Chapter 113 - The Person Called Judith (1)

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6 am.

Jet Frost’s training room was very silent.

It was because it was too early.

And Jet Frost didn’t raise his sword unless he wanted to fight.

At best, the butler Glenn would use it two to three times a week.

But that wasn’t the case now.





Young people who were about 20 were there.

However, the two people, Judith and Bratt were wielding their swords with a terrifying force which didn’t suit them.

They immersed themselves in the place as if it was a practice hall in Krono.

Without wasting a single second. Or getting disturbed.

How long had they been swinging their swords like that? An hour?

Another person came in.

It was Airn Pareira.

Judith asked as she looked at him.

“Did you meditate again?”

“Imagery training. Well, something like that.”

“Well, I don’t understand. Does that help? No, seeing you grow stronger I think it…”

“Enough, let’s eat.”

“Yeah. What are Lulu and Kuvar doing?”

“Kuvar is sleeping and Lulu is practicing sorcery.”

“Lulu is so hard working. Ah, sausage!”

The three of them went back to training after a simple meal.

Just like before, they didn’t waste a single second.

While they were moving around like that, two people came in.

Jet Frost and Glenn.

“Once you have warmed up, let’s go to that training room.”


The trio nodded.

After that, it was the same. Relentless physical training until 12.

Training under gravity magic was painful as hell, but the three swordsmen would perform the assigned exercises without a sign of displeasure.

It has been ten days since they started receiving instructions, but their enthusiasm hadn’t changed.

Rather, it was Jet Frost who changed.

“Your posture has been disrupted. You’ll hurt your back!”

“I’ll help you, stay safe.”

“Control your breathing. Yes, you’re doing good.”

On the first day, Jet Frost left watching them to his butler and went to eat and take a nap.

Did he change because they were determined?

Although he still had the same bored expression, he assisted Airn and the others with a much more serious attitude.

Even Glenn, who cared for him for 30 years, was shocked by his sincerity.

Such devotion led to not just physical training, but also swordsmanship advice.

At 2 pm, Jet Frost spoke to the three swordsmen who recovered from fatigue with the help of a nutritional diet and a recovery room.

“Starting from today I will teach each of you separately. First is Airn, tomorrow will be Judith, and then Bratt. Airn Pareira! Stand in front of me. And you two, practice freely.”


“Yes. Yah, let’s have a match.”

Judith and Bratt nodded and started to head somewhere to battle, leaving Airn alone.

Jet Frost generously gave his knowledge to Airn.

“You make great use of that heavy sword. When attacking you apply a lot of pressure which is hard to deal with and when it comes to defense, you keep your center firm. And your timing and skills are commendable.”

“Thank you.”

“But it isn’t like you’re great. You’re too passive. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the thought that you’re slower than your opponent… that could be why it feels like you’re slow when compared to people like Judith who are good with their feet.”

“But isn’t it true that I’m slower than Judith?”

“Right. But being slow and dull doesn’t need to make you passive.”


As he said that, heavy energy flowed from Jet Frost’s body.

Airn unknowingly took a defensive stance and Jet slowly stepped ahead with his sword.

“Don’t think about catching up from the start.”

Jet continued to move.

It wasn’t a quick step.

However, each step felt solid and stable, and Airn couldn’t stop his advance.

All he could do was throw a light attack and then step back.

“As you move forward, keep occupying the space. It gives you a space advantage and makes the opponent uncomfortable.”



Jet Frost advanced and Airn retreated.

Sweat dripped down from Airn who was constantly retreating.

He felt like he was being pushed and dragged even though he was agile.

“You will be nervous as you retreat and it will be hard to aim as you’re on alert and anxious. And if I take up this space, I will have more chances to make a move and defend.”

“I see.”

“Don’t get swayed by your opponent, and quietly occupy the space and move ahead. Then you can move at least half a step faster. Now, do what I showed you.”


The coaching which followed was more difficult than the training, but Airn wasn’t dissatisfied.

Neither were Bratt and Judith.

Despite the anguish on their faces, their hearts were filled with joy.

Because they knew and felt that they were growing and getting stronger.

‘We did a good job with that bet.’

‘Thank god. Meeting Jet Frost in Partizan…’

‘Calling it lucky wouldn’t be an exaggeration.’

Jet Frost.

A great person.

And their respect for the 101st swordsmen grew.

Of course, they weren’t the only ones who were satisfied.

Jet Frost, too, felt proud while looking at the trio following his guidance.

‘… I feel bad using the term genius.’

It wasn’t because the juniors weren’t talented.

It was because they had wills that far exceeded their talent, and they were people who grew through unimaginable effort.

He only watched them for ten days, yet he could tell.

They were ‘geniuses of effort.’

‘… I keep wanting to do it.’

Jet Frost frowned.

He was doing enough.

He was teaching them everything he knew and could do, and the trio were readily accepting it and using it.

But their passion.

The flames in their hearts.

The image of them constantly striving for a higher level, pierced Jet Frost’s heart.

‘… I should do my best.’

20 days passed since he was stimulated by the three of them.

Jet made a decision.

He wasn’t sure if he could do it. The truth that made him hesitant until then.

However, if he didn’t do it… he thought he would feel greater regret.

‘Right. I shouldn’t hesitate.’

It was fine.

As long as his talented juniors don’t repeat his mistakes, he didn’t mind tolerating a little bit of shame.

Jet thought and called for Judith.



“I have a piece of advice for you, so come here.”

“Hm? Now?”

“You can wash up and then come to me. I will wait in my room.”


Judith answered.

She was curious about what he wanted to say, but the air around Jet seemed a lot different.

It aroused her curiosity even more.

And Bratt and Airn were the same.

Even though they were told a lot during the training sessions, there has never been a case where Jet asked for a single person to come like that.

However, they had no intention of secretly eavesdropping.

The two shrugged their shoulders and finished their training and went to dinner with Glenn, who was now their close friend.

It was then, they heard a loud noise.



Judith’s voice which anyone could recognize.

And the sound of a door slamming shut.

Bratt frowned and stood up, followed by Glenn and Airn.

They quickly arrived at Jet Frost’s room and opened the door.

“… hmm? What is it?”

Jet Frost had a calm face as if nothing had happened.

However, Airn, a sorcerer, knew.

The bitterness and sadness in his eyes along with regret.

No, it wasn’t just him.

The butler, and even Bratt could recognize that the expression of Jet was strange.

Bratt spoke.

“What happened to Judith?”

“Ahh, did you hear that sound? Nothing much. Just a not funny joke…”


“… fine. It wasn’t a joke. I think I crossed the line and said something.”

“As if. Judith must have just over reacted.”


Jet Frost answered.

It felt like the truth.

So Bratt asked.

“I’m sorry, but can you tell me what you told her?”

“I have no intentions of doing that.”

Jet closed his eyes.

Which meant that he had nothing more to say.

It wasn’t just that, it was his silent appeal for them to leave his room.

The butler, who saw that, tried to move away and so did Airn.

But Bratt didn’t.

He took something out of his sleeve and went to where Jet was seated.

And placed something on the table.

“This is schoolmaster Hyram’s honey wine.”


“It’s much more precious than honey from beehives. And the ingredients in it are hard to find even for herbalists.”

“… how did you get this?”

“I have my ways. Are you going to drink it or not?”

“… butler, bring me a glass.”

The butler shook his head as he grabbed glasses.

The butler laid down four glasses and naturally sat in a chair and Airn, who was watching, joined them.

All four cups were filled.

Jet looked at the glass with a slightly embarrassed expression, and Bratt said.

“Judith has a terrible personality.”


“Beyond one’s imagination. Not just terrible, but even stubborn. Even the second head of Krono along with our seniors would get angry. She doesn’t like following people. She’s the crazy kind. And she’s a piece of shit. Even jellyfish can be smarter than her…”

Bratt spoke and swore like Judith.

It seemed like he wouldn’t be able to end the story until morning.

Airn, the butler, and even Jet Frost, who seemed troubled, looked at Bratt with puzzled faces.

As everyone looked at him, Bratt stopped swearing.

And then said,

“Maybe Jet Frost taught her something that hurt her confidence?”

“… it was like that.”

“If the person was kind then it would be a different story, but Judith who’s stubborn won’t listen.”


“But there’s a way to get that filthy one to listen. As an expert in Judith I guarantee it. It is…”

“It is?”

“She needs to grow through the teachings first.”


“Then she will get angry and explode or she’ll try to digest it and utilize it. Because she’s someone who hates losing more than dying.”

Both Jet and Glenn looked at Bratt with blank faces.

However, Airn nodded.

Bratt was right. Judith was such a person.

“So, talk. Was the advice given to Judith because you were worried about her or because you wanted her to do better?”


“I will listen and try to understand it well. So…”

“Can you tell me now?”

At that, Jet Frost went still for a while.

The room turned heavy.

While everyone was looking elsewhere, only Bratt looked at Jet Frost.

Maybe he couldn’t stand the stare.

Jet sighed and drank the wine.

And lowered his glass while raising his head.

“Before the thing with Judith, let me tell you my story.”

Everyone nodded at Jet Frost’s words.

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