Chapter 1 - The Lazy Prince Picks Up a Sword (1)

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Located in the southern part of the Hale Kingdom, the Pareira estate was famous for its trade. Because it was close to the new neighboring kingdoms, there were a lot of movements of goods and people.

However, there was something it was more famous for, the kids of Baron Pareira.

A veteran security guard, who has been in charge of the gates for over five years, spoke with a huge smile.

“Haha, are you talking about Young Lady Kirill? Isn’t she great! There is no other word to describe her! She is only eleven years old, and she has already received an official title?”

“Ah, i-is that so! Did she get directly appointed by the royal family?”

“I am telling you! You know this too right! How precious a magician title is!”

At the senior guard’s question, the rookie nodded with a puzzled expression.

“Ah- I know! I’ve heard that they are harder to find than wizards!”

“Right! They can’t be compared to the wizards who are piled up in the tower! Now that she has been titled as a magician, the future of the Pareira estate must have turned solid, right?”

The face of the senior guard, who spoke about Baron Pareira’s daughter, Kirill Pareira, was full of pride.

There was no way he wouldn’t. He had lived his entire life here and had been loyal to the Baron family.

Pareira’s pride is his pride.

But that was all for a while, a guard with a large nose, who had been silently listening until then, spoke.

“Huh, so what! No matter how great the princess is doing, in the end, the eldest son is that prince.”


“He doesn’t intend to get out of bed, or the estate, what is so great about him? I will be glad if that kid doesn’t get eaten by the hyenas around him…”

“You! Be careful of what you say!”

The senior guard, who had been all praises for the princess so far, was shocked.

However, the big-nosed guard didn’t stop mumbling, and a fierce quarrel broke out.

“This bastard keeps talking back even though the senior guard told you not to do that…”

“I- I don’t get it, it is no life, it is the truth! Can’t I speak the truth too! This rookie, you come from a foreign country, so you know nothing about, so don’t act like you know what is going on…”

“Even then, you…”

Both the guard’s faces turned red as they stopped.

The rookie, who was stuck between them, wasn’t sure what to do.

‘No, even I know that much but…’


It was true that young lady Kirill is famous, but there is another person who is more famous than her.

The lazy young baron, Airn Pareira

The main character.

Of course, it wasn’t in a good way.

As the guard said, he was always ridiculed and ridiculed.

By the time he was 15, he was ignored by too many people, since he did nothing but sleep all day.

‘Last month, the young master of the neighbouring estates, blatantly humiliated him, yet, our young baron didn’t even respond…’

This kind of information was nothing to those who had been in the estate.

They knew why Airn Pareira had turned into a lazy person.

It probably had something to do with the accident in which he lost his mother… that had to be it.

‘Well, seeing his mother die right in front of his eyes at that young age, must have been shocking… however…’

It was when he was in thought.

A high-pitched voice came from behind.

“What are you doing now?”



The two guards who were arguing, turned around and were shocked.

It was Kirill Pareira and her mother, the second wife of Baron, Amel Pareira.

Their blue eyes were focused on the guards. The three of them immediately bowed in front of them.

“We apologize!”

“Who told you that you could make such a mess while being on duty?”

“We are really sorry!”

“Why do something that you need to apologize for?”

“We will never repeat this!”

“I need to let it go because you won’t do it again? What are you going to do about the mistake you made now?”


As if accustomed to reprimanding the guards, Kirill Pareira spoke out.

Amel stopped her in a calm voice.

“Enough, Kirill.”

“But, these people…”

“This much is enough. They know what they did was wrong. Right?”

“Y-yes! We realize our mistake!”

“Good. I don’t know what you were talking about, but make sure to focus on your work rather than other things.”

Even though she smiled, they could understand what she meant.

The guard, who was sweating, answered once again loudly, and the young magician and Baroness disappeared towards the garden.

The rookie, who had been watching the scene, gulped at the scene.

‘I need to be very careful when working in the future.’

Neither the ferocious princess nor the gentle second wife seemed to be happy.

At that time, Airn Pareira, the eldest son of the Baron, was lying in bed.

It wasn’t a strange thing. He rarely left his bed after witnessing the accident which took away his mother when he was 4 years old.

He would sleep in the morning when others wake up, and slept the entire day when people were struggling to make a living.

And when others sleep?

Of course, he sleeps then too.

Even if he can’t sleep, he forces himself to sleep. At least when he slept, his heart hurt a little less.

His actions were very few.

But strangely.

Right now Airn Pareira couldn’t sleep.


It was truly strange.

The usual Airn hardly dreamed. Even if he dreamed, he only dreamed of being immersed in warm water, as if his mother was holding him in her warm embrace, over and over again.

But the dreams he had been having for the past few days were completely different.

‘Swordsmanship training…’

Slash, wield, stab.

The memory of a man who continued to torture his body without taking a break while holding onto a heavy iron sword replayed throughout his sleep.

It didn’t feel like he was dreaming about a third party.

During the dream, Airn wasn’t Airn. He turned into a middle-aged man and wielded the sword.

Until his mouth hurt, and his muscles screamed.

That was the reason why Airn couldn’t sleep.

He would always stay in bed to escape from pain, but now the dreams were making it harder for him.

‘What the hell was that? That dream.’

No matter how much he thought, nothing made sense.

He didn’t know who the man was.

Maybe it was a dream, and it wasn’t like his memory wasn’t perfect, but even if it wasn’t, it was a problem.

In a very normal yard, did he ever come across a man who wielded his sword an entire day?


However, there was another important thing.

Airn Pareira, who had been covered in a warm blanket, slowly got up.

He sat and then started to get up.



Three, four and five… ten times.

He was already out of breath since he had never exercised.

Him moving like a normal person couldn’t even be imagined.

… still, he couldn’t stop.


He could feel every part of his body, every muscle hurting.

Wanting to move, he got up and tried to stretch.

The pain he felt in the dream disappeared and only the rewards of the training remained, encouraging Airn’s body to move.

“… phew, phew.”

Airn, who finished sitting, stood and took a deep breath.

Yet, his body’s thirst to move didn’t stop.

His heart was beating faster than usual and his entire body seemed to be screaming.

It was the same when he forced himself to lie down again.

The boy sighed.

And spoke while looking at the door.

“Over there, is anyone there?”

He didn’t speak too loud. It was because he hadn’t spoken in a long time and his throat was stuck.

But the reaction was quick. A servant, dressed in neat attire, came in quietly opening the door and bowed.

“Yes. Do you need anything, young lord?”


Airn sighed.

He cleared his throat. His face looked like he had been concerned about something.

That made the servant curious about Airn.

‘What is he trying to say?’

Normally, the lazy prince didn’t ask for much. He would ask for water or a light meal.

Except for that, there was almost no interaction.

So, why was the young one so worried?

The servant looked at Airn with a hint of hope.

And the lazy prince made a shocking remark which didn’t disappoint him.

“I, sword…I want to swing a sword.”


“I don’t know. Can you prepare everything needed for that?”

“Hu-yes! There, I can…”

The servant was flustered.

He heard something he never expected to hear.

So he asked the young prince once again, to confirm what he heard.

“By any chance, just now, did you say you want to practice sword… from your words, you seemed to have asked me for guidance in preparing things like wooden swords… am I correct, young lord?”

“… huh, right.”

The skinny body nodded.

The servant took a minute before he went out, without even trying to hide the surprise on his face.

And after a while.

For the first time in his life, the lazy prince, Airn Pareira, stepped out of his room.

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