Chapter 112 - Scary, Poisonous Ones (2)

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The schoolmaster Hyram who was watching it gulped.

The fight between the trio and Jet Frost was exciting.

The close fight between the trio and Jet was something he never thought he would witness.

‘It was worthwhile to place the bet!’

But where there was a beginning, there was an end.

The defeat of Bratt and Judith left Airn alone.

At least that was what Hyram thought.

Because the only one who can take Jet Frost down would be a Sword Master.


‘What is this feeling?’

His palms were sweating.

He wasn’t sure why. But, he sensed that something great was happening.

And he sensed that Airn was different.

Jet Frost was also aware of it.

‘What now!’

He was better than Hyram. In addition to handling swords, Jet could use aura and detect aura.

So he knew.

How terrifying the aura coming out of Airn’s body was.

‘There’s no wastage of power. If he releases that much aura, it wouldn’t be weird for it to run wild… but it’s being controlled!’

He knew that Airn was hiding his trump card.

Unlike Bratt and Judith who were actively showing off their Aura, the blonde only displayed his strength during the match.

Which was why he told the blonde to give up.

But to think he was going to show it now!

It was weird.

He who was looking at the person with blank eyes, sharpened his teeth.

“Oh my, I’ll receive it!”

Jet Frost’s eyes shone as he took a stance.

He raised his aura as much as possible and spread it all over his body to elevate his senses.

It had been a long time since he did that.

Without even realizing that, the 101st swordsman looked at the young genius.


Keeping his eyes looking straight forward, Airn concentrated.

Again, it felt different.

Bratt and Judith were looking at him, but this time Airn was confident that he would be able to exert smoother and sharper power than before.

No, he wanted to win the bet at all costs.

‘This kid is incredibly strong!’

He knew that the young man was strong.

Not just from Hyram’s words.

The magic meter score was proof.

But Jet Frost was able to overcome three of them at once.

And he wasn’t even exhausted.

Amid that fight, he didn’t forget the purpose of the match.

It was a short but great lesson.

‘If I can learn from such an amazing person for an entire month…’

He had to seize it!

Thinking that, Airn raised his strength even more.


The flames in his heart were growing stronger. The passion which stayed dormant awakened, adding to his spirit and will.

It was still difficult to call the stake a sword, but Airn was one step closer to that.

It was the moment when the blonde man was ready to swing with all his might while imagining that he was holding his will.

“I surrender.”


“I lost. I lost. So… put that damn thing down.”


“Put it down, fast! Fuck, won’t put it down?”

Cold sweat was flowing down Jet Frost’s face as he kept swearing.

‘No. I can’t survive that!’

Seeing Airn go to a far higher level, Jet Frost fell down on the floor.

And said one last thing.

“If you don’t want to be chased by the swordsmen of Partizan for murder, put it down.”

“… please look after us for a month.”

“Take good care of us.”

“We look forward to it!”

Along with Airn, Judith, and Bratt, too, bowed their heads.

Jet Frost groaned as he looked at them.

‘Damn it!’

The 3-on-1 ended safely.

Jet Frost exceeded everyone’s expectations, and Airn showed a terrifying power which led them to victory.

Hyram asked.

“No, what the hell was that? What was it?”

“Don’t try to understand. Because he’s a crazy one.”

“It’s hard to argue with that.”


Hyram shook his head.

He thought that the kids were amazing, but he didn’t think they could leave him dumbstruck and speechless.

He actually felt like crying.

He felt depressed as he remembered that he was a 40- year-old expert.

But that didn’t last long.

Since he was optimistic by nature, he congratulated the three geniuses.

“First things first, congratulations. You get to bully that lazy bastard for an entire month. Today’s drink will taste better to me.”

“Thank you. That honey wine you mentioned earlier? Can I have a little of it…”

Bratt asked quickly. Judith put on an absurd expression as Bratt was usually as reserved as Airn.

Hyram laughed. And said,

“Of course you can, but don’t drink too much.”

“Is it because of the teaching which starts tomorrow?”

“Right. Considering his personality… you will have an insanely tight schedule. Maybe a lot worse than I’m imagining. He will try to exhaust you guys.”

Sincere words.

Jet Frost wasn’t a bad guy.

And he wasn’t the kind to waste other people’s time, especially when it came to teaching.

However, if the trio couldn’t handle it and gave up halfway through, he would readily accept it.

Did the trio know that?

All three of them nodded at Hyram’s words.

They were all seriously contemplating what would be taught to them.

“I think a bottle should be fine though.”


“If it’s something you treasure, one glass is enough.”

“… no. Have as much as you want.”

That night, Bratt Lloyd drank three bottles of honey wine and went to bed with a smile.

The next day they went to the mansion in good shape.

“Are you okay, Bratt?”

“Of course. It wasn’t that strong.”

“… that so?”

Judith asked.

It was milder than what she drank with Kuvar, but it was still strong according to her standards.

But Bratt didn’t seem to be concerned.

“Kid. Don’t lump me together with you.”

“You crazy fu…”

“Sir Jet Frost has arrived.”

As the two were quarrelling, Jet Frost appeared with his bald butler.

He didn’t have a good expression. Probably because his normal routine has been disrupted.

“Follow me.”

He said and walked somewhere.

The three of them followed him and looked around the mansion.

It was only slightly smaller than the Krono.

Judith spoke.

“The place is spacious.”

“I hear that a lot.”

“Are you rich?”

“I am, are you jealous?”

“I would’ve been in the past, but not now.”

Jet Frost glanced back. He looked at the strange girl, but she seemed sincere.

‘If I used what Lulu gave me, wouldn’t I be able to live comfortably like this?’

To her, Lulu was the richest person on the continent.

With those thoughts, they arrived at their destination.

A building which had geometric patterns drawn on the walls, making Bratt ask.

“Is it magic?”

“Yes. It’s a fitness room where you can control gravity with magic. For the next month you will train your bodies here in the morning.”


Judith exclaimed, however, Airn and Bratt had blank expressions.

They heard stories of wealthy knights using such places to train.

However, it was their first time seeing one.

Seeing them like that, Jet Frost grinned.

As they entered, the magic circles were activated.



“T… This is a lot harder than I thought!”

The three immediately said.

Judith was the most vocal one, but the other two had serious expressions.

It was because this was a lot tougher than they expected, however, Jet Frost chucked.

“Nice. Swordsmen who have become experts start to neglect their training after a certain point. Since they try to replace everything with aura. However, if the body is strong, the aura’s effectiveness will improve. Also, while overcoming the torture, the amount of aura will increase.”

There was a lot of talk about how aura can be improved.

Some people used physical training to improve their aura. Others had big or small realizations that improved it.

But most swordsmen believed that physical training can improve aura.

So did Airn, Bratt, and Judith. Because of that, they didn’t refute Jet Frost’s words.

Rather, they liked the fitness room.

‘Of course, it will be very difficult but…’

The three of them clicked their tongues as they looked at the schedule given to them by the butler.

If they didn’t work diligently, they wouldn’t be able to get the workout routine done on time.

Jet Frost spoke.

“If you aren’t done by noon, I will know that you have no will and you’ll be disqualified. If you’re dissatisfied with this, let me know. If you hurry up and get this done, I won’t say anything.”


“And, don’t even think about cheating. The butler will be keeping an eye on you.”

“Leave them to me, sir.”

The butler answered calmly as he sat in a chair.

The area around the chair didn’t seem to be affected by the magic.

“Well, see you at lunch.”

With those words, Jet Frost left the gym. With a smile on his face.

All three saw it, but they didn’t complain.

They already decided to follow Jet Frost for a month.

Moreover, his teachings weren’t absurd.

Although they didn’t like his expression, they liked getting to use the expensive fitness room.

“Fuck, let’s do this.”


“You shouldn’t talk like that.”

Judith, Airn, and Bratt were prepared.

Their determined wills were evident in their eyes and a firm determination was revealed.

Perhaps, if they focused on their task without saying a word, all three of them would be able to finish the training.

But Judith’s provocation ruined everything.

“Whoever finishes last.”


“Will have to listen to the one who finishes it the fastest for an entire day?”

Airn and Bratt exchanged glances while Judith ran towards the exercise machines.

Both of them followed her and jumped into training.

And after a while, their time in hell began.

“Huk! Huk! Huk!”

“Huh, hump!”

“Haa, haa…”

Three young people were on the floor sweating.

The butler, who was drinking his tea, looked at them with a blank expression.

“Uhh… ah, I overslept.”

Jet Frost woke up from his nap and checked the time.

1:20 pm. Frowning, he moved to the gym.

At 12 sharp he had lunch and after that thought he would take a quick nap…

‘Well… it’s their first day, so an hour break is fine.’

He didn’t think that they would back down.

He didn’t do a lot nowadays, but he used to wield his sword vehemently.

So he could tell by looking at their eyes.

They would somehow complete the schedule.

At that, very narrowly…

Since he walked while deep in thought, he suddenly arrived in front of the training room.

And the three were nowhere to be seen.

‘What? Are they resting inside?’

He thought that might be the case.

It wasn’t that the magic circle was turned off, but there didn’t seem to be an effect in place.

Jet Frost thought and strode inside.

He went stiff for 5 seconds.

“Huh, huh, huh…”

“Uk… uk…”

“Fuck, ugh, fuck…”

He didn’t know if those were moans or groans.

And he also heard swearing.

From Airn, Bratt, and Judith.

The problem was that it was past 1:25.

Jet Frost asked the butler.

“Didn’t they finish?”

“… all three finished before 11. Airn Pareira, Judith, and Bratt Lloyd.”

“… before 11?”

That fast?

Jet Frost thought.

However, more surprising words followed.

“They bet that the person who finishes last would listen to the one who finishes first… and the result wasn’t satisfactory. So Bratt Lloyd proposed another bet.”

“What bet?”

“Who will get more done before you arrive…”

“… but why are they still doing it?”

“They seem to be too involved with the training, so they didn’t notice you.”


Jet Frost was speechless as he looked at Judith.

And then Bratt Lloyd.

And finally Airn Pareira.

The three of them were doing their best despite being tired.

“… haaa.”

He sighed, shaking his head.

When it came to dealing with these three, he knew that he had to be more serious.

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