Chapter 110 - My Fighting Spirit (2)

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‘What did he say?’

‘Did I hear that right?’

Upon hearing Airn’s words, the swordsmen around went stiff.

Not all of them had used a magic meter.

However, since they heard the story of an experienced person, they knew that 5,000 points was a formidable score.

‘Or, did he lie?’

The heads of the swordsmen turned to one of the people who were talking about the meter first.

Upon receiving their gazes, the man spoke with a bewildered expression.

“Ah, that would be a lie. If not… right. Not all measuring tools have the same scoring standard… maybe it was different?” (1)


“That so?”

“Hmm, no matter how much I think about it, it doesn’t make sense to get double the standard score.”

The swordsmen who heard the man’s excuse, mumbled and nodded their heads.

But Hyram thought differently.

He believed that Airn scored 11,000.

“It’s a little lower than I thought?”

“Is that so?”

“Right. Because I felt your sword first hand. Maybe your skills have improved in the meantime. Did you measure it a long time ago?”

“… no.”

Airn said.

He checked it pretty recently, about 4 or 5 months ago.

However, a lot happened in that time.

His encounter with the bandits in Alhad, the events in Derinku, meeting Ignet, and then his time with Bratt and Judith have been helpful.

Thinking about it, he wondered.

How far has he progressed since then?

“Is the scoring different? It’s bigger than what I saw before, but…”

“If the shape and color is the same. It has to be the same thing.”

“I see.”

“Even we don’t know how much you grew, and you can’t lose to your past self. I will do my best!”

“Judith, wipe your forehead clean.”

“Don’t cry when you lose.”

The three of them spoke without listening to their surroundings, and Hyram looked at them with a smile.

Apart from them, the other people were busy taking the test.



“6,201 points. Pass.”


Shouts of joy.



“4,984 points. Out!”

“Ah! Please, can’t I do it again? There isn’t much difference…”

“I’m sorry. There are a lot of people who passed, so I’m wondering if we should raise the standard…”

“Yah! Get out if you didn’t get 5,000 points!”

“People are waiting behind you!”

“The score is life or death!”

Some people left, embracing their frustration.

After some time passed there were four people left, excluding those who passed.

As they were the last to arrive, they were the last to test.

“Great. So, should we try?”

While stretching his shoulders and body, Hyram approached the meter.

Those who knew him watched him with serious eyes, while those who didn’t asked questions.

And when the word ‘expert’ came out, they were surprised.

It was because they didn’t expect such a talented person to appear so gentle.

Was he really an Expert?

A middle-aged old man who looked like a kind person?

He grinned at them and swung his sword vertically.






A different sound than before.

The expressions of the swordsmen around changed while waiting for the number.

They all looked at the square scoreboard simultaneously.

And the bald butler showed the score.


A score much higher than what was needed and the highest recorded so far.

The people watching were in shock, but the butler spoke with a calm expression.

“12,081 points. Pass. Your record is better than last time. Schoolmaster Hyram.”

“Haha, using this often tuned me.”

“Don’t do this too often. It will break”

“This isn’t some small thing, it’s a huge one. It won’t break. Oh, of course, these kids might break it…”


At those words, the butler looked back.

Three young swordsmen.

A blue-haired man with a relaxed expression, a red-haired woman with an excited face, and a blonde man who looked a little nervous.

They looked like they were just over 20. No, maybe they weren’t even 20.

‘Young people like that will break the meter?’

That must be a joke.

Thought the butler.

Hyram was a serious person, but like Jet Frost he joked around.

Perhaps it was him trying to promote good talents.

Thinking that, he looked at the blonde one.

“Next. When you are ready, start.”

“Yes. Phew…”

Airn Pareira, who had been called by the butler, stepped ahead.

As he stretched out his hand, a large sword appeared.

Shocking everyone.

The same was true for the butler, even Hyram.

It was because Hyram and Airn used wooden swords to spar.

“S-Sorcery? Is that a sorcery sword? The use of sorcery is prohibited in measuring…”

“Ah, it’s a sword made of sorcery, but… can I not use it? It’s just a hard sword with no features…”


“Ah, if there’s a sword similar to this can, can I use it?”

“… wait a minute.”

The butler with the stiff expression moved in front of Airn’s sword.

A blunt, piece of iron, it was weird that it looked like a sword and a club.

It was so heavy that no one could lift it, but Airn could.

Waving it a few times, Airn asked.

“Can I use it?”

“… yes.”

The butler answered in a low voice.

After getting an answer, Airn moved in front of the device.

The onlookers, and Hyram, Bratt, and Judith, too, were watching.

Judith and Bratt knew it best.

When it came down to a single strike then he was the best of the three!

Airn didn’t want to overthink it, so he quickly swung his sword through the air.

And hit the device hard.




A great sound.

It was a sound that terrified everyone.

Some swordsmen even fell down unconscious and some covered their ears.

With that everyone frowned, their eyes looked at the meter.

And they didn’t say anything.


“… 18,817 points. Success.”

The result was so shocking that even the butler hesitated.

While everyone was in shock, someone else shouted.

“Great. Next is me.”

It was Judith.

She spoke to the butler.

“Mister, can I do it?”

“Uh? Yes… do it.”

“Haaa…. Hmmm!”




Another roar.


A strange score again!

And that wasn’t the end.

The girl stepped back with a regretful expression and a young man with blue hair came up.


“Huh, Judith lost. Airn, go ahead and hit her.”

“No! Bastard! This makes no sense! Is this broken! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

“… ah. The bet.”

He forgot.

Seeing Airn mumble, everyone in the yard was shocked, unable to understand the kids who were enjoying themselves.

‘What is with these people?’

The test was done.

The successful ones entered the mansion in turn and competed with Jet Frost while the next in line waited.

Airn and his party were last again. They arrived on time, but so many people came early, so they had to wait.

Looking at those ahead of them Judith spoke.

“There’s a lot left. Maybe we won’t get a chance today?”

“There are a lot.”

“They should have raised the score to 6,000…”

Judith, who voiced her thoughts, looked around and then went silent.

The eyes of a swordsman who barely crossed 5,000 were on her.

To them, she was someone who hit 16,000 so she didn’t care about them.

And she fully understood their feelings.

“I mean, it’s for a match…”


The trio and Hyram, their expressions darkened. (2)

The trio came here not knowing.

That this Jet Frost was really lazy.

And in the case where the matches last for another day, there was a higher chance that he would quit and go back to doing nothing.

And that thought made them nervous.

They kept thinking about Jet Frost for two days straight and came here!

The three of them were thinking the same thing, even Hyram was too.

At that time, the butler stopped by and delivered news.

“I deliver the words of my master. Apparently, there are too many successful applicants, so we don’t think this will end today…”


“… and we’re going to change it to three on one. Please understand.”

“Phew… thank god.”

Judith sighed in relief. Not just her, but every swordsman did.

The strongest expert was their opponent, so it didn’t matter if it was 3 on 1 or 1 on 1. As long as they went in and got some pointers, it didn’t matter.

Of course, there were those who didn’t like it.

One such person was Hyram, but.

“Ah, Mr. Hyram is an exception. They will compete 1 on 1.”

“Huhu, he’s taking extra care of me.”

“He seems to be in a better mood than usual.”

“I get it. I will receive his favor. Calling this a favor huh, but…”

Hyram spoke with a frown and then stopped, but the butler smiled as if he knew what Hyram wanted to talk about.

However, the conversation didn’t proceed.

Bratt took a step forward and asked.

“Then, are you saying that the three of us will deal with him at the same time?”


“When I counted the people left, we three will be one group. Is it really okay for us to do that?”

“… wait. I will ask.”

The butler spoke with a serious expression.

It was an important issue. No matter how great his master was, three crazy young people on one team against his master didn’t seem like a wise choice.

Was it possible? To deal with those three at once?

He wasn’t sure despite knowing Jet Frost’s strength.

But, there was someone who stopped him.

It was Hyram.



“Is there a problem? It isn’t like we’ll have another choice. He’s the kind to do what he says.”


“Did you know? The fruit wine you wanted to drink on New Year’s, Jet drank it.”

“… we will go this way.”

The butler nodded and Hyram crossed his arms and smiled with a vicious expression.

Airn just looked blank at their exchange, but Bratt thought about it and asked.

“Schoolmaster Hyram.”


“It may be a rude question, but… Sir Jet Frost, how are his teaching skills?”

“As good as his swordsmanship. If he put up a school, then people would flock to him.”

“And does he have any disciples?”

“No. Didn’t I tell you. He’s the laziest person in Partizan.”

“Then now?”

Bratt closed the distance and then whispered something into his ear making Hyram smile.

Airn and Judith who looked at them couldn’t understand what they were talking about, and then the blue-haired man went up to them and said.

“Is one match enough?”


“That lazy teacher, let’s make him a proper teacher for an entire month.”



“Hmm… I lost.”

“Of course. Did you think you could beat me?”

“No. But you are so temperamental. Do you have to rub it in my face?”

“Enough, you are better than last time, but…”

After the battle with Hyram, Jet Frost pointed out some things.

The expression on his face told Hyram that he was bored, but the explanation was detailed.

Hyram nodded.

“Thanks. It was a big help.”

“Well. You are my friend.”

“And what does this friend want in return?”

“I’m thinking about the three honey wine bottles in your school.”

“See you later.”

“Be safe.”

“Ah, right I forgot.”

“What. If you aren’t going to give me those bottles, just disappear.”

“Tch. Your behavior is… well, the young friends are quite nice.”

“Young friends? What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

Jet Frost frowned.

Hyram chuckled.

And then told him a story.

“No, there are some people who are a bit upset since you said you would deal with three people at once. Even with your level of skill, I wonder if you’re acting too ignorantly this time.”

“Uh, really? Well, the story could change depending on their level of skill…”

“But those swordsmen, they are around 20 years old.”


Jet Frost asked, confused.

But the next words were even more absurd.

“They asked me to tell you. If you win over those three, they will do anything you want for a month.”


“And if they win, you give them individual swordsmanship training and pointers for one month.”

“Insane bastards….”

Jet Frost snorted.

The world wasn’t without talented young ones.

Ignet Crescentia hit the Sword Master Level at 20, and Ilya Lindsay had many experts on their knees at the age of 18.

But there is no way that three young talented ones were in his mansion at the same time.

He smiled.

“Fine. I accept the bet. We’ll have them clean the mansion.”

“I will be the notary since I don’t want you running away.”

“Why would I? But, if you want to watch, fine. Bring them in!”


The butler politely went to get the young ones.

In the meantime, Jet Frost was laughing to himself.

After a while.


Jet Frost looked at his friend without saying a word after seeing the three people walk in with a strong pressure.

Hyram smiled and said.

“It’s payback time.”

Editor’s Note -

(1) ‘That’ is referring to what Airn said would be a lie.

(2) Hyram’s expression darkened because he felt bad for the kids since they came there not knowing anything.

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