Chapter 127 - How Much (1)

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How many times and how long had he seen the man in his dreams swinging the sword?

In terms of time, it must have been an unimaginable amount of time.

So he knew.

The finely stretched wrinkles around the eyes.

Hair that was thinning.

Various other pieces of evidence showed that the man in his dream was getting old.

‘What did that mean? This time too….’

Airn Pareira woke up and began to worry.

He had no choice but to do so.

Until now, when the dream changed, it wasn’t just the dream; his life and mind changed as well.


‘It wasn’t just the age which changed.’

The eyes of man.

After the subjugation of demons with the six southern families, he saw the man wield the sword with cold rage, and he looked different from before.

To be precise, it was a feeling that some emotions were added while embracing the hatred, but even Airn, who was the closest to the man, didn’t know what those emotions were.

“… I don’t know what to do.”

Airn mumbled to himself.

In the end, it was the same as before.

He wouldn’t know what it was until the change came, so he could go ahead and do his own thing without worrying about it.

Because that was what happened with the demon subjugation.

But the situation now is different from before.

At that time, he was already under the influence of the dream, and his body and mind moved based on the man’s will.

But now…

‘No way.’

Airn, who was in a meditating position, closed his eyes.

Huge flames which couldn’t be compared to the time he met Ignet lit up in his heart.

The flames were so intense that they devoured the large iron stake as a whole.

This was his will at the moment.

‘If you want to help me, I will accept it. But if you try to disturb me, I will decline the dreams and anything. I am no longer being controlled by the will to do what you want…’

“I will start.”

Airn whispered in a small voice.

To cover the iron stake in huge flames and turn it into a sword, clang! Clang! Forging.

Then, surprisingly, its speed became faster than before.

In the past, it was a feeling that he couldn’t do much, but now Airn could feel that he could bring out a significant change in it. And turn it into a proper sword.

After knowing for a while, Airn grabbed the iron stake in his heart.

No, it was no longer an iron stake.

Although it had a rough appearance, this was definitely worthy enough to be called a sword.

Airn concentrated, grabbed it and took a deep breath.


He shook his head and opened his eyes.

Suddenly, the summoned great sword stopped right before it touched the floor.

His mind followed the actions.

‘The speed of bringing it has increased so much that it can’t be compared to before.’


It took less than two seconds for him to close his eyes, control his mind, take a breath and summon the sword.

Considering that the skill that could only be used with a close concentration of one’s mind was just a slash, this was a significant development.

Of course, that wasn’t enough.

Airn’s current goal was to become a Sword Master.

To give a blow as strong as a master’s, it had to be at a level where he wouldn’t have to prepare anything.

‘… but this isn’t too bad. It shortens the time a bit, and it is easier to do without using too much energy.’

Airn nodded his head.

In the past, it was a situation where he couldn’t let go of his concentration once he brought it out.

Now, he was able to gather himself in a few seconds and move the sword with utmost concentration.

A new strategy, maybe?

With that thought, he picked up a piece of paper.

A letter written by reporter Hinz.

‘I wish there was a helpful person.’

To deal with a Sword Master.

Holding the unbreakable Aura Sword, he had to create skills which outmatched a master.

However, more importantly, he shouldn’t be pushed back by the opponent’s swordsmanship.

And for the present Airn, that was a problem.

For a little over 100 days, he had put effort into such a thing, and after hearing these concerns, reporter Hinz introduced him to a person.

‘Eisenmarkt’s first class instructor, John Drew.’

Among the ‘star’ instructors, he was referred to as the first class and also a one-time instructor.

From what he heard from Hinz, there were countless swordsmen active around this place.

‘In terms of his teaching, he has a higher reputation than Jet frost…’

Of course, if Jet Frost was available, Airn would have gone there, but there was no time.

In any case, John Drew’s reputation as a swordsmanship teacher was second to the 101st swordsman.

It wasn’t easy to have such a great person as an instructor, but Airn had a plan.

“Lulu, Lulu?”

“Uh… what?”

After getting called, Lulu, who was sleeping under the bed, answered.

She slightly pushed her body outside the bed.

“I am going to meet the person I talked about earlier, will you come with me?”

“Ugh… is that today? I am tired from practicing all day… still since Airn has asked me…”

“Put me in your backpack so I can sleep on the way…”

With those words, the black cat fell asleep again.

Seeing that, Airn laughed.

He picked Lulu up and then put her in the backpack.

Seeing the body which kept moving, he thought that Lulu was liquid.

‘Sleep well. No, thinking about it, Lulu always sleeps well.’

Airn thought and left the inn.

Despite it being winter, it wasn’t too cold.

It was because the weather had improved.

He smiled at the sun and moved.

To find a man who will become a new teacher to him.

“Mr John Drew! Please take me in as your disciple!”

“Mr Drew! Teacher! Just one lesson is fine…”

“This time I will raise the ranking, can’t I ask one more time?”


The residence of John Drew to the east of Eisenmarkt.

When Airn arrived there, he saw the swordsmen who were waiting at the entrance.

Although he heard it from Hinz, it was still surprising.

Just the same as Krono and Jet Frost.

People desperate to improve their skills.

What really shocked him was the size of the mansion.

‘What is this… it is as big as the old Krono swordsmanship school branch?’

Considering the prices in this place, Airn came to the conclusion that John Drew was absurdly rich.



It was the most important means of being taught by John Drew.

“I have a letter of introduction from reporter Hinz.”

“Ah, I was informed. Please come this way.”

Of course, Airn didn’t need money to meet him.

Airn was able to get inside safely with Hinz’s connections, and the other swordsmen who saw it, cursed him.

Airn looked back, but the guide didn’t care.

Entering the mansion, he guided Airn to a carriage.

“It is quite a far walk, please enter.”


Thus, the journey to meet John Drew began again.

But this didn’t take long.

However, having to ride a carriage inside the mansion was a shock for Airn.

And the scenery was amazing.

There were several animals roaming around as if this was an established ecosystem rather than an ordinary garden, and it seemed to need a lot of caretakers to maintain it.

In the midst of that, the guide asked a question.

“You seem like you want to take lessons from my master, right?”

“Ah, yes. Right.”

“I see… that might be difficult now.”

“Did something happen?”

“It isn’t that, but… the master is satisfied with his life right now.”

The guide answered.

The fact that he had built a reputation through teaching.

And thanks to the reputation, he was able to teach many people and among them were kids of wealthy families.

Thanks to the teaching, the master is now the richest in Eisenmarkt and no longer needed money.

“Well, he still likes money, but… just not as much as before? He won’t budge at any amount. And recently he fell in love with golf.”

“Ah… the game where the ball needs to be pushed into a hole?”

“Yes. Anyway… I am saying this so you don’t get your hopes up.”

The guide spoke with sincerity.

He knew how desperate the kid had to be to bring a letter with him.

There, he hoped that the good looking young man in front of him would prepare his heart.

However, the reaction was unexpected.

“It is fine.”


“You said he is still interested in money, that is enough. Ah, is that the annex for guests?”

“Ah? Y-yes.”

The young man accepted the words without disappointment.

That shocked the guide.

After serving the guest in the parlor, he went to call his master.

Airn waited for John Drew.

While looking at the colorful interiors in the room, and imagining what the person would look like.

10 minutes passed.

Finally, Eisenmarkt’s one-time instructor, John Drew appared.

“Ah, a young man. I thought you would be old since Hinz sent you.”

“Nice to meet you. I am Airn Pareira here to ask Sir John Drew to teach me.”

“Haha! Nice to meet you! Should I give you a hug?”

“Ah, yes?”

As John Drew approached him with open arms, Airn got up from his seat.

And that was it.

He stretched out his fist and reached out to the gesture of the opponent who made the fist and when he came back to his senses, the man was doing all kinds of flashy movements with his hands.

“Oh, you are following me better than I thought? Most hard headed ones look at me with a blank expression, but it is good that you aren’t like them. Nice.”

‘… he is a brighter person than I thought.’

Airn, who realized it, looked at John Drew.

Looked over 50 and didn’t seem good-looking.

However, the accessories which he used on him were amazing. A gold necklace, gold rings on his hands and a bracelet.

That wasn’t it.

Airn looked at the gold which was on his left hand.


“Ah, you recognize this? It is a wrist watch. A genuine one made with the tech of dwarfs without any magic! For reference, the tourbillon tech was applied so that no matter how much the hand is shaken it doesn’t get affected.”

John was excited as he talked about it.

Seeing that, Airn recalled what Hinz had told him.

‘John Drew isn’t a man who is satisfied by his wealth.’

‘He just wants more money, so he pretends that money isn’t a bad thing.’

‘Is that alright? Although not as great as him, I know other instructors who talk less about money…’

Airn wasn’t worried about it.

He did think that a significant amount of money would go into moving this person.

But it was fine.

Airn had no money, and wasn’t good at speaking, then, shouldn’t he use someone who had both?

Airn gathered his thoughts and spoke.

“I will say it outright. I need Sir John Drew to teach me.”


“I need to get strong quickly. I will give you a course fee which satisfies you, so please accept me.”

“Hmm, you seem to have great willpower. But now I am not teaching for money an…”

It was then.

As John Drew was saying his lies, the young blonde put his backpack down.

And a black cat came out.

Startled John Drew asked.

“What is this?”

“Hmm… Airn, are we there?”

“Huh, ah, excuse me, Sir John Drew, I am not good at speaking. So I brought someone who can convey my intentions to you.”

“Uh… okay!”

The black cat stretched itself.

Still sleepy.

But it had enough spirit to talk, and it did, to John Drew.

“Do you like money?”


“Tell me honestly. How much do you need?”

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