he managed to regain his balance.

Now was the only opportunity when the Blade God was still suffering from the God of the East’s Heart Fist.

Chun Yeowun screamed as he coughed up blood.

“Cough… cough! Die!”


At that moment, separate ripples broke out from the tips of the three invisible swords that surrounded the Blade God as immense power erupted from them.




The three invisible swords rushed towards the Blade God simultaneously as they pierced through the air.

The face of the Blade God, who was holding his chest, distorted.

If he couldn’t prevent it, he would get hit directly. Despite being immortal, it felt like his life would be in danger.

‘To make me use this technique!’

The Blade God stretched out his hands to the left and right despite the excruciating pain.

At the same time, he drew a unique trajectory with both hands using blades.


Then, his energy began to create several circular ripples around him, almost like a curtain.

It looked like a veil, but the Blade Film contained the essence of the Extreme Art of the Blade God.

‘I have to endure this.’

The Blade God clenched his teeth.

At that moment, the three swords hit the veil.




Simultaneously, three different beams of light spurted as the Blade God groaned.

It wouldn’t have been such a burden for him if he had been in his original state, but he couldn’t be perfect in his current state, where there was too much strain on his heart.


The same was true for Chun Yeowun, who focused on driving out the blade energy with all the energy he received from Nano.

Both of them were under the same pressure.

But there was one thing different.

“Haa… ha ha… God of the East… do you think I will… blow away the… opportunity… he created!”

The will left behind by the dead God of the East made even Chun Yeowun overcome his death.

Chun Yeowu poured all his internal energy into his heart. He wanted to kill the Blade God, even if it meant his own death.




At that moment, the beams emitted by the three invisible swords grew thicker, and the veil created by the Blade God began to crack.

‘How can he do this with the blade energy raging in his heart…’

The Blade God’s eyes fluttered.

Even he would never raise his internal energy to the maximum when he knows another energy is causing his heart to fail.

No matter how much he suffers, it would mean nothing if the heart bursts, and he would be defenseless until it regenerates.


Once the veil starts cracking, no matter how many times he tries to fix it, it doesn't recover.

The Blade God’s emotions, which had been dead for a long time, were completely revived.

Because of rage and embarrassment.

“Demon… God!!!”


As soon as he mumbled those words, the veil shattered entirely, and the sword went for the Blade God, who was in the middle.


Black flames, black thunder, and black ice rays all collided at the same point, the rain which was pouring down halted right away, and a huge explosion erupted.

The explosion’s effects extended till Chun Yeowun, who was five fields away from the Blade God.


Chun Yeowun, who got caught in the aftermath, bounced back.

He tried to endure everything, but it felt like his heart just ripped into shreds because of how exhausted his body was, and he had already gone past his limits.

Pain similar to the cruelest death.



Chun Yeowun, whose heart was damaged, fell to the floor as he screamed at the excruciating pain.

He didn’t even know how far he was thrown away by the explosion. He kept groaning.

The pain was to the point where it felt like he would faint any moment.

‘He… he…’

He couldn’t let himself close his eyes unless he confirmed the death of the Blade God.

The first thing that Chun Yeowun’s blurry vision caught was a huge hole that had blown away the entire lake.

The hole seemed to be at least 20 meters wide.

“Haa… haaa…”


The dust was still rising, and the rain began to fall even faster.

But the moment the dust disappeared, Chun Yeowun’s eyes widened.

“No… cough… way… cough… cough!”

In the center, he saw someone staggering but standing up.

His clothes were ragged, and it was definite that the Blade God was in the settling dust.

However, the Blade God wasn’t in great condition.

“Ugh! Cough! Cough!”

He kept on coughing up blood over and over again.

Starting with his right arm, half of his upper body was completely blown away.

Although such a wound on a normal person would mean the man was dead, the Blade God was immortal.

The Blade God, who kept on coughing up blood, stared at Chun Yeowun, who was far away with bloodshot and furious eyes.


He never imagined that he would turn out like this.

If his body would immediately regenerate, he wanted to rip Chun Yeowun into millions of pieces without even killing him and then make sure that no one would even find his body.

But there was a problem.

‘What on earth is that bloody black energy!’


The vicious dark energy kept on preventing him from regenerating.

He was the one who had absorbed the cores of the Five Spirit Beasts and turned into an immortal being.

It was a serious matter that his wounds weren’t healing. He would only be an immortal if he can regenerate his wounds right away and never age.

‘I need to get rid of this energy,’

If he had been in his original state, he might have been able to get rid of it.

Throb! Throb!


However, the Heart Fist was also preventing him.

It was like he was being pushed to his death.

“God of the East… kuuk!”

He felt resentful towards the dead man.

If he didn’t release the God of the East’s energy from his heart, he wouldn’t be able to control the black energy, and then the Blade God might actually die.


A handsome young man with bright red hair appeared in front of him.

He was the same one who saved Hwang-heol.


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