Chapter 475 - TP (3)

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‘I did it.’

He used a sword with just his mind for the first time.

He was conscious of his fingers, but Chun Yeowun thought of piercing the heart in his mind.

As a result, he managed to manifest the Heart Sword.

The sword which gets controlled with the heart in an instant.


Chun Yeowun looked at the weapon that the TP man had taken out of his pocket before falling down.

It was made of some cold metal and was much heavier than he thought.

Much heavier than a sword.

‘Did they use this to attack with the same power as before?’

Among the people, there wasn’t a single person who seemed skilled.

However, the suits and the weapons which belonged to the future were dangerous enough to annihilate normal martial artists.

‘If they were determined and more vigilant, then they could be somewhere close to the level of Superior Masters.’

If hit by the ultra-vibrating bullet or that light beam, even a Superior Master could be killed.

Moreover, the speed of the bullet was outstanding.

It was difficult to even see with the naked eye.

‘… if a person who knows nothing uses this. Things would get dangerous.’

The TP was trained, but by the standards of martial arts, their training wasn’t enough.

Chun Yeowun was concerned about it.

Still, since he killed them and got weapons from the future, he didn’t think the results were bad.

‘Nano does the analysis to prepare a contra…’

It was then.

Beep! Beep! Beep!


The sound was coming from the weapon in Chun Yeowun’s hand.

But not only that, the same sound could be heard from the dead TP officers too.

And the sound kept getting faster and faster.

[Warning! Danger! Throw away the weapon now.]

He could feel heat releasing from the weapon.


At Nano’s warning, which echoed in his head, Chun Yeowun threw the weapon into the sky.


The moment he threw it, the weapon exploded.

The other weapons around the dead too exploded, leaving behind ash.

And then, someone screamed.


It was Chun Mu-seong.

As he was on the ground, he had to push the body of the dead captain, Mark, off him.

At that moment, Mark’s body was dyed in bright light.

And the light soon turned into heat, as if something was burning.


So were the other bodies.

‘Deliberate measures to erase traces?’

Chun Yeowun began to release ice qi to prevent the body from burning.


Mark’s body, which was burning up, soon turned into a block of ice.

It seemed like the burning stopped.



It wasn’t just the skin that was burning. Mark’s body was burning up from the inside. Even the ice was changing. His flesh transformed into a liquid and melted.

It was a sight that made Chun Yeowun frown.

It was when Chun Mu-seong said,

“Huk… huk… ancestor. TP officers are supposed to be incinerated automatically if something went wrong during their time travel or died.”

Measures were taken so that traces of the future weren’t left in the past.

It was a natural course of action, but for Chun Yeowun, it was a pity that they disappeared.


Chun Mu-seong, who barely calmed down, spoke.

“Ah, you are amazing! Not even my father, the Lord of our time, would have been able to stop the ultra-vibrating bullet or beam!”

He couldn’t forget the scene he saw.

The bullets and beams weren’t weapons that humans could deal with.

They were weapons made to deal with those who had special abilities, but he never dreamed that the weapons could be stopped from such a close distance.

‘To see such a difference.’

The 7th generation Nano Machine was injected into Chun Yeowun’s body.

However, in reality, Chun Yeowun, who was conscious of the TP, didn’t utilize the functions of the Nano Machine.

He had subdued them with his own strength.

‘Is it possible to increase internal energy this much in just five years?’

It was amazing.

Even Chun Mu-jin couldn’t stop the bullets despite spending his entire life mastering the martial arts.

However, within only five years, Chun Yeowun seemed to have gone beyond their imagination, to the point where the Divine Master Level was considered ridiculous.

‘Ah… I’m really curious.’

He wanted to ask, but he didn’t want to provoke Chun Yeowun.

There was one thing he could guess.

There was a record that the Blade God, who had reached the Heavenly Master Level, could rupture the enemy with just a wave of his finger, as he used the Heart Blade.

‘Then, my ancestor must have reached the Heavenly Master Level too!’


When he was convinced that Chun Yeowun had reached the Heavenly Master Level, a shiver ran down his spine.

It was shocking that Chun Yeowun was stronger than he expected.

But he didn’t have time to think.



Chun Mu-seong knelt on one knee and bowed to show respect.

“What more do you have to say?”

“As you have just seen, if you travel through time without permission or try to change history, we get stopped by the TP.”

“You mean those guards?”

He remembered that Chun Mu-seong had called the TP guards.

Seeing how they acted, Chun Yeowun was sure that rather than a non-aggression pact, the martial artists were below these guards in the future.

“In the future, no single person or group can overthrow a nation. You saw those weapons? They are being mass-produced in my time.”


It was understandable.

If such a weapon was used by thousands or tens of thousands of people, there was no reason to feel threatened by martial artists.

“Ancestor. Thank you for saving my life.”

Chun Mu-seong bowed his head and continued talking.

“But soon, they will send men with equipment that cannot be compared to those which you saw now.”

One had run away.

Of course, even if that wasn’t the case, the last time-space coordinates of the dead ones will be recorded in the headquarters.

Clearly, they would send a tracking team.

However, Chun Yeowun wasn’t bothered.

“Do I look like I’m scared of them?”

If an enemy targeted him, he would fight back.

Of course, he knew that Chun Yeowun wouldn't be afraid of them.

“I don’t know, but if the Great Gate… ah.”

Chun Mu-seong didn’t continue.

It seemed like he had gone too far.

Since Chun Yeowun was from the past, they wouldn’t bother, but if they find Chun Mu-seong, they would surely kill him.

“What do you want to say?”

“Ancestor. Once I leave, please move away from this place. After all, their goal is to catch me. They might search the area, but not extensively.”

Chun Mu-seong guessed that the TP would come again.

Since the one who escaped would give them the right coordinates, they will quickly come to pursue.

But if he went back to his original time, they wouldn’t find anything.

Although the TP unit was annihilated, they would consider it unacceptable to create a new time axis.

‘It’s fortunate that this era doesn’t have media or the web.’

If there were such things, they would search for Chun Yeowun and erase his memory.

Of course, if they discovered the existence of the 7th generation Nano Machine, they would track down Chun Yeowun at all costs.


Chun Mu-seong put his hands together and bowed again.

“It was truly an honor to meet my ancestor. And I sincerely apologize. Please know that even though I acted rudely, it was for the sake of the cult in the future.”

With those words, Chun Mu-seong tried to take the time pack out of his waist bag.

At that moment, Chun Yeowun reached out for the bag.



The only time pack got sucked into Chun Yeowun’s hands.

Originally, there were two spares, but there was only one left now, and he needed that to go back to his time after the meeting with Chun Yeowun.

“This is to go to the future?”

Chun Yeowun asked while looking at the small round device.

He saw the TP use this.

“Yes, yes. Please handle that with care.”

“I thought you were trying to get something from me, so why are you rushing back home already? They pursue that fast?”

Chun Mu-seong had no choice but to answer the questions.

“Ancestor. I have an identity chip embedded into my body which the TP can track. If you stay with me, they will track you too.”

“Something inside your body?”

“… yes. I want to stay longer and tell you all about the future… ugh!”

Before he could finish the words, Chun Yeowun approached him.

Chun Mu-seong’s body went stiff at the energy Chun Yeowun was releasing.


“Ugh! An-Ancestor this…”

“Stay still.”

Chun Yeowun placed his palm on his head.

And commanded Nano.

‘Nano, can you run a scan to find that identity chip in his body?’

[Possible. I’ll scan the body. Please move your palm in the direction shown in augmented reality.]

With those words, augmented reality unfolded.

And the direction was marked with arrows.

As Chun Yeowun slowly moved his palm. The body of Chun Mu-seong was being scanned, and it turned into a three-dimensional image in Chun Yeowun’s sight.

“A-Are you trying to scan my body right now?”

Looking at the light coming from Chun Yeowun’s palm, Chun Mu-seong knew what was being done.

“Ancestor, it seems like you are trying to find the identity chip in my body, but it flows through the blood vessels…”



“Be quiet.”

Chun Yeowun used his energy to cover his mouth.

Before long, a red dot was marked on the right shoulder.

There was something microscopic moving through the veins.

[5th generation Nano Machine with an identity chip has been discovered.]

‘That’s it.’

[As it detects the scan, the chip is trying to move towards the heart.]

As Nano said, the red dot was trying to rapidly move from the shoulder to the heart.

‘How do we get rid of it?’

[It can be stopped with an EMP.]

‘So, you mean a strong electric shock.’

Chun Yeowun pointed to the shoulder.


At the same time, a very fine invisible sword made out of thunder qi formed.

It was very close to a fine needle.

It was only possible for Chun Yeowun, who had reached the Heavenly Master Level, to handle qi so freely.

‘Nano. Aim for it.’

[Yes, activating the panel system for the invisible sword. Target lock on.]


An arrow mark was directed towards the red dot, trying to lock on.

The chip moved quickly, but eventually, Nano managed to lock on.

At that moment,




Chun Mu-seong let out a groan in pain.

No matter how small the invisible sword was, it was a sword that held tremendous energy, and it pierced the blood vessels. It was natural that he felt pain.

Nano’s voice echoed in Chun Yeowun’s head.

[Identity chip removal was successful.]

Beep! Beep Beep!

The red dot disappeared from the scan.

With a satisfied expression, Chun Yeowun spoke.

At the same time, Chun Mu-seong yelled.

“An-Ancestor! If you try to stab the ID chip like that, it will get rid of m…”



“I removed the identity chip that was moving in your veins.”


At those words, Chun Mu-seong was confused.

The Nano Machine in his body wasn’t as good as Gatelinium, but it was made of the strongest metal on the planet, so it couldn’t be stopped unless given an EMP wave or a strong electric shock.

“See this?”

Chun Yeowun pointed to the air.

Since it couldn’t be seen by the naked eye, Chun Mu-seong put on specs.

And then he magnified them a thousand times to the place Chun Yeowun was showing.

“Oh my god…”

The ID chip was pierced and broken.

Chun Mu-seong was at a loss for words.

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