Chapter 13 - Growth (3)

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The school master of Krono and a great name that is never left out when discussing the strongest knights of the continent.

An existence that transcends status and lineage, capable of holding much greater wealth and fame if wished.

Hearing that explanation alone, it would seem like he was an unapproachable person, but wrong.

“Look here. Did you say you were from the Adan Kingdom?”

“Ye,Yes! I am working as a mercenary in Adan. Al-although I am not a swordsman, it is still an honor to meet Sir Ian, who is the pinnacle of the Krono…”

“No, there is no need for such a pretense. How old do I look?”


“The people of Adan have a special love for their culture and art. I am the same. So tell me, how old do I look?”

“Uh… that… 45…?”

At the words from the assistant, who was sweating profusely.

It was a blatant lie. The Ian was 90, and he looked 70.

However, Ian smiled broadly at the words.

Ian, who tapped the shoulders of the assistant, smiled while looking at Instructor Ahmed.

“You have chosen a very good assistant Ahmed. I like this.”


“Starting next month, their salary will be doubled.”

“…. Yes, school master.”

“Right, how old do the other assistants see me as?”

“Y-younger than the fifties?

“No! No matter how much I look. You are 45!”

“Wait! Somehow, you look to be just over forty…”

“You bastard, if you say it like that how can….!”

Ian smiled as he asked the question, and the assistants spit out ridiculous ages.

The initially frozen mood, quickly released.

It was natural.

Because Ian was famous for his good personality and his non-abuse of authority.

Ian’s great personality also played a big part in the fact that the knights of Krono received better evaluations.

However, Ahmed and Karaka remained silent and looked at the school master, who was joking.

‘Certainly, it is difficult to find a person with the same personality as our school master.’

Although he had great influence, Ian wasn’t greedy.

Rather, he valued chivalry more than other knights and worked harder for the salvation of people than the priests.

Occasionally, even a cheeky person with an attitude who met with Ian would never display the same attitude again.

Nevertheless, the two instructors were afraid of their school master.

It was because they witnessed what lurks behind that peaceful expression.

‘Perhaps there are things I haven’t seen…’

‘I have been watching him for over 30 years, but I still don’t know anything about the school master.’

It was when they were lost in thought.

The school master, who was exchanging jokes, slowly turned his gaze towards the two.

The two gulped down.

This kind-hearted man would sometimes look like an old man from the countryside.

With a warm smile, he spoke.

“Then, to what extent have the trainees been able to achieve… should I take a look?”

“That kid isn’t too bad.”

“That guy… looks like nothing? He’s been neglecting the training recently.”

“Lower body is a little weak. Unfortunate.”

People hiding their identities were keeping a watch on the students. Ian, the school master, looked back at the kids who were self-training.

Nevertheless, his judgment was correct. Even more than the assistants who had been with the trainees for the past 4 months.

“Wow…. Can you tell by just looking at the way they run?”

“Just seeing that kid stand there, Sir Ian was able to recognize the problem with his flexibility.”

‘Of course he can.’

Ahmed grinned as he heard the assistants whisper.

Even he, who had pretty good eyes, was like a firefly in front of the sun compared to Ian.

There was no human with deeper insight than Ian on the continent. Of course, Karaka had the same thought.

Unlike the assistants, the two quietly followed Ian.

While feeling sorry about the much stricter cross reference standards Ian had.

However, there was a trainee who made even Ian arouse in admiration.

It was Bratt Lloyd, the noble from the Gerbera Kingdom.

Seeing the boy repeating the mid-term items while sweating profusely, Ian showed a positive reaction.

“A good kid seems to have come in.”

“He is the eldest son of the Lloyd family. He is smart and talented.”

“I see. It can be seen that he is adjusting his conditions according to the evaluation. Besides, looking at his body, it seems like he didn’t neglect his training until now…”

Thinking, Ian’s words died down. It wasn’t like the school master, and the instructors were hiding their hopes from the students.

Although he was somewhat arrogant, Bratt Lloyd had excellent talent, which everyone appreciated.

When he was praised, he would only end up working harder.

“Hmm, Nice.”

“That one is good too.”

“He looks better than I thought? Is it because everyone seems to be working hard? Hahaha.”

Fortunately, since then, several trainees have received good reviews. As a result, the faces of the instructors brightened.

It was natural. There were the guys who made the trainees roll and run every day. It was because they wanted the trainees to do well, so they pushed them past their limits.

And when a girl appeared in front of them, everyone had no choice but to hold their breath.

A genius who was going to be number one on the continent.

A monster that never missed the eyes of Ian.

Ilya Lindsay.

‘Indeed, what kind of evaluation will Sir Ian give to her…’

‘Even if he is Sir Ian, he will be shocked with her!’

‘Woah, only a few people in history are this skilled for someone her age…’

Were the predictions of the assistants correct?

A little more, and she would be the genius swordsman from their school.

Even the assistants could feel the difference between her greatness and their efforts.

However, the words which came from Ian’s mouth after a long time were different from their thoughts.

“Such a pitiful child. She should walk the path which is right for her, why is walking down someone else’s path…”


“Maybe the world made her like this… tch. I wish there would be a day when she let’s go of regrets.”

All the assistants were bewildered at his words.

And the school master and the two instructors had sad expressions on their faces.

Of course, they couldn’t ask anyone why he said that.

Silently, they continued as if nothing happened, and eventually, they encountered another trainee.

When Ian asked.

“Is it that kid??”


“I see, I know why you are worried.”

“Naturally, but she doesn’t listen to us. She is probably the most stubborn one out of everyone here.”

Instructor Karaka gulped as he looked at the student.

A girl with a hot temper, trying to look like a boy.

She was practically abusing her body.

Unlike the other trainees who were only working to maintain their condition for the midterm, Judith’s training was different. She was overusing her body as if there was no tomorrow.

“You need to stop that.”

Even Ian had the same idea.

The muscles on her body were excellent, and the recovery ability seemed great. The one called Judith was someone born with a blessed body.

However, even the blessed ones had a limit.

Couldn’t she be a little merciful towards her body instead of putting it through excessive training?

Ian, who knew that, slowly approached the red-haired girl.

One of the assistants, who watched that, asked Ahmed.

“Will he stop her?”

“Yes. And she will probably understand after a couple words from the school master.”

“Is that so? Well if she knows that he is the school master…”

Ahmed shook his head.

Ian wasn’t the kind to oppress people by disclosing his identity. He would never reveal that he is the school master of the Krono.

But, if the 12-year-old felt the sincerity, weight, and emotion of his words, there would be no other way but to stop.

“He is just curious. What drove that child to that extent…”

There had to be some reason.

Did she want to take the lead over Ilya?

Or was it her rival Bratt Lloyd?

‘If not…’

It was the time when Ian was thinking.

Ian’s walk ended.

And Judith was still lifting weights to the extent where it looked like she would puke.

Karaka approached Ian and asked.

“Uh, School master?”

“Hahah. She indeed is a stubborn one.”

Unbelievable. She ignored the words of the school master.

At this point, it became clear. Judith was the most stubborn one in Krono.

But that was one thing, and Ian’s curiosity rose.

Ahmed, who was standing next to Karaka, asked another question.

“Did you hear the reason? Why the hell is she doing that? She didn’t even tell us…”

“Airn Pareira.”

“Huh? Ah, yes.”

Ahmed was shocked at the name.

But then he calmed.

“Airn Pareira, a sincere trainee. As said, the child is also continuing his excessive training these days, like Judith.”

“I guess so.”

“Maybe the reason Judith is doing that…”

“Right. Because of that one.”

Ian nodded his head.

A guy much weaker than herself was training all day, so why should she stop?

Ian said she should stop first if she feels like it, but Judith said she would only stop after Airn.

Ahmed, who heard Airn’s name, thought.

“Well, if it comes to that, then we should stop Airn.”

“Is that one as reckless as her?”

“He isn’t that kind, but… this time, he is the same. Even when we tell him to stop, he won’t listen.”

“And his skills?”

“Honestly, he is nowhere near Judith. Barely entered the mid ranks… and there are many who managed to grow.”

It was true. And that was why they never thought that Judith would be conscious of Airn.

People compete with those who are on the same level or rank as theirs.

Sadly, Airn Pareira was nowhere on the same level as Judith.

“Well, shall I take a look at him? What is he doing?”

Speaking, the school master exited the room. And without hesitation, they moved in the direction of the second room.

Judith told him about Airn’s room.

Instructors could see how excited Ian was in meeting that child.

‘He isn’t that great as a trainee…’

‘He is a good one, but there are many areas Airn needs to develop.’

‘Honestly, there is a high possibility that he will fail the midterm. Sir Ian will be disappointed.’

Even Karaka and Ahmed couldn’t hide their negative thoughts about Airn.


Ian’s expression while entering the training room was more serious than they thought.


A minute passed.

2 minutes passed.

5 minutes passed, and more.

All Airn Pareira did was repeat the same lower weight training that Judith did.

He improved a lot, but that didn’t mean that he was great.

But that wasn’t the case for Ian.

His eyes, as clear and deep as a lake, observed the body.

After 30 minutes, the old man spoke.

“I was going to stop the boy and Judith, but I guess I can’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“Was it Airn Pareira? Leave him alone?”

“Right, don’t stop until he gives up. Even if he doesn’t make it to midterm evaluation.”


An unexpected order.

The mood became bizarre. Everyone except for Ian kept confirming what the orders meant.

“Hmph! Hmph! Hmph!”

And the deadbeat noble was continuing his intense training, unaware that people were watching him.

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