Chapter 117 - Ilya Lindsay (2)

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A strange sound echoed from Ilya Lindsay’s sword.

No, not really. The distance between the audience and the stage was too far to hear anything.

However, the sword made the three swordsmen’s ears ring since they’d seen it before.

It seemed like the brilliant silver ray of light was approaching their eyes little by little.

It was an Aura Sword.

The skill that only Sword Masters can use.

A powerful ability that can cut and block anything and can only be used by the best.

‘Ilya is at… that level?’


Bratt Lloyd smirked. He couldn’t say anything since he was too excited.

Ian, who was called a genius among geniuses, became a Sword Master at the age of 25, and Ignet, praised as the greatest genius of all time, became a Sword Master at 20.

And now Ilya Lindsay was one at 18.

‘Close the gap?’

Bratt smiled bitterly.

He knew just how absurd that sounded.

And Bratt’s expression looked different from Judith’s.


There was no change in expression on her face.

With her eyes wide open, she stared at the stage.

Her gaze was directed at the light that Ilya Lindsay was manifesting.

As it moved smoothly and pressed the opponent, she held her breath and watched.


The sound of her clenching her teeth could be heard.


And she dug her nails into her palms.

But still, she didn’t feel any better.

Was it jealousy, anger, or self-doubt? Maybe all three… she couldn’t understand what she was feeling.

Over the past two months, she has grown.

She improved her footwork by exchanging swords with Airn and realized how to properly use her sword because of Jet Frost.

She also learned a lot about how to fight opponents stronger than herself.

Even though the swordsman was superior to her, she believed she had a 30% chance of beating Ilya if she moved while ignoring the risk of damage.

But no.



Ilya’s sword danced.

It was a sword that flies lightly and then falls heavy.

Her opponent, Cedric Cooper, had to step back.

It was because his sword would shatter the moment it collided with the Aura Sword.

And Ilya took advantage of that.

Little by little, step by step, she pressured her opponent. And that made the opponent nervous.


In the end, Cedric Cooper, who couldn’t endure it, took an offensive stance, but Ilya was still relaxed.


After avoiding the attack with a side step, she lowered her sword lightly.

Then the sword of her opponent fell to the floor.

The referee, who was watching the fight, announced the outcome.

“The champion, Ilya Lindsay, wins again!”


“Ilya Lindsay! Ilya Lindsay!”

“Indeed only a Sword Master can defeat a Sword Master!”

“Right! Unless another Sword Master comes, the result won’t change!”

“Long live the youngest Sword Master, Ilya Lindsay!”

Before the announcer could even praise her strength, people screamed and cheered.

They had no choice but to do so.

Even in the Land of Proof, it wasn’t common to see a Sword Master.

Moreover, she was a member of the Lindsay family, and she was the youngest Sword Master who rewrote history; she even looked beautiful.

The crowd chanted her name long after she left the stage without an interview.


Amid such excitement, three people sat blankly.

“… I’ll leave first.”

Judith got up and disappeared somewhere without looking back.

Her last expression looked complicated as if she was ready to burst because of all kinds of emotions.

It wasn’t just her.

Bratt stood up and sighed.

“I’m going for a walk too. Don’t bother waiting for us. We will go back to the inn when we’re ready.”

His expression was better than Judith’s.

However, there was a bitter smile on his lips.

Kuvar and Lulu looked at Bratt, knowing that they couldn’t help him.

And then turned to Airn Pareira, who was still looking at the stage.



“Airn, Airn!”

“Ah! Yes, Kuvar?”

“Are you okay? You don’t look too good.”

“Are you all right, Airn?”


Airn raised his head and stared at Lulu and Kuvar as if he had just regained his senses.

After a moment of hesitation, he smiled and said.

“I’m fine. Rather good actually.”


“Yes. Actually, when I heard about her brother’s situation I was worried, but seeing that she reached the Sword Mas…”

Airn, who was smiling while speaking, stopped.

His expression faded. The lips which were forcibly raised went down, and his face went stiff.

Finally, unable to finish what he was saying, he said something else.

“I’m sorry, Kuvar. Sorry Lulu. I’m a little… I think I need to think about things.”

Eventually, even Airn left the arena leaving them two alone.

Kuvar took a deep breath and said,

“This, this must have hurt their self-esteem.”


Lulu didn’t respond.

She remembered the last appearance of Airn.

‘I don’t think that’s the reason.’

Lulu was worried, but there was nothing that could be done.

In the end, they, too, left the arena and went to the inn they were staying at.

It felt like they were all alone at a noisy festival.

Airn, who left the arena, aimlessly wandered the streets.

Was it because he was deep in thought? He kept bumping into the shoulders of countless people.

“Tch, watch where you’re walking!”

“What are you doing? Look straight ahead!”

“Ah! This bastard… hm, never mind.”

A fight almost happened, but luckily it didn’t.

All thanks to Airn’s eyes.

He looked like a gambler who lost his entire fortune, so they left him alone, and he continued to wander the streets.

‘What was it?’

Seeing Ilya Lindsay after 5 years was really nice.

Wasn’t that how it was supposed to be?

She broke Ignet’s record, which no one could break until now, and she wields a sword that made people cheer for her.

She was living a life that was the fantasy of every swordsman.


Ilya Lindsay looked so strong and cool as she should be.

And Airn just felt weak.

It felt like he was going to collapse at any moment.

It was funny.

In fact, Airn burst out laughing in the middle of the street.


“What is with him…”

“Must be crazy…”

“How much did he lose?”

“Don’t look at him and keep moving.”

He could hear their words, but he didn’t care.

Airn moved and sat on a bench.

Right. There was no need to worry.

The reason why Ilya’s expression didn’t look good was because of the match.

Or something unpleasant happened before the match.

No, maybe he was just imagining it.

Maybe the fact that she was in the so-called ‘Land of Proof’ made her a little sensitive.

Right, maybe he’s just overreacting.

“She seemed upset, but I don’t know for sure and I shouldn’t act like this.”

Airn nodded and got up.

There was no reason to act like this. It was better to head back to the inn and wait for Judith and Bratt.

The reason he kept quiet when he heard that Ilya reached the Sword Master Level wasn’t because it hurt his pride.

It was because he was concerned about Bratt and Judith.

It must have hurt Judith a lot.

Airn walked towards the inn while trying to think of words that could comfort her.

But then he turned away.

‘… no.’

That couldn’t be.

Some reason? An exact reason?

Nothing was there.

His senses were telling him. The current Ilya Lindsay was strange.

He felt sorry for Judith, but Ilya’s condition seemed worse than her’s.

‘It’s my intuition as a sorcerer, and it’s sharp enough to be accurate especially when it involves a loved one.’

The words of his sister Kirill came to his mind.

One’s ‘intuition’ should never be considered insignificant.

And his heart, which loved his friends and family, made it sharper.

Airn, who thought that, asked.

Ilya Lindsay, is she precious to you?

“… it’s obvious.”

Sigh, Airn sighed and raised his head. Confused emotions ran through his eyes.

He had to meet her. Ilya Lindsay.

But how could he do that?

A sign caught his eyes as he looked around.

A tavern’s sign with Adonis petals engraved on it.

‘… after Kuvar gathered information, he mentioned this.’

Without hesitation, Airn entered the tavern.

And then, the eyes of the guests inside quickly turned to him.


He felt a similar atmosphere before.

The atmosphere felt similar to the place he stayed in Alcantra, where Krono was located.

Perhaps, the people gathered here had similar interests.

Or were of the same group.

Airn took a deep breath and walked towards the counter.

It was similar to the place in Alcantra. However, the atmosphere was gloomier and harsher.

But that didn’t stop him.

Arriving at the counter, Airn said.

“This is my first time in Eisenmarkt. I came here as I needed to know something. I can give you a small reward if you answer me.”

“… what is it?”

“Where do I go to meet Ilya Lindsay, the champion of the Land of Proof?”



Everyone laughed after the question finished.

It was expected. It was like that in Alcantra.

It didn’t matter if the question was funny or not.

Airn wanted one person to be kind to him, just one.

With such thoughts in mind, a giant man came to him.

The giant man had a long knife mark on his left cheek, and he said.


“What is it?”

“Would you like to bet with me?”

“What would we bet on?”

“From now on, one by one, we will punch each other in the face! If you can receive and return the previous punch, you stay, but if you surrender or pass out, you lose. Whoever lasts the longest wins.”


“If you win, I will guide you to Ilya Lindsay’s residence. Instead, if I win…”



The man’s eyebrows furrowed.

The kid was accepting the bet without hearing his side?

“… hmm, fine. The bet is accepted. Don’t regret it later. My demands are strict.”

“Hahaha, that’s right! That bastard is so evil!”

“He’s trash!”

“Work hard, kid!”

“Cheer up and don’t lose!”

Those in the tavern cheered for Airn.

Of course, it wasn’t really cheering. They were all ridiculing him.

But Airn didn’t care.

He looked at the other person with cold eyes.



The scarred man’s fist flew.

Airn turned his head in a flash and was hit by the man’s fist.

“Hahah! Have you ever heard of home field advantage? I’m sorry, but my turn comes first. This happens a lot, so the owner will confirm that. Right?”

Seeing the man giggling and asking for confirmation, some cheered while others booed.

However, more people cheered and laughed than booed.

But after a while, those laughing gradually stopped.

Because Airn, who was a hit, straightened up.



His skin was slightly red.

But his expression looked as if nothing had happened. No, it was different.

It was chillingly cold.

Seeing that, the scarred man gulped.

Immediately after, Airn opened his mouth.

“Now it’s my turn.”


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