Chapter 136 - The Ember of Life (1)

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The moment he saw Ilya Lindsay’s Aura Sword, Airn Pareira who was already surprised couldn’t help but be more shocked.

The status of Sword Master, the dream of every swordsman?

There was nothing like that, and he had already met Sword Masters several times, this wasn’t a big deal to him.

What surprised him was the series of steps which Ilya used when implementing the Aura Sword… it was something he was familiar with.

‘When I use the slash of the man in my dreams… that is how I felt!’

To be precise, it is similar to just before he used the slash.

A state in which the Aura was brought out from the body and put into the blade of the sword.

In that state, after a few more steps, a brilliant silver light appeared; unfortunately, Airn couldn’t grasp it right.

The speed at which Ilya drew out the Aura was too fast, but it was also because of his lack of knowledge and experience with Aura.

But it was still fine.

This was just the beginning of the match and Ilya would keep the Aura Sword throughout the match.

Of course, the match would end soon, but if he observed with the ‘Aura seeing Eyes’, even for a brief moment, he could gain…

It was then.

Suddenly, Ilya pulled back her Aura Sword.

Like a candle whose fire was shut out, the sword went back to normal.

Airn was bewildered at it when he heard the voices around.

“It is true. She said she wouldn’t use the Aura sword in the future.”

“Huh? The champion said that?”

“I am not sure… I just heard it, and some reporter said that. It isn’t that I doubt the champion is the youngest Sword Master, but in terms of swordsmanship alone, there are more talented people than her here.”

“Those words…”

“What… the gladiators in the Land of Proof are good, or something like that was said… but it must have hurt the pride of a champion.”

“Huh, someone said that? I had no idea.”

“Well, it is great either way. No matter how much is said, she is thinking of sealing her best weapon and fighting.”


Hearing the words of the two audience members, Airn’s expression hardened.

It wasn’t because he couldn’t see the Aura Sword.

It was because he realized what Ilya must be going through.

She was once again trying to prove herself.

Her figure which couldn’t acknowledge herself and wielded her sword for approval from others… it still looked dangerous.

At least, for Airn it was.

‘Of course… regardless… Ilya will win the match.’

Airn’s gaze turned to the right.

Grayson, ranked 4th, was staring at Ilya with a hard expression, as if offended.

Not just his face, but his mind too was offended.

He was lacking.

But that didn’t mean he was lower than Ilya.

Compared to the other people his Aura was great, but enough to take down Ilya.

He was similar to the low level King level ones.

‘How the hell did he get to 4th rank with that level of Aura?’

A number of questions arose.

Of course, they would soon be resolved. Airn looked at the stage and soon the match started.


It was Ilya who moved first.

This was like a concession as she sealed her Aura Sword, so she moved forward and swung her sword to the side.

Grayson didn’t panic and took a step back to avoid it.

However, that was just the beginning of Ilya’s attack.

The tip of her sword moved like a snake and pierced the opponent’s body at a strange angle, and Grayson had no choice but to face the sword.


A clear metal clashing sound rang out.

With that, the start of a spectacular battle followed.




Sometimes light, sometimes fast and sometimes heavy.

The sword of the champion constantly smashed the opponent.

Grayson retreated back and forth to the attacks which flew in.

“Grayson! Good luck!”

“The champion is waiting! Are you going to keep running till the end?”

Watching him block, the audience kept pouring out complaints.

But Airn didn’t care.

His eyes, filled with shock, were looking at the moves of Grayson.

‘So sophisticated!’

As Airn felt, the Aura difference between Ilya and Grayson was too large.

It was like a difference of decades worth of experience, Grayson wouldn’t win with his Aura even if he had 100 battles.

Airn had a similar experience during the match with John Drew.

Strategies will lead the fight, tactics will build an advantage.

In both cases, John Drew was ahead of Airn.

However, if the duel was serious, Airn wouldn’t lose, but the difference in Aura was great.

No matter how good the swordsmanship was, it was worthless if the opponent had thoughts of combat and was experienced.

But such a thing wouldn’t make sense in the face of overwhelming power and difference in auras.


Not entirely true.

What Grayson was showing now completely shattered the common sense of Airn.


Receives the sword attack from Ilya from the front and deflects the impact.

With him, shifting his center of gravity to deflect the impact as much as possible and then back stepping for a position to receive the next attack.

It wasn’t just good swordsmanship, but excellent movement.

And this was possible because of the perfect use of Aura which supported the movement.

‘The moment he receives the sword, he strengthens the muscles and joints with Aura alone. And when he pulls it back, he saves the Aura and focuses on the foot…’

Use of Aura only when necessary.

Not just that.

When an attack was difficult to block because of the concentration of Aura in the whole body it led to a mistake and what Grayson was doing now was bridging the gap.

And it wasn’t the first time seeing all of this.

It was clear that it was a strategy that other swordsmen could also handle.

However, the perfection in the use of Aura which Grayon showed was far beyond the level of those Airn and the other warriors in Land of Proof could handle.


“The game is over! Winner, Campion Ilya Lindsay!”


“Champion! Champion! Champion!”

“The youngest Sword Master!”

“Ilya Lindsay!”

Of course, that didn’t mean that battle could stay long.

Even when he used all the great swordsmanship and his Aura operation was close to divine… despite the use and perfect execution of aura, it was Grayson who ran out of power.

Amidst the cheers for the champion pouring down, the challenger stepped off the stage, and Airn looked at his back for a long time.

A sense of regret bloomed in him.

But a stronger emotion than that was his desire to grow.

‘I need to head back soon.’

Ilya Lindsay’s Aura Sword.

An Aura operation close to Grayson’s movement.

It was only for a brief moment, but that remained in his mind.

To the extent that he wanted to see that again.

Airn Pareira left the arena with a serious expression.

In conclusion, Airn failed to achieve any vision, even though he devoted himself to training for two days.

As said before, it was because he lacked experience with Auras.

And Ilya’s Aura Sword which resonated inside her body wasn’t easy to imitate.

It was made of numerous processes that one wasn’t aware of, it would have been a difficult skill one couldn’t imitate.

However, if one thought that Grayson’s aura use was easy, then no.

Unlike Ilya’s Aura Sword, the way he handled the Aura was different but understandable.

But being able to follow it completely was a different matter.

If there was a set swordsmanship movement, and how each body part, muscle and joint moved… then it would have been easier to imitate.

But not with Aura.

It was impossible to master a complex movement.

“Kuvar. I have something bothering me… can you help me?”

“Uh? Sure. I am the expert in such cases. Haha!”

Airn had no intention of stopping.

He couldn’t ask Ilya because of the ‘minor quarrel’ to help him make an Aura Sword.

If he did that, she would probably yell.

But if it was Grayson whom he had no connection to, maybe with the help of someone who would talk… that was Airn’s idea.

‘As reporter Hinz said, it isn’t impossible. And Grayson is known to have a wonderful personality and is quite generous in helping people with swordsmanship…’

In addition, Grayson is known to be fond of alcohol.

That was why Airn went near Kuvar.

For John Drew, who was addicted to money, Lulu the richest being was taken.

For Grayson who loved alcohol, the greatest drunkard Kuvar was being taken.

If he took his companion, his chances of success were better than going there alone.

“Fufu, don’t worry. No one who likes alcohol will hate me.”

“I trust Kuvar.”

“Right. Trust me. That one called Grayson, was he hitting fifty this year?”

“Probably somewhere around that. Why?”

“I prepared a joke that people that age would like. Will you hear it? Okay now, do you know what happens when the sand cries?”

“… what happens?”

“Dirt Dirt.”



The two walked in silence for quite some time.

About five minutes later, Kuvar, who glanced at him, said,


“It is fine, but don’t do this over there.”

“I know. Hmm, what kind of drink does that gentleman like to drink? I do have a lot… oh, is that the house?”

“I think so.”

Airn nodded his head.

A moderately spacious mansion outside Eisenmarkt.

Considering that he was top ranker in Land of Proof, this looked frugal.

It was common for rankers to build palace-like houses with guards and gatekeepers.

‘For such a person, I think Kuvar is a lot better than Lulu.’

Money couldn’t buy this man.

It was the moment when they were about to knock.

Airn’s expression hardened.

Seeing that, Kuvar asked.

“Airn? What are you…”


“I-Airn? You…!”

Kuvar stuttered as he watched Airn smash the closed door.

This wasn’t Judith, but Airn which was why Kuvar was more flustered.

He looked at the blonde young man with eyes hoping he would get some explanation.

However Airn didn’t explain.

Feeling an ominous energy touching his skin, he ran into the mansion in an instant.

“W-wait! Let’s go together!”

Kuvar quickly followed him.

It was clear that something big had happened, but he wasn’t sure what, so he hurried.

Likewise, with his stiff expression he began to feel the spirits around move at a very high speed.

The place where they entered was a space which looked like a training room which had its lights turned off.

And at the centre…

Grayson sat cross-legged.


It wasn’t normal.

One could tell at a glance.

Blood was flowing from his closed eyes and corners of his lips.

No, it had been quite some time since the blood flowed, Kuvar gulped as he looked at the face which went stiff and had some mark on it.

‘Demonic energy… is generating.’

He didn’t know what happened.

There had to be some reason, but rather than knowing that, he was worried thinking about how to deal with such a situation.

At least, he wanted this to be dealt with before the man turned into a demon.

However, it was late. Perhaps, it heard Kuvar’s thoughts, Grayson who had been closing his eyes the whole time, opened his eyes.

“… why did you come here?”


“I… I don’t remember inviting anyone.”

A tone which could clearly show the anger.

An uncomfortable and unpleasant sensation.

Kuvar thought with a serious face, that it was too late.

‘This is bad. A person as strong as Grayson turning to a demonic being…’

There were stories about the strength of a demonic being, but how great was it that one had to sacrifice an equal cost for it and his aspiration.

Finally, it was said that this thing is influenced by three things: how strong the human possessed is.

And in Kuvar’s eyes, Grayson had all three.

Grayson must now be stronger than he was a day back.

But that wasn’t the problem.

It was important to know what Airn’s next act would be under the influence of magi.

‘As Ignet warned, if he gets swept away by the power of the man…’

One will never know what can happen!

Concerned with that, Kuvar looked at Airn.

Having a strong person under the influence of magi in front of him, he wanted to check Airn’s condition.


“I am fine, Kuvar.”

Airn’s appearance was different from what he expected.

“He isn’t a full fledged demon yet.”

Airn looked much calmer than he thought.

With the help of his spirits, he looked at the young man’s eyes.


An Aura of steel which belonged to the man seemed to be affected by magi.

The energy seemed to be deeper and stronger than usual.


‘The steel will isn’t out of control.’

Kuvar gulped again. And he looked inside Airn a bit more.

No, it wasn’t even necessary.

A huge fire that could be felt by a glance was seen.

As a result, the energy of the man who was reborn as a perfect ‘sword’ was obeying Airn’s will as if it had no intention of moving away from Airn’s hand.

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