Chapter 121 - To Defeat the Sword Master (1)

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“Are you in the right state of mind?”

Ilya Lindsay asked Airn Pareira.

A question with so many questions within.

Who was she?

She was the person who broke the record of the youngest Sword Master Ignet, which no one thought could ever be broken.

No, there was no need to act humble.

As if the title wasn’t splendid enough by itself.

‘Are you going to defeat me and rise to the position of champion?’

It was weird.

Ilya looked at Airn.

A much more developed body than before, and he just showed what he was.

She could just tell by looking. That he too, had achieved tremendous growth over the past 5 years.

Perhaps he was a decent sword expert.


‘No matter how much he improves his skills, he won’t be able to win.’

It was only natural.

No matter how good of an expert he is, that was all he was.

He could never beat a Sword Master.

It was a fact known to swordsmen, and the young kids on the streets.

But Airn was brave.

“Yes. I am sane.”


“I didn’t say I was going to win right away. For the next four months. I will do my best to catch up.”

“What nonsense…”

Seeing him talking with a smile, Ilya couldn’t hide her troubled expression.

The Airn she knew wasn’t this type of person.

Sometimes, the man was blunt to the point of making the other person feel frustrated, and stupid at times too.

So, in a way he was eye-catching.

‘For him to make such a provocation…’

It wasn’t a provocation.

She could see it in his eyes. The opponent was sincere.

He sincerely thought that he could challenge the champion with his skills in 120 days.

With only one thought to stop her.

“… I am saying this to avoid a misunderstanding, but I am not trying to bother you.”

She couldn’t come to understand the change in Airn, whom she had just met after a long time, and he replied.

“We used to be like this at school. We separated for a while due to disagreement, then we broke up and reconciled…”


“This too is the same case.”


“Four months later, let’s fight again.”

Airn got up and reached out to Ilya, a gesture to shake hands.

Of course, she didn’t accept it.

“Think you can beat me?”

“Yes. I think I can win. If it was me of the past, I wouldn’t dare to, but now I can.”


“I’ll try to prove what I am saying is true.”

After saying that, Airn retrieved his hand.

His face is full of confidence.

Ilya looked at him, who seemed confident, and Airn, who was about to leave, paused for a moment and said.

“It has been so long since we met, but I am sorry for all that happened.”


“It is embarrassing to say, but you are my most precious friend. See you again.”


With those words, he left.

Ilya Linsay, who was left behind, was unable to get up from her seat for a long time and looked lost.

But it wasn’t for long.

As time passed, her mind wandered and the moment she found strength it happened.

Terrifying energy began to flow from Ilya’s body.



The moment she first heard the name of Airn Pareira, she felt sadness.

And then came joy and delight which overshadowed those feelings.

Just as Ilya was precious to Airn, he was precious to her.

However, the precious existence denied her.

It wasn’t just the words. He said that he would show it in action. And stop her.

It shook Ilya’s heart.

The buried sadness was revealed, and deeper negative emotions began to creep up.

The evil fire which burned her appeared again.


It was the old memories she hid.

Ilya Lindsay got up from her seat and looked through the corner of the drawer.

It had two things.

A silver bracelet with something on it and a letter, the bracelet was hard to wear as she grew.

Everything in there was what Airn Pareira had given to her.

She carefully opened the letter she had taken out after a long time and read, reread the contents.

In the meantime, the fire in her body calmed down.

Ilya thought.

‘Right. There’s no way that Airn hates me.’

A being who conveyed a warm heart to her despite not being able to get along with anyone.

Despite her harsh attitude, he approached her with an innocent face and asked for reconciliation.

There was no way he would have the same thoughts as the other idiots who slandered her brother and family.

So this is…

‘Just a difference in opinion…’

Ilya nodded her head.

Airn was right.

He doesn’t hate her, nor does she hate him.

They just had different thoughts.

Of course, the results will tell who the right one is.

“Airn… no matter what…”

She wasn’t going to lose.

Ilya mumbled and then bowed her head looking at Airn’s letter again.

After reading 2 more times she carefully put it down in the drawer.

She was going to visit the priest soon.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Judith, who was confident, was constantly swearing as she walked down the street.

She didn’t feel good.

It was unavoidable.

How could she feel good when she confirmed the existence that she thought she could catch up to was miles away.

However, the initial shock, depression and the feeling of failure dispelled.

No, to be precise, it had been a long time since she felt the fuel to struggle and fight.

‘Yeah. I’ll admit it. She is higher than me now.’

Judith nodded. She nodded vigorously, making her hair flutter.

She has no choice but to admit it.

Because she is an expert and Ilya is a Sword Master.

It meant that she was above Jet frost.

It was absurd to predict such a monster. But she accepted the reality.

‘However… 5 years later, 10 years later.’

… to be honest, 10 years may not be enough.

But what about it?

Khun, the spouse of Keira Finn, had worked hard for decades to defeat Ian.

“… leave it alone.”

Judith made a low growl.

Will overcome.

She will eventually overcome it.

Even if she was currently in a lower position than her, one day she would climb up and be on the same line.

“I can do it! Do you get it!!”

“Ah, you scared me!”

“What is happening?”

“… is she crazy?”

Seeing Judith scream on the road, people jumped up.

But she didn’t really care.

After arriving at the front of the inn, she laughed and opened the door.

And looked at a group inside.

Bratt Lloyd, Airn, Lulu and Kuvar.

After a long time, all five were in one place.

Not feeling bad anymore, she smiled and sat on a chair.

But Bratt’s expression was weird.


It wasn’t just Bratt.

Despite being a cat, she could understand Lulu’s expression and Kuvar too.

All strange faces.

To be precise, both Bratt and Kuvar were looking at Airn with strange eyes.

The answer came quickly.

After taking a sip of beer, Bratt spoke in an absurd tone about what happened between Airn and Ilya.

“… so in conclusion… Airn and the Sword Master decided to settle the matter within 4 months. With swordsmanship.”


“I always thought you were crazy, but I never dreamed that you were this crazy.”

Bratt shook his head and drank the beer.

It was a natural reaction.

It was true that Airn’s skills were great for his age.

Perhaps, he would be able to improve in this place too.

However, no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t reach Sword Master within 4 months.

Same with Kuvar.

Only Lulu supported Airn.

“You are cool, Airn! Indeed, a sorcerer has to be like this! If you think it is impossible, it is impossible, you won’t be able to break the limit for the rest of your life! I believe that Airn can defeat the Sword Master! I mean it!”

“You must have nothing more to say, cat.”

“You, want a scolding?!”

Lulu jumped out of Airn’s arms and tapped the table.

She was normally quiet, but today she seemed excited.

Of course, it’s only cute for the 3rd person to see.

In a normal situation, Judith would have cheered for Lulu.

She would smile a lot and then talk with the cat.

But, not now.

The atmosphere wasn’t right.

“… me too.”


“I will too.”


“I am going to try too! Ilya Lindsay, I am here to fight with her, so I will aim for the title of champion as well!”


Judith hit the table first making it crack.

Lulu, Bratt and Airn looked at her with bewildered expressions, and Kuvar clenched his fists in shock.

Fortunately, there were no scratches.

He breathed a sigh of relief.



“Ah no!”

“Airn, you are not the only smart one! Despite having pride, I have the desire to win even if it is with the process of losing.”


“Huh, anyway, I know! I am going to practice.”



Judith, who screamed at Airn’s question, moved to leave the Inn, and handed a silver coin to the counter.

Compensation for breaking the table.

Seeing her, Bratt nodded.

Judith, she looked back and said.

“I am inspired by you, not Ilya. Just know that.”

Someone who sets goals beyond common sense.

Most who would see that would laugh, but not Judith.

She felt ashamed at herself for not setting a goal, and tried to take time to achieve it.

Judith was such a person.

‘But that one… I have no idea what he is thinking.’

The blue haired young man looked at Airn.

Judith was being true to herself, but why did Airn end up proposing such a thing?



“Are you sure?”

“About what?”

“Beating Ilya. It is because you have something like a plan, right?”

“There is nothing.”

Bold answer.

Bratt paused.

Looking at him, Airn said again.

“I can do it, it doesn’t matter if there is no plan.”


“To do or not is the important question. And I will do it.”

Airn declared it.

And then he suddenly asked Bratt a question to change the mood.

“So, help me.”


“Help me defeat the Sword Master.”


“Let’s have a meeting from now on.”

“… crazy guy.”

He used a word gentle to Airn, but he couldn’t help holding back.

Bratt took a deep breath and ordered another beer.

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