Chapter 478 - Special Forces (1)

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[AD. Year. 2941.xx.xx]

A location that looked like a conference room.

With a round table right in the middle.

At the table, a middle-aged man with a mustache and white robe sat at the top, then there were five people in uniforms with moon and star designs on them.

However, except for the middle-aged man, none of them were real.


A beam was projected down from a device installed on the ceiling, a 3-dimensional image.

The people were able to attend the meeting through that.

The middle-aged man spoke while pointing to the screen which was behind him.

“Did you get it?”

Among the 3D images, a bald man with a black eye patch on his left eye opened his mouth.

“I apologize, but should we really consider this a Code Orange? I think this is Code Blue or Yellow.”

The bald man didn’t think that the image displayed called for so much attention.

He didn’t think that the situation was that serious.

The middle-aged man with a mustache who listened to that spoke while pointing the laser in his hand to the monitor behind him.

“As you can see, everyone realizes that there is a Nano Machine inside that one’s body, right?”

The eyes of the person in the image were enlarged so that the others could see clearly.

The white particles which were hanging in their pupils.

“Seeing that it’s augmented reality, it has to be a Nano Machine. But, as the captain of Special Forces, Hugo, said, should we now send in another unit with the same equipment while considering this a Code Blue?”

Next to the bald man, a black man in a blue uniform spoke.

Code Orange was the second-highest priority, under Code Red, in the TP.

And it meant from that point on, the special forces could be deployed.

“Special Forces captain, Takuya. How far did the reports go?”

“I heard that the patrol unit sent to those coordinates were annihilated.”

“Do you want to call for a Code Blue despite the new information?”

“Commander. If the martial artist has a Nano Machine specialized for combat in him, it’s possible for the entire unit to be killed. And there’s a chance of leaking information…”

Before he could finish his words, the enlarged image on the monitor returned to its original size and started playing.

The five captains of the Special Forces looked at it.

As they watched the video being played, their eyes changed.

“No! He stopped bullets? Was it telekinesis?”

“Weren’t those ultra-vibrating bullets?”

Comments of shock and surprise flowed out of the captain's mouth.


The recorded video ended.

The middle-aged man, no, the commander, asked them.

“Okay, now what do you think about it? Do you still think it’s Code Blue?”

A woman with curly red hair and voluptuous breasts opened her lips which were tinted with red lipstick.

“Now I understand why the commander called our Special Forces before calling for the Great Gate.”

The commander nodded.

The Special Forces were special troops created by recruiting those who had experienced the Great Gate among the TP.

“This man is a martial artist with high combat abilities which are close to the Gate. What is even more dangerous is that there is a Nano Machine in his body which cannot be traced or identified.”

“An untraceable chip?”

“What! Is that even possible?”

Everyone was shocked.

No Nano Machine could escape from the surveillance of the space-time detectors.

Even if the Nano Machines were made small enough to operate, the electromagnetic waves inside the machine couldn’t stay hidden for long.

It was possible to cheat for a short time, but they were always found.

The commander spoke in a strong voice.

“This is why we need the power of the Special Forces. We need to capture this man.”

“Are you going to extract the Nano Machine?”

A captain of special forces asked.

With such great technology, it would be a waste to discard that Nano Machine.

The commander nodded.

“But it would be impossible if we don’t catch him. At least for the sake of order within the space-time system, your efforts are needed.”

“I don’t know how many teams will be needed, but this will be fun. Because of the Blade Six group, I was always curious about the special abilities these martial artists had… I will go.”

A captain of the Special Forces applied.

The commander nodded his head, and then extending his hand, he said.

“We never know, so you should probably take one more Special Forces unit to support.”

Someone, who was sitting on the other side, got up from their seat.

He was a tall, muscular middle-aged man in a purple uniform wearing an ox-horn helmet.

It was just a 3D image, yet, the overwhelming pressure was too much to handle.

“I will support.”

The corners of the commander’s mouth formed into a smile.

“Ugh, so the Special Forces of Keanu will go?”

The commander was quite relieved.

A middle-aged man in a green uniform asked with arrogant eyes.

“Is it fine if we bring him back barely alive?”

Dark night.

Mt. Magol is located in the western part of Liaoning province.

There was an unusual location at the top.

Unlike places where trees and bushes grew sparsely, this location seemed clean and empty for a radius of about five meters.

One might not think much of it, but one could see that it was unnatural compared to other places.

Looking into the area,

It seemed like a base camp had been built with electronic devices.

There were four men in purple uniform in front of monitors, each watching the screens.

They were members of the Keanu Special Forces unit, one of TP’s five Special Forces.

In the middle of the barracks, the captain, Keanu, was sitting with his arms crossed.

“A-13 coordinates, deployed.”

“B-11 coordinates, deployed.”

“C-15 coordinates, deployed.”

Looking at one of the monitors, the image was being transmitted to them from the night camera.

The camera’s viewing angle was looking down from the high sky, capturing a ground scene. It was an unmanned stealth drone.

Beep! Beep!

When a living organism is detected on the screen, it will automatically analyze it.

So far, they haven't been able to find anyone with a Nano Machine.

“Captain, It’s going to take a while.”

In front of the monitors on the left side, a young man with short grey hair and bewildered eyes shook his head while speaking.

“We are used to face-to-face combat, so it would be better to cooperate with the Dead Rose Special Force…”


Keanu interrupted his words.

He looked annoyed at the words of the member.

Therese, the young white-haired man, was bewildered.

“Yes, yes, captain.”

“Our Keanu Special Forces are veterans who have defended the Great Gate four times in Europe. What kind of cooperation are you planning to do with a unit led by a girl who uses telekinesis?”

Keanu didn’t even recognize the other unit as a part of the Special Forces.

That was how arrogant he was.

But he had every right to be.

If he hadn’t been placed in the TP by the command of the UN military chief, he might still have an active role in his former position.

“You half-assed.”

The young man scratched his head.

“Captain. I told you it’s Tanaka and half-assed…”

“Whatever. How did the pursuit of Chun Mu-seong of the Sky Corporation go?”


After being transferred to Special Forces, he was told thousands of times to call him Tanaka, yet he calls him by that name.

Taking a deep breath, the man replied, giving up.

“Phew, I don’t know. If the registered ID chip number were in this space and time, we would have detected it a long time ago, but there’s no reaction at all.”


On the monitor screen, Tanaka pointed to the detection circle spreading around, but nothing was caught.

“Isn’t that strange? If he escaped into another time and space, it should at least be detected, but this is as if the chip is lost…”

It was then.

Therese, the one looking at the monitor, shouted.

“Captain! Look here!”

Everyone’s eyes turned in that direction.

Something was caught on the drone’s camera.

Hundreds of thermal sensations were detected approximately 4 km away.

“Just a crowd of people?”

At Tanaka’s words, Therese shook his head.

“No. If you look at them, their bioenergy is too strong!”

“Martial artists?”

“Could be something like that.”

“Keep the drone’s retro-reflecting panel open and lower its altitude to get closer to them.”


At Keanu’s command, Therese grabbed the manual control in front of the monitor.

He was planning to approach the place by controlling them himself.

“Send the other drones the same coordinates.”


There were many drones that Therese was controlling, and they were getting closer to where the heat sinks were.

After reaching a distance of about 2 km, the camera began to show.

When zoomed in, they saw a lot of barracks and people.

They immediately started to look for the person they were supposed to catch. The screen was running a search on the image which was previously stored.

It wasn’t that long.

Beep! Beep!

As the image magnified, someone walking out of a barracks was caught.

The corners of Keanu’s mouth went up.

‘Found you.’

It was the unregistered Nano Machine holder, the martial artist that their commander had shown them.

“Nice. The Special Forces will…!?”

He was about to give the orders to move to the coordinates shown by the drone, but,

He wasn’t the only one who was shocked.

“Captain… that one… doesn’t it look like he’s looking into the camera?”

The young man with black hair and sharp-looking eyes was staring intently at the camera.

It was impossible to look at the stealth drone, which had a reflective panel activated and was 2 km away in the dark night.

Therese said, waving his hand.

“Eh, it must be a coincidence. If his Nano Machine had the ability to detect the drone, it could have figured out our location, but this isn’t enough…”

It was then.

The young man in the video pretended to swing something at the drone.



The camera split in half, and then the transmission was cut off.


Everyone stared dumbfounded, but Keanu shouted.

“Have the other drones arrived?”

At those words, Tanaka and the crew went back to their monitors.

“B-15 almost reached the coordina…”



Tanaka’s monitor screen went blank.

But that wasn’t it.


The screen, which another operator, Baren, was trying to switch, went blank too.

Most of the drones had reached the location, but a strange phenomenon occurred where the screens were turning off.

Only one monitor was still alive.

The drone being controlled by Liam, who was as big as Keanu, was live.

The nearest location to their target was 2.3 km.

That was when Keanu urgently exclaimed.

“Don’t go any further. Just increase the altitude and zoom in on him.”



At that time, a person’s face zoomed in on the monitor.

With an annoyed expression, Keanu spoke.

“Are you playing! Liam! You zoomed in too much.”

Liam turned his head in confusion.

“Cap…tain. I haven’t made any adjustments to the screen.”

“What nonsense are you saying? Are you telling me that he’s in front of the camera?”

Besides the reflective panel, the drone was high in the sky.

It would be impossible to fly without switching into suit mode, but the man on the screen wasn’t wearing a suit.

Keanu spoke in an absurd tone, finding it hard to believe.



The young man on the monitor reached out to an angle.

Looking at that, it must have been at the camera.

“No, I mean, he is really in front of the camera…”


At that moment, the screen on the monitor changed to a blue screen, and letters moved up quickly.

Tanaka spoke, realizing what was happening.

“N-No way! Is he trying to hack the drone?”

Liam was shocked by what he heard.

“He has a Nano Machine, right?”


With that, Therese urgently tried to kill off the connection with the drone.

But it didn’t happen, so he forcibly broke it.


The force of the fists was so strong that the controller was completely shattered.

Captain Keanu decided that something was off.

He thought the opponent was someone who had strength, and he thought that he could be someone as tough as the Great Gate.

But this one, this one, was making his palms sweat.

‘… this.’

It felt as if he was on the battlefield.

It wasn’t something to be taken lightly.

If the opponent had extraordinary abilities and knew how to use the Nano Machine so freely, he could no longer think of himself as someone with the upper hand.

‘I looked down on him. Nice. You are a martial artist of this era. So let’s do this right now.’

Thinking that Keanu shouted to his stunned members.

“Keanu Special Forces!”


“Move the base camp and come up with a strategy to hunt him down. Understood?”

Everyone nodded and replied.


The crew began to clean up the camp in unison.

It was right to move the camp because the drones were lost, but there’s a high probability of being tracked if the man managed to hack into it.

Trained, they could do it in an instant, and they quickly organized the equipment.

“Now quickly dismantle the barracks and move…”

It was then.


A loud roar erupted from outside.

The entire barracks shook.

“Ugh! Wh-What is this?”

The barracks are equipped with a powerful magnetic shield, which could block any attack.


However, the ceiling of the barracks was ripped open, and someone entered.


Bewildered, the members of the Special Forces spread out.

The only one who stood still was their captain, Keanu, who mumbled.


A young man with long hair and a white face.

He was the man who had the unregistered Nano Machine inside him, the one impossible to detect.

The young man, who exudes overbearing energy, looked around and spoke in his usual cold voice.

“Found you.”

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