Chapter 465 - Natural State (Heavenly Master) (1)

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“Qu… Qu Yuan.”

The handsome, bright red-haired man called Qu Yuan supported the Blade God who was about to trip.

Qu Yuan was shocked to see the Blade God dying from exhaustion and his body’s state.

It was natural, after erasing the Demon God from the world a long time ago, he who was supposed to get the core of the White Tiger leisurely, had ended up like this.

“Lord. Are you alright?”


It was strange.

The body of the Blade God, which had absorbed all five cores of the spirit beasts, became immortal, yet it wasn’t regenerating.

Upon closer inspection, it was noted that a vicious dark energy was hindering the process.

Qu Yuan tried to help.

“I will help.”

At that, the Blade God shook his head and spoke.

“Him, kill him. He needs to be killed.”

“But it could be dangerous if you don’t recover right…”

“Haaa… haaa… do it now!”

In the end, Qu Yuan frowned at the decisive command from the Blade God.


The Blade God, who usually wasn’t the kind to show his emotions, was now showing murderous intent.

It meant that Chun Yeowun, the Demon God, could fill in the gap and drive the Blade God into a corner.

‘Then he’ll have to be killed right here.’

He decided that it would be best to kill Chun Yeowun so that he wouldn’t have to face repercussions from the Blade God.

“I will follow your orders.”

Qu Yuan, who placed the Blade God down carefully, took a step forward.

“It has been so long.”

As soon as he finished, his entire body got covered in red flames.

It was like seeing Ran-yeong of the Demon Cult.


Despite the rain, the flames were so intense that they soared high.

Qu Yuan, who had turned into a human torch, had radiating eyes as he moved towards Chun Yeowun.


Qu Yuan, who moved out right away, intended to turn Chun Yeowun into ashes.

‘As the Lord said, this Demon God has to be killed here.’

Chun Yeowun blinked a couple times as he couldn’t make out the flames that came for him because of his blurred vision.

No matter how hard he tried to move his body, even his toes weren’t moving due to his heart’s pain.

‘… is this the end?’

It was then.

Chun Yeowun’s skin began to feel cold.


That moment,


When Qu Yuan’s form was only three meters away, a huge ice wall arose in front of him, stretching out in a line.


At the same time, a silver-haired middle-aged man stood in front of him.


In an instant, the flames collided with the ice, and steam rose.


Qu Yuan tried to burst through at once, but his opponent wasn’t normal.

In a short moment, both their techniques collided, but instead of breaking through, they both got pushed back.


Qu Yuan, who was interrupted, glared.

“Who are you?”

The silver-haired middle-aged man, who was asked the question, exclaimed in a loud voice.

“3rd Great Elder of the Demonic Cult, Dan Jucheon.”

‘Demonic Cult?’

Dan Jucheon was a Supreme Master from the North and the newest addition to the Demonic Cult.

There was a gleam in Qu Yuan’s eyes.

‘Was there such a person in the Demonic Cult?’

It was his first time hearing about it.

Even looking at the man, Qu Yuan could feel the strong internal energy rivaling the five strongest warriors.

As there was no information from the North, Qu Yuan had no way of knowing about the recently added Dan Jucheon.

Frowning, Qu Yuan spoke.

“You look pretty strong. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to fight you.”

If Chun Yeowun was removed, everything could be sorted out.

All he had to do was cut off the dying man’s head, and he didn’t feel the need to fight everyone for that cause.

Qu Yuan turned and tried to overtake the new man and head towards Chun Yeowun.




Someone blocked him with a fierce sword.

Qu Yuan avoided it, but his opponent’s attacks were too strong.


‘What kind of attack is this?’

The man’s sword, which was moving at the speed of light, finally pierced through the flames and brushed against his cheek.




In the end, he once again couldn’t get to Chun Yeowun, and Qu Yuan was more than eight steps away.

The one who stopped him was a man wearing a unique mask.

He didn’t know about the other, but the information on this person was so popular that he knew it thoroughly.

“The Dark King?”

He was the Great Guardian of the Demonic Cult, Marakim.

“Whoever tries to touch my Lord will die by my hands.”

‘How did this person even come here?’

Qu Yuan’s expression hardened as he saw Marakim aim his sword at him.

He didn’t realize it as he was too concerned with killing Chun Yeowun, but there was too much energy closing in.

Unsurprisingly, other figures appeared from the mountain behind Chun Yeowun.

“My Lorrdddd!”

They were the Six Swords and his lieutenant, who were right under Chun Yeowun.

After that, a lot of cultists came up.

Hu Bong, who arrived first, looked at Qu Yuan, whose body was burning with flames with shocked eyes.

“Ah! That flame?”

A very familiar feeling.

It looked like he was watching Ran-yeong.

Hu Bong, who possessed a strong sense of loyalty, ran towards Chun Yeowun.

He hurriedly supported Chun Yeowun, who was about to fall.

“Lord! Are you alright?”


Chun Yeowun couldn’t speak a single word because of the pain and only exhaled.

Mun Ku, who arrived late, had tears in her eyes as she supported the other side of Chun Yeowun.

“Lord! How did it get to this point…”

It was their first time seeing Chun Yeowun suffer such damage.

He was groaning as he looked at his severed left hand.




The veins in Chun Yeowun’s hand got tangled up, and the hand that was cut off began to regenerate.

Hu Bong explained to Mun Ku, who was shocked.

“Lord has taken in the cores of the Qilin and the Dragon Turtle, so he is regenerating.”


Since Hu Bong absorbed the blood of the Qilin, he was well aware of how quickly the cores promote human regeneration.


Qu Yuan couldn’t hide his annoyance as he saw all these people who stood in his way.

If it was only Dan Jucheon who arrived first, he might have been able to overpower him and deal with Chun Yeowun.

But if he tried to deal with all the new people, he would end up putting himself at risk.

In that case, the Blade God couldn’t be protected if something happened.

‘… it’s a pity, but we have to retreat.’

It would violate the order, but he thought that Blade God would understand the situation.

It was then.


Qu Yuan’s eyes caught someone closing in on the Blade God at high speed.

An old man with short white hair, Chun Inji, the former Lord.

He had reached the top of Changbai Mountain at the same time as Dan Jucheon and Marakim and discovered Blade God. When he noticed the other man go forward, he went for him.

‘Whoever made my Yeowun like that has to be killed!’

It was probably because of his insight due to his experience in martial arts.

“No, no!”

In order to prevent that from happening, Qu Yuan moved towards the Blade God, but Chun Inji had already arrived.

‘To see that he’s still alive after looking like this… that means that he’s not human. Huh, kill him at once.’

Chun Inji was shocked to find that the man was still breathing despite a quarter of his body being blown away.

Chun Inji, who reached forward, tried to unleash the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.

It was then.



Someone snatched the Blade God before Chun Inji could unfold the sword.

When the man who snatched the Blade God with incredible speed began to run, a tremendous chill erupted and sharp ice spears formed from the ground.



Chun Inji cut them down with his sword.


He hurriedly cut down the ice spears, but the one who snatched the Blade God was far away.

Only his back was visible, and he seemed to have bandages all over his body.


Qu Yuan, the handsome young man with bright red hair, exhaled as he saw that.

If Hwang-heol hadn’t appeared on time, the Blade God would have been in danger.

Qu Yuan glared at cultists behind him and ground his teeth.


“Demonic Cult…”

He was so concerned with the Demon God, Chun Yeowun, that he never dreamed such a situation would occur.

“Don’t think that this is the end.”


Qu Yuan, who uttered that, moved towards the Blade God.

It was so fast that his image quickly turned into a small dot and was about to disappear.


He was followed by Great Guardian Marakim and Dan Jucheon.

Meanwhile, the voice of a woman ripped through Changbai Mountain.


The sound of Mun Ku wailing.

All the cultists flocked to her as they were too shocked by the cry.


“This, what is this?”

“H… how did… this… what…”

Their Lord, Chun Yeowun’s eyes were open as they lost focus and his body went limp.

That couldn’t be the reason why Mun Ku suddenly wailed.

However, the black armor on Chun Yeowun, which shone brilliantly, lost all its light, and the man who was breathing stopped.



Hu Bong, Ko Wanghur, Bakgi, Sama Chak, Hou Sanghwa, and Che Takim couldn’t hide their sorrowful expressions at the sight of Chun Yeowun, who was on the floor dead with his eyes open.

“How? How did Lord…”

His hands were regenerating just a moment back, so they all thought that he would get up again, like always.

However, Chun Yeowun suddenly stopped breathing.

It all happened when the light on the black armor began to fade.


“What happened?”

Chun Inji, the former Lord, arrived as he was shocked by the scream and asked the seven people beside Chun Yeowun with a bewildered voice.

At that, Mun Ku spoke with tears in her eyes.

“Lo, Lord suddenly stopped breathing… uhh!”

She couldn’t speak.

She couldn’t say that Chun Yeowun had died with her own mouth.

Chun Inji rushed towards Chun Yeowun’s side, who was lying on the floor as if he died, and put his fingers on the body.


Chun Inji’s wrinkled face became hardened.

Chun Inji staggered and fell back in shock at what he just felt.

“Fo-Former Lord!”

Ko Wanghur, who was beside him, tried to support him, but Chun Inji refused.

He never dreamed that something like this would happen in Changbai Mountain, which he had asked Chun Yeowun to come to.


He never imagined that his grandchild with monstrous strength would become like this.

Just what kind of monster could do this?

All the cultists, including him, were shedding tears in despair as they looked at Chun Yeowun.

“No. There is no way my Lord would die like this.”

Hu Bong, who was unable to accept the reality, kept shaking his head and shouted again and again.

“There are just injuries! Right! Injuries…”

As he said, everyone wanted to believe that the Chun Yeowun in front of their eyes was a lie.

But could they really dismiss what they see with their own eyes as false?

“Right. We can’t give up!”

Mun Ku couldn't give up, so she tried to inject her energy into Chun Yeowun’s body.

Chun Inji was the one who disapproved of that.

“Stop it. Don’t deny what you’re seeing.”

If his breathing was cut off, sending internal energy now would only injure his body.

Hot tears flowed down Mun Ku’s cheeks.


Mun Ku kept sobbing as she touched Chun Yeowun’s cheek, which had lost its usual warmth.

“Huk… Lord. If you… if you go… like this… what about… me…”

Before Mun Ku could complete.



At that moment, a change occurred in Chun Yeowun’s body.

Suddenly, light began to engulf his body from the inside, and his body rose into the air.

All the people around him backed up.

“This, what is this?”

Everyone was bewildered, but the various energies in Chun Yeowun’s body began to move.






The energies of flame, ice, thunder, wind, and the hideous sky demon energy.

Suddenly, all five kinds of energy rose from Chun Yeowun’s body and kept resonating.

At that strange sight, Chun Inji, who looked at it with bewildered eyes, mumbled.

“Core of the Five Spirits!”

It was the energy that occurs when the spiritual energies of the five spirit beasts harmonize in one place.

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