Chapter 476 - Towards Hebei (1)

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The Nano Machine had the ID chip broken and removed.

It meant that the TP could no longer track him.

That was when Chun Mu-seong asked.

“H-How did you break it?”

Even Dr. Baek of his era said that the 5th generation Nano Machine flowing through his blood vessels couldn’t be eliminated without an EMP or electric shock.

If the Nano Machine inside the body shattered with the shock, it would be dangerous.

“I got rid of it with an invisible sword made of thunder qi.”

Chun Mu-seong was shocked.

The constant throbbing pain after the sword pierced him was the thunder qi.

As the human blood acts like a conductor, the electricity passes through the entire body.


“I managed to adjust the thunder qi so it wouldn’t hurt anywhere else. Are all your questions answered now?”


‘He thought of that?’

Chun Mu-seong was speechless.

In his heart, he thought that the people of the past were good at martial arts, but now he realized as civilization progressed, the present had declined.

Chun Ma or even Chun Yeowun, they were both excellent people with insight.

“Well! Keep talking. So what is your plan if you fail to take Chun Ma to the future?”

Chun Yeowun was curious about it.

‘If the ID chip is removed, it will be difficult to track me down.’

If Chun Mu-seong had been in the future era, he would have been easily traced.

It was because the future was full of cameras and electromagnetic waves.

But now here.

No matter how strong the TP was, they couldn’t search the entire Jianghu region, and even if they tried, they would have to keep their devices on them at all times.

‘I have time.’

It was already discovered that he time traveled, so he had to endure the situation.

He would have to fulfill the last thing he had come to do before he got caught.

“… ancestor. Would it be fine to continue talking as we move?”

Even if it was impossible to trace, it was dangerous to stay in the same place.

There was nothing to be afraid of, but there was no need to create a troublesome situation either, so Chun Yeowun continued talking with Chun Mu-seong while descending the mountain.

“Since I couldn’t take Chun Ma, the next choice was you, my ancestor. You were the next best.”

As he said, Chun Mu-seong looked up to him.

However, Chun Yeowun didn’t feel glad.

It was something he had roughly guessed.

“But that failed too. I used up all the time packs. I have only one left, and without that, I can’t go back.”

Chun Mu-seong spoke while tapping the square bag on his waist.

He had come to the past with the determination to risk his life, but if he was going to die, he would rather die in his time.

“Which was why I had to resort to the last plan.”

The final plan was the method Dr. Baek had prepared.

Chun Mu-seong took a device out of the bag and said.

“The Nano Machine in my ancestor's body is the 7th generation model and one of a kind, and it can be controlled with this device.”

A part of the Gatelinium was inserted into the device.

It was the only device capable of copying the information from Chun Yeowun’s body which held the 7th generation Nano Machine.

“You know that I could’ve moved all the analyzed data to the master controller so you could copy things like martial arts and formations.”

“… I apologize. I should have asked for your permission first, but I was running out of time.”

It was an inevitable choice for Chun Mu-seong, who couldn’t stay in one place for long.

He was trying to return to his time after quickly extracting the data.

Of course, that turned out to be impossible.

“I don’t know what happened, but the only thing I know is that the device had an error.”

The device was broken.

Obviously, the Nano Machine in Chun Yeowun’s body had blocked the orders from the master controller.

Unless the Nano Machine is forcibly removed from the body and reprogrammed, it’s currently a machine no one can interfere with.

‘It’s programmed to automatically self-destruct when it comes out of the body… it’s something that only the ancestor can use.’

Nothing could be done.

It would have been nice if the converted data was uploaded into the main drive of the Sky Corporation before returning to the future, but things didn’t turn out like that.

At that moment, Chun Yeowun stopped.

“After listening to your story, I think I have a rough idea of what the future holds.”


“Martial arts are fundamentally developed as time goes by. But if you have come back to the past and are trying to duplicate the martial arts, it means that the martial arts of the cult have been lost in the future.”


Chun Mu-seong’s eyes widened.

He hadn’t even talked about the Sky Demon Order, but Chun Yeowun had already figured it out.

It was embarrassing, as if the future generations were called out.

“… how did you know that?”

“You said that you have a position equivalent to an elder of our time. But isn’t an elder only a Super Master?”

The Super Master Level isn’t low.

However, if one looked at it from the Sky Demon Order’s past level, it was considered poor.

Chun Mu-seong’s face turned red.

In his time, reaching the Super Master Level is a great achievement.

“Even if it’s nothing, shall we take a look at you?”


Chun Mu-seong was puzzled at it.

Then Chun Yeowun turned back to him and spoke.

“Attack me with the best technique you have. If you are the son of the Lord, that means you must have learned things from your Lord, right?”

“I, how can I do that to my ancestor…”

Chun Mu-seong saw Chun Yeowun’s strength right in front of his eyes.

He was at a level where Chun Mu-seong was nothing.

It was embarrassing.

“Don’t act silly. Didn’t you just try to control Nano and restrain my body? Don’t act like this and come.”

At Chun Yeowun’s stubborn words, Chun Mu-seong bowed his head.

There was a clear difference in skills, and he thought this was a waste of time, but he couldn’t ignore his ancestor’s words.

“All right. I don’t have any weapons on me…”


Chun Mu-seong broke a branch.

Chun Yeowun was still looking at him.




With those words, Chun Mu-seong began to narrow the distance between him and Chun Yeowun.

Chun Yeowun, who looked at the strides and movements, frowned.

He definitely told the man to perform his best technique, but this wasn’t the Sword Force of the Sky Demon, nor was it the incomplete version of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.


More branches broke as Chun Mu-seong narrowed the distance.

A sword made up of twelve different forms sharply targeted Chun Yeowun’s body.


‘Aren’t you going to avoid it?’

Chun Mu-seong was perplexed.

Chun Yeowun didn’t move.

There was a moment when Chun Mu-seong was thinking of stopping the technique.



Chun Yeowun grabbed the wrist which was holding the sword.

It wasn’t a true sword, just a branch, but it was still dangerous as it was loaded with energy, but Chun Yeowun caught it too easily.


“Are you going to claim that this is what’s used by the Lord?”

“… I’m sorry, but this is the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.”

Chun Yeowun couldn’t understand what he heard.

He just shook his head.

‘Ha! This is the level of following something?’

He couldn’t help but be disappointed.

This was just an imitation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon, which he had restored.

It was as if someone saw it, imitated it, and unfolded their own energy and forms.

“It’s messed up.”

“Well, except for the Blade Six group, which is the best in my time…”

“Are you out of your mind?”


Chun Yeowun let go of the wrist which he was holding onto.

Chun Mu-seong had nothing more to say either, at least not to his ancestor.

“… I apologize.”

“There was a rumor that they were taking the military data.”

“In order to revive our group or even the cult, we decided that the only way for us to flourish was to restore the martial arts which had been practiced.”

Chun Mu-seong thought that nothing could be done about the Blade Six.

If so, the only way to revive the Sky Demon Order was to learn the martial arts from when they flourished the most.

Looking at Chun Mu-seong, Chun Yeowun thought.

‘From what I know about the future, it’s obvious that the martial arts of the cult are lost.’

It was so obvious that he didn’t even need an explanation.

It must have been the work of the Blade God Six Martial Clan.

But he couldn’t understand why they didn’t completely annihilate the cult despite it turning into a group that could control the future.

‘I want to go back to the time when that guy existed and overturn…’

As Chun Ma said, the future belonged to the descendants.

Even if he tried to solve it, he couldn’t solve everything.

Moreover, from Chun Mu-seong’s words, the Blade God had changed the past and became the immortal ruler of many time axes.

‘There are various time axes, but not all futures can be changed.’

And he didn’t like a future where the Blade God wins, but with so many different time axes, there were so many different futures.

‘But I owe him.’

One way or another, Chun Yeowun did receive help from his descendants.

Without Nano, he couldn’t have possibly escaped from so many crises.

‘Then, I should give this guy a chance too.’

Chun Yeowun made a decision.

“Great. You came here with the determination to revitalize the cult, so I will grant you what you wish for.”

“Huh? What’s that?”

“I’m going to teach you martial arts.”

At Chun Yeowun’s words, Chun Mu-seong asked with a trembling voice.

“You mean, you will teach me martial arts?”

“Yes. With that pathetic martial arts, how do you plan on fighting with the Blade God Six Martial Clan in the future?”

Chun Yeowun decided that since the ID chip was removed, his descendant couldn’t be traced, so it was worth spending time teaching him.

Of course, even if the TP appeared, Chun Yeowun planned on dealing with them.

He was willing to take the risk and help out.


Chun Mu-seong bowed to express his gratitude.

“Thank you. Ancestor, how am I supposed to repay this favo…”


However, he was raised up by Chun Yeowun’s energy as he spoke.

“Don’t have to. ‘I’m just paying you back for what you did for me.”


Even if that was the case, he couldn’t help but be happy.

It was natural that he was elated. He was being taught by his ancestor, a Heavenly Master.

Chun Yeowun smiled and spoke,

“Don’t like this too much. If you want to level up in a short time, the teaching won’t be very friendly.”

“… sorry?”

It didn’t take long for Chun Mu-seong to realize it.

[AD Year. 2941.xx.xx]

A space where the exact location was unknown.

In a fairly spacious place, state-of-the-art equipment was installed all over the place.

There, a middle-aged man with a mustache and in a white coat sat cross-legged in a chair, watching something with a young blonde TP.

What they were looking at was a video.

The man, who hadn’t taken his eyes off of the video, spoke.

“Pause it.”

The video was paused.

The middle-aged man pointed to the monitor and said.

“Enlarge that. Show me the eyes.”

[Image enlarging.]

The part pointed at by the man got enlarged greatly.

The face which filled the monitor was Chun Yeowun.

“Zoom in on both eyes.”


After the orders were issued, Chun Yeowun’s eyes were shown.

However, the two enlarged eyes of Chun Yeowun had white particles in them.

Seeing that, the blonde TP yelled.

“T-This is!”

“He opened up augmented reality.”


The middle-aged man snapped his fingers and got up from the chair.

And spoke to the blonde TP.

“That thing. My guess is right.”

“Chief is right! You really are! I thought it was odd when he saw us in stealth mode.”

The blonde TP was the one who escaped from Chun Yeowun.

The middle-aged man put his fingers on the monitor and shrunk the image to see Chun Yeowun.

He stared intently at Chun Yeowun and spoke.

“Nano Machine… I don’t know what kind of tricks they used to hide it, but they injected it into someone from the past. Code Orange. Summon the commanders of each Special Forces unit.”

“Special Forces! Roger!”

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