Chapter 10 - Krono’s Failing Student (2)

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Actually, it was an interesting combination.

Airn Pareira, who was 15 years old, was in bad shape despite being much older than the average student.

In short, he was nothing less than a failure of a swordsman.

No trainee had ever spoken to him. He, who looked like he was going to drop out any moment, made the other students avoid him.

But the genius of the Lindsay family, who didn’t interact with anyone, who didn’t show any interest to the second rankers, spoke to him.

What? Do they two know each other?’

‘No, it can’t be. They can’t know each other…’

‘What? How?’

Strange curiosity rose.

The children stopped what they were doing and watched their every move.

Judith and Bratt Lloyd were no exception. Instead, they were the ones more interested than others.

However, they couldn’t figure out what was happening.

It was because they conversed in low voices.



There was a murmur, and it was barely audible unless one was beside them.

She spoke, and Airn nodded. Sometimes he opened his mouth to ask questions, but most of the words came out of Ilya’s mouth.

In the end, not one single person could hear what they talked about.

After a short time passed, the silver-haired girl returned to her seat with a calm face as if nothing happened.

And the training continued. The harsh training that she did made other students feel deprived.


Airn Pareira, too, continued with his training.

Compared to Ilya, he was a lightweight.

But the face on his expression was more serious than anyone. The boy, who was immersed in his exercise, would breathe loudly.

However, his concentration didn’t last long.

After Ilya Lindsay, another trainee came to visit him.



“Ignoring me? If someone calls you, shouldn’t you answer?”

Judith, the red-haired girl who came in second place in the running test, despite being a commoner.

Airn Pareira responded with a belated tone.

“Right, sorry. But why? Talking with me…”

“I have nothing to do with you.”

Judith cut off Airn’s words.

It was as if she wasn’t interested in him.

The girl had a dissatisfied expression as she stood next to Airn.

Then getting close to his ear, she asked him.

“What did you just say to her?”


“What the hell were you talking about, that quietly? Did you know each other before? No, just tell me everything she told you. From start to finish.”


“Hurry up!”

Judith was reckless like a single fire. Airn was perplexed seeing her.

However, the feeling didn’t last long.

He already knew that the girl in front of him had a rough personality, and he had experienced a similar kind of thing before.

His sister, Kirill.

Besides, it wasn’t a difficult request.

Airn nodded and opened his mouth.

“It was nothing. She just…”

“Shh, say it in a low voice, so only I can hear it.”

“… it really doesn’t matter. She just told me about things like posture when using the equipment.”

“You want me to believe that?”

Judith’s tone turned ferocious. The emotion was so intense that it felt like she was breathing fire. Airn’s ears felt hot.

She looked like she didn’t want to believe it at all.

But Airn had no choice but to repeat it all over again and again because that was the truth.

The boy spoke again with a calm expression.

“Ugh. When I was training, she told me that my posture was bad. She was really helpful because it was my first time actually using it…”

“Really? Is that all?”

“Really. I am not lying.”

After stopping the whispering, Judith stepped back and looked at Airn.

Cute face.

But his expression looked terrified like he was being tortured into giving a confession.

Of course, Airn still looked confident, and Judith had no choice but to return with an unpleasant look.

Airn sighed.


Judith’s behavior was understandable.

The first-ranker, who showed overwhelming results like a God, who had no intention of interacting with others, suddenly approached Airn and talked to him.

From the position of the second ranker, who was burning with a competitive spirit, it would definitely make her curious.

However, Airn also didn’t know what Ilya Lindsay was thinking, so there was nothing he could tell the others.

‘Why did she help me? Is it because she is feeling bad for me? Sympathy?’

Airn thought before shaking his head.

It wasn’t a question with an answer. Actually, it didn’t matter to him.

It was much more vital for him to use his time wisely.

Having wasted more time than others, he had to put in much more effort.

Airn, who regained his composure, tried to continue training.

But there were other uninvited guests.

Bratt Lloyd, who came 3rd in the test, approached him.


“… what?”

“I have a question, so I am going to ask you… can you tell me what you talked about with Ilya Lindsay?”


“Ah, tell me what you spoke with Judith too.”

With his mouth close to Airn’s ears, he asked, making Airn sigh looking at Bratt, who asked the same question as the 2nd ranker.

Ten days have passed since entering the school.

The daily routine was the same. Endless physical training and brief liberal arts classes. It wasn’t unreasonable that the children’s expressions were rotten.

“Damn, I never thought it would be like this…”

“You know, fitness is important. But isn’t it too much to stop us from holding swords?”

“I know.”

It was a disappointing thing.

A painful and challenging environment, but because of that, they were able to get to know each other more.

The appearance of awkwardly greeting each other had disappeared long ago.

It was a common sight to see like-minded trainees having meals together and chatting in their free time.

However, some didn’t form a group.

“Hmph! Hmph! Hmph!”

Sweat dripped from Judith’s body as she ran down the running course.

Her loose red hair and a frown on her face showed that she was in a state of despair and had reached the limit of her body.

Yes, she hardly rested.

Contrary to the fact that other people gathered and chatted with each other in their breaks, she continued with her training.

Bratt Lloyd, who was resting near the course, stopped and mumbled.

“Strong bastard.”

She really was a strong one.

He also thought that he wouldn’t lose to anyone with his strong mentality.

It was his pride of being a high-ranking noble.

Born to embrace the lower beings, he knew his lineage’s weight, so he lived a more fulfilling life than anyone from a young age.

But in front of Judith, his shine faded.

‘I am being pushed back by a commoner.’

He didn’t want to admit that.

But he couldn’t help but admit. His high pride began with self-objectification.

From the moment he tried to deceive himself, he knew that every effort he put in would end up throwing mud on him.

“Damn it.”

“What is it, Sir Lloyd?”

“Did something bad happe…”

“Judith, that lowly wench, did she say something to you?”

He only said one word, but one after another, the trainees around him began to ask him for a reason.

Bratt looked at them.

The short-fame ones, who came under the Krono school, and those whose ranks weren’t recognized, all came under him. But it wasn’t to the point where he could depend on them.

If he had the right support, he could have done a great job.

‘I can’t show weakness in front of people who only want to rely on me.’

The eldest son of a high-ranking family thought so as he spoke.

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s get going.”

“Huh. Already…”

“If you can’t, follow me slowly. But if you can, follow me with all your might.”

He didn’t have the luxury to give up as he was the eldest son of the Lloyd family; he had to do his best to defeat everyone.

Bratt Lloyd struggled over the sandy course with a strong determination.

It was then. A voice came from behind.

“Stand up.”

“Kuak, ugh.”

“Even if it is hard, don’t breathe in through your mouth, use your nose. Don’t turn your ankle, use your foot.”

“Pant, pant pant pant!”

The voice of a gorgeous girl and the sound of a gasping.

Bratt knew who the voices belonged to.

‘Ilya Lindsay, Airn Pereira…’

A bizarre combination of the genius of the Adan Kingdom and the laziest person of the Hale kingdom.

Ilya took care of Airn for only a short amount of time, and most of the time, she devoted herself to her own training, like Judith.

However, seeing the two of them together was strange.

In fact, all the trainees who followed Bratt couldn’t take their eyes off the two.

‘I don’t have to worry about it.’

But Bratt Lloyd didn’t care.

He was curious about their relationship, but in fact, the two had nothing to do with him.

First of all, one has a talent that cannot be surpassed.

He didn’t think like that in the beginning. Bratt thought he could surpass her, that there was no need to be afraid of how strong Lindsay was.

But now he knew that his precious body couldn’t do that.

And Airn Pareira…

‘… he is the opposite.’

A failed swordsman who had never tried his best in his life and entered the school by using the family name.

No matter how hard he tried, there was no way Airn could reach Bratt.

No, even if he struggled, Airn would never move up in rank.

Now, because of the ridicule of the trainees, and thanks to Ilya’s Lindsay encouragement, he was working hard…

‘As soon as he gets used to this, he will revert back to his old self.’

There was a reason why a deadbeat is called a deadbeat.

There was no lie in those rumors.

After thinking, Bratt Lloyd looked away from them.

And started running down the road.

‘The goal is to be second.’

“Pant, Pant!”

“Let’s go together, Sir Lloyd!”

The trainees followed Bratt with serious expressions.

Although they were nothing compared to the top ones, they were putting in enough effort, which people their age wouldn’t.

So, they were thinking similar to Bratt. Airn Pareira wasn’t even worth being considered as their opponent.

Even the trainees of the lower ranks were better than Airn.

Either way, Airn Pareira was someone who was just doing his best.

Time passed.

Ten days and then another ten days.

One month had passed after the trainees entered.

They were all slowly getting used to their daily routine.

Krono’s evaluation was absolute. In other words, there was no need to compete to stay in school.

If things went ahead as such, everyone could pass without losing a trainee except for Airn.

Airn Pareira didn’t care.

He just did what he could.

Time passed.

2nd month. As the seasons changed, the sun slowly stayed longer.

From this point on, trainees gave up on their training. It was because the daily routine turned tougher.

The time didn’t increase. The training difficulty had been raised to an unbelievable level.

Most of the children, except for the upper ranks, began to feel their limit.

Physical fitness and injuries weren’t an issue.

The recovery room of Krono was the best, and Rune Tarhal managed to look after the trainees.

Right. As long as they were mentally strong, the children could still focus on their training.

Or they could choose to take a rest.

But that wasn’t the case with Airn.

He was still giving the best he could.

Again, time passed.

Three months since admission. Trainees and the assistants were exhausted from the sweltering heat.

Now, the majority of the trainees had given up on self-training.

They had no choice but to do that. After all the work they were doing, they didn’t want to lift the hand.

If it weren’t for the instructor’s words, the number of people eating dinner and falling asleep would have increased.

And some trained.

The top three, Ilya, Judith, and Bratt, were still diligently training.

Thanks to their incredible talent, they worked better than others, yet not one of the three stopped trying.

Plus, a few of Bratt’s friends and a few other sincere ones trained. A total of ten children continued to train.

And Airn was among the ten trainees,

Still, he kept doing the best he could.

It was from then.

The one who was being called the deadbeat noble by the trainees was no longer considered a deadbeat.

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