Chapter 119 - Ilya Lindsay (4)

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Most noble families have their emblems put on flags or clothing.

In places with a long history and strong power, they were also put on tiles and given to important guests, friends, and allies.

And when asked which one is the most valuable among them, many people would pick the Lindsay family’s platinum emblem.

Because, unlike the other four families who generously give out their emblems, the Lindsay family only presents them to those they have a deep relationship with.

It was a treasure that couldn’t be received without a deep relationship.

When such an object appeared, Hinz stopped.

‘Really? No, no way!’

Was it really the Lindsay family’s platinum emblem?

It wasn’t something that a young man like Airn could have.

So in all likelihood, it was a fake.

It had to be a bad plan that the young man came up with to meet with Ilya Lindsay.

However, if it was real, then that alone would be a great article.

Hinz, who prided himself on being the best reporter in Eisenmarkt, couldn’t just ignore it.

He hid nearby and raised his pointy ears, and soon he heard the gatekeeper’s voice.

“W-Wait a… minute. Sorry, but just to confirm… could you please give me the platinum emblem for a while?”

A bewildered voice.

It was a natural reaction.

Someone who didn’t look that important was asking to meet Ilya Lindsay and casually presented the emblem.

It wasn’t something that a mere gatekeeper could handle.

And the gatekeeper couldn’t even determine the emblem’s authenticity.

The gatekeeper, who was sweating profusely, hurriedly ran inside.

He had to find someone with a higher rank.

In the silence that came afterwards, Airn calmly waited for the gatekeeper to come back.

‘Please, please, please be real!’

He was desperately hoping that the emblem was real.

‘No, there’s no time for this. Let’s take a picture now.’

Hinz, who suppressed his excitement, took out a magic camera and took a picture of Airn Pareira.

Carefully and meticulously from various angles.

In the meantime, the mansion’s gate, which was closed, opened.

Then, the gatekeeper and a woman with a strong expression appeared.

The elf, who saw her, quickly and joyfully took a picture of the two of them. 1

‘Escort Knight, Emma Garcia!’

The head of the Lindsay family, Joshua Lindsay, trusted this knight, and she was a talented individual in her mid-30s.

She was an important figure who handled all the big and small things related to Ilya Lindsay as well as the escort missions.

The fact that she came here meant that the card Airn had was real!

Hinz, who felt like he hit the jackpot, took another picture.

To make sure that he got both faces clearly.

Of course, in the meantime, his ears were wide open.

Emma spoke.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Emma Garcia, and I’m escorting Ilya Lindsay.”

“I’m Airn Pareira. I’m here to meet with Ilya Lindsay.”

“I see. First of all, I’ll return the Lindsay Family’s platinum emblem. It’s definitely genuine. If you’re unhappy with the verification process, please do not hesitate to get rid of your anger. I’ve experienced troublesome things because of…”

“I’m fine.”

Airn said. He wasn’t the type of person to get annoyed at such small things.

And it didn’t matter as he wasn’t left outside for long.

However, Emma Garcia’s following words made him turn stiff.

“However… it may seem very disrespectful to the owner of the platinum emblem, but the young lady has refused to meet you.”


“That’s right.”


“When the lady is here she isn’t the young lady of the Lindsay family, but a knight who is training in the Land of Proof. Originally, we should be welcoming you, but right now she wishes to focus on her training.”

Emma continued to explain.

Saying that the young lady knew how disrespectful it was.

And that the day her training finishes, she would personally visit the guest and apologize, so she would be grateful if he was understanding.

Upon hearing that, Airn looked at the escort, but the woman didn’t move and just bowed her head.

He could feel that she wasn’t going to let him in.

Hearing the conversation, Hinz was shocked once again.

‘She doesn’t even meet people who have her family’s platinum emblem? What the hell…’

Again, the Lindsay family’s emblem had a different value compared to others.

When Carl Lindsay was defeated about nine years ago, the entire family didn’t take in any guests; the only exception was the owners of the platinum emblems, so Ilya’s attitude was very strange.

‘What is with Ilya Lindsay? Isn’t she just not accepting contact with outsiders…’


Hinz gulped and paid close attention to what would happen next.

More important things than Ilya Lindsay were happening now.

He had no idea if the young blonde would decide to walk away or not.

He could tell that the young blonde was stubborn, kind, and tougher than a whale.

However, the escort couldn’t disobey Ilya Lindsay’s orders, so it was clear that there would be some form of a conflict.

‘What will happen? If this goes on, there will be drama…’

Of course, writing an article about this could put pressure on the Lindsay family, and being an elf was helping him.

He would be able to protect himself since the Holy Kingdom prevents fights between races.

So he wanted to see it through to the end.

Come on, hurry!

Hinz’s mouth was becoming dry as he immersed himself in the situation.

Even in the absence of words, the atmosphere was gradually moving in the wrong direction.



Airn looked at Emma Garcia.

And Emma, who had her head lowered for a while, didn’t avoid the gaze of Airn Pareira.

It looked like she was wearing an iron mask.

And the gatekeeper behind her was sweating.

Airn asked.

“Did Ilya Lindsay say she refuses to meet me?”

“Yes, but…”

“Did you tell her my name when you explained the situation? You said that Airn Pareira is here?”

“… as I mentioned before. The young lady has training to do and she isn’t willing to meet anyone. So…”

“Then I will wait.”


“But in the meantime, please ask again. Tell Ilya that Airn Pareira, her friend, has come to visit. And that I want to meet her right away. If she still doesn’t want to see me…”

He would quietly leave.

After saying that, Airn looked into her eyes.


Emma Garcia was speechless.

What kind of existence did the young man have in Ilya’s life that he was calling her a friend?

Even she couldn’t understand it.

Normally, she would have yelled at the person, telling them not to spew nonsense.

However, that wasn’t possible now.

Because of the way he was proudly standing in front of her and the deep reverberation that was felt when he said ‘Airn Pareira.’

She decided to fulfill his request and said.

“… please wait.”

Emma Garcia bowed her head and stepped inside.

And Airn waited patiently again.

While Hinz was still hiding and waiting to see what would happen next.

And a short time passed.

Emma Garcia came back and said something that surprised everyone.

“Please come inside.”



It wasn’t just the people in the mansion who were shocked.

The gatekeeper was and Hinz was even more shocked.

Airn entered the mansion.

And this meant that everything he said was true.

‘What? How the hell did this happen?’

The young man was strong enough to subdue a gambling group called the Black Skull all by himself.

And he had the Lindsay family’s platinum emblem.

Even Ilya, who didn’t like interacting with outsiders, admits that he’s a friend.

‘I didn’t know anything about such a great person?’

Was he the only one that didn’t know him?

Was the man famous elsewhere and unknown to the western part of the continent? Was that why he was unaware?

He was more annoyed than interested.

Hinz, whose pride was wounded, moved away quickly and muttered.

“Airn Pareira, Airn Pareira, Airn Pareira…”

The eccentric elf was planning on mobilizing all of his information networks and finding out who he was.

Hinz quickly ran through the streets with a short stride.

Inside the mansion, Airn Pareira quietly followed Emma Garcia.

It was fortunate that he was going to meet with Ilya Lindsay, but his mind was still complicated.

What should he say?

How have you been?

Why did you seem like that?

Is it because of your brother? Is it okay to ask such a sensitive question?

Several thoughts ran through his mind.

After thinking for a little while, the two reached Ilya’s room. Then Emma Garcia lowered her head and said.

“She’s in here.”

Perhaps, she thought it would be rude to listen to the conversation, so she stayed far away despite being an escort knight.

But it wasn’t too strange. Ilya Lindsay was at the Sword Master Level, which only 100 people alive managed to reach.

‘It’s kind of gratuitous to worry about Ilya who’s so strong, but…’

He couldn’t help but worry.

Airn took a deep breath and thought.

What does Ilya, who is behind the door, look like?

How would she greet him?

What would she say?

Those questions couldn’t be answered by him.

Shaking his head to remove those thoughts, he knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

He heard her voice right away.

It felt more mature than before.

Thinking that a lot of time had passed, Airn took a deep breath and turned the doorknob.

The door opened.

And he saw Ilya Lindsay, not 13 but 18, sitting on a chair in a graceful posture.

She had a slightly cold expression that he had often seen, but she spoke with a bright smile.

“It ’s been a while, Airn.”


The first emotion he felt was.


The image he saw of her in the match felt wrong despite her achieving something great.

However, her smile now didn’t seem bad.

Pure white face, pure white teeth.

And a smile even brighter than that.

It was when Airn felt completely relieved.

“Why are you so late?”


“I personally sent a letter, but was told that there was a situation. It wasn’t even a reply you wrote.”


“Well, first things first, I need to hear what happened…”

She would be disappointed if he didn’t have a good explanation.

After seeing Ilya smile so brightly, Airn could feel himself sweat.

‘Come to think of it, I should explain my situation first.’

As he sat down with an awkward smile, he looked at his friend whom he hadn’t seen in such a long time and began to tell his story.

Editor’s Note

By the way, this was my last chapter as editor since I’m swamped nowadays, but you’ll probably see me around since I really like this story. I hope you enjoyed the over a hundred chapters that I edited or helped with.

  1. “The two of them,” refers to Emma and Airn. ↩️

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