Chapter 479 - Special Forces (2)

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Among the abilities that Nano unlocked, there were a few things that were particularly difficult to understand.

One of them was system hacking and reverse detection, and he never dreamed that it could be used.

‘The more I know about future technology, the more shocked I get.’

Thanks to Nano, he was able to trace back where the drone came from, but he was shocked to see the barracks.

He didn’t expect the hidden retro-reflective panel functions to be used this widely.

‘So these are the ones.’

Chun Yeowun looked at the 5 people inside the barracks.

They were all wearing purple uniforms, and they seemed shocked.

They were muscular and large, and they all seemed to be similar to the size of Ko Wanghur, of the Six Swords.


But that wasn’t the point,

Chun Yeowun spoke first to those who seemed to be on guard.

“Why did you track me down like that?”

He was referring to the stealth drones.

At that question, Keanu opened his mouth.

“You speak Chinese, too. Ahaha. You must be Chinese. Or maybe Cantonese?”

It was similar to the TP officers who had come before.

After speaking in English, the man suddenly spoke in fluent Chinese.

Keanu continued speaking again.

“Don’t tell me that you don’t know the reason behind it?”

He clicked his tongue, looking at Chun Yeowun, who didn’t seem the least bit shocked.

And Chun Yeowun realized the reason.

‘Was it that ungrateful brat? Even after removing the ID chip, the tracking was fast. Did letting one go turn into this problem? Troublesome.’

Even if they tried tracking, he thought he could have some free time on his hands.

But they managed to find him within two days.

“Do you think I’ll let you guys take him?”


At Chun Yeowun’s words, captain Keanu shook his head and said.

“You are misunderstanding something. Our purpose is you.”


“You, a man of this age, don’t you have something in your body that isn’t compatible with the era you are living in?”

Chun Yeowun’s eyes narrowed at the question.

Until he came here, he thought that their purpose was to get his descendant, Chun Mu-seong.

But that was wrong,

‘They know of Nano.’

Last time, he deliberately refrained from using the abilities of Nano.

Of course, this time, he used them to track these people down.

He wasn’t sure how they found out, but they noticed that he had Nano or a Nano Machine in his body.

“So you have something to do with me? Time Patrol.”

If they knew it, then he didn’t have to hide it anymore.

Chun Yeowun openly spoke.

This time, the eyes of the Special Forces members, even Keanu, were shocked.

“As expected, you are aware of our existence because you have been injected with a Nano Machine. Or did you hear that from the criminal named Chun Mu-seong?”


“Yes. Criminal. He committed the worst crime which disrupted the flow of time and space from the moment he tampered with history.”

Chun Yeowun’s eyes turned cold.

And as if to warn Chun Yeowun from doing anything, Keanu said.

“Don’t take this the wrong way. I doubt that this is an era where things can’t be solved with words. We operate in accordance with the United Nations Time Patrol Act. In this era, it’s like the Emperor’s order.”


“He’s a criminal who interfered with the flow of time and space and indirectly harmed people. If you come with us quietly, get arrested by us, we will remove the Nano Machine in your body and adjust your memories so that you can go back to your normal life.”

Simply put, a surrender.

Chun Yeowun shook his head at those words.

From the beginning, Keanu knew that Chun Yeowun wouldn’t surrender.

He was just stalling to think of an attack.

“You are making an unwise choice. I thought that you would at least have the ability to think and judge properly because you have a Nano Machine inside you, but in this era…”

“You speak bullshit with a lot of care.”


Chun Yeowun raised his right hand.

And then he clenched it as if he was pressing something inside his hand.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

With dust rising off the ground inside the barracks, explosions occurred in four directions.


Tanaka couldn’t hide his embarrassment.

What just exploded was the magnetic confinement device.

It’s easy to subdue an opponent of a specific time while it constantly moves on the ground by absorbing the sounds.

“Did you think that I wouldn’t know if you tried stalling?”

“Shit! Keanu Special Forces! Open!”

Those who were on alert, at the order of their captain, moved back.

At the same time, purple metal suits covered their bodies.


Once the suit transformed, the five of them stretched out their arms towards Chun Yeowun.

Then, something was shooting from the hole which was formed in their palms, a strong energy wave.


[Low-frequency infrasound.]

At Nano’s warning in his head, Chun Yeowun opened his arms wide.

Inside the barracks, where there was no wind, a strong tornado rose.


Strong winds, which acted like shields, blocked the low-frequency infrasound.

‘Kuk, how is he blocking the infrasound?’

Therese bit his lip.

They knew that the Nano Machine would get in the way, but it seemed like the machine immediately let the man know how to stop the attack.

“Huh! If this is blocked, we will subdue him with force!”

At that time, Liam, who had the same physique as Keanu, jumped at Chun Yeowun from behind.


The suit form had accelerated the man’s movement.

Liam threw his fist at Chun Yeowun’s head.

Chun yeowun turned around and slightly blocked the fist with a single hand.



Chun Yeowun frowned.

He thought that it was a simple punch, but the power was immense.

Even Chun Yeowun, who had the strength to break through the sapphire wall, was about to be pushed back.


“Whether you are martial artists or something else, you can’t stand the power of my remodeled body.”

Liam was a human weapon whose entire body was converted to artificial muscles.

Since it easily surpassed the limit of human beings, the punches he threw had tens of tons of power.

If it was a battle of plain physical power, he could overpower Chun Yeowun.



Chun Yeowun, who was pushed back for a moment, went stiff.

He didn’t move anymore, as if a huge wall was supporting him from behind.

‘He, he… how?’

That was when he heard Chun Yeowun’s words.

“So what if you have physical strength?”

Chun Yeowun had reached the peak of internal energy.

He instinctively knew that he couldn’t overpower Liam with pure strength,

“Kuk! Then!”

Liam used his other fist.

Chun Yeowun caught it too.

“Suit upgrade!”


As soon as Liam’s words fell, the particles on his suit moved and wrapped around his body, and the force of his punch rose sharply.

“Liam, hold him!”

Tanaka shouted as he pulled out a device from his waist.


When a button was pressed, a sword made of light, a lightsaber appeared.

Chun Yeowun, seeing that the lightsaber giving out red light was unusual, tried to shake Liam off.

But before that could happen, a sudden vibration occurred from Liam’s fist, which was covered in his suit.


[Ultra-vibration occurring in the armor of the opponent's suit.]

Nano’s voice sounded like a warning.

It seemed like he was trying to destroy Chun Yeowun’s hands which were holding his fists.

“Kuaahahaha! It’s too late to regret. You caught my body so…”

Slash! Thud!

Something fell with a thud sound.

Falling to the ground was nothing but,

“My-My arm?”

Liam’s arm which was supposed to be in the purple suit.


Sparks shone on the severed section of the arm.

As it was a remodeled body, he didn’t feel any pain. Although he didn’t feel any pain, he was shocked. He opened his mouth as he blinked his eyes.

“H-How did you? The suit?”

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the suit’s material was made with the hardest material on the planet.

He couldn’t hide how shocked he was when such a material was cut down so easily.

“I wonder if the head is remodeled too.”


As Chun Yeowun slightly waved his hand, the invisible sword that cut off Liam’s arm pierced his forehead in an instant.



Liam fell backwards with a small shout.

“This bastard!”


Tanaka’s lightsaber aimed for Chun Yeowun’s head.

When Chun Yeowun stretched out his left hand and pretended to push him away, Tanaka and his lightsaber bounced back.



He didn’t fall.

The white particles emitted from Tanaka’s suit stopped him from falling.

Unbalanced, despite that, Tanaka aimed the lightsaber.

“You monster! Die!”



A beam of light that extended from his lightsaber rushed for Chun Yeowun.

Chun Yeowun waved his palm in the direction from which the rays were flying in from.


Ripples formed from his palm as the space shook, and the rays bent away and pierced the barracks.

It was the unification of energy, which he saw Ark Wui do.


“N-No way! How can he bend beams with his bare hands?”

They didn’t know that such things could be done without a Nano Suit.

Even if he wore a Nano Suit, dispersing the light beam could be done, but not bending it.

“What kind of…”

“This is annoying.”

Chun Yeowun reached out to grab the lightsaber.




He tried to steal it with internal energy, but Tanaka was holding onto it firmly, as it was connected to the suit.

It seemed like he was pulling the arm instead of the weapon.

“Well, there is nothing I can do.”

When Chun Yeowun said that, energy rose.

An invisible sword emerged from above Tanaka and fell, trying to cut off the arm which was holding the weapon.


Then, Therese, who was wearing a thicker suit than the others, shouted.



That very moment, Therese’s suit disintegrated and turned into 30 drones with muzzles that moved.


Those drones all surrounded Chun Yeowun.

Red dots appeared all over the vital parts of his body.

“Stop. Lift a finger, and I shoot.”

All drones were capable of using ultra-vibrating bullets.

He was sure that stopping them at such a close distance would be impossible.

But, he was confused with Chun Yeowun’s reaction,

“I see.”



Despite the warning, the invisible sword cut off the arm of Tanaka, who was holding the lightsaber.



A scream from Tanaka.

Maybe he wasn’t a remodeled human. That’s probably why he couldn’t bear the pain and cried out.

Therese cried out.

“You motherfucker! Shoot him now.”

The AI in the suit, which controlled the panel, gave the order to fire.

But it stopped.

An anomaly occurred the moment the bullets were about to leave the muzzles.

[Drones not set.]

The voice of the AI was heard in his ears.

‘What do you mean?’

[The control of the panel appears to have been eroded. Drones aren’t responding to the order.]


Despite the AI speaking in English, he couldn’t understand until Chun Yeowun raised his hand.


Then, the guns aiming for Chun Yeowun pointed to the remaining members of the Special Forces.

“No, this is absurd! How can this happen?”

This was nothing much for Chun Yeowun, who could handle thousands of Air Swords.

Looking at those who were bewildered, Chun Yeowun spoke with a sly smile.

“You said you’ll shoot. Why aren’t you doing it?”


Therese swore.

He couldn’t shoot.

However, unlike Therese, who was panicking, their captain could guess one thing.

‘The movement control has been lost by us, but he cannot shoot.’

Which meant they still had a chance.

[Therese. Can you hear me?]


He ordered Therese to blow up the drones at his signal.

Since the opponent had a Nano Machine, they had connected their communication frequency, just in case.

‘It’s possible.’

The drones were still around Chun Yeowun.

No matter how strong the man was, if the drones exploded at such close distance, even a monster would get injured.

This means they would be able to take down Chun Yeowun without much effort.

Step! Step!

Hiding his intentions, Keanu stepped forward.

“Ah, you’re making me take the lead.”

Until now, he just looked at what happened.

As he moved, his upper body grew even larger, probably because the suit made it look like that.

“I never thought that I would have a chance to show my skills since the last Great Gate battle, which happened two years ago. You are special in this era. Thanks to you, I get to warm up my body.”

His voice was full of arrogance.

Despite seeing all that Chun Yeowun did, he didn’t feel scared.

The other Special Forces members had a high level of trust in him. It was like they were thinking, ‘the captain is moving.’

Keanu took a unique pose and continued.

“Martial artist. Be nervous. You will experience that it’s impossible to deal with me, a fighter who has experienced the Great Gate…”


At that moment, Chun Yeowun acted like he wielded something.

Puzzled, Keanu asked.

“What have you don…”


Before he could finish speaking, the thick neck of the captain fell to the ground.

Roll! Roll!


The members of the Special Forces went stiff.

It happened so quickly that they were too shocked to realize what just happened.

Chun Yeowun mumbled in an annoyed voice.

“Why are you talking so much?”

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