Chapter 470 - Demons (2)

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Hearing that there might be another core inside the dead body of the White Tiger, 6th elder Mong Mu and the Six Swords’ Ko Wanghur and Hou Sanghwa decided to bring it out.

Despite being dead, the flesh and carcass of the tiger were hard.

It was tough to cut it with internal energy or weapons, so they had to dismantle it with sword qi.


[Ugh, is there really another core?]

Hou Sanghwa frowned at the sticky black blood which was dripping onto her.

Although she had reached the end of the Super Master Level, she was still weak compared to Ko Wanghur and Mong Mu.

[No. I can definitely feel it inside.]

[So do I. Elder Mong Mu.]

Although the body was huge, the two could still feel the presence of the energy.

When the body of the dead Dragon Turtle was dismantled, its spiritual energy didn’t flow to this extent.

[It seems to be there.]

Ko Wanghur, who was slashing the flesh, pointed to somewhere.

Mong Mu then cut the area as carefully as he could.


A strange light shone through the flesh of the dead white tiger.

Usually, the light was bright, but this looked dark.


If it was a core, then pure divine energy had to come out, but this energy was dark and ferocious like evil.

[Ominous. Still, it has to be the core.]

It was clear from the strong energy.

All they had to do was move it out.

Elder Mong Mu, who held a higher position than them, gave orders to Ko Wanghur and Hou Sanghwa.

[Lord said that this core’s energy is strong, so direct contact with it is dangerous.]

The Flame Qilin’s core, which was made of flame qi, would burn everything that touches it.

Likewise, the core of the Dragon Turtle would electrocute people by releasing lightning if touched.

Chun Yeowun had asked these three to grab the core because of their strong skills.


Ko Wanghur wrapped both his hands in energy.

And carefully placed his hands around the vicious core.


That moment.


[Huh! Wh-What's this?]

He obviously covered his hands in energy.

Yet, the energy pierced through it and seeped into his body.

Ko Wanghur immediately tried to expel the energy, but the speed at which it was seeping into his body and spreading was beyond his imagination.

When Ko Wanghur became stiff and unable to move, panicking, Hou Sanghwa shouted.

[Wanghur! What’s happening?]

When there was no answer, she hurried and tried to remove the black core from Ko Wanghur.

As she knew not to touch it, she tried to shake Ko Wanghur’s shoulders to make him drop it.


Tremble! Tremble!

Ominous energy began to enter her body the moment she put her hands on him.

That was all they remembered.

[Everyone needs to be killed! Everything has to be destroyed!]

When the vicious energy engulfed their bodies, they became captive to the demonic nature of the energy, and feelings of hatred and anger began to rise.


Things changed as something overwhelming entered their bodies.

It seemed purer and a lot more vicious than the initial energy.


Abyss-like energy filled with darkness controlled the vicious energy which had begun to rage in their bodies.

The energy which ran out of control soon became a part of them.


A shudder came over them.

People couldn’t hide their shock at what was happening.

A little while ago, these two people who had been possessed by the demon energy and running around with murderous intent were now sitting on the ground and meditating.


A black haze was covering their bodies like a cocoon.

Within them, the demon energy slowly stabilized.

It was Chun Yeowun who was doing it.

‘With this technique made by Nano for using the Sky Demon Energy in swords, we can control the energy.’

The Sword Force of the Sky Demon was a technique that Chun Ma had created to deal with the Sky Demon Energy.

Although it was the most effective, it was something that only the lords could learn, so Chun Yeowun had to use it on them with the help of Nano.

‘Done. It’s stable now.’

It was successful.

Those whose energies were being eroded by the demon energy were slowly controlling it.

Now, even if Chun Yeowun removed his hands, they could handle it.

‘Now it’s up to them.’

If they can control the demon energy stably inside their bodies, then they’d be able to have spiritual energy like Hu Bong’s flames and Bakgi’s lightning.

And it wasn’t long.


The cocoon of black haze around Ko Wanghur disappeared like a blooming flower.

And the two, who were done, opened their eyes.

The cultists who were looking at this were all tense.


The eyes which had turned black were back to their original state.

Sama Chak and Hu Bong, who were standing near them, exclaimed.

“Are you two fine?”

“Ko Wanghur! Hou Sanghwa!”

The energy from the two people who managed to subdue the vicious energy was different.

Like when Chun Yeowun would release his energy, it felt ferocious and dark.

Ko Wanghur looked at his hands in disbelief.

Black haze was rising from both palms.


They radiated the demon energy which had been embodied.

“What is this?”

As the energy was felt, he could feel just how much the energy was maximizing his power.

It seemed like he could crush anything.

Hou Sanghwa too was confused and wondered about the energy.

“Wanghur. What is this?”

They were the ones who had their bodies eroded by the energy.


Pushing aside the question, Ko Wanghur, who confirmed that his lover was fine, smiled.

Then came a voice from behind them.

“I see that you are up.”


The two of them immediately knelt on one knee.

Embarrassed, Ko Wanghur spoke.

“We apologize. You warned us to be careful, but we made a huge mistake.”

He didn’t know what he did, but he remembered what happened before he lost control.

As if not caring, Chun Yeowun responded.

“No. If I had known that the Demon Energy inside it was this strong, I would have retrieved it myself.”

Even a Superior Master like Ko Wanghur lost control.

If it was this strong, either Marakim or Dan Jucheon should have been asked to grab the core.

However, those two weren’t in the position to take orders as they were still healing their internal injuries.

“Still, thanks to Lord, our lives were saved, and you prevented a major accident. Thank you for the grace you’ve shown.”

“Thank you for the grace you’ve shown, my Lord.”

If it wasn’t for Chun Yeowun, no one knew what would have happened and how many cultists would have been killed.

The two were truly grateful that nothing major happened.

Of course, 6th elder Mong Mu almost lost his life.

“But Lord, is it fine if I ask just one thing?”

Chun Yeowun nodded at Hou Sanghwa’s question.

“When we were using the technique that Lord was guiding us with, the demon energy established itself in the dantian. I have no idea how.”

Vicious demon energy.

That energy was completely different from spiritual energy.

It was natural for her to wonder.

Chun Yeowun smiled at the two.

“Sky Demon Energy…. No, it’s Demon Energy.”

“Demon energy?”

A destructive demon energy which is the complete opposite of divine energy.

Chun Yeowun named it from the Sky Demon Energy and called it Demon Energy.

It was the origin of the true Demon who made the Sky Demon Order which they worship.

Chun Yeowun was happy looking at the two who were doing fine.

‘If we can teach the other warriors of the cult about Demon Energy, then we will be able to respond to even enemies with spiritual energy.’

It was something that Chun Yeowun came up with because of the concern of Sama Chak.

Just as Chun Ma made it possible for future generations to prepare for the crisis, Chun Yeowun laid a new foundation for the Demonic Cult to stand tall, the Demon Energy.

Time passed.

The day had set, and the cremation of the bodies collected near the lake was finished.

Only burnt black ashes remained.


Cultists were holding torches as they descended from the mountain in a line.

“It’s dark, be careful walking down.”

“For those who go down first, prepare the barracks right away.”


At the top, the smell of blood and burnt flesh remained, which was why they were forced to move down.

There were people who were looking down the mountain.

It was Chun Yeowun and Mun Ku.

When he saw the last person heading down, Chun Yeowun asked with a puzzled expression.

“You said you had something to say. Will you talk now?”

These two had waited for all the others to head down first.

It was because Mun Ku said she had something to say.

When he asked, Mun Ku said that she wanted to talk when it was just the two of them.

“Mun Ku?”

At Chun Yeowun’s question, Mun Ku’s face turned red.

He couldn’t understand why, but Mun Ku continued to breathe, again and again, clearing her throat and breathing again.

“Haa, haaa. Lord.”


“Wh-What do you think about becoming a father?”

Chun Yeowun frowned at the sudden question.

“Becoming a father…”

Chun Yeowun, who was about to ask a question, suddenly went stiff.

Chun Yeowun thought that it was strange how Mun Ku was acting.

He was confused at her question, but he soon realized what she wanted to say.


Chun Yeowun held her trembling hands and asked.

“Mun Ku… are you?”

Before he could even ask the full question.


Chun Yeowun’s gaze turned somewhere. And Nano’s voice echoed in his ears.

[Detected personnel wearing a suit in stealth mode.]

‘Stealth mode?’


Chun Yeowun’s eyes trembled and augmented reality opened up.

In the opened-up augmented reality, a figure in red particles a good distance from him could be seen.

At that moment, the figure in red particles reached out and aimed for someone.


Something was fired.

It was super fast.

Chun Yeowun quickly reacted and reached for Mun Ku’s neck.



Mun Ku was puzzled but even more shocked when she saw tiny needles between Chun Yeowun’s middle and index fingers.

“How dare they! Mun Ku, please wait for me.”


Chun Yeowun disappeared right away.

Chun Yeowun, who moved right away, reached out and grabbed something.

Clearly, nothing could be visible with the naked eyes, but the area shook where his hand reached out to.

“Show yourself.”

In the space where Chun Yeowun reached out to, something shook.


The shimmering space cracked, and blue flames burst, revealing someone.

It was a strange phenomenon.

The person who was caught by Chun Yeowun was coughing as if breathing was becoming hard.

“Kuak! Le-Let’s talk about this…”

Chun Yeowun’s eyes widened as he looked at him.

He was a young man in his early thirties with unique clothes that can’t be seen in Jianghu.

And he was,

“Chun Issa?”

The descendant who injected the Nano Machine into Chun Yeowun.

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