Chapter 125 - Super Rookies (2)

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About 4 hours after the gates of Land of Beginnings opened. All tests were completed for the day.

The new ones who played the matches impatiently waited for the results.

Was it to ease them? The grading took place sooner.

It was because the scorers were pre-classified.

The swordsmen who checked the lists were all showing different reactions.

“Oh my, I failed again!”

“Nice, I passed!”

“It is natural to pass… ehehe, I thought I would be of Knight level, but I’m starting with Pawn.”

“Don’t be too disappointed. It is completely different than before. It is still something to be congratulated for if you passed on such a fierce day. Let’s go have a drink.”

“Right… Well, it is better to think positively. Alright, I’ll move up to Knight level soon!”

Some shouted in joy.

Someone gulped in regret.

Another person who passed was depressed with the results which were less than what they expected. But soon they had a determined expression.

The participants who looked at the results, poured out of the arena.

In order to welcome them, the audience cheered and applauded.

“Good job Triston! Hurry up and reach a higher level!”

“Everyone worked hard! Congratulations to those who passed and those who failed, have a drink and forget it!”

“Yeah, don’t kill yourself with your thoughts, and try again the next time!”

“Don’t keep trying right away, you might die from exhaustion!”


The Land of Opportunity, where the Pawn, Knight, Bishop and Rook levels gather.

The Land of Glory where the queen and king levels gather.

The biggest difference between the two stadiums and the stadium of Land of Beginning was the gap between the gladiators.

And the audience cheered for the people who were leaving the stadium.

Occasionally. They would drop in a humorous joke, but that was all.

But the light atmosphere was short-lived.

The surroundings turned quiet at the sight of three swordsmen who followed.

Today’s protagonist.

Bratt Lloyd, the eldest son of the Lloyd family who is known to be one of the best in the 27th batch.

Similarly, Judith, who was also one of the best in the 27th batch of Krono.

The eyes of the audience were looking at those two in shock.

“They look a lot younger than I thought. Well, considering their age, it is fine, but…”

“Weren’t they supposed to be under 20? It is amazing.”

“Didn’t they finish all three matches in an instant?”

“I heard that it ended so quickly that one couldn’t see Bratt Lloyd’s match.”

“They have the Bishop level, which is the highest one can get in the Land of Beginnings.”

“Well, that is because they are special. It is still enough.”

Maybe because the audience watched the battles for a long time.

They seem to know what was happening.

For them, Bratt Lloyd and Judith were an exciting pair to see.

And it didn’t end with the two.

A blonde young man appeared friendly with them.

An unidentified person who overwhelmed a veteran mercenary Charis with an exciting blow that didn’t go well with his gentle appearance.

The audience was a bit interested in him.

“Doesn’t he seem to be one of the 27th batch?”

“What was his name? Airn Pareira? My first time hearing that…”

“Well, you cannot memorize all the swordsmen in Krono. Anyway, it is great. Even if not a talented person, this means that one can afford to go up to Bishop level, right?”


The sound of ‘Indeed from Krono’ came out.

Of course, their tone of voice wasn’t too exciting.

No matter what anyone said, this western side was the best when it came to swordsmanship.

No matter how great Krono swordsmen were, they couldn’t be compared to the ones of the West.

However, such local sentiments were also one of the fun factors of watching the matches.

And it wasn’t just the watchers who knew that, the reporters too knew it.

“Excuse me! I am Ben, I am a reporter for Weekly Dark Sword! You are Bratt Lloyd right?”

“This is Andre, chief reporter for Weekly Valhalla. I just need answers to a few questions.”

“Miss Judith! Please look here!”

“Why did the trainees of Krono come to the Land of Proof? Is it to prove the swordsmanship of the central to the west?”

“Wait, please, just one question…”

The reporters kept pouring out.

At first it was just one or two, but then many reporters joined in and the entrance of the Land of Beginnings turned noisy.

However, it stopped right away.

It was because Judith began to release a dangerous energy.





Reporters took a step back with pale faces.

Some experienced people managed to get through, but they too didn’t ask anything more.

And they instinctively felt it.

No matter how many questions they asked, the young ones wouldn’t answer a single question.

Gulping, the reports turned their gaze to Bratt Lloyd.

And he did the same as Judith.




Compared to Judith, it was relatively mild.

However, the attitude that didn’t welcome the media was the same.

The reporter’s faces contorted.

‘Damn, they are both hard types to touch to write up articles.’

‘Weren’t they in the school all this time? Then most people coming out into the continent would be excited and stuff…’

‘Why are the young ones so strict?’

Normal swordsmen weren’t like this.

The first time a swordsman comes into the world, they are proud of themselves and give information to the reporter.

Unable to hide the excitement, they saw a lot of stuff.

However, these kids’ reactions were cold, it was as if they had experienced something with reporters.

Of course, just because they didn’t get an interview, that didn’t mean that they couldn’t write an article.

Among the 27th batch, the ones aiming to be the top have appeared!

That itself would be a huge article.


‘If possible, I would like richer content…’

It was when they were thinking that Hinz, who had only been standing, moved.

He didn’t approach the red-haired or blue-haired ones who had harsh reactions.

He asked the blonde kid behind them.

“Hello. I am Hinz, chief reporter of Weekly Arena. If it isn’t rude, can I ask a few simple questions?”

“Sure. What do you want to know?”


At that, the other reporters were shocked.

Right. They couldn’t get an interview with Bratt and Judith, but they can get indirect information from someone close.

Moreover, unlike the previous two, the blonde one seemed easier to talk to.

Gentle impression and a soft voice, it seemed like with a little pressure they could get everything done.

The reports quickly rushed to him.

“You are Airn Pareira, right? You seem to be acquainted with the trainees of Krono, are you an official trainee, Mr Pareira?”

“Why did the 3 of you visit the land of Proof together?”

“Is it true that school master Ian told Bratt and Judith that they had enough talent to become a Sword Master?”

“I have a question regarding Bratt Lloyd.”

“Excuse me, but about Judith…”

“Me too…”

Question after question.

A feast of questions.

People frowned.

It is something that they have seen often, reporters jumping onto swordsmen.

And most of the questions were focused on his classmates, Bratt and Judith rather than the young man.

It didn’t feel weird, nor was he hurt.

However, Airn, who was asked the question, didn’t even frown.

He didn’t even appear embarrassed by the pressure of reporters.

In the centre, he spoke softly.

“Could you please be silent for a moment?”

Then, to their surprise, everyone went silent.



The onlookers were whispering.

It was strange. The young man called Airn Pareira didn’t seem special.

He wasn’t like Bratt or Judith. And he just requested the reporters to be silent.

But, the reporters went silent.


The reporters looked into each other’s eyes.

Why did they stop talking at the same time? even though they couldn’t explain it.

Was it a coincidence or was the young man someone with mysterious power?

Such a strange atmosphere, Airn opened his mouth.

“I am sorry, but I can’t talk about them. If they didn’t speak, it means that it wasn’t a question they would like to answer, and it would be rude for me to talk about it.”


“Instead, I can tell you my story. Aspiration… Can I do that?”

The reporters nodded.

Rather than going home without getting any interviews, it was better to take down something about the blonde man.

Besides, Airn wasn’t in a hurry either.

He couldn’t be compared to Bratt and Judith, but the fact that he was also a trainee was enough to attract reader’s attention.

But looking at him, the reporters thought that his story would be well school-boy-like, without any fun…

Was what the reporters thought.

“I won’t say more. As a proud swordsman from Krono, as a gladiator faithful to the essence of the Land of Proof. I will do my best to show you a fun and exciting game.”


“Until I step on the stage with the Queen level, I will subdue the opponent with one blow.”


“I hope that answer lives up to the expectation that the reporters are seeking.”

Airn bowed his head and walked forward proudly.

And quickly left with Bratt and Judith who were waiting for him.

After a while, the onlookers who were dazed, began to speak one after another.

“No, did I hear it wrong? Am I wrong?”

“Queen level? Not a Rook, he wants to finish a Queen level with one blow?”

“Haha. He seemed like a humble one, but he is more arrogant than I thought.”

“Why? Young ones are supposed to have that kind of ambition. But… isn’t the Land of Proof a tough place these days?”

“I know, but if he knows then he wouldn’t have said those words…”

Some thought that Airn was cocky and some burst into laughter.

In such an atmosphere, the reporters were all smiling.

It was natural. Whether the man can keep his promise or not, it was a good article for the journalists.

If he fails, they could write a ridiculing article, and succeed, a new star is born.

It was likely to be the former, but…

‘It doesn’t matter, the main dishes are Bratt Lloyd and Judith.’

‘I need to go back and write a draft. Quickly…’

Reporters split away.

The first questioner, Hinz, who silently watched it nodded his head.

‘He did a lot better than I thought!’

It was no wonder that Airn Pareira was great.

However, the swordsman and his skills and enticing elements aren’t always in direct proportion.

The public expectations vary from floor to ceiling depending on how they look, how they feel and speak.

And that was gladiator.

From that point of view, what Airn did now was amazing.

And it won’t just end with that.

For a moment, Hinz felt it.

The heavy intimidation which made the reporters turn silent.

That was, the presence of someone ‘real’ and close to the throne they were seeking.

The elf reporter smiled and walked away.

‘There is no need to rush the information. I need more time. In the meantime, until the others sniff this out, I will make a little fuss with some fake information…’

The moment when extracted information is held and then maximized for effect.

It would explode.

So intensely that it remains engraved in the minds of the public.

And the day passed.

“Hmm? Such impressive rookies?”

The next morning, exclamation flowed from the mouths of residents of Eisenmarkt who opened magazines.

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