Chapter 111 - Scary, Poisonous Ones (1)

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“What is this…”

Hearing Hyram’s words, Jet Frost’s eyes widened.

And he turned his head back to the young swordsmen.

The three of them approached with a dignified gait.

And he knew right away.

They were all Experts.

‘Stupid… no way! At that age? All three?’

How the hell were they so talented?

When it came to talent, Jet Frost was a very talented one.

At the age of 22 he became an Expert and at the age of 35, he hit the peak of the Expert Level.

However, the pressure he was feeling from this…

‘They aren’t ordinary Experts.’

Did they hear his thoughts?

At that moment, the blue-haired young man in the center introduced himself.

“Hello, sir. I’m familiar with your name and reputation. Although we aren’t much, we would like to introduce ourselves. I’m Bratt Lloyd from the 27th batch of Krono.”

“I’m Judith, a trainee of the 27th batch.”

“My name is Airn Pareira, I’m also a trainee of the 27th batch of Krono.”


“Thank you for accepting an offer which might have come out as rude. So now, we will do our very best.”



Jet Frost exclaimed, but Bratt Lloyd didn’t stop and began to increase his pressure.

It wasn’t just that, Judith and Airn who were next to him, began to raise their immense pressures.

As he watched the other two do the same, Jet Frost panicked.

‘Damn it!’

He was attacked.

He couldn’t believe that three of the 27th batch, the golden generation, would come out at once.

And, they were much stronger than the rumors!

However, he couldn’t get his thoughts out until the end.

As before he could, three experts were going to attack him.




The blonde young man’s attack pushed against him like a rock.

The attack was quite heavy. His hands holding the sword rumbled because of the attack.

Of course, it wasn’t like Jet Frost was too flustered to move.

He raised his power!

He began to generate Aura and pushed the opponent away with his power.

It was the moment when he was about to extend his sword and hit the opponent who lost his balance.


That wasn’t possible anymore.

Because Bratt Lloyd, the blue-haired one, approached Jet Frost to keep him in check.

And the one called Judith was approaching him from behind.

He bit his lip.

‘If I get hit from behind, it’ll be tough to escape!’

Realizing that it was time to step back, he quickly slammed his foot into the ground.


Judith admired that move.

The movement of Jet Frost, who glided back with one step backwards was smooth and fast.

As she was someone who was concerned about footwork, the opponent’s move caught her eyes.

Judith, who remembered the movement, worked hard to get into an advantageous position.

Bratt Lloyd and Airn, too, moved quickly to press the opponent.

A fierce pursuit followed.






They caught up and the opponent moved away, it happened again and again.

But, it wasn’t like the three weren’t in crisis.

The Jet’s sword which held precision, strength, and speed was unreasonable.

Jet somehow created a one-on-one situation where he tried to take one of the three down.

However he couldn’t as the other two immediately caught up and he wasn’t strong enough to subdue one of them in an instant.

Seeing that Jet Frost laughed.

‘Have I ever seen such crazy people!’

Each one was stronger than Hyram. Even though he was a close friend and it felt bad to use him as a comparison, it was true.

If this was their skill level, then they would stand up on the King Level in the Land of Proof.

How old were they?

It was unreasonable.

They were so talented that even he who heard himself being called a genius couldn’t handle it.

‘No, fuck that, I can’t lose!’

He was angry.

And getting annoyed.

What the heck did the kids grow up eating that allowed them to learn so much and become so strong?

These three were in a hurry to eat him up.

And he was anxious.

‘Being their teacher for a month, absolutely not!’

Volunteering when he was bored was one thing.

But forcing him to do something was slavery!

Thinking of that miserable future, he looked ahead.

And a terrifying energy was flowing from him.

Airn, who felt it, stopped, and Judith, too, kept her distance from him.

Bratt Lloyd was the opposite.

He moved forward and pressed the opponent using his momentum.

The three had different approaches.

Jet Frost, feeling the energy he wanted to attack, threw his sword.




Judith was startled as she looked at the sword which came flying towards her.

Who would have thought that he would throw his sword?

Despite being shocked, she moved her body swiftly.

Lowering her center of gravity, she struck his sword.

Meanwhile, Jet Frost drew a different sword from his waist and rushed towards Bratt.

He had a spare sword!

He wanted Judith to move away.

Although, he wasn’t too worried about Judith.

One was still there, Airn.

Knowing that his defensive position was sloppy, Bratt decided to hold on until Airn joined him….

As soon as he thought that, Jet’s actions changed.



He kicked the floor.

The smooth stone floor of the hall was destroyed with a roar.

Fragments flew in the air, and the largest of them all went for Airn.

Throwing a sword was one thing, but this was truly an unpredictable attack.

Airn, whose response got delayed, thought the same.

While Airn was distracted, Jet Frost approached Bratt and swung his sword.

‘Calm down. I only need to block it once or twice!’

He didn’t want to drain himself. And Bratt knew that his opponent was experienced.

Considering the difference in level, blocking would be hard.

But he didn’t think that he would fail when it came to blocking.

After all he was the one who dealt with the numerous seniors in Krono!

With a determined face, he took a better defensive position. His eyes were staring at his opponent’s sword.


Because of that he knew. 1

The deadliness of Jet’s movements.

If he blocked, he would be mercilessly cut down!


Bratt was pushed back.

It was a smooth movement, as if he was sure that his attack would go through.

He took a big step ahead and moved his wrist.

The sword changed its trajectory from slashing to stabbing and tapped Bratt’s mitt.

“One down!”

As soon as he said that, Judith slammed into from the side.

Airn, too, went for him, despite being a little late.

But it was fine. Dealing with the two of them without anyone aiming for his back meant that he was safe.

Jet Frost fiercely used his sword to defend against both of them and then hit Airn with his foot.

And thrust his sword at Judith who was alone.


“Two down. Sigh…”

By the time Airn regained his balance, Judith was already down.

Her face was red from being hit by the sword of her opponent. She didn’t think that they would lose.

Neither did Bratt.

Seeing Bratt with a sad face, Jet Frost sighed and advised.

“Was it Bratt Lloyd?”


“Your skills are stable. I was impressed with your mature use of your sword, that isn’t something people your age can typically do. But you don’t seem to have the eyes for making estimates. Maybe you care too much about safety.”

“Couldn’t your sword just be one I couldn’t handle?”

“No. This was a bet I didn’t want to lose, but I was faithful to the match. You swung your sword with enough force to slightly pressure me. Nevertheless, I didn’t step back because I was pushed, I stepped back because I lost my composure there.”


“Anything to say?”

“No. Thank you.”

Bratt surrendered.

And Jet turned to Judith.

“Your attack is monotonous.”

“What? Where…”

“Where did you sell your sword? Just slashing and handling the sword doesn’t mean that you’re using it properly.” 2


“Don’t. I don’t want to listen to some long story. Think about it seriously and come up with an answer of your own. I’ll help you again once. Think of it as a favor because I like your footwork, be grateful.”

Jet didn’t bother listening to any objections.

And Judith didn’t say anything.

In the end, she was defeated.

Airn was still there, but he couldn’t handle an opponent which the three together couldn’t.

Knowing that, Jet Frost was about to give advice.


Something strange happened.

“You… okay. You’re alone. But I’ll play a little more.”


“You can give up. But I’d like to show you something. Your attacks are quite heavy, so come at me with your strength”


“After that, I’ll show you the weight of my sword. Feel free to come at me.”



Hearing Jet’s words, Judith burst into laughter.

The sound of laughter filled the hall.

Jet Frost, who looked at her, frowned.

“Haha, hahaha, hahahah!”

Judith wasn’t the only one.

Even Bratt Lloyd who was standing with a serious expression until then, burst into laughter.

For someone serious like Bratt to laugh out loud, Jet Frost felt a bit uneasy.

He looked at Hyram.

“Do you know why they’re laughing?”

“I don’t.”

Even schoolmaster Hyram didn’t know.

At that.

Airn Pareira who was silent raised his sword.

A truly terrifying energy gathered.



Hyram’s eyes widened. He was even more shocked than the time he was defeated by Airn.

It wasn’t just him.

Jet Frost, too, looked at Airn, wondering what he was trying to do.

However, Judith and Bratt were smiling.

Airn, who received everyone’s attention, spoke.

“Did you say to give up?”


“This is payback for that.”

  1. “That” is referring to him looking at Jet’s sword. ↩️

  2. “Where did you sell your sword?” basically just means, ‘why aren’t you using your sword?’ ↩️

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