Chapter 469 - Demons (1)

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The bandaged man, Hwang-heol, continued to move without taking a break.

Thanks to all his efforts, he moved more than 20 miles northwest of Changbai Mountain.

It was the result of the non-stop running with his intent to save the man.

The Blade God was extremely silent on his back.

It was because he was concentrating on driving away that black energy that had invaded his body.

‘What the hell is that energy? It seems like it’s giving the Lord a hard time?’

One thing was certain.

The dreadful energy was interfering with regeneration.

Still, seeing that the bleeding stopped and the body slowly regenerating, it seemed like the energy was releasing.

‘He is late.’

The bright red-haired man was late.

He said that he would stop the pursuers, but it has been more than half an hour, and he couldn’t see the man.

It was then.


“Haaa… haaa… wait!”


At the words of the Blade God, Hwang-heol stopped.

He wanted to know why, when the Blade God looked at the sky to the east.

No birds were flying in the sky.

The Blade God stared intently at the sky with his pale face and bloodshot eyes and then spoke.

“Demon… God!!!”

The sky, which had been gloomy as it rained because of the White Tiger’s power, suddenly cleared up.

As the sunset over the horizon, the sky was red.

The summit of Changbai Mountain was overflowing with dead bodies.

The bodies were all being moved to one place by the cultists.

“How many are left now?”

“There isn't much left.”

“Move quickly. The sun is setting.”


People moved under the orders of Bakgi and Che Takim.

Collecting the bodies was being done for the sake of cremation, and Chun Inji, who was next to Chun Yeowun, who was looking down from the summit, spoke.

“You have the strength to be ruthless, yet you’re kind. Yeowun-ah.”

At those words, Chun Yeowun shook his head and replied.

“It wasn’t for the dead. It was all for the God of the East.”

At that, Chun Inji smiled and nodded his head.

Hearing what happened on the peak, he could fully understand it.

Chun Yeowun was giving permission to cremate the bodies of the Blade God Six Martial Clan’s members because he wanted to defend the righteousness that Ark Wui had upheld.


On the single stone mountain of Changbai, where the cold wind blew.

A tombstone with the words, God of the East, Ark Wui, written on it.

His tombstone was made by Chun Yeowun himself from the rocks in the lake.

Chun Yeowun turned his head and looked intently at the tombstone.

‘You were the best warrior.’

In the end, the God of the East, Ark Wui, had surpassed both Chun Yeowun and the Blade God.

Without the help of cores or Nano, he reached that level with his determination as a human.

He was truly a warrior worthy of holding the title of the best in the world in this era.

Chun Yeowun thought that the most meaningful thing he achieved by coming to Changbai Mountain was meeting Ark Wui rather than the core.

“After disposing of those corpses, will you head back to our base and prepare for subjugation?”

Chun Inji asked.

Here, they annihilated the elites of the Blade God Six Martial Clan.

And the Blade God, who had to be behind the clan, was seriously injured and fled.

They didn’t know where the Blade God was headed, but there was only one thing they had to do.

It was to strike down the base of the Blade God Six Martial Clan, which had lost its leaders and main force.

“Before that, there is a place we need to go.”

“A place?”

“I think we should take a look at the records that grandfather copied from their clan.”

That record must be written by the Blade God.

If he recalled what the man in bandages said, Chun Yeowun thought that it could contain secrets of how the Blade God tried to change the future.

‘I need to know what that man is aiming for so I can catch him.’

He left injured, but that didn’t mean that the Blade God died.

And if the Blade God couldn’t die, then this would never end.

“It will be on our way back, so I guess it will happen on the way.”

“Today, the sun is already setting, so we should cremate all those bodies, go down the mountain and spend the night to prepare for our departure early tomorrow…”



A scream erupted from somewhere.


Chun Yeowun and Chun Inji looked back at the same time.

The scream came from the place where the lake was still frozen.


The huge corpse of the decapitated black tiger was giving out energy.

The black tiger was the fallen White Tiger, a spirit beast.

Even though he was corrupted, his blood was still raging with energy.

All of the blood was drained, and the Six Swords’ Ko Wanghur and Hou Sanghwa, including 6th elder Mong Mu, were ordered to recover what was believed to be the other core of the tiger.

But there seemed to be another problem.



The one who screamed was none other than elder Mong Mu.

He was on one knee clutching his stomach with his right hand, and his face turned pale from blood loss.

There seemed to be someone aiming for his neck.

His right hand was stained with blood as he tried to block the attack from Hou Sanghwa.


“Kuk! H-Hou Sanghwa! What’s wrong with you?”

Hu Bong stopped the attack at the moment when Mong Mu would have lost his life.


‘What kind of sudden burst in power!’

Hu Bong’s eyes trembled as he held Hou Sanghwa’s wrist.

In terms of pure power, she always used a huge axe as a weapon, but in close combat, he was superior.

However, now her power seems to have increased greatly.

“Hou Sanghwa! Calm down!”

Despite Hu Bong’s constant cries, she didn’t stop and kept struggling.

He took a close look at her face,


The whites in the eyes had turned black.

Even though the appearance was eerie, her whole body had vicious energy like a black haze, which was even scarier.

‘This energy is!’



Just then, with her free hand, which was outstretched, her weapon came.

“Ugh! Y-You, don’t plan on wielding it, right?”

Without hesitation, she tried to swing the axe at Hu Bong.

Flustered, Hu Bong hurriedly released internal energy as a shield for both of them and looked at Mong Mu.

“6th elder! I’m sorry!”

Clench! Throw!


As soon as the 6th elder was moved away, Hu Bong quickly blocked the axe with his hand, which had sword qi on it.



The force with which the axe fell was amazing.

Even though his hand had sword qi on it, the pain was still great.

‘It wouldn’t work anymore. I need to subdue her.’

Hu Bong, who decided that Hou Sanghwa has lost her mind, decided to opt for a different method.

Hu Bong’s left hand, which was holding the blade of the axe, soon burst into flames.


As sparks began to rise, the blade of the axe began to heat up, and the heat rose to handle.

Of course, he thought that she would let go of the weapon,


“Hou Sanghwa!”

Hou Sanghwa didn’t let go of the handle. It was as if she couldn’t feel pain anymore, despite her palms burning with smoke and a musty smell coming out.

There was a moment when Hu Bong was perplexed about what to do.



Someone kicked Hu Bong’s left ribs.

With such a strong blow, Hu Bong’s body flew back in an instant.

Hu Bong, who was on the ground, barely managed to stand up.


But he couldn’t move because of the broken ribs.

“Ko- leader Ko! His eyes too?”

“What the hell is that?”


The cultists couldn’t hide their shock.

It was Ko Wanghur who kicked Hu Bong.


The giant Ko Wanghur was holding a sphere the size of a head, which was emitting a black light, in his right hand.

It was the other core of the tiger.

Unlike the original core from its chest, which gave out a dazzling light, this one gave out ferocious and evil energy.


“What the hell is going on? Ah! Ko Wanghur?”

Sama Chak, who was in charge of collecting the corpses, was in close vicinity. Looking at the altered forms of his two friends, he was bewildered.

Ko Wanghur was exuding vicious energy, but it seemed like he wasn’t in control.

The cause seemed to be the black core he was holding.

‘Did he come into contact with that?’

It was dangerous to see Ko Wanghur, who had reached the Superior Master Level, engulfed by the black sphere giving out energy.

“Ko Wanghur, come to your senses… ugh!”


Sama Chak was thrown back.

Ko Wanghur attacked him at the speed of light.

It all happened so swiftly, Ko Wanghur’s left fist hit him at once.

“Da-Damn it!”

It was then.


Ko Wanghur, who was about to swing another fist, knelt down on the floor.

It wasn’t just him.

Hou Sanghwa, who was holding her axe, also knelt on the floor, staggering, unable to get up.



Chun Yeowun had appeared.

He was the one who managed to suppress the two.

‘I told them to be careful. Yet they ended up like this.’

Chun Yeowun frowned as he looked at the black orb in Ko Wanghur’s hand.

It seemed to hold the demon energy of the fallen tiger that had entered the two of them.

“Ugh! They are getting up!”

Ko Wanghur and Hou Sanghwa tried to straighten little by little.

Perhaps the energy from the core hand flowed into them again. This power seemed far more explosive than the blood of a spirit beast.

‘Demon energy is dangerous.’

However, Chun Yeowun, who achieved the path of demons, was overpowering them.

Chun Yeowun slightly moved his fingers.



The two who were trying to stand fell to the floor.

The internal energy was so strong that they were both digging into the floor, causing cracks.

Chun Yeowun stretched out his left hand.

Wheeing! Tak!

And the black core in Ko Wanghur’s hand entered Chun Yeowun’s.

“L-Lord it’s dangerous!”

Hu Bong, holding his ribs, shouted.

When the core touched his hand, the ferocious yet evil energy tried to enter Chun Yeowun’s body through his palm.

At that, Chun Yeowun smiled.

“I guess you are going crazy.”


Ferocious energy emanated from Chun Yeowun’s body.

It couldn’t be compared to the small demon energy that the black core was giving out.

Inside Chun Yeowun, the cores of the five had merged into one. As he realized mother nature and achieved the path of demons, he surpassed even the limits of spirit beasts.


As if afraid of something, the energy from the black core began to calm down.

Eventually, the strong black light faded away.

The demon energy was completely suppressed.


“The Lord easily brought down the demon energy!”

The cultists around were shocked.

However, Chun Yeowun wasn’t.


Chun Yeowun froze the black core.

Since it was locked in ice, it couldn’t release any more of its power.

Now all that was left was to bring Ko Wanghur and Hou Sanghwa back.


Perhaps because they shared the same energy of the black core, they couldn’t hide their fear when they saw Chun Yeowun and his energy.

Chun Yeowun’s eyes lit up as he put his hand on Ko Wanghur, who was unable to get up from the floor.

“Lord. What is it?”

Chun Yeowun answered Sama Chak’s question.

“The core’s demon energy is encroaching their insides.”

It was the equivalent of the Sky Demon Energy acting up in Chun Yeowun.

In Hou Sanghwa, the energy had already penetrated through her dantian.

“Can’t the energy be expelled?”

It wasn’t such a simple thing.

“If you try to get rid of the energy which has penetrated inside, the dantian will be damaged.”

If that happens, it would be fatal for the person.

“But, if we leave them like this, won’t Ko Wanghur and Hou Sanghwa become obsessed and turn into evil demons?”

At Sama Chak’s words, Chun Yeowun’s eyes darkened.

As the one beside him was puzzled, Chun Yeowun spoke.

“There is a good way.”


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