Chapter 122 - To Defeat the Sword Master (2)

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Refers to a person who accumulated great skills in a field and is a modifier applied only to those recognized by many people.

Of course, there are very few fields which end up making one a Master.

And most of them have blurred lines as it depends on the subjective and qualitative judgement of several people.

So those few who are called Master at times get asked questions like, ‘is that person qualified to be a Master’?

Of course…

‘Sword is an exception.’

Right, sword.

Even an outstanding swordsman who has devoted his life to swordsmanship for decades, or an ordinary villager who devoted his life to farming, can distinguish between a Sword Master and a non Sword Master.

Aura Sword.

How could someone who wielded the brilliant sword with that shine, be on the same level as other swordsmen?


Bratt Lloyd sighed.

Being able to classify the realm on the objective basis also meant that the gap between the Master and the Expert was huge.

Airn Pareira knew that too.

Nevertheless, as he watched him do it with a serious face, he felt something clogged in his chest.

“Still, it isn’t impossible right?”


“As far as I know, it is said that some swordsmen who have reached the end of Expert often defeat a Sword Master.”

“… true.”

Bratt nodded.

What Kuvar said was true.

In the long history of swordsmanship, it was not that there was no expert who had exceeded a Sword Master before.

However, it must have been difficult to do.

All they could say was that it was a miraculous situation.

But the current Airn didn’t care about it.

‘It isn’t whether he can do it or not, it is a matter of doing it.’

After thinking that, Bratt answered Kuvar’s words with an expression of dissatisfaction.

“In order for an expert to not get pushed against a Sword Master, three conditions are needed. First, a sword which can withstand the Aura sword.”


Not just withstand, but a good sword was needed.

A sword strong enough to be mentioned in history.

Then it would withstand the power of the Aura Sword.

Wouldn’t it be possible to see once the swords collide?

‘At least the best blacksmith, something like the Vulcanus Sword…’

If it wasn’t the best sword out there, then in front of the Aura Sword it would break right away.

But things are different now.

Bratt looked at Airn and said.

“Your sword.”

“Sorcery Sword?”

“Yes, it is a sorcery sword so how sturdy is it? Be honest, I know it is pretty good, but if you can’t fight with the Aura Sword…”

“It will be fine.”


“No, it is fine. It is fine to lose the sword if it turns into a problem, but there is no way it would break.”

Airn said while nodding.

He wasn’t sure before.

But after the talks with the blacksmiths in Derinku, he trusted the sword in his hand.

And now Airn was confident about the sword.

Even if he didn’t realize it, his confidence in the sword, the Sorcery Sword, rose significantly.

‘… I guess he wasn’t saying it recklessly.’

Bratt felt it too.

Now, he felt a bit annoyed.

Right. Unless his level was excellent enough to dodge the opponent’s sword, there was no other choice but for their swords to clash.

And in such a fight, Aura swords were invincible.

Bratt thought the other two conditions would be easy to achieve.

It was easier than the first one, but it was hard too.

And he said,

“The second one is a unique technique. Excellent sharp, unpredictably bizarre swordsmanship to the point of confusing the Sword Master, who is the strongest.”

The Sword Master was a person of the best talent and experience.

Regardless of the situation, since the Sword Master had experience, they have an easy time coping with the opponent’s swordsmanship.

In order to break through the defense of such a Master, one’s senses had to be at least a level higher.

After saying all that, Bratt caught his breath.

And in the current case, there was one thing which came to his mind.

The Gigantic slash at school, Murray’s mansion and at Jet Frost.

“You need to refine that. Enough to be used in battle.”

“I will try.”

“What a happy world it would be if all the efforts brought in good results… I want to say that, but I don’t know what to say each time you say you will try.”

Taking a sip of his beer, Bratt narrowed his eyes and looked at Airn.

The atmosphere wasn’t bad.

He didn’t look as confident as he spoke about the matter at hand, but Airn wasn’t the impatient kind, and Bratt didn’t know what to do.

This man, he thought, Airn had something in his mind.

It was strange. He knew that Airn’s actions were wrong.

According to him, Ilya was the one with a problem.

Unstable enough that she didn’t know how she turned into a Sword Master.

But she was one.

The king of swordsmen. One of the 100.

Was it because Airn said he would defeat Ilya within 4 months that was making him grumpy?

‘No, well could be.’

Bratt drank another sip.

He seemed to understand why Judith was angry.

Airn Pareira, the good guy could be annoying at such times.

Bratt, who had shed his emotions, said the third one.

“Third, in a way, this is as important as the first. As… you need to have the swordsmanship skills comparable to a Sword Master.”


“Well. It isn’t just words. I did hear a lot of people say that those in the state of Experts for decades are on the same level as a Master when it comes to swordsmanship.”

What Bratt said was true.

Most of the reasons why excellent experts couldn’t reach Sword Master level would be covered like this.

The Aura Sword was the only problem.

Maybe it was because the aura accumulated in the body was insufficient to be used or something.

However, to make it look good, Pure Swordsmanship compared without the aura… it meant that there was a possibility that a desperate expert would have an edge on a young Sword Master.

An example would be Jet Frost.

In terms of swordsmanship, no one would call him an expert.

His swordsmanship had reached the level of Master ages ago.


“This is the most difficult one.”

“Right. It is the biggest problem for me.”

Airn nodded his head at Bratt’s words.

He knew it.

The fact that his current swordsmanship skills were insufficient to become the best among experts.

Right now, between the battle with Bratt and Judith, wasn’t he only recently having the upper hand?

Besides, the swordsmanship of Ilya they saw today…


“Yes, it was. Ilya wasn’t lucky enough to just attain enlightenment and turn into a Master. Before the aura, her swordsmanship was completed. She really is… a true Sword Master.”


“It means that if you have a shield to block the Aura Sword and the skill to pierce the opponent, you have a chance, but it is no use if you don’t use the basic skills. Oh and by the way, Ilya knows what you did in the final evaluation, so that thing needs to be refined even more.”

At Bratt’s words, the atmosphere subsided.

Kuvar who started it first and Bratt who explained, and Airn who listened, pondered.

Only Lulu was full of energy like the first time and kept brushing herself.

And the silence continued.

But it wasn’t gloomy.

Airn immediately raised his head.

And smiled. Bratt was a little shocked.

Indeed Airn was being strange today.

Unlike his usual self, he seemed to be full of confidence.

What was the reason?

He didn’t know.

Perhaps like he said, it must have had something to with the situation where it was impossible to back down.


‘I feel like he changed a lot since he met Ilya…’

It was when Bratt was thinking that,

Airn Pareira spoke in a calm tone.

“We need to do something. As there are only 120 days left.”


“The time I have travelled away from my family is less than 5 months. And in that short period, I have grown tremendously, really tremendously.”

So, I’ll do it somehow.

Airn ended it with those words.

Seeing him like that, everyone around the table smiled.

Someone shoved themselves into the seat of Judith.

It wasn’t her, but a slender man with a stylish appearance.


“Nice to meet you. I am Hinz, the reporter of Weekly Arena.”

“… elf?”

“Yes. You are right. An elf and a reporter, reporter and an elf. Haha. Sorry but can I join you?”

“No. I refuse.”

Bratt responded coldly.

Reporters, he had met several of them at Krono too.

It was when the 27th batch was rumored to be the Golden batch.

He remembered those people who pushed themselves into the place to take a peek at their skills.

‘Damn it! Weary bastards!’

They were the kind who would do anything to dig up the information.

There was no way he could feel glad to meet them.

However, Hinz’s next words changed the mood.

“You are struggling to defeat Sword Master Ilya Lindsay.”


“I heard the three conditions that Bratt Lloyd said earlier. A flawless story, indeed from the 27th batch of Krono.”

“… were you eavesdropping?”

“Eavesdropping? That is upsetting. Because of my bright ears… I just tend to end up hearing all the things which happen as I walk by.”

“If you are going to play any tricks…”

“There is one more condition.”


“For a Sword master like Ilya Lindsay, you will need all three conditions to work out. But if you want to defeat someone like her, who is the champion of this place, if you want to defeat her within the deadline of 4 months… this is the most important thing.”

“What is that?”

Kuvar, who was listening, asked.

He seemed to be a talkative elf, and if he didn’t cut in, it felt like the elf would keep talking about other things.

He did know that the elf would be expecting the same kind of reaction, but he couldn’t help it.

Asking the question was one thing. Airn and Lulu looked at the elf with such thoughts.

And fortunately, Hinz didn’t drag it out.

“To increase productivity.”


“Yes, let me explain. The Land of Proof is the most fierce since its establishment. After Dame Ignet and Ilya Lindsay, the record of the youngest Sword Master was changed twice. Thanks to that, there is a superstition spreading that good energy is here which helps in turning one into a Sword Master, like the numbering sword of Vulcanus.”


“Thousands of talented people are flocking here. Former champions and monsters like them are flocking here. Swordsmen who have had contact with this place come in, and likewise, not all people are talented. It is just for their fame to skyrocket. And every single one of them is something the audience wants to see.”

“… are you referring to the part where you can’t entertain the people, you end up getting pushed and the battle with the champion can’t be done?”

“Right. No matter how talented one was, if you don’t get the attention of the public, your chances of battles will fly away. The Land of Proof is a gladiator arena, the stage to show the audience.”

Hearing Hinz’s words Kuvar nodded.


If the champion had multiple opponents, then only those eligible would face her.

Those who possess not just the skills but the performance to entertain the crowd would move.

The whole group was immersed in it.

Bratt had an uncomfortable expression and Airn just listened to the words.

Then he thought about how the 4th condition had to be achieved.

But that worry didn’t last long.

“I will help. No, it is the opposite. Please help me.”


“If you hold this hand… this reporter, Hinz, who is second to none in this place, will make you the best star in the Land of Proof.”


“I want you to be with me.”

After throwing away the light jokes, Hinz turned serious.

His eyes were filled with deep emotions like a woman who found gems.

Seeing that, Bratt couldn’t show his displeasure.

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