Chapter 468 - Natural State (Heavenly Master) (4)

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Pachik! Pachik!

A huge crack appeared in the space of nothingness.

There was one person who looked at it with admiration, and it was Chun Yeowun.

Clearly, he was able to exist in the space of nothingness in his actual form, despite it being a spirit body.

And it was all made by Chun Ma.

[This is amazing. You understood it really quickly. I only showed it to you a couple times, but it’s like the blood running through you has already embodied it.]

Chun Ma looked at him with satisfaction.

The black Sky Demon Sword in Chun Yeowun’s hand trembled slightly.


It wasn’t just a simple tremor.

His right arm trembled as if he had faced a strong recoil.

‘Ancestor has surely said that this body is nothing but a spirit form, so why is my body shaking so much?’

Chun Ma spoke as if he was waiting for the question.

[Even if it’s just a spirit body, it’s made to be as close to the original body as possible, so it’s natural to tremble. Only when accompanied with a strong will and body will the Sky Demon Sword be able to destroy all things.]

Chun Yeowun nodded as if he understood.

The power of the Non-existent Sky Demon Sword is truly a skill for the ultimate death of an opponent.

Naturally, the caster itself was affected by it.

‘… really amazing.’

Despite it being a memory fragment of Chun Ma, he really seemed God-like.

The best sword technique, the Sword Art of the Demon God, which Chun Yeowun and Nano completed by collecting the essence of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon and the Extreme Art of the Blade God, was only possible because of the sword traces left behind by Chun Ma.

When it came to martial arts, Chun Ma was unrivaled.

The fact that the Blade God, who went back to the past, yet failed to stand as an opponent in front of him, wasn’t so shocking anymore.

‘Ancestor. You are truly…’

It was then.


Suddenly, change began to occur in the space.

It was nothing, but the space shook as if it was affected by something.

The right expression to say would be it looked like the space was collapsing.

Seeing that change, Chun Ma nodded and spoke.

[It looks like we are running out of time here.]

‘Running out of time?’

[Now is the time we part ways.]


[Huhuhu, don’t look so sad. The strength of my will left behind in the Sky Demon Sword is exhausted. It’s faster than what it should’ve been, but this is probably because of the power inside the sword weakening as hundreds of years passed.]

Chun Ma spoke.

His will planted in the Sky Demon Sword gradually dispersed for nearly eight hundred years, and the space of nothingness collapsed much faster than originally thought.

[I don’t know if you lack talent. But the amount of time we had was more than enough. I have taught you everything that I could teach.]

It was a short time, but Chun Yeowun learned most of it.

That’s how good Chun Yeowun’s mind is.

Now, in order to use it well, it was a matter of how elaborately he would polish and learn it.


Chun Yeowun raised his hand towards Chun Ma and bowed his head.

‘I sincerely thank you for the generosity you have shown to Chun Yeowun, your blood descendant.’

Shaking his head, Chun Ma said.

[I remember telling you that you don’t have to be so formal.]

‘How can I not show courtesy when I have been taught by the lord?’

[You’re a funny one. I thought you were a blunt one, but you’re doing these useless things despite this form being only a fragment of me.]

Chun Ma didn’t exactly look like he hated it.


Slowly, the space of nothingness began to crack, and light began to enter the dark space.

Chun Ma too gradually became transparent.

[My role has ended here. Teach those greedy beings whose eyes have turned towards immortality the weight of the title Chun Ma.]

‘I will show them. The power of Chun Ma.’

[Huhuhu, such a reliable kid.]

Even though he was disappearing from the place he existed in all these years, Chun Ma didn't shake for a single moment and kept on smiling.

Aside from being an ancestor, he was a person to truly respect.

‘Having only heard things which might happen from a prophet, you started to prepare for the descendants of the distant future. Ancestor, you truly are… hm!’

Chun Yeowun, who was looking at Chun ma disappearing, suddenly noticed something strange.

Of course, it was natural to be concerned about Chun Ma, who said that the Sky Demon Order he founded would see a crisis in the future.

[I see that you have something to say. We don’t have much time, so tell me.]

‘… lord, can you tell me who the prophet is?’

Disappearing, Chun ma reached out lightly.


Smoke gathered in the half-collapsed space of nothingness and changed into a human form.

It seemed like it was the figure of the prophet.


However, Chun Yeowun’s eyes trembled as he looked at it.

The figure with unique color clothes that were completely different from his time, Chun Yeowun knew who It was.

‘He is…’


He couldn’t help but be shocked, and the space collapsed.

A place not far from the northwest of Changbai Mountain.

A part of the mountain, which was originally covered with dense forest, was burning up in flames.


Thousands of trees fell down, turning to black ash from huge hot flames.

It seemed like only a matter of time before the entire mountain would get covered in flames, but the ice wall around it wasn’t letting the flames spread.


In a place surrounded by an ice wall, the flames moved in a straight line.

They had the momentum to melt down the ice wall at once. However, when one wall melted, another rose high.


A harsh sound ran out along with the wall.

“Damn it!”


The boy was annoyed as he was burning in flames.

The strange thing was, despite being surrounded by flames, the man didn’t burn. Rather he looked like a human flame.

“Haa, you damn bastard.”

The bright red-haired man surrounded by the flame was the one called Qu Yuan.

Why was he, someone below the Blade God, here?

He was unable to escape, following Hwang-heol, who was taking away the seriously wounded Blade God.

‘I was only trying to gain them some time.’

But the plan went awry.

Originally he tried to run away, but he detected people following him.

Because the ones following him were too fast, he was worried that he would end up leading them to the Blade God and Hwang-heol.

So he stopped and tried to gain some time, but the battle lasted over half an hour.

“Pant…. Pant…”

In front of him, he saw two men who looked ragged.

The man with the mask on had half his mask broken and black soot all over him, Marakim.

His clothes were half-burned because of the flames, and were a mess.

Despite that, Marakim was taking harsh breaths and stared at him with distressed eyes, probably because of the lack of oxygen due to the flames.

“Haa… haaa…”

On his left side was Dan Jucheon, wearing golden armor on his upper body, the armor which came from the Ice Cold staff, and it was protecting his body.

He was in better condition as the armor had the opposite attribute to the flames, yet he looked tired as he ended up consuming a lot of energy.

[Great Guardian. That man is a monster.]

Dan Jucheon shook his head as he sent the message.

While chasing the Blade God, they ended up stopping this one and began to fight with him who could use flames.

This person seemed to be slightly above them.

However, the gap in their internal energy was too large.

[He must have absorbed the core of some spirit beast.]

Unlike them, who were on the verge of exhaustion while fighting, the enemy who was surrounded by the flames was still strong.

[Like the Qilin.]

[Have you seen it?]

Marakim had seen Ran-yeong, so he guessed that this young one had absorbed the blood of the Flame Qilin or the core itself.

He was indeed a formidable opponent, but the energy of the spirit beast was what made it difficult for them to deal with the young man.

Even though the young man was stabbed and cut constantly, he kept regenerating.

A true monster.

[We will have to cut his head…]

At the end of the battle, they concluded that they would have to decapitate the opponent to kill him.

But that wasn’t an easy task.

Decapitating the monster would be tough with the defense it had.

[If the fight lasts longer, we will be at a disadvantage.]

They were exhausted.

They didn’t have much time left. The longer they took, the more chances for them to lose.

Determined, Dan Jucheon sent a message.

[Let’s move together. I’ll try to stop his flames and hold him down. Then the Great Guardian will cut his head off.]

At that, the Great Guardian nodded.

Holding on was impossible as breathing was becoming difficult for him.

The opponent had to be decapitated, even if it meant that he had to sacrifice himself.

[Let's move.]



Dan Jucheon’s hands began to turn pale because of the cold qi he was gathering.

It was to unfold the Cold Ice of Heaven, which Chun Yeowun had passed down to him.

It was a technique that can completely subdue and freeze the opponent by using eight consecutive forms.


Dan Jucheon, at once, moved towards the man in the flames.



The flames flared more and more fiercely from the body of Qu Yuan.

When the body of Dan Jucheon, which was raging with cold qi, touched the flames, steam rose.


Although the area was obscuring, Dan Jucheon tried to give Marakim a chance by taking down the man’s flames.

As the flames and ice collided, the steam gradually thickened, and Marakim finally moved.



Marakim, who appeared behind Qu Yuan at the speed of light, swung his sword at the same speed.


At that moment, when the young man was about to get beheaded.



Marakim’s sword was blocked.

As the steam was lifted by the swift movement of the sword, it was seen that Qu Yuan blocked the sword with his left arm, which had sword qi on it.

“It’s obvious that you guys are getting tired. Hmph!”




Qu Yuan’s whole body, which stopped burning because of Dan Jucheon, soared with flames again.

“I caught you guys.”


Qu Yuan jumped up, turning his body with his arms crossed.

Then, flames struck where Marakim and Dan Jucheon were.


They tried to defend themselves, but they were too close to the man and got trapped in the whirlwind of flames.


Marakim’s eyes widened.

It was in the form of moving flames, but he knew the technique.

It was a technique of the Blade God Six Martial Clan.

Originally, it was a technique that was made to rip the opponent to pieces with a blade or qi while moving in the form of a whirlwind, but this one was unfolding with flames.

“Great Elder, we need to get out of here!”

The only way out of the technique was above.

Marakim pointed to the sky and became flustered.

Qu Yuan, the man in flames, held a giant sphere of flames right above them, waiting to throw it down.

“You idiots! I hope you don’t turn to ashes right away.”

In the victory of his flames, Qu Yuan smiled.

He deliberately pretended to unfold the technique, to put the two into a dilemma.


Dan Jucheon slammed both his hands on the ground.


He took his remaining energy and poured it into creating another ice wall to stop the flames.

However, this time the moving flames had sharp blade qi in them.


The ice wall melted and shattered at once.


Qu Yuan threw the sphere at them.


The huge sphere of flames fell, trying to crush the people trapped in the whirlwind.

It was that moment.

The huge sphere of flames which fell stopped mid-air.


Qu Yuan couldn’t understand what happened.

“How is this possible?”

It was then.

The sphere of flames, which shone like the sun, began to die down.


The sphere of flames decreased in size in an instant and then disappeared.

Great Guardian Marakim and Dan Jucheon, who tried to stop the flames, were also stunned at what happened.



At that moment, the flames which were moving in a whirlwind were narrowing in.

Qu Yuan, who freely manipulated the flames, was flustered.

“The fla-flame is moving… no!”

With a look of disbelief, Qu Yuan looked at the person who was standing ten steps behind Marakim and Dan Jucheon.

A young man wearing black iron armor with fluttering black hair and his hand reaching out.

“You… how are you?”

The Lord of the Demonic Cult, Chun Yeowun.

Marakim and Dan Jucheon too were shocked and shouted at the same time.


They didn’t even know he appeared there.

‘How did this happen? He was clearly…’

Qu Yuan decided that something was wrong.

Indeed, just like the Blade God, he confirmed that Chun Yeowun’s wounds would kill him at any moment.

At that time, Chun Yeowun raised the Sky Demon Sword in his right hand and aimed for Qu Yuan, who was floating in the air.


An eerie and creepy feeling engulfed his entire body.

‘I need to run away!’

Qu Yuan instinctively sensed danger and tried to avoid being close to him.

It was the moment when he was about to move away.


A black line crossed the air right before his eyes.

Both eyes of Qu Yuan widened.



A strong wind blew, and the burning flames were split in half.

Qu Yuan couldn’t help but be shocked as he stared at the black line in front of him.

‘This… can’t be… possible…’


The black line in the air disappeared as if it melted.

“Uh, kuk!”

A groan escaped from Qu Yuan’s lips.

At the same time, Qu Yuan’s vision distorted, and then his body split in half.

Clash! Rip!!

To his shock, Qu Yuan’s entire body split in half.

Watching the boy’s body fall to the floor, Dan Jucheon mumbled with trembling eyes.

“The… the space… severed…”

It was only for a moment, but he saw it with his own eyes.

It meant that the space was cut.

At that moment, Chun Yeowun, who looked at the corpse of Qu Yuan, which was split in half, muttered in embarrassment.

“… I was only trying to cut down his arms and legs.”

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